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How to Save a Life

Life for Edward, Bella, Shane, and Cat are just getting harder and harder. As their home and school lives get worse music and friends become their only sanctuary. Fighting through it together to save each others' life. Sequal to 'You and Me' NONE OF THE PICTURES IN THIS STORY ARE MINE DO NOT SUE ME ACTUAL OWNERS ARE IN CHAPTERS! CONVERSE.jpg CONVERSE image by shelby4d5

I finally got my five reviews saying they wanted more so here it is our characters' sophomore year.

6. Don't Eat the Cookies!

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Chapter 6

"Edward help your sister! And get the door I think its one of your friends!" My mom yelled at me from downstairs.

"Yea okay!" I shouted throwing the game control at Jasper, who was waiting to play winner. It was the day of the bar-b-q, and Jasper, Emmett and I were avoiding work by barricading ourselves in Emmett’s room and playing video games.

I rushed down stairs when I heard the door bell, like my mom was saying and opened the door. "Aloha, General Spok." Cat said, walking in and handing me a plate full of…

"Ur, hi? What are these?" I asked gesturing down at the purple, lumpy, circular things.

"Cookies! Looks good huh?" She asked a hand on her hip daring me to disagree.

"Yup, come on, we’ll head up to Em’s room, if we stick down here we’ll be put to work." I said starting to walk up the stair cookies still in my hands, heck Emmett will eat anything.

"Can’t have that, I’m allergic to work." Cat said following me up. "Sweet! Mortal Combat 2!" She said as we walked into Emmett’s room. "I call winner!"

"B-but you’re a girl." Emmett stuttered pausing the game and turning to look at her.

"Your point being? Giagantor?"

"Your not even supposed to know what mortal combat is!"

"Whatever. I’ll show you." She said, sitting down and promptly beating Emmett at five games of mortal combat.

"That’s not possible, I’ve only beat him once." Jasper muttered staring at the screen of the TV watching as Cat was well on her way to beating him for a sixth time.

"Once?! I’ve never beat him." I said indignantly.

The doorbell rang and my mother shouted at me again. This time when I opened the door it was Shane.

"Hey, come on were watching Cat wipe the floor at Mortal Combat." I said letting him, his mom, and gosh… his sister inside. "Oh hi, Mrs. Collins, my moms in the kitchen," I said showing them the way.

As Shane walked next to me he muttered, "Did you really let Cat play video games?"

"Yea why?" He groaned shaking his head, but not saying anything because we’d gotten to the kitchen.

"Hi, you must be Edward’s mom, I’m his friend Shane’s mom, Cathy." Shane’s mom said reaching out to shake my mom’s hand.

"Hello, I’m Esme, its so nice to meet you, I’ve heard great things about your son."

"Oh thank you, do you need some help?"

"Oh that would be lovely thank you," Esme answered then continued, "Your daughter can go on up with Shane and Edward. Cat I think. Right Edward? Is already up there."

"Okay go on up with those two Alexis." Shane’s mom said to his sister. She rolled her eyes and followed us up to Emmett’s room.

"Why’s she here?" I hissed to Shane.

"I couldn’t get mom to leave her with dad and the twins."

"Well crap." Right at the second we heard a huge yell, that sounded a lot like Cat. Shane and I looked at each other and ran towards the door to Emmett’s room.

As soon as I opened the door Shane rushed in grabbing Cat by the waste, and dragging her from the game, "No come one won more I’m on a streak!" Cat complained keeping hold of the controller and somehow still playing, and still kicking Emmett’s butt.

"This is why you don’t let her play video games! She get addicted. Here Ed, take the controller from her." Shane said still holding her up by the waste. I walked forward, avoiding Cat’s legs that were kicking spastically, and wrenching it from her. I threw it to Jasper, and helped Shane hold her down in a chair.

"Gosh, Cat your such a freak." Alexis said.

"Shut up Gazmoron!" Cat screeched, slumping into Shane and pouting, who put an arm around her shoulder.

"Gazmoron?" He asked.

"I have a new thing I’m making up nicknames. Game dude over there is Giagantor, your sisters Gazmoron, and Edward’s Spok." Shane looked at her raising his eyebrows, the question clear in them. "I watched Star Trek before I came okay?"

I heard the door bell ring again, and I yelled down before mom could screech. "I know! I got it!"

I went down stairs opened the door, and my day got that much brighter. "Hey Bella, be glad you’re the last one, Cat’s gone a bit weird."

"Isn’t she always?" She smiled.

"Well, weirder."

She laughed and introduced me to her dad, Charlie. Who was holding a fish. "Hello sir. My moms in the kitchen if you want to follow me." I led them to the kitchen where my mom was who said hello to Charlie and instructed him outside where my dad was cooking on the grill.

I tugged on Bella’s sleeve, and we went upstairs. "Hey what’s with the purple cookies?"

"Never ever eat those! Ever." Bella said.

"Good thing it was Emmett who scarffed down the plate and not me." I smirked.

"Oh, god I don’t think anyone has eaten a plate of those and lived to tell the tale…." Bella snickered.

"Well that’s one less brother I have to worry about. Might sneak something in his food though, just to get it out of his system. I don’t think Mom would be very happy with me if I just let him die." I joked back.

"Trust me the only thing he needs is those cookies, they’re more then satisfactory for the job your thinking of."

"Well then, I don’t think I’ll even mention it."

"That’s probably best." I grinned at her opening the door to the Emmett’s room. But not expecting what was on the other side. It looked like a hurricane had gone though. Cat had tackled Alexis, and was now tearing some of her hair out, as Shane tried to tug her off of his sister. It looked like they’d been going at it a long time, most of the room was trashed. Jasper and Emmet were sitting down on the over turned coached, catcalling, and encouraging the girls.

"Cat!" Bella shouted over the noise. "Stop." And just like that Cat stopped, getting off of Alexis, and sitting across the room, against the wall, closing her eyes and trying to breathe.

"Alexis ! You know, YOU KNOW! Not to ever mention Cat’s mom." Shane whispered harshly to Alexis. Then going over and hugging, Cat tightly to him, who was now shaking slightly.

Bella glared, at Alexis, realizing what Emmett, Jasper, and I couldn’t understand, and started picking up the room, shooing Jasper and Emmet off the couch and turning it upright.

I went over and helped her pick up the video games off the floor, not even noticing when Alexis got up, storming out of the room and slamming the door.

"Is Cat’s parents here?" Bella asked me quietly.

"No, she came by herself, why? Bella, what’s wrong?" I asked, throwing a ball I found at the back at Emmett’s head to get him to help clean up.

"I-I’ll tell you later okay?" She said softly, looking up at me with pleading eyes. I nodded, grabbing up the stack of video games and put them back on the shelf. I would make sure, I cashed in on that promise soon, but for now it was better not to talk about it.