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What kind of man that you are, if your a man at all

An unlucky, and unfortunate human finds out about the Cullen's little secret. But they find out in the worst and most dangerous way possible! Will they live? will they die? What will they do? Whats gonna happen next??? Oh...you'll see.

This is my first time making a story or fanfiction. So give me some credit. And this story isn't to shabby for a first timer! :) So ENJOY! <3

2. Dinner

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*Angela's POV*

"Hello?" Bella said, answering on the first ring.

"Bella...Bella...im scared, I don't know whats going on...I...I just saw something." I said, out of breath from the running.

"Are you okay? What did you see?" Bella said, worried now.

"Im not sure exactly...it...it was Edward."

"Crap" I could have sworn she said. Though it was so low, I couldn't be sure.

At that, she said "hold on, I'm getting another call." Was it Edward? why would he call her under these circumstances. DOES BELLA KNOW?

I waited a couple of minutes and started to slow down as I was getting to my house. Then I heard a click and new that Bella got back.

"Umm...Angela?" She said nervously.


"I know about what you saw. And dont be freaked out. I know what they are. And I dont know what you think they are but...they are good. Trust me."

"BELLA! YOUR DATING A...A...MONSTER!" I screamed. I was so scared...for me...and her.

"Ang, you dont understand! They are good. Trust me with this!"

"Trust you?!"

"Angela...just calm down. They wanted to talk to you about this. They wanted to invite you to their house tonight for dinner. And ill come with you."

"DINNER?!?!?! So we can be their meals!?!?!

"Angela NO!" They will fix US a meal. So dont worry. Just come with me. And youll see how they are good."

"Bella. I don't know if i can do this. How do you know that you can trust him?

"IM DATING HIM!...I should know of all people!"

"Ok fine. Im sorry, its just...I have a lot going on right now.

"I understand Ang...when I figured it out...I was, at first, pretty freaked too. Except I understood and I realized it didnt matter.

"I trust you Bella. Its Edward I dont trust right now."

"Its ok Ang. Lets just get ready for dinner tonight."

"Ok I guess. Just...pick me up at 6."

" Kay, Ang. See you then. And stop worrying itll be fine. Bye."

"Okay Bella, bye."

The line went dead. Im so scared...But Bella said it'll be fine. You can trust her Angela, I thought to myself. Then I got dressed and prepared myself emotionally for what I was about to do. Go confront the monster,Cullen family. The doorbell rang as Bella got here.

I opened the door. "Hey Bella."

"Hey Ang." She said back.

"Bella? Do you think that you could tell me some things before we get there?"

"I only can tell you a couple of things. Because they wanted to tell you themselves." Bella answered.

"Ok." I replied.

We both sat down and she looked kind of nervous. Probably because she didn't know how to tell me or because she was afraid of how I would react. But I promised myself that I wouldn't react badly, and I'd try to act mature about this.

"Ok Angela. Edward and his family, are not human. And they can do things that no one else can, obviously." After she said that I waited patiently then asked my question.

"Then what are they exactly?" I hoped she couldn't hear the slight histeria in my voice.

"Their vampires."

I knew they weren't human but that just doesn't seem real! They can't be fictional characters can they? Ever since that day of hiking in the woods and the sight of Edward snapping the neck of the Elk and sucking it's blood...I didn't really believe they could be...vampires! But maybe, they could be after all.

"Well, then how come they havent you know, drank your blood yet?" Was all I managed to say. And at that she flinched, like she was remembered a certain memory.

"Because they are good, like I've been saying. They don't hunt humans. They hunt animals. But not all of their kind are good."

"Oh." Is all I said.

"Well, I guess we should probably just go. They'll be waiting for us."

"Uumm...ya ok.

We left the house and were on our way to the Cullen's. We got there in about twenty minutes, but they lived so out of way. And I have a pretty good idea why. We pulled into the garage, and said...

"Okay. Let's do this." I got out of the red, faded truck and started for the door. I felt a lot better after she told me more about them, and how they are good. I believe her because she's been my friend for a while, and I trust here enough to go through with this.

And I saw the house for the first time. It. was. HUGE. And it was the most beautiful house I have ever seen. Im not sure what I expected but it definitely wasn't this. The house looked around a hundered years old, and also looked quite graceful. It was painted a soft kind of faded white. It had three stories to it, and was rectangular and well proportioned.

"Wow." I said. Deeply amazed.

"That's what I said when I first saw it." Bella told me, as she smiled.

And that was only the outside. The inside was even better! It was very bright, large, and very open. It mush have been originally several rooms because it was so large. But the walls had been removed from probably most of that first floor to have the one huge space. You could see the river through the back, south-facing wall of glass. A massive curving staircase had tooken up the west side of the room. Everything including the wooden floors, thick carpets, high-beamed ceiling, and the walls were all varying shades of white. I forgot that I was even in the vampire Cullen house.

After we had walked in and I took in my surroundings, I saw Edward's parents.

"Angela, this is Carlisle and Esme, Edward's adoptive parents." "Carlisle, Esme, this is Angela." Bella introduced us.

"Welcome to our home, Angela." Carlisle greeted.

"Thankyou." I answered.

"I understand that we have some things to discuss?" Carlisle asked.

I slightly nodded.

"Why don't we sit down on the sofa and discuss it then." He offered.

So me, Bella, and Carlisle went and sat on the sofa. But it was a little too awkward to start a conversation. But then Edward joined us, and sat next to Bella. How can Bella stand being with him? I know he's good and stuff, but I would still be a little scared if I were her.

"Hello Angela. Im sorry about earlier." Edward apologized. I felt a calm and relaxing emotion wash over me after that. It made me feel good enough to accept his apologie. But before I could say anything back, Carlise started speaking.

"Angela, I know this is hard for you. Having found us at the worst time possible. And I'm truly sorry about that, but as Bella may have told you, we do not harm anybody, and would never even think it." Carlisle was explaining, trying to make me understand, and not be frightened. But I wasn't. It was like the calm and accepting mood that I was still in would never go away. It made me so willing to understand.

"Yeah, I know. And Im sorry about earlier too." I said.

"You have nothing to apologize for, dear. Esme replied.

"Well, I shouldn't have been wondering around in the woods anyway."

"Angela, would you like to know more about us? We could talk about it over dinner. Maybe you would feel a bit more comfortable." Carlisle said politely.

"That would be nice, thankyou." I said. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.