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Tracking down Happiness

Edward met Bella, a typical love story as it may seem. So he came through the window and she fell into his arms... they fell in love blah, blah, blah. The abuse both mentally and physically has taken its toll on Bella and Edwards life isn't exactly perfect, what with his haunted past and all. So is it possible for these tortured souls to find comfort in each other and throw away the key of their past, well the obvious answer would be yes, like any other another story. However there is an unusual twist, I'm sorry for my warped mind.


1. Chapter 1 Green eyes

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Tracking down Happiness

‘In my world it works like this: you get close to someone, they die.' Edward and Bella meet, both with haunted pasts.

All human
Alternate universe
Disclaimer - I do not own anything, no profit is made. No copyright infringement intended.
This is just a remake of my other story that I have deleted.

I have this also on Fanfiction... Caroline7879


Beep! Came the screeching noise of my alarm clock. I rolled over in my bed and reached for it, but instead I missed and in a somewhat awkward manner I fell off landing on the cold floor, Great another bruise. I tapped the top of the alarm to turn it off, and started to get up.

The sun was shining through the little crack in the windows, giving a golden haze to the bedroom. It was rare for the sun to shine on a dreary town called forks. But then what do you expect from a town that is named after a utensil. I hated this town with a deep fiery passion from the deepest depths of hell. If I ever manage to escape, then maybe I might be able to get rid of all this bad luck. However I could just ruin another person's life.

In my world it works like this: you get close to someone, they die.

It happened with my mother and my best friend. That is why I am socially and physically detached from every one. It has its kicks though. But the endless loneliness and social depression is enough to keep one up at night.

Here he comes... "Bella, if I hear that alarm beep one more time!" he shouted at me then continued some more "What have I told you about waking me up?"- he was getting closer to my face as he spoke -"Why are you on the floor? GET UP!" He stood there, his face pure with rage. He moved closer so I could feel his breath on my face as he exhaled air, it smelt like stale booze. The stench alone was enough to make me gag.

Then I heard it, that traitor sound...

In my state of semi-unconsciousness before I fell, I pressed the snooze button instead of the off button. I zoned out from all the shouting, it would just get worse if I listened. I knew what he was going to say anyway. You're a worthless twit who is lucky that I keep this god-dammed roof over your head. If it wasn't for the fact that I get money from you then you would be long gone. And so on...

After about half an hour of a screaming Charlie, he left for work without another and I left for another day of school.

The school was swarming with groups of teenagers talking about their holidays and general gossip; I have never really fitted in with people my own age that, of course, is because I am kind enough to stay away. The ever prominent raining and windy weather was back. It was only a light dribble and people started to moan and run inside, however one girl obviously didn't know the way and ran straight into me causing me to fall over on the now wet concrete floor "OW!" I screamed, falling on to my back, causing my bruises to hurt even more.

As I stood up Jessica Stanley was on the floor looking at me, as if I have just murdered someone. I brushed my self down and spoke to the deluded twit. "What?" I asked "You were the one who ran into me idiot"

She stood up, narrowing her eyes and I held back a laugh "No, you were in my way, Swan!" she sneered.

"Was I now?" I said, sarcasm dripping from my voice. She stalked closer to me.

"Leave her alone, Jess!" a boy shouted, it sounded like it was Mike Newton. He thinks that he is god's gift to women. When in fact, his face looks like that of a five year old.

The rain started to come down heavier and the air head started making this god awful noise. "Yes you were, and now look!" She pointed to the rain.

I looked at the rain, then back to Jessica. "I suppose that is my fault too?" I said and walked off, heading for my first lesson.

Various students were looking at me now, a few had gathered nearby, obviously hoping for a fight to happen. I was completely soaked. Besides if I was to run then I would probably fall over due to my lack of coordination and my ability to remain upright on a flat surface.

