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She's mine

Seriously, what is it she sees in that jerk? Money? Nah, I have money, my parents own a store. Couldn’t be that. Good looks? No, can’t be that either. I’m a sexy beast. I mean, who WOULDN’T want to go out with me? Mike loves Bella, we all know that. Just what exactly will he say to make her like him? A heart-wrenching tale of boy love girl, girl love different boy, and boy who originally loved girl gets SHUT DOWN. This one will get you laughing.


6. Chapter 6

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I have come full circle my friends. Full freakin’ circle. My English teacher had one time told me what it meant. Something about the process of a journey, and the emotional and physical placement of oneself, instead of being the dynamic character you are the static…weird hippie and new age explanation aside, it basically means that you end up where you started out. And that was where I was.

I sat in the lunchroom again, surrounded by Jessica and company while I stared woefully at Bella. I even felt myself thinking the same questions. What is it she sees in that jerk? What could she possibly see? Cullen STILL had Bella, I was STILL stuck with Jessica, and I was no closer to Bella’s heart than I had started out as.

Even after my valiant and heroic attempts to save her from that fiend of a human being, Cullen. It just irked me, made my blood boil in fact, that she could choose HIM over ME. I so obviously cared about her, cared for her wellbeing and loved her so deeply it almost hurt, and she completely blew me off. For CULLEN. I’ve never felt this way about a girl before, and she doesn’t even like me back.

I had thought that maybe she did; at least a little bit of her. How could I like someone so much without her even feeling a little for me? It made no sense. But each attempt I made, she shoved me off. I almost couldn’t believe I went to her house. Or called her on the phone, for that matter. I looked her up in the phone book, under “Charlie Swan”, found her phone number and address. I tried to not think of how it may seem to her, almost like a stalker, and I worked up the courage to go to her house uninvited.

And what had she said? Oh yeah, that she was eating dinner. Why couldn’t I have remembered that? I was too excited and nervous and just rushed to my car and drove to her house. Oh, how stupid of me.

She didn’t seem happy to see me at all… and she-she…yelled at me. She made it clear she didn’t, nor ever did, like me.

And now she was sitting with Cullen having one of those “deep conversations” they always seemed to have. Her beautiful face was cradled in her hands, her eyes staring up at Cullen thoughtfully and lovingly. It made me sick, thinking of her with him. Sure, he was perfect. Perfect hair, perfect face, perfect body, and the guy was a genius. But nobody is THAT perfect, you know? He and his whole family were snobs, never talking to anyone; always barricading themselves off from the rest of society. Like they were better than the rest of us.

It irked me, it irked me very deeply.

A slight movement caught my eye. I looked up. It was Cullen, turning around and fixing his gold eyes on me. Gold eyes…they were so…inhuman. His eyes widened infinitesimally, and then narrowed. But his face was utterly void of all emotion and thought. I shuddered.

At the abrupt stop in conversation, Bella looked up expectantly at Cullen. Seeing that he wasn’t looking at her, she followed his gaze to me. She looked confused, and cocked her head to the side as if she didn’t know what to make of me.

This whole situation was creepy. Why was Cullen staring me down like this? He sat there, unmovable and he steadily looked in my eyes, as if searching for something. Then he smirked slightly then turned around in his seat. Or was it a frown?

“What was up with that?” A high, female voice said in my right ear.

I turned my head to look at Jessica, who was obviously referring to the stare-off Cullen had started.

“I have no clue.” I said truthfully.

“It looked almost as if…he was sizing you up.” Jessica said thoughtfully while staring at Cullen, then her eyes flashed mine. “Did you do something to make him mad?”

I smiled. Only tried to steal Bella’s heart away from him. “No, I didn’t do anything. He’s acting weird like he always does.”

I saw his shoulders twitch.

“How are your knees?” Jessica inquired.

“They’re fine; I’m just healing from the wolf attack.” I mentally high-fived myself for remembering the story I had made up. A fine story, it was.

