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Bella is the new girl in college and Edward is the playboy who has no limits to flirting with any pretty girl he sees. Among all the drama between the two and their friends, does Bella have what it takes to change this heartless player into a loving boyfriend? Or will she just get her heartbroken for the 3rd time in her life? All Human.


10. Arguments

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I decided to sit in my room for a while to clear my head. I love Edward, but he just doesn't get it. Maybe he--

Alice walked in the living room interrupting my thoughts.

"Bella?", Alice called.

"In my room!", I called back, sitting on my bed.

Alice walked in.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?", she asked.

"Yeah, sit down", I patted the bed.

She sat down and faced me.

"I was just talking to Edward", she started gently.

I waited.

"He told me about you guys and Julianne", she said.

Julianne? Who's that?

"Who's Julianne?", I said my thoughts.

"The, um, blonde chick we saw earlier today", she hesitated.

Oh the skank who was macking on my former boyfriend. I know the one.

"Oh", I made a disgusted look.

"Yeah, don't be mad. You can trust me", she said.

Oh, she was hesitant because she doesn't want me to be mad she knows. That didn't even cross my mind.

"No, its OK", I smiled.

"OK good. So, how do you feel about Edward?"

"I think he's a lying egotistical heartbreaker", I fake smiled.

"Bella, I know you're hurting right now but have you thought about things from his point of view at all?", she asked.

Is she taking his side?

"Alice, I opened up to him and he hurt me. He doesn't have a worthwhile point of view"

"You told him to keep it a secret but you do realize Edward's reputation with girls, if he suddenly stopped dating could you imagine the rumors people would say for him? The easiest being he has a girlfriend which you would hate and they would go as far to say he has an STD or something! Could you imagine what kind of things he would have to put up with all because you have trust issues? I mean you can't honestly tell me you're not being selfish right now", she shot at me.

I couldn't believe this. I got up and started to leave.

"Wow, you really don't see it, do you? When are you going to stop running from things that hurt you and just suck it up?! Everyone makes a mistake, even you! It takes a woman to own up to her mistakes for the sake of not letting a good thing go. If you're really going to be this stubborn because you're hurt, then you really need to work on prioritizing. You aren't the only one hurting in this situation you know!", Alice followed me out.

"Why don't you mind your own damn business Alice?! You weren't even supposed to know about this, so stop getting in my face because you know nothing about the situation!", I walked out, slamming the door behind me.

I walked to Edward's room. I knocked aggressively on the door.

He opened the door.

"Thanks Edward", I snapped rudely.

"What?", he opened the door so we wouldn't argue in the hallway.

"You told Alice YOUR side of the story, now we got into an argument. You're really good at making people hate me!", I yelled walking in.

"Bella, please calm down", he said softly.

"I am calm!", Yeah, I was far from calm but I was in such an arguing state of mind.

"Can we please just talk about this, not argue, not yell but talk in a calm manner?", he asked.

Suddenly our roles seemed reverse. He was the level-headed, mature one and I'm the crazy, speak-the-first-thing-that-pops-into-my-lost-head one.

"Fine", I took a deep breath.

He took my arm and sat me beside him on the couch.

"I'm really sorry about Alice and I'm really sorry about the incident with Julianne. I wasn't thinking, I was just desperate to hold onto you, I didn't think how my actions would affect you", he said soothingly.

I wanted to respond something harsh, but I realized I needed to get out of my defensive mode because I was only making things worse by screaming and accusing. I tried to say something that would clear my mind.

"Before I say anything about that, I'm sorry the way I barged in here", I started with.

"It's OK", he said.

It worked, my mind was clearing up.

"No, Edward it's not OK, you've been so patient with me, I'm just a mess I need to learn how to control my emotions. I'm sorry I couldn't be better for you", I apologized.

"Better for me?", he questioned.

"I came into this school acting like I had all the confidence in the world and like I actually had game when truth is, I'm just a lonely girl with a lot of scars. I don't fit in with your lifestyle and I don't want to drag you down into mine. I'm sorry for that crazy roller coaster I put you through", I said.

"Bella, you've been hurt I understand that. I'm more of a sympathetic guy than people realize, you just have a minor confidence problem because of the men in your life. If I were a good boyfriend, I'd be able to raise your self-esteem, but I'm not as good a boyfriend as I wish I were", he said.

I chuckled.

"What?", he frowned.

"We're arguing about which one of us is a worse person. Personal belief aside, I want to apologize for my childish behavior and thank you for being cool to me"

"Oh Bella, you don't know the half of it"