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Winter's Tale

Winter Jackson was a broken human. Her life was dominated by emotional abuse and a defective heart. However, when she met the Cullens she found away to use her illness to help them, and in turn was helped by them. Decades later she is once again on the verge of meeting the people/vampires who changed her existence. How will the past affect the present? WintersTalefinished.jpg Winter's Tale Banner picture by Goldmoon101


5. Chapter 5

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Edwards's point of view.

I sat on the black leather chair where I usually sit and read my books, closed me eyes and began to think of that first day, when we met her. Her slim figure and her face reminded me of my mother a lot.

Alice had a vision of us that morning. "We are going to meet a new human that will help us with your cravings. She is slim, has long slivery - blonde hair and wears horrible clothes. There are cuts on her face which makes her appearance a bit off," were the exact words of Alice on the morning of the 10th of September, the first day of high school, yet again.

We arrived at school early that day. Bella and I went to words for a quick run just to get our day freshened a bit. When we got back, the school parking lot was filled with cars and chattering students. We managed to get pass all of the students and meet up with the rest of our family. I turned my head to Bella, while we were walking to meet the rest of our family. "Bella, would you mind, please?" I had asked her to mentally block me form the human minds, the thoughts of the students were a bit to unpleasant.

"Of course Edward, I'd be more than happy to." She replied with a loving smile.

"It's been a week since Alice told us about the girl; do you think she's here already?" I asked Bella knowing that Alice would have told her. "No, she is supposed to be here today but I haven't seen her either." Alice then whispered to us "Guys, here she comes." We looked to see a pale colored girl with bright pink blushes on her face as she passed us, it reminded me of Bella when she was a human. We stopped when we arrived in the hall as Alice, Jacob and Renesmee left to go off to their Government class while Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper headed off to their senior classed. Bella and I turn and walked to our class after our spouses had left. About a few meters away form our class door, we pass that girl again and suddenly we heard a loud thud. I looked back and down on the floor to see the girl lying there with laughter around her for her clumsiness. We went over to her and I picked up her books and I saw her name and whispered it quietly, Winter Jackson. As Bella was helping her up I asked her, "You need a hand there Ms. Jackson?" Ah, there was that blush again.

"Err ...Umm.... Thanks for your help. That was really kind of you." "I'm sure it was no problem Winter." Bella said. "Hey, how do you know my name?" Bella let out a soft giggle said to the girl, "Everyone knows you name sweetie. By the way, I'm Bella and this is Edward," pointing to me. "Hello Winter." I said giving her the books. "Hello Edward. Thank you for picking up my books." "I'm sure it was no problem at all." I said giving her a gentle simile. I then took Bella's hand and headed to class. "She's a sweet and lovely child, isn't she?" Bella said to me when we were seated in class. Bella removed her shield and all the thoughts came rushing in. I let out a soft growled as Bella giggled. The door then open and coming through it was Winter, she walked and stopped at the front of the class as she waited for Mr. Hans, our English teacher. I tried to listen to her thoughts but I couldn't get a clear signal. I began to get frustrated and as Bella saw this she let out her shield again. I turned my head towards her and smiled thankfully.

As Mr. Hans came in, Winter handed him her slip and then proceeded to sit next to Ryan Newton, the great grandson of Mike. He reminded me a lot of his grandfather but wasn't that cunning.


It was finally lunch. Bella and I met with the rest of the family and sat at our usual lunch table.

"So what's up bro?" Emmett asked. I looked at him harshly and he laughed. Jasper, Alice, Rosalie and Renesmee joined in with him. I let out a little growl as Bella rubbed my back. My day was peaceful and quiet, away from all those alarming thoughts but at the time when I tried to read Winter's, it frustrated me. They were blocked like Bella's but not fully. I heard bits and pieces but it's like AM radio station, too much static.

"Hey look, Winter's getting the ‘dirty' information about the Cullens form Annala" Bella said. I looked up and saw her glancing in our direction and I decided to invite her to sit with us. I told everyone to be cautious and reserved. As she approached, her heart beat quicken.

"Um.. you called me Edward?" she said as she arrived.

"Yes I did, have a seat." She sat down in the middle of Bella and me.

"Winter, this is the rest of my family. These are Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Renesmee and Jacob."

"It's very nice to meet you all." I glanced over at Jasper and saw him relaxed so was everyone else.

The sound of an beeping noise went off. I opened my eyes to see what it was and saw that my alarm clock when off saying that is 5 o'clock in the afternoon and the girls will be back by 8 o'clock. Thinking of what happened next made me quiver. Remembering how she begun to cry and ran from us and we didn't do anything cause we wanted her to have time for herself. I lay back down and continued my day dream on what happened after she ran away.

After Winter left, my eyes caught Emmett's and Bella had removed her shield.

‘Edward are you sure that isn't the same child Rosalie saved from the car crash in London when we were on vacation?' I nodded in reply.

‘Aw my little baby is all grown up' Emmett said in a baby voice.

12 years back Emmett, Rosalie, Bella and I went on a vacation. While we were hunting in the evening, we heard a loud crash at the roadside along a lonely road. We rushed out the forest to see what had happened and saw a car about to burst out in to flames and there was only one heart beat and crying to a child. Rosalie and Emmett rushed off to see who it was and came back with baby as the car went up into flames.

Days passed and both Rosalie and Bella got too attached to the child but they knew that soon she would have to go. They all laughed and played with her and we found out that her name was Winter. We contacted social services and got the name of her aunt and gave Winter to her. Rosalie was the most difficult one when it came to giving up Winter.

However none of us expected it to turn out this way.