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Tracking down Happiness

Edward met Bella, a typical love story as it may seem. So he came through the window and she fell into his arms... they fell in love blah, blah, blah. The abuse both mentally and physically has taken its toll on Bella and Edwards life isn't exactly perfect, what with his haunted past and all. So is it possible for these tortured souls to find comfort in each other and throw away the key of their past, well the obvious answer would be yes, like any other another story. However there is an unusual twist, I'm sorry for my warped mind.


3. Chapter 3

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"Edward, Jasper and I are going to go inside are you coming?" Alice asked, wrapping herself into Jasper.

"No, go on in. I'm going to wait for Bella."

A huge grin spread across her face "Okay then, but it is really cold."

"Bye bye, Alice." I said and dismissed her with my hands.

There is something about how the snow can make even the most hideous looking building beautiful. The snow had fallen the previous night and had lightly coated the ground. Students were flocking into the school, carefully trying not to fall over.

Bella walked into the car park, listening to her headphones. It seemed like it was happening in slow motion. Tyler's car was spinning out of control on the slippery road and was only meters away from her. She didn't notice as she was too busy listening to her MP3 player. I still shouted her name, wishing for some kind of super human speed. She turned and saw the van. She looked like a deer, innocent and vulnerable, blinded by the headlights. There was no where she could go; she was pinned up against the wall.

I could almost see it now; the car would inevitably crush her. I shouted her name louder and pushed my legs faster but she just stood there looking at the car. Tyler slammed on the brakes; the noise echoed around the car park. The icy road had other ideas; the car came crashing into the wall only inches away from Bella. I put my arms around her waist and dragged her away. She was shaking in my arms; I couldn't tell if that was me or her. "Someone call 911!" a girl yelled, but my attention was on Bella.

"Bella are you ok?" of course she isn't ok dumbass she almost got crushed into Bella pulp. She was unresponsive and I pulled her closer, I could feel that her pulse was a little fast but not alarmingly so. We walked over to the picnic benches and I sat her down. A tear fell down her face; I placed my index finger on her cheek and trapped it smiling weekly.

I heard the sirens in the distance as I continued my attempts at talking to her. It can't have been more than a few minutes but it felt like hours. She was still shaking; I didn't know what to do so I picked her up bridal style and headed towards my car.

We passed the ambulance "Bp is 60 over 120" the rest of their words melded into the distance as I walked over to my car, to my right Alice slipped her hand into Bella's and dragged walked with us to the car.

Bella moved her head into my chest. I cursed myself for liking this contact a bit too much. I placed her in the back seat. Alice got in the front followed by Jasper and I sat next to Bella in the back.

She looked up at me; her big brown eyes were all watery. "T-Tyler, he was i-in... the car... i-is he ok?" she mumbled in to my chest.

"We'll go behind the ambulance if you want?" Alice said softly as she drove out of the car park.

"Just drive home Alice." I sighed, and then I turned to Bella. "It will be ok, you could have... well they could have-"

Alice interrupted me "It will be ok, calm down Edward." She smiled apoplectically at me; it should be Bella she is smiling at not me. I sat next to her watching the slight rise and fall of her chest; she was truly beautiful. She would be ok, but I still felt that I had to protect her. Tyler is going to regret this I thought bitterly.

The drive home was silent. In the car Bella dozed off and I placed her in the guest room. I sat by her side just watching her sleep. Jasper came into the room and sat down next to me, for a while we were just watching her. I felt like such an intruder.

"You should go and get some sleep, yourself." Jasper suggested

I shook my head. "I don't think I would be able to."

"You know, ever since you have met Bella. Your face has become brighter... Strange as it is, even now when you look at her your eyes are sparkling and that unrelenting glower from your face has disappeared." He said, laughing softly.

I looked at him. But before I had a chance to open my mouth he started to talk again. "We have all noticed it, over the last week you have a more positive outlook on things."

"What are you trying to say?"

He looked at Bella again then to me, "Just that, well... You are falling in love."

I scoffed. "I have known the girl for a week!" I said a bit too loud.

He took a deep breath, "When I first met Alice I immediately in love."

"Get out, Jasper." I snapped through my teeth

I watched as Bella started to twitch in her sleep, her arm flew over head and she rolled over mumbling something that I couldn't quite catch. Her features started to relax in her unconscious state.

"E-Edward?" I heard. It was Bella, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at me.

"How are you feeling?" I asked gripping her hand tighter, wait when did I hold her hand?

"Headache, where am I?" She asked as her eyes grew wide with shock.

"You were almost hit by Tyler's car, you're in bed Bella."

"I am... he hit, WHAT?!" She croaked after realisation kicked in.

