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Memories Never Fade

Memories Never Fade Banner by me! Picture Twilight. Now go back, back to a few years before Bella Swan is born. The Volturi are not keepers of the secret, defenders of the humans. No, the Volturi, and the rest of the vampire race have grown tired of hiding. They want to take over the world. And so they do. A few years pass, and Bella Swan is born to Renee and Charlie Swan. By some twist of fate, Edward Cullen is born in the same year. They, as part of the small group of remaining humans, never meet until their eighteenth years, and they fall deeply, intoxicatingly, and passionately in love. O, how cruel fate is! Shortly after, they are ripped apart by a vampire attack, and Edward Cullen is dragged away and changed. But he cannot stand being away from Bella, so he runs away from the vampire race. However, finding her is not as easy as it might seem. More importantly, can he control his thirst? And where do the wolves come in? Memories Never Fade is a story about perseverance, about courage, but mostly about love. AU Yay! ONE review! It's a start, at least. PLEASE review! It's not much trouble, and my happiness is essential to yours... (or, in my world it is).

This is my first long story. It's a Twilight/The Host crossover, and both books belong to the amazing Stephenie Meyer, not me. However, the idea for this story is mine, and it came after reading The Host; why not combine the books? And it just wrote itself after that. Some notes: Yes, Twilight experience is needed to know some of the terms and backgrounds of the characters. This story is true to character. This is the characters of Twilight with the atmosphere of The Host. You absolutely do not have to read The Host before you read this, but I do reccommend the book; it's an amazing read by an ingenious author (the mighty Stephenie Meyer!). Rated teen for possible future chapters, but it might not work out that way. Finally, enjoy! P.S. It's called Memories Never Fade because even though Edward is a vampire, he never forgets Bella. Banner by me!

1. Preface and Awake

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My angel appeared as a pair of wide, chocolate brown eyes.

My world was pain. There was nothing but the pain, and, even though somewhere deep inside I knew it could not be, it seemed that pain was all there had been and all there would ever be. But through the fiery haze that clouded my mind as my limbs burned and my heart thumped out a frenzied, mismatched rhythm, I saw the eyes.

Her eyes.

The rest of my angel followed. Her delicate, heart-shaped face, shiny mahogany hair, smooth, pale skin…

She was beautiful. So beautiful.

So even as I burned, I remembered. My angel brought back my memories, and guided me through the pain. She reminded me that it would soon be over.

And at that, she meant more than just the pain.

She meant the only happiness I had ever known.

She meant my life.


Forever means nothing when you’re missing your core.

In this case, my core was my Bella.

But no, she could not be my Bella any longer. For I was a monster, and she was human.

How cruel is fate, to join us together, then rip us apart after only four short weeks? What kind of universe is that sadistic?

As I stare at the ceiling of the chamber that the nurses insist on calling my room, I ponder this question. I had always thought that life was life, and not controlled by forces unseen. But now I am forced to question all my beliefs. Life just couldn’t be that cruel. So there must be some devil that has taken, for reasons I cannot fathom, a particular interest in me. I am cursed.

Not that it matters. My life is over anyway, so anything that happens now cannot be worse than what has occurred already. Comforted by this philosophy, I retreat into the inner reaches of my newly vast mind, wallowing in memories.

Those memories are all of Bella Swan.

Her beautiful face, glowing with laughter as we walk along the forest trail. Her hair swirls around her head, contrasting with her pale, almost translucent skin. She opens her eyes, the most warm, silky, stunning eyes in existence, deep chocolate brown. And it doesn’t matter that we might soon be dead, or worse. It doesn’t matter that we are hunted, chased, living in fear every step of our endless, pointless journey. None of that matters, because we’re together.Another time, another place. She looks deep into my eyes, and hers smolder in the dim light of the sunset. Her mouth, those beautifully smooth and delicate lips, curve, and she utters the most perfect sentence imaginable: “I love you.”

