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Behind The Scenes

When Bella jumped off the cliff, Jacob saved her a little while later. Bella hit her head hard and got amnesia and doesn't remember anything. 5 years later, she is the sucessful lead-singer of Paramore. Edward, Emmet, Jasper, Rosalie and Alice made a crime-solving team called the Elite Five Force. What does Edward do when he's duty is to protect Bella from a stalker? How does his family react when they find out that she doesn't remember them?


2. Chapter 1:Seattle Part 1

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As we reached the massive, over-crowded airport of L.A, paparazzies lined up outside the limo.

I groaned. This was the worst part of being famous. Do one little thing wrong, and your plastered all over the news.

As I climbed out of the limo, I was blinded by camera lights flashing feverishly. Keep it cool I reminded myself Keep it cool. Tom and Stephen pushed the crowd out of the way and guided me inside.

"Shouldn't I have luggage?" I looked around and wondered where my things were.

"We came by here an hour ago and dropped it all of." Tom answered over his shoulder. We weaved in and out of the screaming women and staring men and made it to the metal detectors. A man stopped infront of me and moved the metal detector around me.

"All clear." The man did the same to Tom and Stephen and lead us through the doors.

Before we even got near the Seattle terminal, people started to come up and ask me for pictures and autographs. Tom or Stephen would just push them away. I fiddled with the sunglasses I was wearing and hoped that they were enough of a disguise. Apparentley not.

We were at the corner of the terminal when Stephen put a hand on my shoulder to stop me. "Wait here."

I did as instructed and watched them spce out leather bars so that I was seperated from the crowd.

"Come on." Tom gestured a hand for me to follow. I went to stand behind them when the crowd started to squeal and yell out "I love you". I waved at them and reached out my hand to the front row. They all reached for my hand as I kept moving forward.

"Hey guys!" I shouted over the screaming. This made them even louder.

I stopped shuffling forward when my hand was pressed by something cold. I turned around and gasped. Holding my hand, was the most beautiful beautiful girl I have ever seen. She had short jet-black hair that pointed on random directions. Her skin was ghost pale and it somehow shimmered under the flourescent lights above us. Her pixie-like features were turned into a heart-breakingly beautiful smile. I took off my sunglasses to get a better look of her face. That's when I noticed that she wasn't alone.

I looked over her shoulder and saw a tall man with tussled bronze hair. Looking at it made me want to run my fingers through it. His eyes were butter-scotch, the same as the girl that was holding my hand. He was also inhumanly beautiful. His face showed a mask of shock and awe.

On his left was a brawly man with dark curls surrounding his beautiful face. He was smiling a dimpled smile that crinkled his ocher-coloured eyes.

The woman standing next to him was impossibly more beautiful than the black-haired pixie. Her long blonde hair made it's way down her waist. Her face was so beautiful that it would make any model go green with envy. Her honey coloured eyes looked somewhat. . . bored?

I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. Standing next to the pixie-looking girl, was a tall lean man with wavy blonde hair that was combed behind his head. His eyes were staring at me with a calculating expression.

I was mesmerized by them. Although I have never seen them before, they looked very familiar. I definetly would have remember seeing them. I just couldn't put a finger on it...

"H-hi." I stuttered. Genius, Bella.

"Bella..." The bronzed-haired god whispered. My jaw dropped at the sound of his voice. It was so beautiful. Like velvet. It made me envy him a little.

I was about to answer back when a rough voice came behind me.

"Come on, Bella-Fennela." Tom winked. Stupid nickname. "They're waiting for us."

I let him drag me by the arm to the door. I shot one more glance to the mysteriouisly beautiful people and entered the open doors.