"Calm down, love. You can go home soon. You were really lucky." I replied, reassuring her.

"Did you just call me love?" Her cheeks flushed a beautiful shade of scarlet. Before I had a chance to reply she started talking again as she got out of bed. "I can't believe this; I need to go home, please?" There were tears coming down her eyes as pulled her hand away.

I walked over to her, shaking her arms. "Bella, look you will be able to go home. If you want I can call your dad or I can get my dad-"

"No... please, just take me home." She barely whispered, I trapped a tear with my thumb and wiped it off. There, she looks prettier when she's not crying.

Her eyes flashed open. "Is he ok?" she whispered.

"Who?" I asked. Then I realised. "He went to hospital."

"No! I killed him, Oh my god."

"Bella you didn't kill anyone." I laughed as I embraced her into a hug; she was shaking with fear as she silently cried on my chest. My heart was breaking just at the sound of her cry. "Ssh, it's alright." I wasn't aware that Alice has entered the room.

"Take me home Edward, please." I did as I was asked; I would do anything for Bella, the thought scared me. The drive back to her house was silent. She was silent, frozen almost, if it wasn't for the rise and fall of her chest I would have thought she was dead. How could she think that this was her fault? It was his fault, and he hurt my Bella, yes my Bella, my girl, she is mine... well she will be. We said our goodbyes and I sped off driving as fast as I could.

Bella's POV!

I am a murderer.

Why did he stop? He should have just crushed into me. Not that I am suicidal or anything, but why did he stop for me, I am unimportant. He had nothing to do with me, why Tyler? I curled up into a little ball and gently cried myself to sleep.

"You fucking idiot!" I was awoken by a loud smack against my ribs. "What is it with you? You are so unobservant that you just stood there!" the screaming continued. It was Charlie, I didn't even think about what he was going to do to me.

"I'm sorry." I pleaded.

"Did I say you could speak?" He said and grabbed me out of my bed; he didn't give me enough time to stand up so I could walk. Instead he just pulled me down the stairs, and threw me into the kitchen floor. I skidded into a cupboard causing the things on top to fall off. This only made him angrier.

"Get up." He demanded and I did so, very carefully so I wouldn't cause me more pain. However, this only caused him to get impatient. So he pulled me up by my hair; I fought back a scream "Make me some food." He demanded and opened the fridge, pushing me out of the way in the process and got himself a beer.

Edwards POV!

She loves me

She doesn't love me

She loves me

She doesn't love me

She loves me

She doesn't love me

She loves me.

I watched as the last petal fall before. I feel like such a girl.

I sit in my maths classroom with a daisy picking at the petals, until it is all gone. I hate maths. I didn't see Bella today. I planned to go over to her house after school to make sure she was alright. The whole school was still in shock from what happened

"You're like Edward Cullen, Right?" A horrible high-pitched voice broke me away from my reverie

"Yes, and you are?" I asked, backing away before I catch anything.

"My name is Jessica Stanley" She reminded me of an old wrinkled up witch. "You can bring your friends if you like. My friend's Lauren and Tanya will be there. Anyways my party is on Friday night!"

"It is nice of you to invite me; I will have to get back to you." I said, trying to get away

"So you are, like what, single?" she squeaked.

"It appears that way, yes." Now please back away from me.

She started to laugh, it was a deep throated laugh and it sounded similar to the noise a dog makes before they throw up.

"Bye Jessica." I said and backed away slowly before I started to run for my dear life.

It was raining when I got outside, I was completely soaked. I liked the rain; it was just like a little refreshing boost. I sat in the back of the car and started to sketch a drawing.

There was a faint tap at the window, at first it made me jump. The rain was heavier and the person looked like a zombie. The zombie tapped my window harder now and I could hear it screaming. To say that I was freaked out would be an understatement.

"Edward Cullen, open this door now!" I heard the zombie shout, then I realised that it was Bella. I opened my door and let her in, she was completely soaked. And now is as good a time as any to say that she was beautiful, beside me she smelled of strawberries and flowers.

"Bella, what are you doing here?"

"Do you want me to leave, sorry... I just, I saw you here" She stammered.

"No." I cut her off "I don't want you to leave, but why are you not at home?"

She took in a deep breath, "Change the subject, please?"

"Shall we go get some food?" I asked and she nodded so we jumped into the front seats. It was then that I noticed how her wet top was and how jeans clung to her body; she will be the death of me.

"Shall we order a pizza?" I asked as we took off down the highway to my house, she nodded. We made small talk on the way home and soon enough I was opening her door.

"Wow." Bella gasped and her mouth formed a perfect ‘o' shape. My house is bigger than most of the ones in forks, so her response was to be accepted. But after all it is only a house, she was here yesterday.