Lost in my dreams of days long past, I had almost forgotten the burning thirst that marked what I was, what I had become.


It tore at me, willed me to get up and run until I came to the humans, came to where their blood still ran and their hearts still beat. It compelled me to change that as quickly as possible.

But I fought it. I clung to my last remaining shreds of humanity, to my love, my irrevocable, impossible, indescribable love for Bella, to my love for my family, now long changed, to my love for this world, as evil as it has become. I clung to this, and fought back the thirst, though my throat was burning, parched.

How long I struggled with the craving, I do not know. But I was shaken out of my reverie when a nurse came in. She was young, and to human eyes probably stunning, but I hardly noticed. Everything paled next to the magnificence of my Bella.

I took a quick second to run over what I knew about the vampire world. Once any newborn awoke, they were taken to the feeding room, to sate their thirst. Immediately after, they were sent to the Volturi’s stateroom, to be evaluated. This evaluation determined whether they had a gift or not.

Not all emerged. I hoped for my sake I had a talent.

The nurse was looking at me in a sympathetic sort of way. Well, you must be thirsty. It’s time to take you to the feeding room. “Well, young man, up you get. Let’s get you fed.”

That was strange. Why did she repeat herself? I decided either it was some aftereffect of the shock of transformation and I was hearing things, or everyone here was loony.

But I was one of them now. I had to keep reminding myself of that.

The nurse led me out of the room (my room) and down a long, pale corridor. An unfamiliar tune jingled out of hidden speakers. I remembered how, back when I was human (I thought bitterly), I had been disgusted by the vampires’ feeble attempts at humanity. They were monsters, and as such they should act like ones; their rooms should be made of stone and covered in slime, and the floors should be stained with fresh blood. Now I couldn’t care less.

And so we reached the doors to the feeding room. They were simple yet imposing, made of solid mahogany, sealed at the bottom, probably so no blood would leak out. The nurse led me through, and I got one glance of the simple tile floor (with a drain in the center) and the gray stone (finally some vampirism!) walls before the smell hit me.

It was like nothing I could ever have imagined. All thoughts of humanity, of my family, and, yes, even of Bella were wiped clean from my mind. There was the scent, and only the scent, of human blood. Immediately after, I heard the pulses, and the heartbeats, and the heavy breathing that were trademarks of humankind.

Strangely, I heard something other than the sounds of mortality. I heard voices, coming from the humans in front of me that I had not yet taken in. Terrified voices, voices pleading for help, voices saying final goodbyes. Oh no, oh no, oh no… Why? Why me? I’m too young to die! I’m too young- I love you, Jimmy! Goodbye… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But the nurse didn’t seem to notice anything. Stranger still, I heard a voice from her, too. More specifically, I saw a picture. She was imaging one of the humans with his neck torn open.

All this combined was too much. I started forward, faster than the humans could see, faster than I could take in all but one of the humans.

That one was a woman.

She was young, I guess, and seemingly of Mexican origin. But this was not what surprised me. For she was not screaming in terror, or running around in circles, or just huddling in a ball and trying to look as small as possible. Instead, she was standing, straight, tall and erect, and gazing unwaveringly, straight at me. I do not know how she found my eyes, what with the speed I was flying at her, but her expression was that of defiance, anger, and complete lack of fear.

More surprisingly still, I heard a voice from her, too.

Monsters! You killed my Roberto! You killed him and drank his blood! Well, I curse you! I damn you all to the deepest pits of hell, where you belong, you savages! You- The voice, her voice, trailed off into unintelligible Spanish.

Suddenly, I saw an image. It just flashed into my mind from nowhere, and it took a moment for me to process the picture. It was this moment that probably saved the woman, and all the other humans in the room.

At first I didn’t understand. Who was he? For it was undoubtedly a male, and a vampire at that. His eyes were a vivid scarlet, the brightest I had ever seen, and he had a, true to the woman’s words, savage and totally inhuman expression of lust on his face. His lips were drawn back, exposing perfectly white teeth, and he was poised in a crouch. He was a total stranger until I saw his hair.

