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Sequel to My Beloved Werewolf! Must read that before this otherwise won't get story. Thnx!!! Alex and Mia have witnessed something unreal. They saw Jacob and Renesmee kill a thirsty vampire right in front of them. Now they know that the supernatural things really do exist! But what happens know, when they know everything? How will the Cullens react to Jake and Nessie’s careless actions around Mia and Alex? Will the Volturi come for a very unexpected visit? How will Alex and Mia react to everything that is going on in their lives now? Also, will Jacob and Renesmee’s relationship survive through these tough times? New Charachter Alert! what will happen next?BANNER MADE BY ME! ISNT IT CUTE? LOLZ! :)

DISCLAIMER:All charchters belong to the wondeful Stephanie Meyer! Except Mia and Alex and maybe other ones I make up!

13. Emotions

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I woke up the next morning by hearing the ringing of my cell phone, which was on the nightstand next to my bed. I grabbed my phone off of there. I loved my cell phone. It was the kind of phone that slid open into a full keyboard. It made my texting so much easier!

When I looked at my screen, it said I had received a new text message. It was from Alex, and it read,Hey babe. Do u need a ride 2 skool 2day?

I slid open the keyboard and quickly typed a reply. Sure hon. Thnx. :)

Two minutes later my phone rang, which meant Alex had replied. K. Pick ya up @ 7. I looked at my alarm clock on my night stand and it showed that it was 6:30 AM. So that meant I have a half an hour to get ready before Alex comes to pick me up. Since I have fast vampire skills, getting ready only takes me like ten minuets to do.

My phone went off again, and I thought it was Alex, forgetting to tell me something before. I was wrong.

Hey Nessie. Did u get the bio sheet?
Jake texted me.

Not really. Srry :)
I texted back. I know that I really shouldn’t be texting Jake, considering it would probably make Alex really mad and jealous. But why should this matter? This conversation that I’m having with him is about homework, nothing flirty-like. Besides, Jake does all of his flirty stuff with Elisa now.

K. Thnx anyway. So how r u?
Jake texted to me. Okay, now we were getting off of the topic of homework, but it was just simple small talk. Nothing major. Right?

Fine. Hbu? I replied.

Good. Met Elisa yesterday. She seems pretty cool. Yeah, I wouldn’t have ever guessed that one! Jeez! They were flirting with each other yesterday in Biology! Who does that in front of their ex? Oh wait...I do that all of the time with Alex in front of Jake. Was Jacob just doing that to make me jealous and regret dumping him again? Or do they really have some feelings for each other?

I met her 2 yesterday. We talked a lot. About skool, her moving her and....u. I sent Jake.

I’d like to chat more but I gtg. Cya. Jacob texted me. I closed my phone, wondering why he didn’t respond to my last text, considering I just admitted I was talking about him to another girl.

I took a shower, got dressed, did my hair, and did my makeup. When I looked at the clock, it read 6:55 AM. Great. Five more minutes until Alex came to pick me up to take me to school.
I was walking down the stairs to go wait outside for Alex, when Alice almost ran into me coming up the stairs with a huge smile on her face.

"Jeez Alice! What are you so happy about this morning?" I asked her, while still standing on the middle of the staircase.

"Somebody’s here to see you!" Alice said, even more chipper than she looked.

"Really? Is it Alex?"

"I don’t know. You’ll have to figure that out yourself," Alice paused, "C’mon! Go see who’s at the door for you!" Alice shouted, then she shoved me down the rest of the stairs. If I wasn’t half-vampire, I would’ve totally fell on my butt, but fortunately, I am half-vampire, so I have way more balance than a regular human does. I looked behind me at Alice, who was still standing on the stairs, and she motioned for me to go to the front door. I did as she told me to, afraid I’d get pushed again.

When I got to the front door, I understood why Alice was so fricken excited. Jake was standing there with his hands stuffed into his jean pockets. This stance has become very popular with him lately. I walked outside and stood by the door. I heard Jake close the door behind me and stand right next to me on the porch.

"Hey Nessie. I know I was just texting you, but I had to go, and I didn’t want to wait until school started to talk to you," he paused, "So, what were you saying about me to Elisa yesterday?"