The morning passed slowly. I sat on my own in most if not all of my classes. Apart from trig where I sit next to Jessica Stanley.. Hopefully she would of forgotten about our little display this morning and leave me alone. Hopefully she would bunk. Hopefully she would get hit my a meteorite. Hopefully she would walk in front of a bus.

Oh how I was wrong.

She didn't bunk, she actually got to class early whereas I am normally the first one there. She obviously hasn't forgotten this morning; because of the look on her face could burn a hole to the centre of the earth.

I thought I should say something, should I apologise? She did run in to me after all, so it was her fault. ‘It's your fault, you ran into me. So stop looking at me like that!'

‘'Jessica, about-." I started but was rudely interrupted.

"I broke a nail because of you and cut my hand, you are so fucking stupid! Anyone could see I was trying to get out of the rain, why didn't you move out of my way?" she snapped at me her teeth making a sound the echoed through the room. My face went ten different shades of red, "Well?" she pushed I was frozen until she slapped my face. WHAT? She just slapped me, what for? People all turned around to look at us; my hand crept up to my cheek which was stinging from the impact. "Aww, go home and find mummy, oh wait she killed herself didn't she? Well it wouldn't surprise me; anyone would do the same if they had to live with you."

I got up from my class room and ran, I ran as fast as I could. I didn't know where I was going, I didn't care. But of course me being the most uncoordinated person imaginable I fell, as I waited for the impact of the cold floor, I fell into strong arms. I turned around to face a green eyed beauty; he had messy bronze hair "You could have hurt yourself, I'm Edward Cullen." He replied in a musical voice, still not letting go of my shoulders, his grip was firm but so gentle. Oh dear god, just open up the floor now.

"T-thanks, I-I'm Bella." I stuttered, my face was on fire. Where is that shovel?

"Does Bella have a last name?" he asked as a smile crept up on his lips, he took a step back finally letting go of me, and I think he noticed that I couldn't breathe.

"Yes, Bella Swan." I replied.


I awoke to the sound of screaming; I sat straight up in bed and looked around, my eyes immediately narrowed when a I noticed a familiar pixie looking at me.

"Wake up Edward, new school today" Alice said as she skipped out of the room excitedly. I collapsed back into my bed and groaned.

"Get lost!" I shut my eyes and rolled on to my stomach with my head in the pillow

Beep! Beep! BEEEEEP!

I rolled out of bed and pulled on some pants, my hair was sticking up all over the place; I ran my hands through it and groaned another school another stupid clique system. As I entered the kitchen I saw my adopted father cooking breakfast. I fell into a chair, opposite Rosalie; she had a little mirror and was checking her hair. Carlisle put the pancakes in front of us just as Jasper and Alice joined us at the table.

"I can't wait for school today, it's going to be so much fun" Alice started babbling as soon as she sat down.

"Yeah" Jasper agreed, he was the newest person in our family he'd only been fostered about a year ago. "I hope the food is good"

"Is that all you think about Jasper?" Alice asked jokingly, he simply nodded and patted his stomach

Emmett came stumbling into the kitchen and shouted in a groggy voice" I'm going to try out for the football team!" He was the strongest person in our family and was the football captain at our last school. Carlisle put some more pancakes down and both Emmett and Jaspers eyes lit up, as they shoved them continuously down their mouths.

I stood up and shock my car keys, "I am going to school. Does anyone want a lift?" I asked. Jasper and Alice nodded.

"Wenugh aregh guninyg uin bosalys far" Emmett attempted to say.

"It's a miracle you can even talk with that much food in your mouth" I said and Jasper and Alice followed me to the garage.

"SHOTGUN!" Alice shouted running to the passenger seat. We got into my Volvo and I started the engine. Jasper and Alice chatted companionably. Unlike me, they were both exited for their first day at a new school. We were coming into a small town in the middle of the semester, where everyone was already set in their cliques. I couldn't wait.

