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Happy New Year Bella

This is a letter Edward wrote to Bella during New Moon on New Year's Day. Part Of my Letters To Bella Series. Please Read!


1. Chapter 1

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My dearest Bella,

You are never to receive this letter but I cannot help but write it to you anyways. Today is New Year's Day. You have a fresh start a new year. I wish I could have been there to kiss you at midnight. I am so terribly ridiculously sorry for all of the pain I have caused you. Perhaps soon you will have forgiven me and moved on to a danger free life. Go out with your friends tonight. You deserve it. You deserve more than I could possibly ever give you and more. Now you have a chance to be human. A human without any ties to us eternally damned to live as a vampire frozen in an eternal youth. You can grow old and have a family. Something I wish with all of my cold, dead unbeating heart I could give you but, can't. For that, I am so very terribly sorry. I will always love you Isabella. It hurt me more than it hurt you to see you face in pain and your heart drop that day. I wanted nothing more than to take you into my arms and tell you it is going to be okay and I love you. I did everything for your protection.

I am looking for Victoria. She is the only demon left in your precious fragile life now. Soon I will have captured her and you shall be safe. Maybe then, I shall return but you will not see me. For I will always be watching but you may not actually see or hear my presence. I will just be waiting in the wings for you.

Surely, by now you are over me and have forgotten about my family and me. Why wouldn't you? Your mind is nothing more than a sieve and for that, I envy you. For time heals all wounds for you. I shall never be able to forget you. I can distract myself, but that will not work. You must hate me for everything, for everything I have done, and caused you, I am sorry. You will never know how much in love with you I am.

There was just a single lie the whole time I knew you. Just the one day in the forest. I never in a thousand years thought you would believe me and I was thinking that surely you would see through my lie. That day turned into the worst day of both of our lives, I am all too sure.

I want to be able to see you again if only for a day. Throughout all the years in my existence, I have never wanted to see someone as much as I need, no yearn to see you. However, I cannot all of those privileges disappeared in the forest that fateful day.

Watch out for yourself Isabella, you seem to be a danger magnet and that worries me greatly. Try to love again, I know it is not in your nature to accept change but please try. I love you.

Forever and eternally yours,

Edward Cullen