"Um...you don’t really want to know," I said, not wanting to tell him.

"If you didn’t want me to know, then you wouldn’t have said anything to me before. Seriously Nessie, what did you say about me?" Jake asked, giving me a pretty serious face. Well, might as well tell him. He does have a right to know, considering the conversation was mostly about him.

"Well, okay. We were talking about my relationship with you and some things we’ve been through," I said, telling the truth.

"Wait, you didn’t tell her about what we really are, right?" Jake asked, looking panicked.

"Of course not! Why would I do that?"

"Never mind. I was just making sure. We already have two extra people knowing about our secret world," Jacob said, "So about your conversation with Elisa about yours and mine relationship, when did this happen?"

"Um...after school ended. We were out in the parking lot talking about it." I answered. "Why does it matter when I talked to her about it?"

"I just needed to know." Jake answered quickly.

"I got that. But why? What would’ve it meant if I talked to her about at lunch time? Huh? What did she say to you that would have made a big difference if I would’ve told her earlier?" I threw the questions at him. I really wanted to know what he was trying to say.

"Just forget! I’ll tell you some other time! I didn’t come here to get yelled at by you! I came here to ask you a question."

"Okay, whatever. I’m not going to forget this conversation, you know," I breathed in and then out, relaxing my body, "Okay, what is it you need to ask me?"

"I was wondering if it’s okay with you that I could, maybe, date other people. I thought that since you’re dating Alex, I should be able to date other people. So I just wanted your permission."

"Why do you need my permission? We’re not dating anymore, like you just said. When two people aren’t dating anymore, you don’t need their permission for this kind of stuff," I stated.

"Yeah, yeah, I know that! I just thought that I should ask you, considering I imprinted on you and everything. So you’re saying that it’s okay?"

"Of course I say it’s okay!" I said.

"Okay, great. So...how are you and Alex? You still liking him?" Jake asked, trying to make small talk with me.

"It's awesome. And yes, I’m still liking him. But these days it might be turning into more that just ‘liking’ him, if you know what I mean." I paused, mentally hitting my self in the face. Why did I just say that in front of the guy who’s in love with me? STUPID!!

"Uh-huh...," Jake said as I saw Alex coming down the long driveway to my house.

"Yeah, Alex treats me the greatest." I said, right before Alex honked at me to get in the car.

"And what, I didn’t?" Jake asked me. I could hear the hurt in his voice. It sounded like I just broke his heart into a million pieces. His expression was worse than our recent break-up. I slowly backed up, not leaving Jake’s eyes. I turned around, not looking back at Jake until I was in Alex’s car and pulling away from my house. Jake was still standing in the same spot on the porch, hands stuffed in his jean pockets.

Jake’s expression really got to me. All of the pain, hurt, and complete sadness rushed through me. It was almost like I could also feel his pain. Oh god, what have I done?


All of my morning classes went by pretty smoothly. Every time Jake and I walked past each other in the hall between classes, we avoided eye contact. When it came to lunch time, I payed for my lunch and went to go sit by my family. Right when I was about to sit down next to my mom, Alex called my name.

"Nessie! Over here!" Alex shouted from a few tables over. It was a rectangular table, with Alex on one side and Jake and Elisa sitting next to each other right across from Alex. I started to walk over to their table. When I got closer, I could see Jake and Elisa playing footsie underneath the lunch table and giving each other flirty slide glances. That really pissed me off.

I sat down at the table and made a loud "humph" sound. Jacob’s eyes met mine. They were filled with happy and joy, but two seconds later, his eyes changed from having happy and joy fill them to sadness and hurt. It sort of looked like he might cry soon. All of my anger towards Elisa and him flirting vanished. Now all that filled me was guilt. I felt so bad for breaking up with him. I felt so bad for leaving Jake this morning at my house.

"Hey Nessie," Elisa said, interrupting my thoughts.

"Hi Elisa. What’s up?" I asked, trying to be in a chipper mood.

"Not much, just talked to Jake a lot today. We talked about school and stuff like that."

"Oh, that’s cool," I paused, "How’s your day so far, Alex?" I asked, turning to Alex, who was sitting next to me.

