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She's mine

Seriously, what is it she sees in that jerk? Money? Nah, I have money, my parents own a store. Couldn’t be that. Good looks? No, can’t be that either. I’m a sexy beast. I mean, who WOULDN’T want to go out with me? Mike loves Bella, we all know that. Just what exactly will he say to make her like him? A heart-wrenching tale of boy love girl, girl love different boy, and boy who originally loved girl gets SHUT DOWN. This one will get you laughing.


7. Chapter 7

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I walked silently to my car after detention later that day, tossing my keys in my hand. It was a bummer, going to detention, but at least it was a few hours of which I didn’t have to deal with my parent’s glowering stares. They were still mad about that speeding ticket.

Suddenly a green thing flashed in front of my feet and stopped. I looked down. It was a frog. The frog stared up at me imperiously; the tight skin on it’s back twitching slightly. I immediately disliked the frog, because it bore a resemblance to that disgusting toad Cullen. I nudged it with my foot, trying to make it move. It didn’t. Maybe it was dead?

The frog flashed a smile and hopped away with a speed I could hardly follow with my eyes. In less than a moment, it was gone.

I shook my head and walked to the door of my car, inserting the key in the lock.

“Mike! Mike, wait up!” Someone called, and I turned around. I recognized that voice. I worshipped that voice. It Bella’s voice.

She ran up to me, leaving three feet between us, and tried to catch her breath.

“Yeah?” I said, a little bit sullenly. Suddenly the light changed from a light pink to a hazy gold. I looked at the sky in wonder, a little confused.

She looked down at her feet in that Bella shy kind of way, seeming to think of the words before she said them. It was adorable.

“Yeah?” I said again.

She looked up uncertainly. “Mike…I…I wanted to tell you that you were right.”

“Huh?” What was I right about?

She sighed at having to explain what she was about to say. “About…Cullen. And how he…threatens me.”

I reeled in shock. Did she just call him Cullen?! I felt a ray of sunlight on my head, almost as if divinely procured.

I said nothing and looked at her.

She lifted her eyes to mine, and I could see that they were shining with unshed tears. “Mike, what he said to you today after lunch was untrue. It was all a lie. All of it! I never said any of those things.”

I looked at her in wonder, happiness and hope beginning to bud in my chest. “Bella, are you saying that you—“

“I love you Mike!” She blurted, and quickly looked down at her feet in embarrassment.

I lifted her chin gently with my hand and leaned closer to her. “Are you serious?”

She looked at me lovingly. “Yes, I am. I just could never tell you because…because I was afraid Cullen was going to hurt me!”

It felt as if the clouds had parted and the sun was shining with full strength on my shoulders. I could practically hear a chorus of angels singing in the distance. Wait, was that a chorus of angels I was hearing?

“Oh Bella! I love you too!” I cried happily.

She suddenly looked afraid. “Shhh” She put a finger to my mouth. “If he hears, he’ll kill me! Mike, Please! You don’t know what he’s capable of! He’s a bloodthirsty killer!”

I held her arms firmly. “I won’t let him hurt you. Ever.” I said heroically. “I’ll protect you.”

“Oh, my hero!” She cried as she threw her arms around me and held me in a tight grip. With a jolt of shock, I realized that I could hardly feel her. It was like she wasn’t there.

But I didn’t focus on that. All I could think was that the childish tug-o-war Cullen and I had over Bella was finally over. She loved me! She’s mine!

I pulled back and looked at her. She met my eyes with a loving grace, and I shivered involuntarily. “Bella, I love—“

“Shh…don’t speak.” She said quietly.

Then, to my shock and delight, she closed the distance between us and leaned towards me. I eagerly complied and pressed my lips to hers. They were smooth, and had a coldness to them that shocked me.

“Mike!” Someone whispered urgently in my ear. It was Bella’s voice.

I opened my eyes and pulled away slightly. “What did you say?” I asked her.

She shook her head and went back to kissing me. I shrugged and kissed back.

“Mike!” The voice said more loudly and jiggled my shoulder.

Suddenly, things were fading. The color drained from the sky, Bella disappeared. I cried out. “Bella!”


I jolted awake and found that my lips were planted firmly on the desk.

“You fell asleep.” A voice said quietly next to me. I looked up. It was Bella.

It was as if cold water was splashed on my head. Bella…she said she…loved me! I turned to her and opened my mouth to speak, but she turned quickly back to the book she had been reading and ignored me.

Oh. OH! It was all a…dream. I suddenly felt like crying. All of it; the confessions, the hug, the kiss, it was all a bloody stinkin’ dream. My head sank back into the cradle of my arms, as I sank into depression.

My world was crashing down, how could life be so cruel?! To give me my wildest hopes, and then to just snatch them away…! I felt a lonely tear burn its way out of my eye, and trickle down my cheek. I wiped it away. It was weak for a guy to cry in public; or cry at all for that matter.

I sucked it up and tried to look as if I hadn’t been crying. I turned to Bella and whispered. “Thanks for waking me up.”

She turned uncertainly to me and nodded. Her gaze fell from on her book and back to me. Indecision was written on her face, and she seemed to be arguing about whether to say something or not.

“I talk in my sleep too.” She said cautiously and quietly.

My stomach twisted and I suddenly felt sick. What if I had said…? What if she had heard…? I couldn’t complete the thoughts and I felt my ears turn red with embarrassment.

