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Party Girl

3 years have passed since Edward left Bella. She never turned to Jacob for help. Now at 21 Izzy is an internationally known supermodel. What happens when the past comes knocking at her door? Can she forgive and forget? Or will she continue to be human? Please read! Rated- Teen for partying and mild language. IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE DO NOT SKIP!!!!


1. Izzy, Internationally Known Supermodel

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"Izzy! Izzy! Is it true you and Paris aren't speaking right now?" Slimy paparazzi asked me. Disgusting. Why would I stop talking to Paris she is my best friend!

"Paris and I are still best friends! Thanks for your concern though!" I blew the paps (what we famous people abbreviate paparazzi into) a kiss and got into the limo. Ugh! Can't a person even leave their own apartment now without an encounter from the paps? I guess not. Ah, the price of fame.

In the last three years of my life, I became a model, hosted some TV shows sometimes, turned 21, started and became especially famous on top of all my modeling for being a party girl! I also changed my name from Bella to Izzy. Bella was so super boring small town girl and Izzy is an internationally known supermodel/party girl.

Currently I am living in New York City because of all the shows and opportunities for modeling there are. In addition, the clubs are amazing which a huge upside to living is where I do now. On Madison Avenue, I have a huge penthouse in one of the buildings.

I became a party girl and a model because I wanted be the opposite of everything I was when I was eighteen. I figured at first when he saw me in magazines he would want me but, nothing. I went to a party for Paris Hilton one night and discovered partying is really lots of fun. So here I am at twenty-one an international supermodel and party girl.

Today I was wearing a short gold sparkly clubbing dress with matching heels and purple purse. "Where to Miss Izzy?" The driver asked before he started to drive.

"Paris's new club on Forty-Seventh Street." I instructed him. He began to drive and I pulled out my iPhone and texted Paris to let her know when I'd be there.

Me: Hey Paris just left. I'll be there in 20 mins tops!

Paris: Sweet! See you then!

After about twenty minutes later, the driver stopped and opened the door at the club. I hiked my dress up a little before I entered the club. Cameras were flashing as I walked up the pink carpet into the club. Closer by NeYo was playing. I made my way over to the bar. "What can I get you gorgeous?" The semi-hot bartender asked. I am way out of his league.

"I'll have an Izzy Blue." I told him. Paris had decided to make a drink after me since I always made the bartender at other clubs mix these exact types of alcohol together to get a blue drink which Paris named Izzy Blue. A minute later, he handed me the drink and I flashed him a smile before walking off. Ugh, disgusting bartender.

Tonight the club would be full of celebrities and other rich people. Opening nights are always the best for clubs. I made my way to the V.I.P. section of the club. The bouncer saw me and let me straight up.

"Izzy! Over here!" Paris called as soon as I got upstairs. She was wearing a sparkly pink short clubbing dress with matching heels and a silver purse. Cute!

"Hey! Awesome club Paris!" I complimented her while I handed my drink to a waiter and waited for his return with another one.

Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney joined us about twenty minutes later. We chatted mindlessly for an hour while I got drunk (well we all got drunk). Just Dance by Lady Gaga came on and we all got up and started dancing with random people. At about 3 am the club was closing so we headed off home.

I could have sworn that I saw a familiar bronze head of hair as people filed out of the club. Way too much to drink tonight Izzy. My driver was there as I somewhat stumbled out of the club. I rode home with the windows down and the cold night slightly sobered me up but enough so I was still drunk.

When I arrived home, I took off my heels and rode the elevator up the forty-six floors to my penthouse. I slid my shoes back on as I rode up.

I giggled as I fumbled for my keys in my clutch purse. I looked up once the keys were found and saw him standing there.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I asked.