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Winter's Tale

Winter Jackson was a broken human. Her life was dominated by emotional abuse and a defective heart. However, when she met the Cullens she found away to use her illness to help them, and in turn was helped by them. Decades later she is once again on the verge of meeting the people/vampires who changed her existence. How will the past affect the present? WintersTalefinished.jpg Winter's Tale Banner picture by Goldmoon101


6. Chapter 6

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Edward's point of view.

I looked at my sibling brother. He looks somewhat happy like when he's with Alice at home.

"Jasper, are you alright?" I asked.

"I'm fine. In fact more than fine! When she was around, I couldn't smell humans blood Edward … I .. I couldn't smell it!" he replied with glee. Alice hugged him tightly knowing that she is happy for him … though he had many years around human blood it was still hard for it to get used to.

"Well looks like we've got a special one." Jacob said with his arm around Renesmee.

The bell than rang and we all headed to our different classes. Jacob, Renesmee, Alice, Bella and I went to English class. Alice sat in front of us while my daughter and her husband sat at the back. I sighed as we waited for Mr. Banner to come to class; he really took a long time to get here. As Mr. Banner entered, a little while later I heard a fast thumping of a heart coming from outside the door. I looked at Bella and she looked at me with one word in mind. Winter.

As she walked in, her heart started thumping faster as she saw us and tears once again began to weld in her eyes. She then handed her slip to Mr. Banner who seated her next to Jason Long. I lowered my head to Bella's ear and whispered to her to withdraw her shield from me. As she did that, thoughts of our class mates came rushing but I tried to focus on Winter's but it became frustrating so I listened to Jason as she introduced herself to him.

'Why did Mr. Banner put her next to me of all the other people! Come on … she's so .. so ugly, she has scar under her eye! That's so gross! And she's talking to me. Man Rachel's going to get pissed!'

Bella broke my concentration when she pushed her shield over me.
"Listen." she said and I listened. A heart began to slow, then it raced, then it slowed again and then it raced and at that time a loud thud was heard next to us. I quickly looked down and saw Winter on the ground. I picked her up and called out to our teacher. "Someone call the ambulance now!"Mr. Banner shouted but I told him that Bella and I will take her to the hospital. He hesitated but quickly agreed. We ran out in human speed to my car. Bella sat in the back with her while I got in the driver's seat and started the car. As we pulled out I told Bella to call the others and let them know what happen and to meet us at the hospital. I raced out of the parking lot and drove to the hospital the fastest my car can carry us.

When we arrived I told Bella to park the car as took Winter in my arms and went into the E.R, where we met Carlisle. He looked at us with concern and worry. I placed her on a bed as my father's team took her in to the operation room. When Bella arrived, we sat down in the waiting room and spoke softly.

"What do you think is wrong?" she asked looking toward the door.
"I'm not sure love; it was all so sudden I didn't even realize her heartbeat until you told me."

Just then Emmett, Alice, Rosalie and Jasper came up to us.

"What happened?" Emmett asked with a hint of fear in his voice.
"Her heart kept racing and reducing until she went out cold, Carlisle is in there with her now."
"Where are Renesmee and Jacob?" Bella asked. Alice replied that they stayed back but we had to keep them update on what's happening.

We all sat there waiting for a while until Carlisle came out and told us to meet him in his office. We went in there while he went to clean up and contact Winter's aunt.

He then walked into his office with an ex tray of someone's heart.

"What is that Carlisle?" Emmett asked.
"It's Winter's heart." He held it up and pointed to a tiny dark spot on the right side of the heart as Bella, Rosalie and Alice gasped.

"See this here, that's what caused her to faint today. This is a hole in her heart. It measures about one centimeter and it seems to be expanding. I am not sure what causes it to expand but it looks like it happened very often."

"She said that she does the normal household chores when we were talking to her today during lunch and then she began crying and she ran away from us. She cried a lot today." Emmett stated.

"It could possibly be over working the heart may cause her to faint." Carlisle said.

"Today, while we were talking to her, I couldn't read her mind fully. It's similar to Bella's when she was a human but I got small bits of her thoughts. Also Jasper had claimed that he can't smell her blood or anyone else's when she is around. The others had agreed to it as well."

"I got a few glimpses of her future but like Edward's hearing, they are broken." Alice said and then continued again. "Guys she's going to wake up in two minutes."

With that we all left Carlisle's office and went to Winter's room.

Winter's point of view.

I paused and looked at Janelle.

"How's my story telling so far, good, bad, or horrible?"

She continued to stare at me with wide eyes.

"I need an answer woman!" with that she broke her gaze but held her wide eyes.

"That bad huh?" I joked.

"No, no. It's just … What happened to you?"

"Well to tell you the truth, I really don't remember anything much about that evening. I can remember that I woke up in a very bright room and there were seven people surrounding me. One of them was a doctor and the rest where the Cullen family but after that I went blank again. I don't really know why I blanked out that time but I knew that something was wrong with them being in that roo