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Renesmee's friend

When a new friend movers nere forks and goes to the same school as Renesmee she may know more than we think.

Katte is how she spells her name and that is Kpov.

4. Accident

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I about fell over when she said that, but then she raised her hand and asked the teacher if she could go to the nurse’s office.

Mrs. Roams said yes and that I should take her. I got up and walked with Katte to the nurse’s office and saw that she looked really pale all most as pale as my mom and dad and they were like the living dead. It had been all-most 100 years since my mom had been human and she was the third youngest of us all. Shit and again shit she must be really sick as we walked into the office and Mrs. Williams saw her. She handed her a pass and asked if she would be able to make it home Katte said that she only lived about a mile away and would be home in about 10 minutes that she would be fine to go home. She left the school and I had a fleeing that some thing was going to happen to her but I knew I had to tell my family that she knew and that we maybe in a bit of trouble. I went and stood at the side of building 6 where no one could see us but we could see them.

Alice was the first to show up. “What the hell is going on you are suppose to be in class,” She said.

I held out my hand and replayed Katte’s talk with me and our walk to the nurse.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit how in hell could she know this,” Alice asked to me.

“Know what,” Mom, Jacob, and Dad asked me.

“Alice hold up on tell them I have a theory I think she knows about it because she is one,” I said.

“Ok tell them they should know now,” I said to her.

She told them about what happened and that she was probably not human and that we could have some trouble. They all started to talk when Alice had a vision.


I got in my car I started to drive home. I was thinking about him Conner and I know I really could let myself slip up every now and then but not today. I was not feeling to well and it was time to move on. He knew I was dead and that’s all it would take.
Then I saw it the great big black wolf in the middle of the road I had to swerve to miss it but I hit 4 trees and rolled over about 6 times be for I blacked out. Conner was the last thing I remember saying.


“Alice, Alice what did you see,” we all yelled at her.

“Edward call Carlisle now and I mean now,” she told him.

“Jacob go talk to the pack and ask if any body has been near the road and if anybody is black,” she yelled to him as he ran to the woods and shifted to ask.

“Bella get us out of class now I don’t care how just do it,” she told her.

Edward handed her the phone and she started to talk to Carlisle.

“You see we have a bit of a problem somebody knows but she just in an accident we need you to take her case.”

“I don’t care what you say to get her on your caseload.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t care just get her on you caseload now Carlisle!”

“No she knows I can’t tell you that because I don’t know that right now god just do it.”

“Well why don’t you ask Renesmee?”

“Hey what did I do?” I asked her.

“Well she means something to you and I can’t see anything that is going to happen,” she told me.

“Alice give me the phone now,” mom said to her.

“Carlisle we need you to call the school and tell them that we need to be sent home right now tell them that Esme needs our help that she has some medical issue right now and we need to home,” she told him then handed the phone to Alice.

Jake came running out of the woods at that moment.

“No one been near the main road and no one is black. Why?” he asked.

“That’s what caused the accident now go back to classes now and I mean right now,” she told us.

“Carlisle call the school in about 3 minutes ok.”

“Goodbye,” she told him.

As I got into my class my teacher said they office just called for me to home. I got my stuff and headed to the office where everybody would be waiting for me. I walked in to the office and Edward was right next to me and then mom was there. Jake came up to me and asked if I was ok.

“Yea its just a little crazy you know,” I told him.

Alice walked in and then we all left for the hospital to see what happened. I didn’t really think about munch as we drove dad would her me so I just keep wondering what happened in Alice’s vision. We got to the hospital just in time the EMTs where just carrying her in and we watched them put her on the bed mom and Alice left so they could think I knew that blood did not bother them as much as it could but they knew for the better of it they should leave. Dad left and it was just Jake and I. I had know idea that I was crying but when Jake wiped the tears from my face I tried to hold them back with no luck.

“Go Jake I need to be alone right now it’s just a hard time. I need to be alone so go be with my family.” I told him.

I sat and watched Carlisle work on Katte he ordered x-rays and a CT I watch him roll her out of the room she was unconscious. Now I know how my dad felt when he saved mom from the van after he hit her head to the pavement. I heard the foot steps come up be hind me.

“Don’t dad don’t I don’t know what I was thinking and now I don’t feel so well I don’t know how I feel but I know there is something going on and she is the only one who can stop it.” I told him.

“Ok we’re going home ok call us when you want to be picked up.” He told me.

“Fine dad I will,” I told him. He left and I sat there for a long time then Carlisle came to talk to me.