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Behind The Scenes

When Bella jumped off the cliff, Jacob saved her a little while later. Bella hit her head hard and got amnesia and doesn't remember anything. 5 years later, she is the sucessful lead-singer of Paramore. Edward, Emmet, Jasper, Rosalie and Alice made a crime-solving team called the Elite Five Force. What does Edward do when he's duty is to protect Bella from a stalker? How does his family react when they find out that she doesn't remember them?


1. Behind The Scenes

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Your private jet needs it's engine replaced, so you will

have to take a public plane to Seattle.

Jeremy, Zac, Taylor and I are here waiting for you.

Your plane leaves at 8:30 p.m and your limo will

come at around 8:00.



PS: Stephen and Tom are going with you. Don't


You need your bodyguards with you.

Sigh. Josh is definetly taking the concert thing a little too far these days. I wish I could go back to Forks with Charlie and Jacob. Life on the road can really get you homesick. I haven't been back to Forks, Washington since my 23rd birthday. It was a shame that I couldn't even remember who the people - Charlie invited over - were. I could see the hurt in their eyes when they greeted me and I couldn't call them by name. Stupid amnesia.

I sighed again and put my phone away. I had just finished a Covergirl photo-shoot half an hour ago. I walked overto the couch and spread myself across it. I closed my eyes and tried toget some sleep. of course I knew that would be impossible since there is always something that gets in the way.

Unsuprisingly, the door bell rang. I groaned and slowly walked to the door and opened it. Strange. There's no one here. I looked around the high gates of my so-called mansion when a brown parcel caught my eye. Definetly strange. How could a fan get through the gates? Curious, I picked it up and examined it. It said "Bella" with hearts sprinkled all over it. I cautiously opened it and found a brown bear holding an electric guitar inside. I smiled. I loved getting fanmail. I noticed that they're was paper underneath it. I picked it up and read the messy scrawl.

To my Bella,

I love from the bottom of my heart.

And I will always do.

I shall marry you,

and we shall live together until death seperates us.


Love from your future-to-be husband,


It took me 3 tries to read the last 2 lines because my hands were shaking. This was the thirdparcel that got which signed K.L.J at the end. This is begining to creep me out.

I quickly ran to the phone and dialed my manager Claudia's number.

"Hello?" her high-pitched, energetic voice asked.

My eyes glazed over as a musical voice that sounded like a tinkle of bells rang clear in my head. "Hi Bella!". The voice was so clear. It was like the person that said it was right next to me. It was so beautiful, yet so unfamiliar. Stupid glimpses. They don't even sense!

"Hello?" Claudia asked again, now impatient.

"Claudia, hi it's Bella."

"Oh hey, what's the problem?"

I rolled my eyes. She always thought there was a problem everytime I called her.

"I got another one of those creepy letters again. This time it came with a bear rather than flowers."

"Oh." She sounded surprised. "Hold on let meget someoneto come over there to examine it. It will take about 10 minutes."

"Are you even dressed for Seattle yet?" she asked. I supressed a chuckle. She knew me well.

Before I even got the chance to answer, she sighed "I'm certain that's a no. GO!! Get ready, you slowpoke!"

I laughed."Thanks", then she hung up. I did what she told and went to my ridiculously huge closet. I took out black skinny-jeans, a black tank top and a purple blouse to go over it, and a white scarf.

I looked in the mirror. I looked alot different ever since I started touring. My dark hair was layered and it just passed my shoulders which made my hair curlier than before. My forehead was covered with a straightened layer of hair that stopped just passed my eyerbrows. My cheeckbones were alot higher and my lips were more fuller. my skin had the slightest bit of tan from all the moisturizers that I use, but the tancould easily be washed off. All my curves were in the right place.

I had just put on a pair of over-sized pair of glasses when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw Tom - One of my bodyguards - with a serious expression on his face. His black hair pointed to random directions on top of his head and he had a chunk of hair down his face that covered one of his big, hazel eyes.

