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Renesmee's friend

When a new friend movers nere forks and goes to the same school as Renesmee she may know more than we think.

Katte is how she spells her name and that is Kpov.

3. Telling

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We walked in to our Germen class and Anna and Renesmee sat in there seats. I walked to our teacher.

I said, “Hallo ist mein Name Katte und ich bin Ihr neuer Kursteilnehmer in der.” (Hello is my name Katte and I am your new student in the class.)

She said, “Hallo bin ich froh, Sie in meiner Kategorie zu haben. Ich bin Professor Simth bin. Sie müssen nahe Renesmee sitzen.” (Hello am glad I to have you in my class. I am a professor Smith. You need sit next Renesmee.)

I said, “ja Professor.” (Yes professor)

She handed me a textbook and a folder. I walked to sit next to Renesmee and when I sat down she said, “I had no idea you that munch German and wow I wish I could talk to her like that.”

“Well I’ve been speaking German for a long time,” I said

“How long,” she asked.

Ummm oh crap now I to lie again, “Well I started in the 4th grade and I’ve been speaking it ever since.”

“Oh,” she said.

“Yea,” then we got silent as the teacher droned on and on about the weather.

“Katte,” Renesmee said and pulled me out of my thought, “open you book to 46 before you got in trouble,”

“Oh ok,” I said.

I read the first sentence and it was about the weather in Germany and I really did not need to read it but I did again. I lived in Germany for some time and know all about it. About 5 minutes after starting the chapter the bell rang.

We walked to our next class I saw that we where biology 2 they must have messed my classes up I was in an NSTAR program in my other school and really did not need to relearn all this. Then I remembered that not all schools could do it so I let go. I walked up to our teacher and told him who I was. He gave me a book and told me to next to Renesmee like all of my other teachers did so I went. He started to talk about cell theory when a few kids started to giggle about a note that some kid passed to them. Then he yelled at them for about 5 minutes and told the class that notes’ being passed was not in planes for the day and not to do it again. And if we did we would all of us would stay after and clean his classroom. Then the bell rang for or last class, which was English.

I again told the teacher who I was and she gave me a book list.

“These are the books we are reading in class and studying we are working on and studying Summerland,” she said.

“Ok,” I said.

“You should sit next to Renesmee,” she told me.

“Ok,” I said again.

Well at least the book lest was easy I read every thing on the lest at least 4 times so no worries there I would use all my old papers for this class too.

I was lucky all we had to do was read Summerland for that class and we should be on chapter 7 at the start of next class and I was there now so I would stop and not read at all that night.

After school I went back to the rink and saw Renesmee there and wished I left for home but no I work to do. I started working on my short program when my couches called my off the ice they wanted me to long then short I really didn’t know why but they had somebody needed to know my music was for that one it was “I Gotta feeling” by the black eyed peas and “Don’t trust me” by 3oh!3. It was same program as I did last year but I tweaked it some. Half way through my coaches said that my program was ok and I did not need to change the long but the short may be a little problem. My song may be used and they asked me what is again.

“Clair de lune,” I said.

“Oh that’s ok well we’ve had some people fright over song and we needed to know what you where doing so we could try to see what we could to help the other coaches ok” they said.

“Oh well yea ok,” I was just wornding I said and got back to working on my long rutain I landed my triple flip with no problem like I all ways did I made a lot of people mad with that move I had about 3 minutes left in my run when Alex called me over and said to get off the ice I was starting to push way to hard and I needed to tack it ease on my feet right now and she would see me at 5 the next morning. I got off the ice and went to change as I was changing Renesmee found me and stated asking why had she not seen me this morning with the other girls.

I said “well I skate thin I go sing while you skate then I come back to skate then I got to school and you didn’t see me cuz I was in the offices this morning working on my skating times with my coaches.”

“Oh,” was all I got out of.

“Hey could not tell anybody about this I really don’t like people knowing it gets kind of weird you know so please?” I asked.

“Yea sure thing,” she said

As I was leaving to go to my car I saw Renesmee getting in to a Volvo with what looked like Edward and Bella in the front seat wow I must be right they problem are her parents. I walked to my car and got in and went home to sleep.

The next day was almost the same as the first I did not have to talk as munch as I did yesterday and I was ok with that. I sat again with Renesmee at her table and talked some but said my head heart about half way through the conversation and I went to the nurse’s office. I ended up missing all of German and half of biology I gave the teacher my pass and started working on our notes.

The next day again was the same but at lunch I ended up in the library because I had a lot of work to be done and I really needed it to be done well that’s I told them.

I had been here for about 2 weeks when odd-looking car was in the skate-rink parking aria I parked and went in the day started out normal but when I was at my singing class I got a weird text and it was from a kid I did not know but I know then what happened she told ever one I know she did well now she would know I know.

We sat in our history class the boy who sat in front of me had done something and the teacher had to take him to the office. That gave me my chance I leaned over and said to Renesmee, “I know what and who you are you think you hide it but you are wrong you for get about the people who know what t look for and they see what the others miss I know what Jacob Bella Alice and Edward are too I bet you would never have thought I know and well know you know I know and you are in for a hell of a day.”