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What kind of man that you are, if your a man at all

An unlucky, and unfortunate human finds out about the Cullen's little secret. But they find out in the worst and most dangerous way possible! Will they live? will they die? What will they do? Whats gonna happen next??? Oh...you'll see.

This is my first time making a story or fanfiction. So give me some credit. And this story isn't to shabby for a first timer! :) So ENJOY! <3

1. Unforgettable

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*Angela's POV*

Wow, for Forks it's really...really...green, in this area. I thought to myself, hiking through the woods. I normally don't hike, but I wanted to explore a little bit, since i've never been out this far before. But I didn't plan on staying out here for long. So all I have with me is my cell phone.

"What's that sound?" I whispered to myself, as I heard something that sounded like movement nearby. I started listening to it more carefully...a little scared now. And then I moved the huge light green leaf out of my way and then--...I saw something I will never forget. Never understand. Something that will keep me awake at night. It was unforgettable...it was Edward.

I stood there shocked at what I was seeing. I heard the sickening snap of the Elk's neck and saw edward start sucking the bright red blood out of the poor Elk. From that moment on, I knew...that he was not human. And I could have sworn he had super hearing for hearing me as far away as I was. He looked like he was trying to concentrate on something, like he was struggling...struggling to turn away from the animal to come for me.

He turned slowly, and I knew he knew it was me. And I was still frozen in place, scared to move, and scared of not moving. NOW HE'S COMING FOR ME!

"An-Angela?" He said nervously, with all his perfection. He could probably see the shock and fear in my eyes. He took a step forward. Oh no...RUN! I screamed to myself in my thoughts. I started running and he didn't come after me...strangely.

"Don't look back. DON'T LOOK BACK." I whispered to myself frantically. Still running, I struggled to get out my cell phone. And called the first person I could think of. Bella Swan.

*Edward's POV*

'Stay there...don't move. So close. HA!' Alice thought, hunting her deer, along with Jasper hunting a bear. Alice was so playful and fun sometimes when it comes to hunting. So she's fun to listen too. Ok...concentrate Edward. You need to hunt if you want to see Bella soon. At that I concentrated and let my instincts take over.

I located my delicious smelling prey, drinking out of the river nearby. I start stalking it. I crouch down, getting ready to pounce, then lunge at the easily breakable creature. I land so close to him that it stuns him. Then he senses the danger and as he tries to run away I grab hold of his neck and snap it like a twig. Then I go in for the bite. As my teeth sink in through the fat and fur of the Elk, I feel the pressure of the blood, and finally hit the spot. The hot blood flows into my mouth as I suck at it, enjoying the taste as much as I can. Hold on a second.

I then registered the fact that I heard a noise earlier, moving through the woods. And then I struggled a little bit on turning away from drinking the blood of my prey, but I succeeded. Then the wind blew. And I smelled something that was hard to resist after just hunting, not even 30 seconds ago. But it...it smelled familiar...it smelled like...OH NO!

I turned around scared of who I would find. And there she was. Frozen with shock and fear in her eyes. And in her thoughts.

'NOW HE'S COMING FOR ME!' her thoughts screamed. She's so scared that I didn't know what to say or do. What have I done?!?!?! I thought to myslef. I SHOULD HAVE CHECKED TO SEE IF ANYONE WAS NEAR HERE! Well?...Dammit.

"An-Angela?" I said, nervous of what would happen next. I slowly started to take a step forward. Testing to see if that was ok. I was apparently wrong. 'Oh no...RUN!' she thought, panicking, as she soon started running. Should I go after her??? Should I stay here? If I did go, would she think I was coming to kill her? No, I can't follow her. I'll just stay here...I've got to tell Carlisle and the rest of the family what had happened. Oh, that'll be fun!

Just then, when Angela was running, she was thinking something again.

'Im calling the first person I can think of. Bella Swan.' Thank God! Bella knows our secret. She knows everything. So she can help us...and she'll protect our secret. I've got to call her. Now. And

Just then, I got out my cell phone out...and realized that I need to talk to Carlisle first. So I dialed his number.

"Hello?" Carlisle answered on the first ring.

"Carlise...Angela saw me hunting...and she ran off. She just called Bella. What do we say?"

"Edward, Edward calm down. It's ok. How did this happen?"

"I was hunting, and I turned around and saw her. She ran off and 'thought' that she was going to call Bella."

"Oh...I see. Ok, well I suppose you should just tell her. How about you bring her and Bella over here for dinner. Her dinner, of course. And we should explain what we are and the things that we do. It would help if she knew. And from what I hear, she can keep this secret."

"Carlisle? Are you sure?"

"Yes. We need to do this, before she exposes us...if she would do that. So I'm positive."

"Ok. I'll go ahead and call Bella, so I can tell her to invite Angela. Thankyou Carlise."

"You'r welcome son. And handle this the right way. We don't know how she'll react."

"I understand. And so thats it. Bye Carlisle."

We both hung up after that and I dialed Bella's number, not bothering to just call her from my speed dial. It rang for a second then she answered.

"Hello?" Bella said, in her beautiful voice. The one thing that I could listen to forever is her gorgous voice. And it went well with her goddess-like looks. Though I don't love her for her looks. I love her for being her. She's always so different...so surprising. Caring, sweet, intellegent, helpful, and stubborn. And I love it. She's just Bella. My Bella. And she's als-- My train of thought about the wonderful things describing bella got cut short by Bella saying "Hello?" again.


"Yes?" she said, nervously.

"Are you talking to Angela right now?" I asked, just making sure.

"Yeah. Edward...she just told me she saw something...that had to do with you. Is that true? Because if it is then what did she see? And we need to think of something to say...and fast."

"Bella it's fine. Sort of. She saw me hunting."

"Oh, well...what do we say?"

"Umm...I called Carlisle and he said we should just tell her. Its easier that way. And its better than her exposing us or worse. So thats the best thing we can really do."

"Edward are you sure theres nothing else we can do?"

"She saw me hunting Bella. What can we say that would explain that?"

"Oh. Right. Good point."

"So Carlisle also said that you should invite her to come over for dinner with us tonight. You could come ofcourse, and we would explain to her our lifestyle and how we are. Considering that she might have already made her own assumptions."

"Ok, Ill see you tonight. I Love you." I loved it when she said those 3 words. It just made me feel so...so...loving. If I just were there, I would pick her up and kiss her right then and there. But Im not there, though I could be, soon.

"I love you, Bella, love." Her favorite crooked grin slowly spreading across my face. I wish she couldve seen it.

"Ill see you soon. Goodbye,love." I hung up. As much as I didnt want to go, I had to. To prepare for the evening that we all hoped wouldnt become a disaster.