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Sequel to My Beloved Werewolf! Must read that before this otherwise won't get story. Thnx!!! Alex and Mia have witnessed something unreal. They saw Jacob and Renesmee kill a thirsty vampire right in front of them. Now they know that the supernatural things really do exist! But what happens know, when they know everything? How will the Cullens react to Jake and Nessie’s careless actions around Mia and Alex? Will the Volturi come for a very unexpected visit? How will Alex and Mia react to everything that is going on in their lives now? Also, will Jacob and Renesmee’s relationship survive through these tough times? New Charachter Alert! what will happen next?BANNER MADE BY ME! ISNT IT CUTE? LOLZ! :)

DISCLAIMER:All charchters belong to the wondeful Stephanie Meyer! Except Mia and Alex and maybe other ones I make up!

3. Explanation

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Alex and Mia showed up at my house in the late afternoon. When I greeted them and invited them to come inside, Mia still looked a little traumatized by yesterdays events. Alex’s expression made him look like he wasn’t shaken by yesterday, but his eyes said he was. Typical guy: always trying to be the tough one. I smiled at that thought, and Jacob, who was standing across the room from me, tilted his head in confusion. I mouthed the words, ‘Never mind’ and he nodded his head like he understood, but still had a small puzzled look on his face. He probably thought I was going crazy, because I’m smiling to myself. But even worse, this is a serious situation, so I shouldn’t be happy at all right now. I looked back over towards Mia and Alex.

"So, how about you guys sit on the couch. This might take awhile." I said as I motioned them towards the big white couch in the living room. Mia went first towards the couch and then Alex followed. I cam to a short conclusion: either mia was a born leader, or Alex was a born follower, or both.

"Wow! Your couch is really comfortable." Alex said, interrupting my thoughts.

"Um, thanks," I paused. "So here’s the deal. My family and I are going to explain to you some things that are pretty serious. It’ll be about what happened yesterday in the woods."

"Finally! I’ve been waiting all night and today to hear this explained to me." Mia said.

"Yeah, me too." Alex agreed, while looking down. There goes that natural following thing inside him.

"Ok, so where should we start?" Jake asked while crossing the room to stand by me. He grabbed my hand and I smiled at the comforting warmth of his huge hands. I think he noticed my smile, because he lightly squeezed my hand.

I looked at Mia and she was patiently waiting for me to explain. So I started with the basic question. I asked Alex if he promised not tell a soul about what we were about to tell them, and he promised. I asked Mia next, and she hesitantly agreed. I took that as an answer, but apparently Jake didn’t. He obviously didn’t like the hesitation before she answered.

"Do you really promise not to tell anyone? ‘Cause if you tell a soul, it will lead to serious problems, maybe death." He warned. Mia looked scared by the threat Jacob told her, but finally got the courage to speak up.

"Yes! I promise not tell anybody."

"Great!" I said with satisfaction. "Carlisle! Dad!" I called up the stairs. They appeared within seconds.

"Wait! I thought Carlisle is your dad and Edward is your older brother. What’s going on here?" Mia asked.

"Ok, this is where we’ll start. Good question. Here’s your answer: Carlisle is my grandfather and Edward is my dad. I was born in 2008. I know that’s over one hundred years ago, but we can explain." I answered. Mia stared at me in shock because of the information I just gave them. Alex’s mouth pooped open, and then a few seconds later, he closed it and his cheeks had a tiny hint of pink on them. Why was he blushing?

"So do you get it?" Jake asked.

"Um...yeah, I guess so." Alex answered. Hmm, that’s surprising. Alex actually answered something and Mia didn’t answer first.

"Now what?" I asked Jacob.

"How about what we are." he shrugged.

"That sounds like a good plan." I paused to think about how I was going to explain it to them without deeply scaring them. "Okay, so don’t totally freak out," I warned Alex and Mia. I glanced at my dad, and thought, Do I have to tell them? He nodded his head, and I took a deep breath and looked back at my friends. Here we go, revealing Jake and my untold secrets.

"Ok, I’m half vampire half human: a hybrid. Jacob is a shape-shifter: he turns into a wolf. I have a family of vampires and he has a pack of wolves. They all moved away in different directions, because they thought that since my family has been gone for 100 years, that there doesn’t need to be any protection of the La Push people. Jake stayed behind because he thought that just in case I did come back, that he would be here waiting for me." I explained, and then gave a smile at Jake, and he returned it.

"You’re...what? A vampire and a werewolf?! Are you kidding me? Those things don’t exist! This is impossible. Stop messing around you guys, this isn’t funny! Now please tell us the truth." Mia exclaimed.

"I know your confused, but we’re telling you the truth! I wouldn’t lie to you about this kind of serious situation. The girl you saw Jake and I kill in the woods yesterday, that was a thirsty vampire, looking for food. We had to kill it, otherwise you and Alex might’ve been killed. But remember. You cannot tell anybody!"

"Yeah, we know." Alex said before Mia got a chance to.


"I’m a little terrified right now, but I can’t thank you enough for saving our lives. That means the world to me!" Mia thanked.

"Yeah, same here. I don’t know what my family would’ve been like if they knew I was dead. See, my family isn’t a very small one, but it isn’t a very big one either. I have a brother, Kevin, who is 13. I also have to sisters, Amanda and Sarah, and they are about 11 and are twins. So I know my family would’ve been devastated. Thanks a lot." Alex explained to me. Huh, I didn’t now he had younger siblings. I guess we both learned something about each other tonight. His family fact was a little less serious than mine though.

"Ok, so now Carlisle and my dad, Edward, will explain a little more of our family history and some of he wolves." I motioned for Carlisle and my dad to come over. As my dad passed I thought, Did I do a good job? Are they handling it okay? He nodded his head again. He started explaining the gifts that my family has, like the mind reading, emotion control, the way I can show pictures in other people’s minds if I touch them, seeing the future, and my mom’s gift, where she can put a force field around people.

It finally became 10:00 pm, and Mia and Alex were getting tired. My mom offered them to stay over night, and they agreed. Mia took Alice’s room and Alex took Edward’s room. Jake was going to take Emmet’s room.

I went into my room, and got into my pajamas, and got into bed. A few moments later, Jake sneaked into my room, and sat next to me on the bed. He put his arm around me and I leaned my head on his chest. He actually had a shirt on, surprising.

"You know what?" Jake said, and I shrugged. "You’re the most beautiful person in the whole universe." He complimented. I looked up at him to respond, but before I could say anything, he kissed me.