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Sequel to My Beloved Werewolf! Must read that before this otherwise won't get story. Thnx!!! Alex and Mia have witnessed something unreal. They saw Jacob and Renesmee kill a thirsty vampire right in front of them. Now they know that the supernatural things really do exist! But what happens know, when they know everything? How will the Cullens react to Jake and Nessie’s careless actions around Mia and Alex? Will the Volturi come for a very unexpected visit? How will Alex and Mia react to everything that is going on in their lives now? Also, will Jacob and Renesmee’s relationship survive through these tough times? New Charachter Alert! what will happen next?BANNER MADE BY ME! ISNT IT CUTE? LOLZ! :)

DISCLAIMER:All charchters belong to the wondeful Stephanie Meyer! Except Mia and Alex and maybe other ones I make up!

15. Bad News

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All of my thoughts and feelings I had towards Jacob and Elisa disappeared when Michaela said that someone had been hurt.

"Who got hurt? Did anyone die? When did it happen? Where?" I fired my questions at her.

"It happened before school, a couple blocks away from here." Michaela paused to sniffle. "There was a guy speeding and ran a red light. They guy hit another car on the driver’s side and the other person didn’t make it..." she trailed off. She had lots of tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Who was in the other car? Who?!" I demanded.

"The other person was...Mia." my world came crashing down. I haven’t been the nicest to her until very recently when she apologized to me. And now she’s gone. Forever. Tears escaped from my eyes, but I didn’t try to stop them.

I ran down the hall, leaving Michaela behind. I ran out the school doors. I stood in the light rain that was pretty common in Forks, Washington. I put my hands over my eyes and cried. I jumped when a warm hand touched my shoulder. I uncovered my eyes and turned around.

"Nessie, I’m sorry for what I said before. I didn’t mean to say it. Now will you please stop crying? I said I was sorry." Jake apologized.

"I’m not crying about what you said! Jeez, Jake. Not everything is about you!" I practically screamed. My voice cracked because of all the crying I’ve done.

"Then what’s wrong? Did Alex break up with you?" Jake asked, in a sort of hopeful voice.

"No!" I sniffled. "Mia died in a car accident this morning." I sobbed. Jake’s face went blank and pale. So pale, it looked like he could be a vampire.

"Are you serious?"

"No, Jake, I’m just kidding...of course I’m serious!" Jake stretched out his muscular arms, and I leaned forward and cried into his warn chest. He wrapped hid arms around me, and we gently and slowly swayed a little bit. We stood there; him holding me. It felt nice to be comforted by him again. After several minutes of Jake comforting me, I looked up at him.

"Thank you Jake."

"No problem. I’m always here for you." Jacob said, then wiped a tear, with his thumb, that was running don my cheek. "Everything will be better soon."

I stepped out of Jake’s hug. He looked at me.

"I just can’t believe that Mia is gone." he said.

"I know. I’ve been so mean to her, and I feel so bad; I feel like its my fault she died."

"No! Its not your fault! Don’t ever blame yourself for her death." Jake scolded me. Before I could respond, Mr. Hathaway walked outside.

"Mr. Black and Miss Cullen. What are you two doing out here? Get back to class!" Mr. Hathaway said to us. Jacob and I walked back inside. He gave me a quick hug and walked to his next class. I went to mine and tried to focus. It didn’t work out. It took all my might to not burst out crying...


Jacob’s POV

After class was done, Elisa came up to me in the hallway.

"Sure. I’ll go out with you." Elisa said with a smile. Well, she obviously didn’t hear about what had happened this morning to Mia.

"Oh, okay. Cool." I said, and looked down. How could I be happy in a situation like this?

"Hey, what’s wrong? Do you not want to go out with me anymore?"

"No, I still do. Its just...Mia died this morning."

"Oh my gosh." Elisa said. Her expression had turned from happy to sad. Wow, if I think about it, this is the first time she’s ever really not smiled a lot. Whoa.

"But you don’t know her like I did. She knew everything about me. She knew all of my secrets." I said, feeling even more gloomy than before.

"All of your secrets, huh? So since I’m your girlfriend now, do I get to know al of your deepest darkest secrets?" Elisa asked with puppy dog eyes.

"No. Now way." I stated. Just because one person who knew my secrets was gone, doesn’t mean someone else just gets to be in there place and know them.

"Oh. Why not?"

"Because I don’t want you to get involved. Trust me, you don’t want to get involved." I paused. "And...I don’t really want you to know."

"I’ll tell you my secret if you tell me yours." before I could protest, Elisa leaned towards me and whispered, "I’m secretly afraid of dogs." she leaned back out again.

"Dogs? Seriously?" Well, if she knew my secret, I guess she’d be afraid of me! This is so ironic that she’s afraid of dogs...but hey, at least this gets my mind off of Mia....

"Yeah, I’m serious. They just freak me out. They’re so vicious!" Elisa shivered.

"Dogs are not vicious! Well they can be at times, but otherwise they are loyal and trustworthy!" I out bursted. Whoa, there Jake. Control your anger, you don’t wanna go all werewolf on Elisa.

"Okay! Sorry! I didn’t know you’d take it so offensively. I promise not to make fun of dogs around you, I swear!" Elisa laughed. "Well I’m really sorry about your friend. I didn’t know her as well as you did, but its still really sad. Oh, I got to go." Elisa gave me a quick hug and walked away.

Well, this morning was rough, but next is lunch.

Nessie’s POV

Lunch time. So many sad faces. But the table I was sitting at felt the saddest. Except Elisa. She looked as if she didn’t care.

"So, Nessie and Alex, do you guys know Jake’s secret? He won’t tell me, but he said that Mia knew." Elisa said to us. Alex and I nodded.

"Jake! You told them but you won’t tell me? I’m your girlfriend!"

"Oh, so she said yes?" I said, feeling hurt inside.

"Yeah, she did." Jake paused. "She told me her secret but I won’t tell her mine." Jacob rolled his eyes.

"I’m secretly afraid of dogs." Elisa whispered to us. I looked at Jake and he looked like he was about to laugh.

"Oh, is that right?" I asked.

"Yeah...they creep me out. But when I mentioned it to Jake, he freaked out."

"Um, sorry about that. I...have a dog. He’s reddish-brown. We’re so much alike, its scary.:

When Jake said that, I practically choked on the soda I was drinking. I burst out laughing. Alex and Jake knew exactly what I was talking about; Elisa had no clue why I was laughing.

"I’m sorry. I just thought of a really funny video I watched on youtube this morning." I lied. Elisa just nodded her head, but her eyes read ‘wow, she’s completely insane!’

"Well, I gotta go." I said, and stood up.

"Me too." Jake said and also stood up. "You guys can stay here and finish eating." he said to Alex and Elisa.

I walked out of the lunchroom. Jake followed me out. He sped up so he could be in front of me. When he got in front of me, he came to an abrupt stop right in my path.

"Jake, get out of my way." I said. I pushed him with all of my might, which is a lot. Jake stubled a step back. Ha, ha. Take that.

"Nessie, we need to talk."