Suddenly everybody’s attention was on us. “Wolf attack?” Tyler said with a huge smile on his face. “Are you talking about your knees, Weak Sauce Newton?”


People at the lunch table tittered nervously. Please don’t tell them. Please don’t tell them. I pleaded Tyler in my mind. I eyed him warily. “What’re YOU talking about, Crowley?”

Please don’t tell them. Please don’t tell them.

He feigned surprise. “What? You already forgot?” Then he launched into the tale of how I fell in PE class yesterday.

I shot up from my seat at the table and grabbed my bag. “You’re on crack, Crowley. Bye guys.” I said to the group and walked away.

“Mike, wait! I’ll come with you.” Jessica said and followed me. I winced slightly.

At the same time I saw Cullen and Bella stand up to leave, along with that short black haired girl, Alice.

I walked out the cafeteria door, Bella and Cullen walking behind me. I internally cringed, knowing that Bella would have told the vile toad Cullen that I had come over to her house yesterday. His big, protective self would be very mad. Very, very mad.

I expected at any moment for her voice to ring out across the space between us and make some comment on my making a fool of myself.

“Newton.” It was not the voice I expected. It was a voice I had hardly ever heard before; it was velvety, smooth, and overly polite. Cullen.

I turned around slowly and gestured for Cullen to talk. I saw Bella standing at his side looking anxious and a little angry. Alice simply kept on walking past Jessica, Bella, Cullen, and me.

“I need to talk to you.” Cullen said with a bored tone, as if he’d rather be doing anything but. I didn’t reply.

“I’ll…meet up with you later Mike. Bye.” Jessica said oddly and hurried off, her short legs carrying her quickly down the hallway.

“Bella, I’ll talk to you later too.” He said softly in a tender tone that made me want to gag.

“Edward… I don’t know…” She said uncertainly.

He kissed her on the cheek, and she reluctantly walked away.

“So.” I said tersely as soon Bella was out of earshot.

“Look,” Cullen said in a tone that sounded a bit patient, but bored at the same time. “I know you care for Bella, and I care for her very much too. But you following her around like a puppy is not making her happy. She doesn’t have the heart to tell you this, but all you are doing is hurting her. She knows that telling you face to face that she doesn’t love you will hurt your feelings, and we both know Bella doesn’t like to hurt people. So I think, Mike,” He sounded a bit forced when he said my name. “that for the benefit of Bella, you should leave her alone. I know you care for her; so show it by not bothering her anymore.” He finished and swiftly walked away without waiting for my reply.

I simply stood there, dumbfounded. Had Bella SAID that to Cullen? I felt crestfallen, and then angry. Who was Cullen to tell me that?! The jerk, he may even be lying! I stood there fuming until I heard a voice in my ear.

“Umm, you took so long, I started to wonder. So I came back.” It was Jessica.

“Yeah, well--”

“Mike, did you ever notice that a person walking to the bathroom and have their legs squeezed together tightly have to pee? Or if they are walking bow-legged, they have to poop?” She blurted.

A laugh came unbidden up my throat. What?! What did she just say?

Jessica’s face turned really red.

Hadn’t I said that to Bella, not too long ago? Why was Jessica repeating that now?

“Sorry,” she mumbled, “It was the only thing that came to me.”

I laughed again. “What?”

She glared at me a little. I realized how cute she was when she was embarrassed.

She looked down and shook her head. “Let’s go to class.”

I simply nodded and walked with her. Why did she talk about bowel movements?

Suddenly a voice boomed behind me. "Mike Newton!"

I turned around. It was the principal. "Yeah?"

"Coach Clapp informed me that you were to pick up a detention in my office yesterday. Yet you have not. Why is that?" He said imperiously.

Crap. I had forgotten all about that. Now I remember the yelling secretaries behind me, the green slip in Jessica's hand. Wait, why hadn't she given it to me?

"I forgot?" I said lamely. At least it was true.

He sighed. "Right. Come with me." He grabbed me by the shoulder and lead me down the hallway.

If Jessica had my detention in her hand, then why hadn't she given it to me? And why was she talking about bowel movements?