"Where's the parcel?" he asked me sternly.

I lead him to the kitchen where I put the package away. He lifted it and took out the bear. He examined it with narrowed eyes. When he was finishedlooking at the bear, he picked up the letter and read it to himself.

"Interesting." he said after a moment.

"What should we do?" I asked him.

He sighed and started at me with a thoughtful expression for a few minutes.

"Your going to be living in Seatlle for 16 months so there's no point getting the police on the case here now." he paused and then said "When didyou get this?" he gestured to thebook with the gifts inside.

"About 20 minutes ago."

"Did you see anyone outside?"


"Did you look around beforeyou opened the gift?"

"Yes, but it doesn't make sense. How could anyone get past those gates and the security behind them?"

He thought about his answer before saying "That is something to consider. If the stalker tracks you down to Seattle with us, we will have to set things up with the police force there."

"Okay" I agreed.

Two sharp beaps outside interrupted our conversation. I looked out the window to see that a black, shiny limo was waiting outside.

Tom noticed the limo outside and said "Let's go"


I sat back on my chair and closed my eyes. Oh Bella. I saw her face in my mind. Her beautiful heart-shaped face surrounded by thick, dark-brown hair. Her wide brown eyes were staring at me with wonder. I wonder what my sweet, sweet angel could be doing now?

"Edward." Jasper spoke from the speaker. "The plane for Seattle is due to depart in about 50 minutes. We've done our job here in L.A, and we are due back there. I don't know much but all I know is that it is a stalker situation. Get ready... well, not about packing your clothes because has that part, but do what you before we go. I need you her."

I sighed. The first two years i have spent away from Bella was hell. I couldn't be around my family, so I went to an abandoned warehouse, hoping to rot away from existence. After those wo years, Alice and Emmet dargged me out and back to my family. I knew trying to sneak away from them wasn't the brightest idea so I just stayed in my room and thought about my Bella. Well, she isn't my Bella any more, since I left her. Alice wanted to cheer me up so she go6 Jazz,Em,Rose,her and I and created a crime-stopping force called Elite Five Force (cheesy, I know). Ever since then, we have been helping humans find their pets, belongings, etc. The depression is still there, but at least it distracts me for several hours.

I got out of my office and down to Jasper's. Everyone else was already there, except for Alice. I raised and eyebrow at him and he silently told me,

Packing, of course

I nodded slightly and sat down on the spare seat.

Oh, dude we have another mission! I feel like I'm in that Charlie's Angle movie. Except I'm not a girl.

I rolled my eyes, Emmet and his movies.

Oh great, another stalker motive. Goodie. Rosalie thought bitterly.

"Rose, It's one of the things we do. Proctect things. Remember?" I reminded her.

She glared at me and flipped her hair over her shoulder.

Jasper sent a wave of reassurance of Rosalie.

"Alice will be back in 2 minutes and then we will be going back to Seattle. But first i wantedto talk to you guys about the new situation that we have. A woman named Claudia Green called and said that her client - who she says is the lead singer of a certain band called 'Paramore" - has been getting disturbing fanmail. She said it started off as innocent mail, then it got more voilet over the course of weeks."

Sweet! We get to meet a rockstar!!I've heard of Paramore on the radio once upon a time. Their music is quite good. Never knew who sang those songs, though her voice sounded farmiliar...

Emmet's silent ranting was interrupted by Alice who burst through the door of Jasper's office.

Yay! Yay! Yay! We're going to see- oh right, Edward. Uno, Due, Tre, Quatro, Sienque, Se - Alice was counting in Italian. She was hiding something from me. I narrowed my eyes at her suspisiouly and Alice just stuck her tiny tounge out at me.

"Okay, guys! Let's go. The plane will be leaving soon!" She chirped in that annoyingly high voice of hers.

I groaned. I didn't really want to put up with Alice's enthusiasum, since she was keeping something from me. We exited Jasper's office and went in to the Volvo. Today was going to bea long night.