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Bella is the new girl in college and Edward is the playboy who has no limits to flirting with any pretty girl he sees. Among all the drama between the two and their friends, does Bella have what it takes to change this heartless player into a loving boyfriend? Or will she just get her heartbroken for the 3rd time in her life? All Human.


2. Interruptions

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As much as I wanted to keep kissing him because I was strangely attracted to him. I finally pushed his face away. By then I was gasping for air. That same arrogant smile grew on his face again.

"Very good. I accept your apology", he grinned.

I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Look Edward. If you ever kiss me again, I will kick you in a place you do not want to be kicked. So take warning to that because I WILL hurt you", I whispered calmly but menacingly.

His smile grew wider if possible.

"I'll take my chances", he smiled.

"Yo Edward", a guy's voice called behind me.

Edward looked behind me and smiled at whoever it was.

I turned slowly.

"I was looking to see if you wanted to work out but I see you're working out just fine", the guy smiled at Edward. "Hi I'm Jason", he smirked at me.

"Um..hi", I said akwardly.

"Jay this is Bella", Edward took my hand as he stood up.

I stood up beside him.

"Hello Bella. Sorry to interrupt your little....", he trailed off smirking.

"Make out session", Edward finished, making fun of me.

"It was NOT a make out session. Edward just FORCED his lips on mine, I pushed him away", I said angrily.

"Yeah after a steamy 2 minutes", Edward agreed.


"Look whatever. I'm leaving", I said walking away.

"Call me later babe!", Edward laughed with Jason.

I ignored him and walked away to my dorm.


Wow that kiss was....WOW. I found myself strangely attracted to Bella. I didn't understand why. She was this strange new girl, sure she was pretty and obviously intelligent to get into USC but I, Edward Cullen never cared for a girl.

Girls for me were just a hobby. They all adored me so the moment I gave them any attention they became desperately clingy and pathetic. Here I flirt with Bella and she treats me like the jerk I truly am. Was I losing my charm? Or was Bella something special? Whatever it was, as long as I could continue to tease Bella and make out with her, I didn't care.

"Nice bro!", Jason hit my shoulder with a grin.

"Yeah", I said distracted in my thoughts.

"How'd you find that hot piece of--", Jason started with a disrespectful comment about Bella.

"Shut the hell up Jason OK? She's not that kind of girl", I went to her defense.

"What? Then why are you with her? You trying to break her?", he questioned.

"No Jason. Just back off will ya?!", I grew irritated.

"Yo Ed, what's with you? You never defended a girl before. When did you start caring?", he asked.

When DID I start caring? Since Bella came into my world. Why did that change anything? I just met her.

"I don't know", I whispered honestly.

"Snap out of it man. Before you know it, she'll control your life. Remember, you're Edward Cullen. You control her, not the other way around", Jason said.

I had always felt that way. HAD.

"Yeah okay. I gotta go man", I walked away confused.

I went back to my dorm where Jasper was there with Alice.

"Hey Edward", Alice said as I walked in the room.

"Hey Alice, Jazz", I greeted them.

"How'd things go with Bella?", Alice giggled teasing.

She brought my good mood back remembering my kiss with Bella.

I just grinned.

"Oh my god! Did you kiss her?!", Alice squealed.

"Alice chill. Why does a kiss excite you? You hardly know Bella", Jasper wrapped his arms around her.

"Because it's nice! Edward's always making out with whores. It's time he find a nice girl like Bella", Alice explained.

"Just cuz he makes out with her doesn't mean he'll date her", Jasper pointed out.

"Are you guys done discussing my love life?", I chuckled.

"Okay fine. But Bella's in our dorm unpacking if you want to see her", Alice smiled. She was like a sister to me, she knew me too well.

"Thanks Aly", I teased knowing she hated that nickname.

"You're welcome Eddy", she teased back.

I rolled my eyes and left.

I knocked on Bella's door. She opened the door in short, tight black shorts, a black sports bra, and her hair was tied in a messy ponytail. Man did she look hot.