My hair.

I knew perfectly well that my hair color was unique in this world, with its few remaining humans, and only a handful more vampires. But it still left me gasping like a beached trout.

What? What? This vampire, this monster, this savagewas me?

And that did it. This woman and her thoughts (for, impossible as it may seem, that had to be what they were) cleared the glass.

Up until that point, I had never thought about what I was actually going to do. Now it hit me. I was about to devour a roomful of helpless humans, one by one, amidst their shrieks of terror.

And I just couldn’t do it. I forgot my thirst, and in that moment felt such revulsion towards myself and what I had become that as quickly as I had leaped at the humans, I did an about-face and ran the other way. My sole thought in a mind that, I had noticed, could usually hold so many was to get away. Across the feeding room, through the solid doors (splintering them to matchwood in the process), down the hall, and almost, almost to the exit from this accursed place.


In my haste to escape, I had overlooked the possibility of guards. Four of them caught me in grips of iron, and slowly but surely dragged me off in the direction of my room. There was just no escaping their huge arms and rippling muscles. Behind all the anger and confusion and disgust, I felt pangs of sadness. They reminded me of my older brother, Emmett, with his huge strength (by human terms) and easygoing nature. He was now long gone, his life taken by the same breed of monsters that were holding me now, whose species I was now a part of.

Dimly I heard my own voice, screaming something like, “No! You can’t make me! I won’t do it! NO!” but it was very far away. And before I knew it, I was thrown into my room and left to ponder the consequences of my actions.

I flew about in a rage, clawing at the walls, all the time the hard face of the little human woman in my mind. Finally, I gave up trying to escape. I leaned my forehead against the wall and banged my fist against the red paint feebly. Randomly, I thought about how while I was burning, someone had told me that the rooms were painted red to ignite the bloodlust in newborns. Then my thoughts went back to the woman, and her image of me.

Firstly, how could I hear thoughts? It was impossible, but it was true. I had heard the thoughts of those people, and of the nurse. Not just heard them, but seen them. I had seen the pictures those minds conjured up, and…

Of course. Of course. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before. It was so obvious.

This was my talent. I could read minds.

Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that I would have such a power, a power that brought both good and bad news.

On the one hand, I was safe. Aro would never destroy me, with a power so useful and so close to his.

On the other, I was suddenly prized. I would be forced to join the Volturi, instead of being offered the chance to follow my own path as most newborns were. However much I hated this life and couldn’t care less what happened to me in it, I still had my beliefs about freedom. I did not want to join the Volturi, that much was certain.

Having finally realized the nature of my gift, I started to wonder. How far could my mental detection reach? What was the limit? Was there a limit?

So I reached out my consciousness. I probed the air around me, and suddenly my mind exploded with thoughts, the thoughts of every newborn that resided in the rooms surrounding me, of every nurse tending to those newborns, of the guards, of the corralled humans, of the Volturi guard and finally of the three ancients themselves, Aro, Caius, and Marcus. It was too much to take in. I sank to my knees, the voices slamming through my mind from every direction. Thirsty…so…thirsty… Oh no, there’s another newborn in room 408, something else to worry about… Finally, that punk is going to pay for that chunk of my arm he ripped out! I thought vampires were indestructible! Go figure… Now it is time to assess that newborn that tore down our door! Oh, I hope he has no talent! I can’t wait to see him torn to shreds… This last thought, undoubtedly from Caius, didn’t bother me in the least. I already knew I had a talent, for it was the said talent that made it impossible for me to think anything else under the burden of information. I stayed down, my hands clutching at my forehead, trying to block out the voices, and failing miserably.

It was like this that a guard discovered me. He raised his voice slightly as he said, “Get up and follow me to the stateroom. It’s time for you to be evaluated.”