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Party Girl

3 years have passed since Edward left Bella. She never turned to Jacob for help. Now at 21 Izzy is an internationally known supermodel. What happens when the past comes knocking at her door? Can she forgive and forget? Or will she continue to be human? Please read! Rated- Teen for partying and mild language. IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE DO NOT SKIP!!!!


7. Jump

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Edward's Point of View Right After Marc Jacobs Show:

"So let me get this straight Edward Cullen, when she tries to fight with us we are supposed to just take it? We can't go back in there later?" Alice asked confused. I know that Bella will try to hurt each one of us in attempt to make us feel what she felt. In our defense, I deserved it; the others decided to follow me.

"You do not have to take it. I deserve it; I destroyed her life, Alice. What am I supposed to do? I have told her everything and begged for her forgiveness. All I got was a vase chucked at my head." I asked desperately wanting to know what I needed to do to get my Bella back.

"I am going to go apologize to her Edward for what I did. She was my best friend and I left just as much as you did. I am pretty sure Rosalie will come with me." She said bounding out of the house. I followed looking for Bella's sent to go and find her. I caught her scent on a mountain carrier thing. What is she doing that involves her going to the top of a mountain? Oh no. She had promised me that she would remain safe. Please Bella do not do this. I began running probably too fast up the mountain trying to find her. No one but her scent was here.

The scent was at least twenty minutes old and that scared me. I followed the scent around a few different trails until I reached the edge of the mountain. There she was standing in all her beauty.

"I am sorry. I know nothing I say should be able to make up for what I did but you have to get away from that edge. Please just back up." I begged on my knees. She turned around and I saw tears streaming down her face.

"Why? Why should I do anything you ask me? This is my life Edward Cullen not yours. You don't get a say in what I do or don't do. If I want to jump and kill myself than I will." She asked. I have no idea what to say.

Terrified that I may say something wrong and she will jump I spoke against my better judgment. "Bella this is not you. Please do not jump." I continued begging her. She moved an inch closer to the edge.

"Bella is dead! You helped kill her! When you left her, she was almost dead. For months, she acted as if she was one of the dead. Then when I finally found someone to make me happy, someone to protect me, then, Laurent came back. The mess you created came back for me. I was ready to let him kill me; I had been dead for so many months already what did it matter? Just as he was lunging at me my idiot, Jacob was running towards me. He transformed into a wolf and fought Laurent. He won but at a price. Venom that was toxic to a werewolf was in his system. He died right in front of me, for me because you were gone! That was when Bella really died Edward and Izzy was born!" She was screaming now. I began to move towards her realizing, it did not matter and that she was going to jump now.

"So come back here and tell me you love me! I do not care! Nothing you do could make me stay with you because to you it's all a game! Now I bid you farewell for a final time!" She yelled with a smile on her face. Before I could reach her, she jumped. I jumped after her but she hit the ground first.

Isabella Swan just committed suicide, and I could not save her. My fault, Isabella Swan's death is my fault.