“Oh?” I said, trying to make my voice light. “What did I say?”

She looked exceedingly uncomfortable. “Umm…Well…”

She didn’t have to finish the sentence. I knew. “O-oh.” I stuttered.

“Sorry, she whispered. I tried not to hear. But…it was pretty loud.” She whispered.

I looked around me. Thank God we were the only one’s in detention today. Wait, how did Bella get in detention?

“Look, Mike…” She said uncomfortably, with the air of someone trying to let someone down easy. “I thought Edward told you…you know, that I don’t…you know, really…like you that way.” She finished.

I suddenly had the need to throw up. So it was true then, what Cullen had said. Bella really didn’t like me the way I hoped she did. I felt embarrassed, for both her and me. Me, because I could practically imagine what she was thinking, and her, because she had to tell me to my face that she didn’t like me.

I avoided her eyes, and said nothing. Sensing the end of the conversation, she turned back to her book and seemingly became absorbed.

I wanted to dig a hole and hide in it. The minutes passed by, and for me the embarrassment grew. All this time when I thought I had a chance with her… I couldn’t tell whether she was stilling thinking about it. It was unbearable, the thoughts that she could be having.

Poor clueless Mike. He thinks I like him. He has dreams about me. I TOLD him I didn’t like him, and he STILL follows me like a puppy. Man, what a loser.”

The possibility that she could be thinking that made me physically sick.

She could’ve moved on, and not even care about it anymore, but to me that seemed an unlikely possibility.

The minutes passed by, and I watched the clock avidly, waiting for the end of detention. I would have asked Bella how she herself landed in detention (seeing as she is the model student), but the embarrassment of the previous conversation held me back.

I just want to leave. I just want it to be over.

As if procured by my thoughts, the door opened and Jessica walked in. She handed a note to Mr. Banner (the unfortunate teacher charged with detention for today). He skimmed the note and nodded. Why would Jessica be here so late?

She took the note back and walked towards me and motioned for me to get up. Out of the corner of me eye, I saw Bella look up with a confused expression on her face.

I gathered my bag and books and stood up, thanking my lucky stars that I was getting out of this place. Away from this embarrassment. As soon as we were out of the room, Jessica turned towards me.

“I came to spring you from detention!” She smiled mischievously.

“What? How?” I said thankfully.

“I got a note from the principal excusing you from the rest of detention.” She said, obviously proud of herself.

I whistled. “How did you manage that? I didn’t know you were in with the office.”

She smiled sheepishly. “I’m not, really. I forged this note.” I looked at her in amazement. Why would she do that? She was risking detention or worse!

“Oh, thank you! But you didn’t have to do that.”

She waved me away and continued walking, I walked next to her. I was experiencing a weird sensation in my chest? Gratitude? Love? Heartburn? Could be heart burn, the school’s pizza was a gut bomb.

We walked out the door to our cars, I going my way, she hers. I inserted the key in the lock.

“Mike! Mike, wait up!” A voice called behind me. A strange sense of de ja vu tickled my mind. I turned around and saw Jessica running up.

“Yeah?” I answered.

“Look, Mike…I…I just wanted to say…” She stopped.

“Yeah?” I said, with a growing sense of excitement.

“I really like you.” She finished and looked down with embarrassment.

I stared at her for a moment, and I almost laughed. It made sense, it really did. She said that bowel movement comment like I did to impress me, she sprung me out of detention…she likes me. I pondered the situation for another moment, and Jessica turned away.

“Wait!” I called and she stopped. “I kind of like you too.”

I guess.

She smiled and walked up to me, then kissed me on the cheek. “Cool. See you tomorrow?” She said with a double meaning.

“Sure. Yeah.” I answered.

It seems that you don’t always get your one true love. I realized Bella would never be mine. That thought lingered with some sadness in my mind. But you sure get pretty darn close. And Jessica was pretty close. I guess.

Bella’s Pov:

I looked up from the book and thought about Mike. The things I heard him say, which weren’t many, had proved that he completely disregarded everything Edward said after lunch. I almost felt bad for him, because I knew just as well as anyone what it was like to have the words that tumble out of your mouth while dreaming heard.

I shoved the things Mike had said from my mind and once again cursed the pretentious snit of a teacher, Mr. Babbitt, for giving me detention. It really was unfair.

I had been staring at Edward perhaps too much during the lecture, and wasn’t really paying attention. Then Mr. Babbitt asked us to take notes on what he was saying. So, without looking down, I tried to grab my pencil. Unfortunately for me, and at the fault of my clumsiness, I accidentally swiped the pencil to the ground and it rolled under Lauren’s desk.

I was loathe to ask Lauren to pick it up for me, since she hates me, but I had to anyway. I whispered to Lauren, and asked her to pick it up for me. She sneered at me, and mouthed the words, “What?”.

So I repeated it, perhaps too loud for the liking of Mr. Babbitt.

And here I was.

Edward tried to smooth it over, but unfortunately for me, Edward’s charms didn’t have quite the same effect on males.

I sighed despondently, waiting for the clock to signal the end of detention and when I could see Edward again. I knew his car would be waiting in the parking lot for me, ready to take me away.

I looked out the window to said parking lot, and saw a sight that made me smile. Mike was standing next to his car with Jessica, seemingly in a loving embrace.

I chuckled quietly. Mike sure does bounce back quickly. I felt relief though, and happiness for Mike.

Mike and Jessica really were perfect for each other.