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Bella is the new girl in college and Edward is the playboy who has no limits to flirting with any pretty girl he sees. Among all the drama between the two and their friends, does Bella have what it takes to change this heartless player into a loving boyfriend? Or will she just get her heartbroken for the 3rd time in her life? All Human.


4. Eavesdroppers

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I shook my head and looked for Alice.

"Alice, does Rose like me?"

"Yes, why?", Alice looked confused.

"Because, she told Edward about Jacob"

"No she didn't", she defended.

"Yes she did Edward just told me so"

"Bella I've been with Rose this entire time I just left her right now so she could hang out with Emmett. She hasn't spoken more than a hello to Edward. Trust me I would know. Jasper and Edward are tight he would've told me"

"Then how does Edward know?", I questioned.

"Don't know", Alice shrugged.

"Kay fine", I said annoyed dialing Rose's number.


"Hi Rose. I was wondering if I could talk to Emmett, sorry I didn't have his number", I asked quickly.

"Sure Bells just a sec", she handed the phone over.

"Hey Bella what's up?", Emmett said friendly.

"I know this is kind of a dumb question but has Edward mentioned anything about me having an ex named Jacob?"

"Uhh...no. Why?"

"Well I had told Alice and Rose and now Edward knows and he told me Rosalie had told him so...Alice said Rose hasn't said a word so I don't know because I'm getting really angry and the only person that seems logically to blame is Rosalie. She's nice to me and everything but nothing else makes sense. Know what I mean?"

"Umm...yeah. Rose didn't say anything", he said nervously.

"Really? What do you know Emmett? Tell me", I urged.

"Look Bella I don't know how to say this but it's sorta mine and Edward's fault. We heard it from you and we told Jasper that Rosalie told us but we told him not to say anything to you or to Rose but Edward told you anyways and used that same...source I guess", Emmett said gently.

"How did you hear me?", I questioned.

"Long story but it's not Rose's fault I swear. I'm really sorry"

"Emmett what the hell did you do?!", Rose said in the background.

"Alright. Thanks Emmett", I closed my phone.

Later there was a knock at my door.

I opened it to see Edward standing there.

"Hey babe", he grinned.

"Don't call me babe", I almost growled at him.

"Grouchy are you? That's pretty sexy", he smirked.

"Get out of my room. I know what you did, how could you do that to me?! I know you just want to use me as another little whore of yours but I thought you could respect a girl more than to listen in on her personal story and tell your buddies and worse off rub it in my face!", I screamed.

There was a look of shock in his face as I slammed the door with him standing there.