I wanted to tell her how pretty she looked but then I remembered. I was Edward Cullen, I had to play the obnoxious, arrogant jerk she knew already.

"Don't you want to put some clothes on? Someone might call the cops for indecent exposure", I teased.

She rolled her eyes. "Funny. Now did you come here to bug me or did you want something?", she crossed her arms. She looked adorable when she was annoyed.

I shook my head with a smile. "Just making sure you didn't faint when it finally sunk in that you made out with the legendary Edward Cullen"

"Wow don't I feel lucky. I just hope I don't get an STD", she jabbed. Ooh, harsh.

"Wouldn't be a first time for you would it?", I said the lamest comeback ever known to man.

"Get the hell out of my doorway", she said attempting to close the door on my face. But I walked past her into her room instead.

"Going somewhere?", I asked looking around her room.

"Going to work out. Gotta get my legs strengthened for you. Remember, I can kick", she smirked.

"Your legs are sexy the way they are", I winked.

"I know. I just said I was building muscle", she said arrogantly.

I rolled my eyes at her.

"I have more muscle in my finger than you have in your body", I pointed out.

"So? I don't want to look like you anyways", she said.

"I don't want you to look like me either. Who wants to make out with their clone?", I smirked.

I sat on her couch.

"Who would?", she agreed straddling me suddenly.


"I don't know what you're doing but I am strangely turned on", I grinned.

She put her lips on mine forcefully.

I kissed back. I pulled her hair down and ran my fingers through it. She grabbed my shirt and clung to me. I ran my tongue on her lips and entered her mouth. We made out non-stop for what felt like an hour but I loved every second of it. We stopped when a girl cleared her throat. I rolled my eyes and stopped kissing her as we looked to see who it was.

"Sorry to interrupt but you think you could take this to the bedroom? I need the couch", Rosalie teased.

Bella blushed and she got up off of me. She bit her nails akwardly. She was embarrassed. I would've been too if I weren't Edward. I was used to being caught kissing a girl.

"Sorry Rose. I was just....umm...I'm going to the gym", she shook her head and frowned. She grabbed a gym bag and walked out.

"That was hot Edward", Rose laughed.

"Way to interrupt Rose. It was just getting good", I joked.

"Just? It seemed like it had been going good for a few hours. I mean seriously, even me and Emmett don't do all that", Rosalie laughed. I laughed too.

"Alright Rose. Keep your distance next time, kay?", I laughed.

"Yeah sure just don't use my couch", she laughed.

I left and started to my room but then decided to see Bella at the gym. I went to the gym and looked in the window to see her running on a tredomile. She looked extremely exhausted. I decided to go in to make sure she was alright.

I went up behind her quietly when her face paled and she collapsed. I got in and caught her weak body before she could hit the moving tredomile and hurt herself.

"Bella?", I called concernedly with her weak in my arms.

"Yeah?", she sighed.

"Are you alright?", I asked.

"So....tired", she breathed.

I sat down on the ground with her leaning in my arms to take weight off her feet.

"You having trouble breathing?", I asked.

"No. Just out of breath. I'll be fine", I watched her face change back to normal color and her breathing returned to a normal pace.

"I think you should see the nurse", I suggested.

"Not necessary. I just got myself tired. I'm alright. I just need a shower I'm extremely sweaty", she said getting up.

"Your sweat is sexy", I admitted smiling.

"If you didn't just save me, I'd be pissed at you. But you did, so thanks", she smiled.

"Sure. Couldn't let you die. I haven't had enough time to kiss you yet", I smirked.

She smiled.

"Yeah well, thanks", she smiled.

I couldn't keep myself away from her anymore. Watching her soft lips talk made me crazy. I just had to kiss her. So I did.

I didn't use tongue, I knew she was still tired. I just made it a short, sweet kiss.

After I pulled back, she half-smiled.

"Thanks again", she stood and left the gym.

I sighed. What was I becoming?