"Good, especially since you’re here now," Alex said, and then gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. I looked down at my tray of food. When I glanced up, I saw that Jacob’s hurt expression had gotten worse. I am such a monster!

I stood up, not able to handle Jake’s hurting anymore. "I gotta go!"

"Nessie! Wait, what’s-" Was all I heard Alex say before I ran out of the cafeteria. I ran into the girls’ bathroom, went into a stall, locked the door, sat on top of the toilet, and cried. I cried and cried, not feeling any better then before. I heard the bathroom door open and someone walk inside. The person stopped in front of the stall I was in.

"Nessie, are you okay?" Elisa asked me. Yes! I’m freaking fantastic!

"No! I feel terrible!" I sobbed.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Elisa asked me,her voice sounding concerned.

"I don’t know...."

"C’mon! You can trust me."

I thought for a few seconds. "Fine," pause,. "I feel really bad, because Jake looks so hurt since I dumped him. I can’t stand it anymore!"

"So, do you still love him?"

"No...yes...I don’t know! I’m not supposed to love him! I mean, I can’t love him! I’m dating Alex, not Jacob. I love Alex," I sniffled."Yeah, I completely understand. It’s okay, Nessie. Everything will hopefully get figured out soon," Elisa said, her voice sounding soothing.

"I sure hope you’re right," I said, then wiped my eyes. I unlocked the bathroom stall door and walked over towards the mirror. My eyes looked horrible, considering all of my makeup had run down my cheeks. I got a tissue and cleaned up my face. When I was done, the only thing that showed that I was crying were that my eyes were still a little red, but it wasn’t too bad.

Elisa and I walked out of the girls’ bathroom and we found Jake and Alex standing on the other side of the door. Alex looked worried and Jake looked concerned.

"Are you okay, Nessie?" Alex asked. Jeez! Everyone was asking me that question today!

"Yeah, I’m fine," I said, my voice cracking just a tad.

"Okay, well lunch isn going to be over shortly, so we should get a head start to our next clas,." Alex said, then took my hand. We started walking, and when I passed Jake, he gave me a concerned look.
Lunch ended shortly, like Alex had said. The rest of my classes flew by. Biology was weird, because Jake kept giving me slide glances, looking like he was really deciding on something big and serious. What’s gotten into him?

When school ended, I walked out into the parking lot. I saw that someone had dropped off my car today, so I wouldn’t have to catch a ride home. I got out my keys, when someone tapped me lightly on the shoulder. I turned around to see who it was.

"Nessie, are you okay?" Jake asked me. There’s that stupid, little question again!

"Yeah, of course I am. What, a girl can’t just run into the bathroom and there be nothing wrong?"

"No, they can’t," Jake said, giving the same look from biology, "Hey Nessie, I have to ask you a question. That’s why I came out here to find you. And also that I wanted to make sure you were okay." Jake said, looking down.

"Okay, go ahead and ask me," I said. Jake looked up again, but wasn’t meeting my searching eyes.

"I was just going to let you know that I’m going to ask out Elisa tomorrow. That’s why I came over to your house this morning. I just wanted to make sure it was okay. But it is, considering you’re dating Alex."
Tears filled my eyes, but I kept them inside. Jacob imprinted on me!! How is he having feelings for other girls? What’s going on here?! "Oh, cool. You two are cute together." I sniffled, daring my tears to escape, "I’m sorry, Jake, but I have to get home."

I got into my car, slammed the door shut, and sped away. My dad would be proud right now on how fast I was driving.
I tried not to cry driving home, but I failed. By the time I got home, my vision was blurry. I couldn’t see a thing. I went inside my house and my mom asked what was wrong. I simply told her to not to worry about anything, and then ran up the stairs to my bedroom.

I slammed my door shut and practically fell on the floor beside the door. I leaned back so I was against the door. I continued to cry for about a half and hour. Then I got a hold of myself. I did some constructive things to keep my mind busy.

Around 10 PM, I was out of things to do. So I decided it was time for bed. I got into my pajamas, and got into bed. While I lay there, my mind went to thinking about Jake. I thought about everything that made me love him, and everything that made me dump him.

For the first time in a while, I cried myself to sleep.