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What is going through Edward's mind when he decides to talk to her.


1. Chapter 1

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Bella sits down beside me, putting me right next to the girl I desired to kill! My

Exited, and suddenly ravenous, monsters erupted in my chest, begging me to take her

Life. It would be so easy too...But then, we would have to

Leave. Again. We've barely settled in Forks, too... All thoughts stopped when she stirred the

Air with her hand. Was she doing this on purpose? I focused on her, trying to

Succesfully read her mind. No luck. She blushed when she saw me staring at her. My monsters growled. No! I

Would not let my monsters win! She was just a girl...but...was she normal? My

Abilities don't work on her, so...who was she? Why do I care, anyways? But I do care. That I can

Not deny. My inruiging feelings for her. In any case, I cannot ignore her anymore...

"Hello. My name is Edward."