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Winter's Tale

Winter Jackson was a broken human. Her life was dominated by emotional abuse and a defective heart. However, when she met the Cullens she found away to use her illness to help them, and in turn was helped by them. Decades later she is once again on the verge of meeting the people/vampires who changed her existence. How will the past affect the present? WintersTalefinished.jpg Winter's Tale Banner picture by Goldmoon101


2. Chapter 2

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Bella point of view

I stood by my large window and stared out searching for something that I was missing, something that I felt I had to do and somewhere I had to be. Then it struck me, like a small shock, and I remembered only one name, Winter. I jumped down from the window and ran to meet Edward, out in the field, to remind him about Winter.


“Yes love, I’m over here with Jasper and Emmett.”

“Hey guys, um, Edward do you know what day it is today?”
“Yes I do. Today is the day that I’m wrestling with Jasper and Emmett, hence the reason why I’m with them.”

“No you big dumb head, today is Winter’s Birthday.”

“Oh no, how could I forget, damn it.”

“Edward!” I called out to him as he ran towards the woods.

“Who’s Winter?” Emmett asked giggling

I stood there and folded my right fist, tight.

“Emmett, I think you should run” Jasper said laughing

I exhaled deeply and then spoke in a clam voice.

“Do you remember a few decades ago, we befriend a girl whom Edward said that she resembles his mother? You were really close to her Emmett.”

“Yes I do remember Bella, how could I ever forget her?” he said sarcastically and started to laugh. I just nodded and started to walk away when I heard a soft, high voice, calling out to me, I turn to see it was Alice.

“Hey Bella, you need a new sweater or a jacket, so I’m taking you shopping, Ok”

“Alice, what do I need a new jacket for in any case?”

“Because we, all of us, are going to visit Winter, Today, so hurry up we don’t have much time left.

We got in to her car and drove off to the mall. As we travel along, my memories of Winter came back to me. I remember her beautiful silver, blond hair, ever so shinny. She had pale colored skin, but it was not as pale as ours. She had a slim tall figure, the same height as me.

She meant everything to Edward and I. She was like my own adopted daughter, even though I have Renesmee, Winter was something a bit more. She was very special to my entire family.

Yes, she was human, she was a very sick human, her blood wasn’t strong and each time we were around we didn’t feel the need to have human blood, she helped us a lot, especially Jasper.

I was suddenly awakened from my daze with a phone call. It was Edward.

Edward point of view

After Bella reminded me about Winter, I ran towards the woods and sat on a tree, I began to think. I sat there and thought about what to do, Bella and I are much attached to her and I didn’t want to just call her, then what do I do, I asked myself.

I jump down form the tree and I ran to catch up with Bella, to tell her what my plans were but when I arrived, I didn’t see her so I ran straight to Carlisle and told him to make preparations to fly to Alaska, we’re going to visit Winter.

I quickly dialed Bella’s phone number and called her.

“Hello Edward” she said with a confused voice.

“Hey love, listen, we’re going to visit Winter this evening so be ready, Ok”

“Yea I know, Alice told me she saw you talking Carlisle in her vision and she dragged me and Rose to go shopping with her to get some new jackets and cloths”

“Ok, enjoy you’re time I’ll see you later Ok bye, love you”.

After that I ran upstairs to my room and waited for Bella to come back.