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Blood In Thy Hands..

What If Edward did come across Bella In an alley way, with no distractions to keep him restrained. what If he did change her? What choices would poor little Bella make now? And will Edward be the love of her life? her soul mate? Only time can reveal... Blood On Thy Hands Rated Teen for Possible future Refrences!BIG TWIST AT THE END!!! Very OOC Lol!Thank you Kit Kat Cullen for the Wonderful Banner you have preserved for me :) !! Lol!

Okay Guys Hope You Enjoy!!! :)

6. Special Bonds

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Emmet’s POV

Today I was filled with questions and frustration as every other day, but today was different, I was actually starting to consider Asking her them. I never thought about it before because I thought she would think I’m a total weirdo and get freaked out.

No today was different; I had made up my mind I’m going to find out the truth.

I walked up to Bella and sprawled out comfortably on the couch. My face was expressionless, how do I begin?

I turned to face her and gave her a small smile She returned the smile with a puzzled look, she must know there was something rong, I’m not usually this quiet…

“Hey Bells” I said quietly, my voice was empty but my eyes were curious,

“Hey Em…What’s up?” She studied me.

“Erm…Bella….I have well, some stupid stuff to ask you…” I gave a small apologetic smile.

“Um…Okay…Shoot” She looked at me still very puzzled.

“Okay, first off, what was your mother’s name” I asked curiously.

“Renée, why?” She stated crossing her brows.

“Ok, where did you used to live before Forks?” I rushed on desperate for answers


“Do you remember your Grandma or any other people like that?” I continued

“Yes” She confirmed

“Ok, what was her name?” I rushed out in barley a whisper.

“Isabella, my mother named me after her. Why?” She asked again.

I froze. Her Grandma was my little sister, Renee is her daughter, and Bella is my niece…

Oh. My. Gosh

I didn’t breath, I didn’t move. I just sat there glaring into Bella’s eyes. The connection was there. I was her uncle! What was I going to do?I had many emotions flickering in my head right now.

Shock. Joy. Desire. Happiness. Curiosity. Relief…

“Emmet? Emmet? Snap out of it!” Bella shook me.

I didn’t move, I just continued to sit there unmoving.

“Emmet!” She cried in deep concern.

Suddenly I felt a big jolt erupt my body and then a massive hole of pain twisting through me, I leaped back in shock. Bella had given me an electric shock. Great.

I snapped my head up gasping for air and she helped keep me steady till the dreadful pain past. I gazed into her eyes for a while with curiosity. I finally smiled.

“Emmet what the hell is going on!” She complained

“Bella, I have some…Strange news to um, explain to you…” I grinned, then inhaled a deep breath of air to calm myself.

“Well go on then! What is it!?” She shook my impatiently.

“Bella…I’m your Uncle…Your grandma was my sister…She had a child, your mother, Renee…And well, of course she had you…”

She blinked once, then stared at me glassy as if I hadn’t spoken at all. Then suddenly she froze as realization hit. I don’t know how long it was before either of us spoke again, hours probably, but I didn’t rush her it was kind of a lot to take in.She’s been through so much. I was going to let her take as long as she needed to process this new information; after all she had been through so much in the past few months…

She had dreams and big hopes for the future yet we stole them away, she has found the love of her life Edward and he is suppose to be stolen away from her, it turns out she has a crazy power thingy and she thinks she’s a total freak, and then I give her this news just as she probably thinks her life cant get any more complicated than it already is. Her world has been turned upside down in the past few months, and I, of all people feel very sympathetic for her. So what ever she needs I’ll give her.

Finally she turned and glared at me, and smiled. I grinned back and pulled her into a giant bear hug.

“I knew it! I knew something was there!!” She grinned triumphant and I chuckled.

“I’m glad you’re actually happy about it. I was afraid you would hate me after I told you…”

Her eyes widened in shock and she gawked at me.“Hate you!?” She scoffed “How could I ever hate you!? You’re my best friend!” She cried.

I rolled my eyes.

“So anyway you actually felt a sort of connection too?” I asked bedazzled in my joy “Yes I didn’t think you did and I didn’t want to ask, you might of thought I was a weird psychopath!” She giggled

I rolled my eyes and grinned

“Bella, I’ve always thought that!” I replied playfully.She rolled her eyes and started to laugh

“Right” she said and then we moved on to our ‘Family Tree’ thing and talked for hours about it.

I was so happy I finally fur filled the burning curiosity constantly aching in my mind. Bella and I had finally found our Special Bonds and the reasons behind them too. This is the beginning of a new horizon for us. We were both happy and that’s all I really wanted in the end. Everybody was happy for us, Rosalie was of course, irritated, but I didn’t care. This was My Bella, my niece, and of course, most importantly,

My best friend…