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Renesmee's friend

When a new friend movers nere forks and goes to the same school as Renesmee she may know more than we think.

Katte is how she spells her name and that is Kpov.

2. knowing and lies

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We slid in to our seats in the nick of time. The bell rang a nasty sound of lateness to all not in their 4th period class and that’s when I really noticed her. She was like me in many was the way her beauty stood out and the way she had covering clothes but they were still very munch like everybody else. I know who and what I was looking at but should tell her I know? No, I was running away from what I am and this is the new start for me no friend’s only working on moving on getting away it is the best thing I ever did and I’ve done some pretty great thing. There is no time to think about this now I need to pay action to what’s going on and that was a great idea.

“Miss Carter what year did we end the civil war?” our teacher asked me.

“In 1865 when Lee surrendered to Greant at Appomattox court house in Virginia.” I said.

“Vey good,” she said and did not ask me a single qusten after that.

“Well class your homework assiment is to write a papper on how the people in the war felt about the war and its ending,” she said.

As the class got out there note books to write our homework. I saw Renesmee eye me so I pulled mine out. I did not see why I had to I would rememder it and it’s not like I really had to write munch just use one of my old pappers and I would be fine. I wrote my home work down at looked at the bord when I was done at that time the teacher called the class to order and started talking about how people flet and read some journal etries from the time I hope mines not in there I thought. That would be vey bad I think as classe went on it was not there and when the bell rand for lunch we all got up and packed our book bags I looked down to my next class was Germen I was really not all that hungry so I really didn’t want to the cafitera to not eat lunch like every day but I probly would still have to go anyway.

“Lets go to lunnch,” Renesmee said.

“Ok,” I said and floowed her the cafitera.

We walked into the line and she got an apple and soda and so did I. We walked over to her table and there sat that jacob kid 3 other people that looked like her and a gril from my history class.

She told me that the 3 people who looked like her were her cusins Alice Cullen, Edward Cullen, and Bella Swan and the girl from our history class is named Anna. Anna also had Germen with us.

Well that’s 4 people that I will never know well 5 but I was really not counting the dog. Then I saw how she looked at Bella and Edward she looked at then like they were her mom and dad not her cusins and they probley where not that I wauld really ever tell any body. So I gess Alice is her aunt and Anna just a humen in the mix unknowing. I bet she thought that’s all I was too bet she was wrong there to. As I thought this Edward looked like he was holding on to a flaming stick and I really hope he could not here me I ran away from all of that and there was no way I was ready to but back in it but knowing me I more than likely way in way to deep.

“So katte where did you move from,” bella asked me.

“New york I was there for about a year,” I said to her not really thing.

“Where did you live befor,” Alice asked I thought it was bella but it was not.

“All over my Mom is in the navy I moved back to my dads cuz she got moved over seas for some time,” I lied somthly.

" Oh it must be hard for you then?” she asked.

“No not really it gets better in time and I’m working hard on my intership so it’s not to bad,” I said then really wanted to take it back I had said way to munch.

“What kind of intership,” Alice asked.

“I am heading up the research deparment in the naval crime lab when I’m done with school it is something I’ve been working at for some time and I love it,” I said trying not say to munch.

“How did you get into that,” Alice asked me.

“I was intering in Bethesda Navy Hospital working on a series of way a person could get radiation poising when one of the docs. Told an old friend about my work and I started working for him and now I’m doing what I love.” I said.

They all said, “wow.”

Then Edward asked, “are those all the things you hade internships in?”

“No I’ve also inter in fashion and with the CIA and FBI but that’s all it really no big deal my mom has good friends.” I said and I hope they would let it drop cuz I really did not want to talk about it.

“No big deal,” they said, “that’s like great.”

Of course not well now I really had to lie my but off.

Anna asked how I got the jobs with the CIA and FBI

“My mom’s friends need a coffee getter up there and it turned out I was more useful than they thought.” I said.

Just Alice was about to ask a question I said, “I think we need to get to class Renesmee where is our germen class again.”

“Oh yea it this was lets go Anna bye guys see you later,” Renesmee said to them.

“Bye,” they said and we left to our class.