Forks High School loomed up in front of me, the car park was an assortment of pick up trucks and beaten up old Fords which just made my Volvo stick out like a sore thumb. I stepped out of the car to the wind and the rain, a far cry from sunny Florida. Forks resided in an area of near constant cloud cover, and the rain was seemingly never ending. Towards the main entrance a big crowd of people had formed yelling "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!"

Welcome to state education in America.

We headed towards them, a blonde and a brunette girl were in the middle I couldn't see the brunettes face but whatever she had said had obviously upset the blonde one. "No, you were in my way, Swan!" So that was her name Swan, the name sounded funny in my mind.

The brunette spoke up her voice laced with sarcasm "Was I now?"

"Leave her alone, Jess!" a boy called, he had dirty blonde hair, and he was looking at Swan with a kind of admiration. Evidently she was taken, if only I could see her face. I ducked to the back of the crowd and tried to get around the circle, but all I could see was her back retreating in the distance. I saw her hair was brown but had different shades working together and the rain falling around her only added to the beauty of that retreating back that was covered in a green hoodie. Breaking into a kind of run I tried to catch up with her and see if she was alright, that other kid despite coming to her rescue was now fawning all over Jess. The students were pushing together stopping me from reaching her.

The morning passed slowly, first I had English and Mr Gregory made me introduce myself to the entire class. I ducked my head as I have never been a fan of everyone's attention on me. I slid into the only remaining empty desk; the whole class were still staring at me. I got out my notebook and began to doodle, ignoring sir on the finer points of Wuthering Heights, I had decided in my last school that the book was terrible and the only redeeming qualities of Cathy and Heathclift was their love for each other.

At break I sat with Alice, Jasper and Rosalie. Emmett was at football practise; evidently his performance in gym earlier had got him a spot on the squad. I got out my notepad and began to doodle again, well for me it was doodling I knew Esme thought they were works of art and kept all my old notepads, she also kept my old scores from when I used to play piano, but about a year and half ago I had lost the inspiration to compose.

I looked around the canteen for the mystery girl, but I could not see her distinctive hair through the throngs of students. I did however see the blonde girl ‘Jess' she was sitting with the dirty blonde boy and some other people. She was waving her hand around and pointing at what I could only assume was a broken nail. As I wondered round the school with Alice and Jasper at lunch I kept my eye out for her but she seemed to have vanished.

I had calculus last, and once again I was introduced to the class and placed on my own. I had just finished toning the hair of the girl I was drawing when I noticed the class had gone silent.

"Not interrupting your art class are we?" I looked up it was Mr Maz he was staring down at me "Well, are we?"

"No sir" I replied keeping dropping my head. "Continue." I waved my head for him to carry one talking about the cosine rule.

"Are you out of your mind? Get out! I'll speak to you at the end of the lesson" I let out a soft chuckle, grabbed my stuff and headed to the doorway; at least I'd be able to finish my picture in the hall.

The school was silent and I continued to doodle but I heard a sound, it was the sound of running feet. I stood up straight and saw a girl running straight towards me; tears were streaming down her face. I headed towards her but she didn't see the wet floor and slipped. I dived down to catch her.

"You could have hurt yourself, I'm Edward Cullen." It was her, I recognised the green hoddie.

"T-thanks, I-I'm Bella." There was a slight red tinge on her checks. I just wanted to wipe those tears away with my thumb, but I was afraid that would be a bit too forward

"Does Bella have a last name?" I asked this; desperate for confirmation that it was indeed the girl I had seen.

"Yes, Bella Swan." That little red tinge remained.


It was then that I noticed my tears we still present on my face, and my hair was still a mess from earlier.

"It's nice to finally meet you Bella." He breathed, a crooked smile played on his lips. He walked closer to me. His face only inches away from mine; He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair as the crooked smile faded into a straight line.

"Edward, it is nice to meet you too" I said smiling back "thanks for...you know... stopping me fall. Are you lost? Because I haven't" Edward cut me off at my pathetic attempt at talking

"Yeah, I am new here. Just started today, I'm not lost Mr Maz sent me out. But thanks for your concern." he said chucking lightly when he said that he wasn't lost.

