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Independence Day

The Fourth of July is coming up, so here is the full dya with all of the Cullen couples. Fluff.

So this is the second time I have put this in. Rejected because APPARENTLY, paragraphs were not apparent, even though my browser showed two line spaces between each. *raises eyebrow* w/e. So I'm devoting one chapter each toeach couple. No smutt.

2. Alice and Jasper

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As soon as Alice had seen what Esme was planning for Carlisle, she had immediately told Jasper. The idea was just so sweet that it kept cropping up into Jasper’s thoughts throughout the entire hunt. About halfway through the trip, he found it almost impossible to concentrate on sating his thirst. Instead, he turned his thoughts to his own wife, and how much he wished that he could do something to appreciate her.

In Jasper’s mind, Alice deserved much better than he would ever be able to give her. Even if they did live for an eternity together, he would never be able to measure up. And now that he thought of it, it had been months since they had done anything together, just the two of them. He had all but given up trying to surprise her with something special; with her little gift she could just look into the future to see what he was up to. But maybe there was a way around that.

Jasper looked around to make sure he was alone in the clearing. Seeing that there was nothing and no one here besides the drained elk nearby, he pulled out his phone and dialed a number.


“Alice, come on! We’re only halfway through the shops here; we can’t just let Bella give up on shopping now!”

Rose was whining into Alice’s ear. Again. The small vampire turned from the display of music boxes she had been looking at to face her adopted sister. Before she could respond, she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. For once, the girl was surprised; she hadn’t foreseen anyone calling them home now. Checking the caller ID, she was elated to find that her husband had taken the time to contact her.

“Jasper! Why are you calling? I’ve only been gone for three hours!” she trilled, her voice colored with confusion.

“I know that, love. I just need to ask you to do two things for me.”

“Of course!” Alice knew that she would do anything for the tall, blonde vampire whom she loved.

“Don’t look ahead into the future, not until later. And do me a favor, leave the mall, at least for now, ok?”

She pouted. He knew that she didn’t like having to ignore her gift. She sighed, knowing that for him to ask her this, it was important. “Fine, I won’t look, and we’ll leave now. Is that all?”

“Yes, Alice. I love you, so much. I’ll be with you soon.”

“Love you too, Jazz. Bye.”

“YES!” Bella had evidently heard that they would be leaving the mall.


Jasper could tell that his wife was put out with him. He only hoped that she would forgive him once she found out what he was planning.

He gave Alice and his sisters 20 minutes before he left for the mall. His plan was simple. Follow Alice’s scent throughout that mall, see what she was shopping for, and ask the cashiers if she had gotten anything there.

He knew that this would be difficult. With the rate at which she shopped, she could have easily bought out the entire mall. That combined with the fact that there were so many humans packed into the same building would make this virtually impossible. He steeled his nerves and sighed before walking through the automatic doors into the mall.

It was beyond easy to find his wife’s scent, even when it was masked with the burning scent of human blood. He followed it around the first story of the mall, which comprised mostly of clothing stores. He didn’t bother going into any of those, knowing that he would probably just bring back something that Alice wouldn’t approve of. Or worse, something she already owned. He turned in the direction of the escaladers, following her smell to the second story. He walked past the next few stores, which all sold books and artwork, full of things that Bella and Rose would enjoy. But then he walked past an antique shop.

He couldn’t figure out what Alice would have been doing here. She didn’t normally care much for old objects, preferring to have the latest, greatest, and most fashionable. But he scent was clearly here, and it seemed to be fresher than any of the other crisscrossing trails. He ventured into the store, looking for an employee who could potentially help him. He saw a young female, probably in her early 20’s, entering the store from a back door labeled ‘staff only’.

“Excuse me, miss?” Jasper walked to the counter that she had settled herself behind.

“Hello, can I help you?” She had a pleasant voice, but Jasper decided it was nowhere as appealing to him as Alice’s bell toned voice.

“I was hoping that you may have seen my wife in here earlier? She has short black hair, golden eyes like mine, really pale?”

Jasper could feel her disappointment when he mentioned his wife. “Um, yes, she was here about half an hour ago.”

“Do you, perhaps, know what it was that she was looking for?”

“I think she was looking at those music boxes in the corner over there?”

The girl pointed in the direction that Alice had been in, although it wasn’t necessary. The shop was small, and was crammed to the breaking point with hundreds of old antiques. Jasper carefully made his way to the back corner, wondering why Alice would be interested in old music boxes.

At first glance, there was nothing out of the ordinary about them. They were all relatively small, made of wood, and looked somewhat banged up from their age. But on closer inspection, one of the smaller one’s caught his eye.

It was a deep red in color, and was ornately carved with an ivy vine design on the lid. He reached out in amazement; he had given an identical music box to Alice shortly after he had met her, the day he had told her he loved her. He lifted the lid. It played the exact same tune that the other one had played. He closed the lid and turned the box over. He was in shock when he saw that there was an inscription on the bottom. It wasn’t an identical music box- it was exactly the same.


Alice and her sisters had gone straight home after Jasper’s phone call. Rose was put out with Alice for ending her fun early, but Bella was ecstatic. This combination only served to put Alice in a sour mood.

She decided that she would wait for her husband to come home by locking herself in her room and looking at her newest fashion magazine. It wasn’t long before the comforting effect of the latest trends took hold over her. She never could stay in a bad mood for long anyway. Not when it concerned her husband.

After reading through the magazine’s glossy pages, she simply sat on her bed, aimlessly playing with the comforter. She wondered what her husband could be up to, but didn’t dare to look ahead to see. She wanted to be surprised, and she knew he didn’t get the opportunity to do so often enough.

She didn’t have to wait long before her husband got home and came into the room. He sat on the edge of the bed, and caressed her face with one hand, while keeping the other hand behind his back; hiding something.

“Alice, love, I’ve brought you something. Do you want to see it?”

She smiled and nodded in anticipation. He handed her the package, which she quickly unwrapped, being careful not to crush it in her haste. When she saw the music box, she stared at it in awe.

“But Jasper, how did you know?”

“I followed your scent.”

It was the exact music box he had given to her so many years ago. She had known it when she had seen it, and had planned on going back and buying it another day without her sisters. She had thought it had been lost shortly after they had joined the Cullen’s. There had been a time when they had to move suddenly, and in the chaos, the music box had somehow gotten left behind.

Jasper wrapped his arms around his little wife and placed his chin on her head. Reaching for the box, he read the inscription.

“For the love of my existence, the darling girl who saved my life. I will love you forever, always, and beyond.”

If vampires were capable of crying, Alice knew she surely would be sobbing from the joy she was feeling at the moment.