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soul stealing kiss

What if when Bella met Edward she wasn't human? What if she was older than him but he didn't know? What if they could never kiss or one would die? What if Bella knew everything before the first day was over? Bella makes everything complicated.

Hope you like this. I made this because I had the idea for awhile. Give me input please.

2. trust

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"No I cant, Alice. We have to talk."

"Okay, talk."


She sighed "Okay. Follow me." She told me as she started walking to the front of the school.

When we stopped walking, the doors to the office were just around the corner.

I was just about to ask Alice why, when I saw her face was blank.

I put my hand on her bare shoulder to shake her, and suddenly I was seeing something else.

I was watching myself cry over a male body with lipstick on his neck. I flipped him onto his back and realized it was Edward. I leaned over him, crying, and mumbling, "I'm sorry, Edward. I didn't mean to."

Then it was gone, like waking up from a dream, and I was back with Alice. She stared at me, clearly confused as to why Edward was dead and I was saying sorry.

Instead of having to explain that, I smiled and said, "Good, you're back. You looked so far away that I thought you might fall over."

She just stared at me a few more seconds. "Apparently you were right, we do need to talk. Okay the easiest way to go home is to act like you're sick. I'll say I'm driving you home." She said to me. She turned to go into the office.

As soon as Ms.Cope could see me I was clutching my stomach and hunching over.

"Oh dear. What happened?"

"I think I ate something bad." I groaned. Alice turned around to look at me and smiled. I gave her a wink and then moaned, adding to the act. I was pretty sure I looked like I was going to throw up.

"Bella is feeling too sick to finish the day. Do you think you could exuse her for the rest of the day?" Alice asked her.

"Of corse. Do you think you can drive yourself home dear?" Ms.Cope asked me.

"Actually, I already voluntered to drive her home." Alice told her before I could say anything.

"Is that true?" I nodded.

"Okay. You are both exused. I hope you feel better soon."

"Thanks." I mumbled before turning around and walking out. When I was sure no one but Alice was looking, I straightened up.

"You're better at acting than I thought."

"That? That was the only thing I've ever acted for. I've acted like I was sick so that I could get out of things before."

She rose her eye brow questioningly at me.

"Dont even ask. I wont answer."

"Why not?"

"Because it will take a while for you to earn that kind of trust."

"What kind of trust?"

"The kind of trust that makes me tell you my deepest secret."


"Because I've had to watch who I trust because some information is... strange."

"Oh trust me my whole family can deal with strange." She said getting in my ancient truck.

"I know." I told her turning it on.

"What do you know?" She asked apparently getting nervous that I knew her family's secret. She had a right to be.

"Not much. I just know that your family isn't what most people would call ordinary."

"Oh. Then what are we?"

"I'm not exactly sure." I lied. I couldn't have her knowing that I knew about her family just yet. I wanted them to tell me.

Just then Alices eyes glazed over again. I pulled over and put my hand on her shoulder to find out if I could accually see what she was seeing, or if it was a fluke the first time.

As soon as I touched her shoulder, it was like I was in a dream.

I saw Edward getting off a plane. There was snow all around him. He went outside of the airport. I saw that he was in Alaska. He ran full speed to a house in the middle of the woods. As soon as he walked in he was enveloped in a hug by a girl with strawberry blond hair.

Then the vision went away and was replaced by one of me sitting in my room. To an outsider my face would look expressionless, but I could tell that I was actually sad about something. I looked toward my window and sighed. Then just as I was about to say something I was back in my truck on the side of the road.

I quickly moved my hand back onto the wheel as Alice came back. She looked at me with a confused face.

We were almost at my house, where we could talk freely, without any interuptions.

We were silent as I pulled into the driveway. I looked over at Alice one more time and saw her in front of my truck already.

I unlocked the front door and walked in. Alice followed me to the living room and sat down on the couch. She looked right at me and said, "Talk."

"Okay. Alice I know what's going on with your family."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about your family not being human."

"Then what are we?"

"I want to find that out from you."

"What? I cant tell you what we are."

"Why? Because of the Volturi? I'm not scared of them."

"You know the Volturi?"

"Yeah. Met them stayed away from them."

"You didn't know what they are?"

"No. I never wanted to know so they never told me." I lied. In fact I had helped them a few times with finding out who wasn't involved in anything that they would need to be killed for.

"I cant believe you met the Volturi and have no clue as to what we are."

"Oh, I do have a few guesses. Some more believable than others."

"What are they?"

"Not telling."

"Why not?"

"Because I want you to tell me."

"Why would I tell you that?"

"Because it's one way to earn trust."

"I cant tell you."

"Yes you can Alice. I know you can."

"Fine. We are..." She hesitated.

"Vampires?" I suggested.


"I knew it. Dont worry you wont get killed."

"By the Volturi, no. By my sister, maybe." She said.

"Oh. Don't worry, Rosalie wont touch you."

"Why not?"

"They wont find out."

"They have to find out."

"No they dont.

"Why not?"

"Because I'll tell them when I trust them enough."


"Well you might want to get to school. It's ending in five minutes."

"Oh. I didn't notice it was that time."

"It's okay I can drive you back if you want?"

"No I can run faster than your truck."

"Point taken."

She walked to the door and stepped outside looking around. She turned around gave me a hug then turned toward the school.

Right before she was out of earshot I yelled, "And Alice, don't let Edward go to Alaska."

Then I turned and went straight to my room and layed down on the bed, draifting asleep.