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Independence Day

The Fourth of July is coming up, so here is the full dya with all of the Cullen couples. Fluff.

So this is the second time I have put this in. Rejected because APPARENTLY, paragraphs were not apparent, even though my browser showed two line spaces between each. *raises eyebrow* w/e. So I'm devoting one chapter each toeach couple. No smutt.

1. Carlisle and Esme

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Another Fourth of July was about to pass for the Cullen family. The family had moved to Denali near their extended family, who would be close by, but not near enough to intrude on the family in their celebrations.

Carlisle felt particularly attached to this day, despite his English roots. Being born in one country meant little when it wasn’t a place that you felt you belonged. Here, though, in this country that had welcomed him with open arms, he felt at home. He was not an American by blood, but he was by heart.

Esme had lived in the states for all of her human life, and a good portion of her vampire life. Her human memories of the small town that she had grown up in had long sense turned to dust, but the memories that she had made with Carlisle in the US would never be replaced. While Carlisle celebrated for the love of his adopted country, Esme celebrated for the existence that the country had allowed her to lead with the man she loved.

The night before, Carlisle had offered to run the night shift at the hospital, leaving Esme alone to think of what the next day would have in store for her large family. She loved to see the smiles light up their faces when they had fun on the holidays. But she wanted to make sure that this year was special for her husband as well. He had always gone out of his way to plan for her on the fourth in the past. This year, it would be her turn. She spent a large portion of her night planning exactly what it was that she would do for her love, and the rest of it deciding how to best pull off her plans.

The day had dawned bright, filled with promise. Like any family, the Cullen’s had certain traditions they followed for the day’s festivities: the boys would go out hunting, the women would stay at home decorating and planning the soiree they held together at dusk. And of course, Emmett would have his fun with the fireworks, and would likely burn down a good portion of the forest in the process. But this year, Esme would change some things around.

She began by calling her sons together before Carlisle arrived home from his night of work. Edward was already in on the plan, having heard her thoughts throughout the night. But, being the good son that Esme thought him to be, he had not said one word to his brothers.

Alice, however, was a different story.

“Boys, I know how you do so enjoy your hunting trips with your father, but this year-“

Emmett interrupted Esme before she had a chance to tell them about her change in plans.

“Don’t worry, Esme, Alice already told us all about it. We’ll leave as soon as we hear or smell Carlisle. We can handle hunting by ourselves, we’re big kids now! And Alice said that the girls and she will get out of the house for a few hours, maybe go shopping or something. Glad we didn’t get roped into that one this year.”

Esme highly doubted that her strongest son could be considered big enough to keep himself out of trouble, but she trusted the three of them to leave her in peace to set up.


Several hours later, Carlisle turned onto the drive that led to their ‘cabin’ outside of Denali. He had worked the graveyard shift at the hospital, hoping that this year he would be able to be around his family for the entire day. He smiled in anticipation for the festivities that he knew would come. He knew that the day would start with a hunting trip with his sons. Even though they went out together frequently, he still enjoyed spending time with them; his family was his pride and joy. He pushed the car he was driving faster in his eagerness to be with them.

It wasn’t long before he reached the garage adjacent to the cabin. Parking the car, he walked into the house to find his wife before going out hunting with his family. The house was quiet, which, for this particular family, was odd, but Carlisle figured that everyone was outside doing something together while they waited for him to come home. He turned up the stairs to the hallway that was home to the bedrooms the family occupied, and found his wife standing outside of their doorway.

She was stunning. Every time he looked into her beautiful face, he felt his breath leave him. Today, though, she looked simply beyond words.

Esme had raided her closet earlier for something perfect to wear for her husband once he got home. Once she had seen this dress, she knew that she had found just the thing. The dress was the same dress that she had worn decades ago, the one she had worn the night he had proposed to her. She had forgotten that she had kept it as a memento, and could think of nothing better to start things off with.

Carlisle drank her appearance in, remembering the last time she had worn the dress. He hadn’t realized that she had kept it, but was so glad that she did. It fit her perfectly, highlighting the many beautiful qualities she possessed. He couldn’t think of anything she looked better in honestly, but this suited him just fine.

We walked to her and cradled her face in his hands. He paused a moment, looking deep into her eyes, before sweetly, gently pressing his lips to hers. She got onto her tiptoes to reach him better, before he drew back.

“Esme, you look beautiful, more beautiful than I have seen you in years,” he told her, a small, sad smile curving his lips, “I only wish that I had already been out with our sons already, so I could stay here with you now.”

“Well, that would be a problem. I hate to have to tell you this, dear, but the boys have already left to hunt. I’m sorry, I know how much enjoy yourself when you are with them,” she said with a false hint of regret in her voice, “but, I do have something else in mind so you aren’t lonely. Close your eyes.”

Carlisle did as he was told, and let her lead him into their room.

“Stay right there, my love, and keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them, please?”

Esme left her husband standing in the middle of the room and went to close the door. Taking slow, deliberate steps, she made her way to her destination.

The radio.

Carlisle could hear her moving around the room, could hear her closing the door, and making her way towards the other side of the room. But he was surprised by what he heard. It was the song that had been playing on the radio the same night she wore that dress. He gasped in surprise, but kept his eyes closed, like she had asked.

Esme smiled at the reaction Carlisle had to the song. They had since considered it their song, but with the changing times, it was seldom heard anymore. She was lucky she had managed to find an old CD of Edward’s that had it on it. She now moved on to the next phase of her plan.

She pulled out a small lighter, and began lighting the many candles that she had placed before he had come into the house. They were scented subtly, so subtly that humans wouldn’t notice the smell; vampires, on the other hand, could distinguish the distinct smell of a lake, like the one that the two had been by that fateful night. While gliding through the room, she made a point to brush past the bouquets of orange blossoms and roses she had set about the room, setting off their own scent. Carlisle had given her a bunch of the same flowers that night.

“You can open your eyes now, dear.”

Once again, Carlisle did as he was told. He had an idea of what his wife was doing when she had stirred up the scent of the flowers and lit the candles, but it didn’t prepare him for it.

“Esme,” he moved to her, pulled her into his arms and looked into her eyes, “you did all this? I am astounded. I have done nothing to deserve such a wife. Thank you, so much. I love you, my sweet.”

He kissed her again, and for one long moment, nothing could be heard except the music playing in the background.

Eventually, Esme pulled away.“I love you too, my dearest husband.”