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Party Girl

3 years have passed since Edward left Bella. She never turned to Jacob for help. Now at 21 Izzy is an internationally known supermodel. What happens when the past comes knocking at her door? Can she forgive and forget? Or will she continue to be human? Please read! Rated- Teen for partying and mild language. IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE DO NOT SKIP!!!!


3. Milan

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I woke up that morning to my cell phone going off at approximately six am. My agent, great. All I want to do is sleep. "Hello, Izzy here." I groggily said.

"Fabulous you're up. Pack your bags. You are modeling in Milan. Tomorrow you need to be there at noon. I have you booked on a flight at about noon today. You need to be at the airport at ten. I'll send your driver to get you between eight-thirty and nine-fifteen." She explained. Exactly what I need, an excuse to leave the country. Perfect timing.

Putting on the act of super psyched Izzy, world-class supermodel I spoke "Awesome! I can't wait! I'll talk to you later; I need to go get ready! Bye!" I hung up before she could say anything else. I made my way to the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee. After my coffee was drained, I groaned as I realized I needed to start packing. It takes forever to pack.

Out of my closet, I pulled my Louis Vitton luggage set. As I started packing, I heard a knocking and yelling (more like begging) coming from the hall. "Izzy please just talk to me. I'm sorry!" It sounded like if the person were human he would probably be crying. Ignoring him, I turned up the music even louder. After an hour, I was done packing.

"Seven-thirty, I have time for a quickie shower." I thought aloud as I made my way to the bathroom. I took a fast shower, did makeup, and dressed. Casual clothes, skinny jeans, yellow wedges, and a yellow and pink longer t-shirt.

Around eight-forty-five, the driver buzzed three times to let me know he was here. I switched off the stereo and opened the door to not shockingly still see Edward sitting there. "Move out of my way." I barked as I exited.

"Are you coming home, where you belong, with me?" He asked hopefully.

I laughed, as if I would go with him. "As if I would go with you, I'm on my way to fashion week in Milan." I walked into the elevator and to no surprise, he followed me. "What, Cullen? I don't have time for this thing you are doing I have a driver waiting downstairs." I asked annoyed that he was being so persistent.

"Bell, I mean Izzy I am so sorry, for everything. Would you be so kind as to give me a second chance? I promise I will never hurt you again." He asked as the elevator headed towards the ground floor.

"See right there's the problem. I could never believe anything you promise or say to me." I stepped out of the elevator and left him standing there with his jaw slack as I strutted away from him. I didn't see him exit the elevator or follow me at all.

As I got in the limousine, a thought or an epiphany occurred to me. For hopefully the second time in my life Edward Cullen had left, only this time I was ecstatic.

On the way to the airport, I pushed the thought out of my mind and focused on more important things, such as Fashion Week in Milan. My phone began vibrating in my bag. I opened it to find a text:

I'm not giving up on you. -E.

Damn, that vampire just won't give up will he? Well, then let the games begin and things are about to get very interesting in his life. Now I just need to devise a plan that will hopefully break his heart just like he broke mine three years ago in that forest. This should be lots of fun to do. I tried to think of ways to hurt him like he I realized no matter how hard I try to come up with ideas I couldn't.

Crap, no matter how hard I try I just am unable to hurt him. Quickly I pushed the thought as far away as I could and focused, hard.

Edward Cullen, Izzy is going to give you a taste of your own medicine, only I won't date you, I'll just break your poor little unbeating vampire heart. I promise you that you will be heartbroken in under a month.