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Blood In Thy Hands..

What If Edward did come across Bella In an alley way, with no distractions to keep him restrained. what If he did change her? What choices would poor little Bella make now? And will Edward be the love of her life? her soul mate? Only time can reveal... Blood On Thy Hands Rated Teen for Possible future Refrences!BIG TWIST AT THE END!!! Very OOC Lol!Thank you Kit Kat Cullen for the Wonderful Banner you have preserved for me :) !! Lol!

Okay Guys Hope You Enjoy!!! :)

4. Vision

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Alice’s POV

I was extremely happy that Bella was going to be joining us!! She would be my new sister, and as I saw in a vision, best friends too! I couldn’t sit still I was fidgeting around on my seat holding back giggles, Jasper was trying to calm me down, It didn’t work as it’s suppose to, but it helped me hold in my giggles!

Bella looked at me as if I were demented, oh well she will get used to it soon!!

Suddenly out of my will, I was swept into a vision of love and heart break...

“I trusted you!! Yet you are the reason I am this Monster!!! I hate you! Get away from me” Bella screamed backing away from the place were Edward stood... Her eyes were full of heart break and betrayal...

“I am sorry!! I didn’t mean to do it! I swear, it was against my own will!! Please you have to believe me!” He shouted back at her.

“No!! How can I trust you anymore!! Leave me alone I don’t want to see your face ever again!!! GO!!!” She screamed and ran away sobbing into the deep dark evil woods... “Bella!,” Edward shouted sprinting into woods after her...

I gasped, “No!” I shouted, Jasper cuddled me protectively “What is it Alice what did you see?” He asked concerned, I turned to Edward whose face was blank with guilt; Jasper looked back and fourth to our faces, “Alice??” I continued to glare worried “Alice!” Jasper shouted, “Sorry...It’s just...nothing...never-mind” I suttered helplessly and danced up stairs deeply sadden...Poor Edward he finally found his one...His soul mate and within the first week she’d be torn from his side in utter heart break...There must be something I can do...Isn’t there? Because as far as my visions go...The future is never writing in stone...I squeezed my eye’s shut, this isn’t fair, this whole life isn’t fair! I care for my brother deeply; I am the only one who truly understands him! Not Esme or Carlisle! Me! And I will not and shall not let this happen...I will do everything in my power to stop this!I ran away outside I needed to get out of here, I just needed to think...

Jaspers POV

I was deeply worried about Alice, I asked Edward what happened but he didn’t answer, he just sat there not moving, eyes frozen in shock. All of us were worried, I couldn’t stand this tension I needed to find Alice I must ask her what she saw and what’s going on.I ran up from my seat and Emmet followed behind confused.

We ran out of the window and followed Alice’s trail away out of hearing length.“What do you think is going on?” He whispered.

“I’m not sure, that’s what I’m about to find out” I whispered back and ran up behind Alice who sat in ball below a tree, her face completely blank.“She must be having another vision” Emmet said.

“Yes, although it doesn’t feel like that...I think she might be searching for answers?” I stated with a puzzled look. I was very uncertain with what she was actually doing.“What-“ He was about to question but Alice quickly snapped out and stood up.

“Alice??? What the hell is going on!?” I questioned aggressively crossing my brows.

She grimaced at my tone “Its Bella and Edward, Bella is Edward’s ‘Soul-Mate’ thingy, yet when she finds out it was him who changed her, she will run away heart broken, same with Edward, I’m just worried I cant let this happen!” She snapped at the end and looked away. Oh. Now I understand.I rubbed Alice’s back in comfort and Emmet was angry. “What’s wrong Emmet?” I asked

“Bella is my new Baby Sister! Edward is my brother! And I’m not letting this happen! I love them both!! I’m very protective over Bella and worried over Edward! Alice what can we do!!!” He yelled.

“I’m not sure yet, I can’t see anything but I’ll keep trying but in the mean while you too will have to make an excuse for everything and fill in the rest of them later when Bella isn’t around alright?” She asked We nodded there was no way we were going to Lose our new baby sister or brother. We will not let that happen....

Emmet’s POV

What am I going to do? I Love them both! Bella reminds me so much of my little sister in my human life! Or at least what I can remember of her. She looked a bit like her, and her personality was kind of the same. But there was something about her that reminded me of her, When Bella was human she looked exactly alike and her scent was the same....I don’t know but there’s something there.

Anyway whatever it is. I’m not letting her run away heart broken with my brother behind!I’m going to find away to stop this. Me Alice and Jasper, we’re going to find a way...