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Winter's Tale

Winter Jackson was a broken human. Her life was dominated by emotional abuse and a defective heart. However, when she met the Cullens she found away to use her illness to help them, and in turn was helped by them. Decades later she is once again on the verge of meeting the people/vampires who changed her existence. How will the past affect the present? WintersTalefinished.jpg Winter's Tale Banner picture by Goldmoon101


1. Chapter 1

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It’s been many years since I had went back to my old home, in Forks with my good old family, the Cullen’s. I was living in a town called Lasersea in a small island just of cost near Alaska for some years now.

I was turning exactly 100 years today, the day I have been changed and my dear little vampire friend Is coming to see me she had been turned some years now but she thinks of me as her best friend almost like her sister.

*Ding dong*………………..
*knock, knock* ……………………
“Winter, are you in here?” “Boo!”
“AH! Winter, please don’t do that and get down from the ceiling before you loose grip!” I jumped down from the ceiling and greeted my dear friend.

Her name is Janelle and her name always reminded me about my family since my adoptive mother name is Bella.

“So how are you? Are you doing well in your studies?”
“Yes Winter I am. So today you’re officially 100 years old aren’t you?"

“Yep and I didn’t changed a bit” I said giggling while I walked with her inside of my house.

We sat on the couch and talked about Janelle’s education since she didn’t get to finish when she was human. She began to look at me with querying eyes and I had begun to worry.

“Is everything alright?” I had asked her. “Yes, everything is fine but I had always wanted to ask you something and I don’t know if it will be alright to ask”

“Its OK you can ask, I promise to answer it in the best way that I can,” “Are you sure?" “Yes, ask away” “OK you said it”
“What happen to you when you were a human? What was the reason as to why you were turned in to a vampire?”

“Um you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to”… “No, no it’s OK I'll tell you but you I'm warning you, you might get sleepy because I’m not that much of a story teller” “I’m sure I can keep up” she said smiling joyfully.

“It all started 83 years ago, just when I have now moved down to Forks. I moved here alone with my aunt who wasn’t really much of the loving type.” “My parents died when I was the age of 5 and ever since I have been living with my aunt.” “I was now turning 17 and my aunt always made me do all of the household tasks while she went out with her boyfriends.” I paused to look at Janelle.
She looked at me like she wanted to burst out laughing but she held it in.

“It was my first day of high school in Forks.” I continued. “The place was very wet and slippery, I was lucky enough not to slip and fall like I usually do. I arrived at school early enough to get my schedule list that had all my classes in it. I was doing Biology, Geography, Language, Literature and some others that I can’t remember right now, but i was mostly science subjects.”

“I was on my way to class, when I spotted them, looking ever so beautiful and mysterious. There were eight of them, their skin was so smooth and pale, they were walking right pass me, down the walk way to class. I took a quick glace at one off them and she was going to the same class, Language.” I said and paused for a while.