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Bella is the new girl in college and Edward is the playboy who has no limits to flirting with any pretty girl he sees. Among all the drama between the two and their friends, does Bella have what it takes to change this heartless player into a loving boyfriend? Or will she just get her heartbroken for the 3rd time in her life? All Human.


6. Time to Let Go

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The next morning I woke up and was on my way to the living room when I heard a quiet conversation from the living room.

"...so I told him to talk to her because what he's doing now is really pissing her off", a girl talking in a low voice I recognized as Rose said.

"That's true. She was really upset. So is he going to do it?", another voice which was Alice said quietly.

"Don't know. I hope so, I've known Edward forever it feels and I just want him to find someone that he can respect instead of...well use. You know Edward", Rose said.

So they were talking about me and Edward. I'm still new here how did I become the new gossip for these people? Well at least they weren't talking BAD about me.

"Hope he shows", Alice said when suddenly her voice got louder and closer. "Guess I should get Bella up in case"

I opened the door before she got here and caught me listening to them. I faked a yawn.

"Morning sunshine. How are you?", Alice grinned.

"I am NOT a morning person ever", I chuckled and went to shower.

After breakfast, Alice, Rose and I hung out in the lounge. For some reason it was pretty empty this morning. I sat on the couch while Alice and Rose were choosing music to play.

"How about Linkin Park, Bella?", Rose asked.

"Nah, not my style. It's cool though play what you want", I said honestly. I wasn't into music trends I had my own style that I enjoyed. Mostly older music.

"Ugh Bella just tell me what you like and I'll play it. It's not that--", Rose stopped when her phone rang.

"Hello?......Really?!....Okay.....Okay got it....Yep...Bye", she hung up with a giant grin.

"Alice, wanna come with me to get coffee?", I saw Rose slip a wink in there to Alice. I didn't know what they were doing, I didn't like it but I knew I didn't have much of a choice so I acted like I didn't see it.

"Umm sure", Alice smiled once she caught the hint.

They left and I just rolled my eyes. I got up and looked through Rose's iPod till someone told me what was going on.

She had a lot of current music that I wasn't familiar with. The room was quiet as I looked through the songs.

"Hello", a deep voice said behind me startling me.

I put my hand on my chest and grimaced before I turned. I see Edward's perfect hair, perfect green eyes, perfect face. Gosh what wasn't perfect about this guy? As angry as I am with him I still admired his perfect features and beauty.

"Can I help you?", I said in a disgusted tone.

"Yeah you can help me by coming over here and ki---", he stopped when he saw the anger grow in my eyes.

"I'm sorry, look just forget that. Forget I was even here", he walked out. I didn't stop him. He probably came to continue being an obnoxious jerk. I didn't feel like dealing with his bullshit anymore.

I picked up my phone and texted Rose: 'You guys can come back now he's gone'

A few minutes later they came back.

"Gone already?", Alice asked surprised.

"What did he say?", Rosalie asked.

"He first scared me half to death then he made a comment for me to go kiss him, he stopped himself apologized and said to forget he even came. He left", I told them.

"That's it? Are you serious?! Oh my gosh he is so stupid he never listens to me", Rose whined.

"It's cool Rose. I'm really over him. If he can't apologize and mean it without you guys telling him to then I don't wanna even talk to him. Thanks Rose I appreciate your efforts", I thanked.

"I'm sorry Bella", she hugged me.

"Yeah. Let's just have fun today", I said.

She sighed.

I knew he'd be getting chewed out later by Rose, Alice and maybe even Emmett. Whatever I don't care anymore. Sure he's hot and yes he's an amazing kisser but I'm not in high school anymore, I don't want to party it up in college, end up with an STD or pregnancy and not get married until I'm 40. I had better plans for myself I want to find a nice, caring respectful man to date throughout college and marry right after. Edward was nice, when I made out with him...caring if I wasn't kiss him and respectful...he didn't even know what that quality even meant. Big deal I'll find someone else.