"Ok. Thanks again." Great job Bella he probably thinks you are a complete freak, I turned around and walked off, he called after me but I didn't look back.

I sat in the toilets until class ended. I thought about Edward mainly, where did he come from? Why did he move? Is he clever? I thought about what Jessica had said ‘go home and find mummy, oh wait she killed herself didn't she?' I was full on crying now... my mother died, she was so selfish that she just gave up leaving me at the age of eleven with my father. I miss her so much, but that wont change a thing. I have to suck up and deal with it.

Once class ended I made my way to my locker trying to avoid Jessica, it was finally the end of the day. I didn't know what I liked better: being at school or being at home. Most kids longed for the end of the day when I wished that it would never come. I would do anything not to face Charlie, but he always found out.

Of course you would think that I should have told someone what was going on. But with your father being the chief police officer I didn't stand a chance. It was partly my fault after all I was just a disgrace.

A tap on my shoulder cut me out of my trail of thoughts. I turned around to face a black spiky haired girl, who was about 5ft2. She wore a light pink blouse with a knee length flowing skirt. "Are you Bella Swan?" She asked innocently.

I looked at her for a minute, then replied "Yes, why?" as I turned around to shut my locker.

"Well, I'm Alice Cullen, I'm new here. My brother, Edward, said to give you this, is it yours?" she passed me a beaten up old walkman, which looked exactly like mine. I must have dropped it when I fell over, why couldn't he give it to me himself?

"Oh, thank you." I called then started walking off, she grabbed my arm and I spun right around dropping all my books.

"Oh...I-I'm so sorry." She apologised and bent down to help me gather my books.

"It's not your fault." It was but I couldn't say that. "Why couldn't Edward give me my walkman himself?"

"Oh, I don't know. He just said ‘can you give this to Bella Swan please'." She tried to mimic his voice, but failed causing me to laugh.

"Right well I have to go home, nice meeting you Alice." I said and turned away, hoping that she wouldn't follow. But the persistent pixie had other ideas. She ran around in front of me her eyes beaming with delight; she was practically bouncing up and down. For someone so small she does had a lot of energy.

"Would you like a lift home? It is raining after all."

I smiled "That is nice of you, okay if you don't mind." With that she grabbed my hand gently and lead me towards a shiny silver Volvo. Obviously Edward didn't notice that it was raining really hard. Because he was standing there outside of the car with his arms across his chest, and that award winning crooked smile on his lips again.

"Edward, Bella has to walk home and as it is raining could you give her a lift home?" she asked in a tone that you cant refuse

Edward looked to me then opened the passenger door and gestured for me to get in. she hopped in the back and a blonde haired boy got in next to her. "Bella this is Jasper, he is in the year above." Alice introduced us. His accent was southern and husky. We fell into a peaceful silence; I looked out of window following a rain drop as it ran down the window with my finger.

"When I found you earlier you looked upset, was it because of this morning?" he asked keeping his eyes on the road.

"Oh you saw that? No it wasn't, well maybe a little. Lots of things...you know." I didn't feel like telling my whole life story to a complete stranger. He nodded as if he had read my mind and understood. However his brows were crossed together and he looked like he was working out a complicated equation.

We pulled up into the driveway. Charlie wasn't home yet so I still had time to make his dinner, and probably escape him tonight.

"Bye Bella, I will pick you up tomorrow. I have a yellow Porsche." Alice screamed as I got out of the car into the rain.

"Um... you don't have to."

She shock her head. "Yes I do, now see you tomorrow." She called from the back seat.

"Thanks for the lift home Edward." They were half way down the road seconds after I said thanks.

I walked into my house and collapsed into the sofa. What have I done?

I heard banging in the hall way, casing me to fall from the sofa. I must have fallen asleep.

"Where is my dinner?" He screamed, throwing his car keys at me. "Get off the fucking floor and get me my dinner!"


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