"So Bella, what pizza would you like?" I said leading her towards the living room.

"Cheese please." She said tripping on her own two feet, only Bella could do that. Before she fell to the floor I grabbed her, pulling her close to my body. I could gaze in to her deep chocolate eyes forever...We were so close I could feel her warm breath. We looked at each other for a bit as realisation sunk in to what position we were in. Was her breath getting faster... is she... she is blushing?

"You're blushing Bella." I said laughing as I took a step back.

This only caused her to go a deeper shade of red. "No I'm not." she snapped and walked away. "Don't laugh at me Cullen!"


We continued talking for the rest of the afternoon sitting in the kitchen; we ate chocolate biscuits and crisps. We never did order that pizza. She never did tell me what happened that day, I wanted to know but it would be rude of me to ask. If she wanted to tell me then she would, it is her business after all. When the rest of my family returned they came and talked to us for a little bit, but eventually left us alone again.

"Fuck, oh my god. Charlie is going to be so mad. Fuck!" she screamed.

"Bella don't cry I will take you home now, it is only half past seven." I said, trying to comfort her.

"He gets home at seven; I should have cooked for him. I am such an idiot. Last time I... Just take me home please."

"Bella don't think such foul things about yourself, let's get you home. I'm sure your dad will understand." She looked at me and sighed. The car ride home was silent again. I wanted to carry on our conversation about Ray LaMontange. I wanted to hear her voice, to know she was ok. I wrote down my phone number when we stopped and gave it to her before she got out. We said our goodbyes and she left in the rain, I could see her dad at the door. I hope she doesn't get into trouble. As I left I saw him put his arm around her shoulder. See Bella nothing to worry about...

Bella's POV

"Where have you been?" he demanded pushing me into the wall

"Sorry, it won't happen again. He was just-."

I was cut off "Him?" Charlie asked slapping me around the face. "You are cheating on me again?" he screamed.

"W-what?" I stuttered.

"Renee, am I not good enough for you?"

I was speechless; he thought I was my mother.

"Answer me!" I held back scream when his hand made contact with my face. "Fucking answer me!"

"I am Bella, not Renee. Renee is...dead!" I shouted back, crying silently.

"Bella died all those years ago, don't you remember? You fucking killed her!" Charlie then bashed my head against the wall. As I slid down the wall my vision was becoming blurry, I heard a crack and some loud shouting, but slowly I fell into darkness.

Edwards POV!

Shit, she left her jacket in my car. I turned the car around and headed to Bella's house. I would have to meet Charlie eventually. I pulled up in the drive way and jumped out of the car.

"Bella died all those years ago, don't you remember? You fucking killed her!" someone shouted from inside the house. I ran to the door and started banning loudly, what if Bella is in trouble. Who is Renee? I started to kick the door repeatedly; it was about ten minutes until the door opened.

"Hello?" An older man about late forties opened the door.

"Hello Mr Swan, I was with Bella earlier today. She left her jacket in the car." I passed him the jacket.

"Thank you." He said and closed the door I stopped it with my foot

"Is everything ok, I heard some shouting? Something about Bella being dead?" I questioned.

"Everything is fine boy, Bella is... sleeping. Now if you don't mind, I have some business to attend to." I pulled the foot back just in time as the door slammed shut almost shaking the house.

Bella wasn't in school for the next two weeks; I started to get really worried. She never answered her phone and each day I would drive to her house but never go in. I was sitting outside her house in my car like I have done for the last two weeks when my phone began to ring.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Edward?" someone croaked.

"Yes, who is this?"


"Bella." I repeated. "Are you ok?"

"You need to stop waiting outside my house." she said I looked up and saw her standing at the window. I got out of my car and walked over to the tree and started to climb it. "What are you doing?!" she screamed.

"I'm coming to see you, open your window please."

"You can't, please just go home." I stopped on the branch just outside her window and almost fell off when I saw her face. It was all bruised.

"Bella you face, who did that to you?"

"I fell, please go home."

"Bella, that"- I pointed to her face- "doesn't look like you fell."

"Don't worry about me. But you have to stop doing this. Why do you care so much?"

"I don't know, please open the window."

"No, if you get caught. We will both be dead" she sobbed "I can't do this, it's dangerous. I am not putting your life at risk."

"What are you talking about?"

"You have to promise me not to tell anyone about this. Please, go home." She sobbed again.

"Don't cry, Bella."

"Go home Edward."

"I will wait her all night if I have to."



"Damn it Edward."

"I will break your window."

"How is school?"

"Don't change the subject"

"I'm coming to get you." I said and hung up.