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Renesmee's friend

When a new friend movers nere forks and goes to the same school as Renesmee she may know more than we think.

Katte is how she spells her name and that is Kpov.

1. New

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“In and out take deep breaths it’s ok you will be fine,” I told my self. As I walked in to the school’s lobby I was tired and really a nap but I still had school skating and singing all in one day was not very cool and I hated moving it got really hard on my voice and feet. New coaches both in skating and singing are really hard to cope with some you love some you hate.

“Ok stop right now,” I told my self. No more thinking about it you need to get ready for what this school can teach you. I walked in to the lobby and there was a girl with bronzes hair and brown eyes. God that mad me think she look great I wish I looked as good as her dam.

I walk up to the pretty girl and she said “My name is Renesmee and I will be showing you around to day we are in the same classes ok.”

She held out her hand to shake mine but I did not I did not want to scare the poor girl I know she would see my thoughts if she did.

“Yea ok great” I said I know I would say no more after this.

“Ok” she replied cheerfully and away we went she was showing around the school first.

“We have all the third block off but it will take like ten minutes to show you the school so after that I can take you to our next class if you want,” she said.

“If you want to go to I really don’t mind,” I said.

“ No way I hate math I could take you to the gym last and we stay there for a little wile longer.” She said with a grin.

“Ok that sounds great,” and I could not help grinning too.

We walked to the first room, which looked like a green room.

“This is our AV room in which the AV club meets and we go to ever Friday at 1:10 for computer classes,” she said to me. We kept walking

“ This is our office,” she told me.

“ This is the lunch room, the library, the bathroom, the lockers, the hall to no where, the stairs to the roof, and the gym she told me.” with great pleaser.

“Are there any hot guys in this class," I asked.

“Why yes, yes there are Robert, Kevin, ken, Jacob, Joe, mat, mike oh and kable,”she said the last in a low voice, but it was the way she said Jacob which made me think they were and thing I was more than likely right.

“You and Jacob a thing,” I asked

“Why,” she asked

“The way you say his name you love him don’t you?” I asked.

“Yea were together and yea I do,” she said sheepishly.

“I thought so,” I said to her.

“Oh crap we are going to be late to history,” she said.

We ran to our history class with only 1 minute to spare.