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soul stealing kiss

What if when Bella met Edward she wasn't human? What if she was older than him but he didn't know? What if they could never kiss or one would die? What if Bella knew everything before the first day was over? Bella makes everything complicated.

Hope you like this. I made this because I had the idea for awhile. Give me input please.

4. Edward's gift and Elizabeth

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I walked over to my window and opened it, smelling the air around the tree.
Shaking my head, I whispered, "Edward."

"No!" I yelled, jolting upright in bed. My blanket flew across my room and hit the wall next to my door.
I sat in bed trying to calm my heavy breathing.
After a few seconds it had gone back to normal. Suddenly, I realized that I had seen someone, out of the corner of my eye, sitting in the rocking chair in the corner of my room.
I looked over at it, to find it completely empty. I listened and heard someone breathing.
They were hiding in the closet.
I stood up and walked over to the closet. I reached my hand out to open it when I heard my alarm go off.
Groaning, I threw something at it. I heard it shatter before the shrieking stopped.
I closed my eyes and rubbed circles on my temples.
I sat down on the bed and said, "Edward, I know you're in there."
There was just silence.
"Edward, get out of the closet."
More silence.
"Edward, either you come out or I'm coming in."
I crossed my arms and waited. After a few minutes, I stood up and walked over to the closet. Just as I was going to open it, it opened and I was pushed in.
I felt Edward catch me before I hit my head. Then the door closed and someone locked it. I was still frozen in shock.
"Are you alright?" Edward asked me.
I nodded my head as I stood up, knowing perfectly well that he could see me in the dark.
"What was that?"
"I don't know. Did you see it, maybe I could figure it out?"
"I didn't see anything. It just looked like you were getting pushed."
"I was."
"So how do we get out they locked the door."
"Wait." I banged on the cealing and yelled, "Hey, are you awake?!"
"I think that could wake up the neighbors." I heard Edward mumble.
"It wouldn't wake up the neighbors. I've yelled this loud and not even woken up Charlie." I banged again and yelled, "Hey I need some help!"
"Who are you yelling at?"
"What?" Elizabeth asked in my head.
"I'm locked in my closet. Can you unlock it for me?"
"Oh by the way, someone was hiding in the closet and is still in it with me. So try to hide yourself."
"Who were talking to?" Edward asked as the closet opened letting us out. I pulled him by his hand and led him to my bed. We sat down on it and I began explaining.
"What was that?" He asked, surprised about the door being opened by something he couldn't see.
"You're going to learn that I live a very stange life."
"What was that?" He repeated, now scared.
"An old friend of mine. Not many people can see her, or hear her."
"Like an imaginary friend?"
"No. She's far from imaginary."
"He's the boy that was in your tree." Elizabeth whispered to me in my head.
"Thanks, Eliza!" I yelled out loud.
"Who?" Edward asked. I laughed, it was funny to watch him get frustrated.
"Eliza. The friend. She can talk to me and Charlie through our thoughts."
"What about other people?"
"I don't know. You're the first person to know she's here."
"We're normally trying to hide her. She has a feeling that if anyone sees her, they'll think they've gone crazy."
"She isn't exactly what you would call normal."
"Why are you telling me about her if you normally hide her?"
I hadn't really realized that I was. "I don't know. Maybe it's because I know you deal a lot of strange things."
"I know things. Some are things people don't want me to know, but I do know, you know." I was intentionally trying to confuse him. I wasn't succeeding.
"Are you trying to confuse me or something? Because it's not working."
"No." I lied smoothly.
"Okay. What do you know, then?"
"I'm not telling you!"
"Why not?" He asked a bit frustrated.
"I just don't trust you enough yet." I stated simply.
"But you trust Alice?" He was starting to get a little agrravated.
"No! Alice doesn't even know about Elizabeth yet."
"Elizabeth?" He looked like I had pulled out a bad memory for him.
"Yes. That's my friends full name."
"Why did you call her Eliza before?" He still looked slightly sad.
"Hey are you okay? You look like you would cry if you could."
"Yes. I'm fine. It's just that Elizabeth is not a good name to bring up around me."
"Well, Edward isn't a good name to bring up around her either."
"Why not?"
"That was the name of her husband before he died."
"He died?"
"Yes. Just minutes before her." It took a little bit before I realized what I had said, but it was too late, Edward was talking.
"She died?"
I gave up. I knew I wouldn't be able to lie about this. I wasn't a good lier most of the time. "Yes. She's dead."
"How can you see her?"
"I don't want to say."
"Why not?"
"Because I don't want to be thought of as crazy."
"If I tell you something that could be called crazy, will you tell me?"
"Maybe. It depends on what it is."
"I thought you might say that."
I laughed quietly.
"Okay. Tell me."
"I can hear what people are thinking." He said slowly.
"You can?"
"Then what am I thinking right now?" I challenged him.
"I can't hear you." He said quietly.
"Well then how can I believe you?"
"Isn't me telling you enough?" He said. Anger coated his voice, along with sorrow, and relief.
"No it's not. I've met people who were simply faking it just to earn my trust by telling me a 'secret' of theirs. If I hadn't had the feeling they were fibbing, it probably would have worked."
"Okay. Well, your dad is having a dream about... a woman."
"Mom." I stated simply.
"Yes, I can see that. She is holding you in her arms. You were a very cute baby."
"Thanks. He's had that dream before. Just wait." I told him.
"Okay. You're mother has fallen ill, and is in the hospital. He's crying and her heart is slowing. She whispers, ' Take care of Isabella.' Then she died afterwards."
I could feel tears burning in my eyes when he finished, "Okay, I believe you. You can stop." I told him. I was sure my voice cracked a few times.
"Are you okay?" That was all he had to say, and I broke down crying. I felt Edward put his arms around me, and I put my head on his shoulder, leaning into his embrace. "Calm down, calm down. It's alright." He soothed me, stroking my hair with one hand and the other on the small of my back. I felt his icy lips press against my hair.
"I'm sorry.... I just.... really miss.... my mom." I choked out in between sobs.
"It's okay. I miss my mom too." He told me, trying to comfort me.
"But you never knew there was a way to see her." I sobbed into his shoulder.
"Oops." I quit sobbing as I realized what I had said.
"What did you say?"
"You can actually see your mother after she dies, if she wants you to." I explained to him. He looked confused and shocked at the same time.
"If she wants me to?"
"Yes. I think my mother wanted to leave everything to Charlie. She didn't let me see her. Elizabeth is the closest thing I have to a mom."
"I'm sorry."
"It's okay." I said, entangling myself from his hold on me.
"What were you dreaming about, Bella? It looked like a nightmare." He asked, gazing in my eyes, waiting for my response.
"It was. But I'll tell you about it at school, the sun is coming up, you should get home." I started to head towards the hallway for my breakfast.
"Wait, you never told me." He called after me, stopping me in my tracks, I turned around and found myself face-to-face with him and his dazzling topaz eyes.
"Told you what?"
"What you could have been called crazy for."
"I'm sorry, but there's not enough time to explain. I'll tell you tonight, okay?"
"Okay." He replied.
"Now go, before Charlie wakes up." I told him.
"Good-bye, Bella."
"Bye, Edward."
He walked over to the window next to my bed and hesitantly turned around. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his waist and buried my face in his chest.
"Go, Edward. I'll be fine." I assured him.
He leaned down and placed a tender kiss on my head. I stood there, stunned. He just smiled at me and jumped out the window.