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Blood In Thy Hands..

What If Edward did come across Bella In an alley way, with no distractions to keep him restrained. what If he did change her? What choices would poor little Bella make now? And will Edward be the love of her life? her soul mate? Only time can reveal... Blood On Thy Hands Rated Teen for Possible future Refrences!BIG TWIST AT THE END!!! Very OOC Lol!Thank you Kit Kat Cullen for the Wonderful Banner you have preserved for me :) !! Lol!

Okay Guys Hope You Enjoy!!! :)

1. Fates Turn

Rating 5/5   Word Count 486   Review this Chapter

Bella’s POV

As I walked back from the book store I could feel in the atmosphere around me there was something rong, something bad was going to happen...It was a cold and misty night the sky was black and the air was icy cold, sharp it would hurt when you took a breath…It was perfectly the most inescapable crime scene laid out just waiting for something to happen. I got scared as my imagination was considering all of the possibilities that could happen in this small dark alley were there was no witnesses and it wouldn’t be too hard to clear up the evidence…I shivered and raced on ahead home.

Just then I heard something, footsteps were approaching closer to me but then, suddenly stopped. It confused me and I was debating against myself if I should just turn and go back. Maybe that would be safer.

I took a deep breath to calm myself but suddenly out of no where I was thrown with speeding force to the ground knocking the air right out of me. I was being pinned and held there on the icy cold ground.

Pain altered everywhere as did fear I was shivering on the floor. I tried to scream but I couldn’t there was something blocking my mouth holding it down and covering my whole body in and unbreakable grasp. I gasped as something as sharp as razors pierced through my throat leaving me struggling uselessly on the dark cold ground of the vast evil night…Everything went dim, my eyes rolled back into my head, my helpless scream were choked off and everything went black...

I could hear perfectly fine oh yes but I couldn’t open my eyes. This was it this was the monsterouse crime scene that soon the world would know about. It will be on the news in the papers an-“NO EDWARD STOP!!!!!!!!” An unexpected voice roared. Suddenly the weight and pressure was gone I was left squirming frantically on the ground. I was on fire! I was being burned!! It burned all the way through my body leaving me nothing but ashes. I could scream now but something else quickly covered my mouth then I was flying... I must be dead now. The wind brushed against my scorching skin the fire left me breathless. It got hotter and hotter and faster.

“Shhh it’s alright were here shhh” a sweet gentle voice chanted over and over holding me down as I burned

Every second and minute that passed felt like a decade every hour a century but suddenly after the hours of torture and agonizing pain…It stopped… I was shocked everything was…Different? I don’t think I needed to breathe and there were amazing scents and smells good enough to eat…My throat was dry as bone too. I opened my eyes and sat up slowly and gazed into the 7 murderously outrages stunned faces…Then only did I realize…

What happened to me?