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Finding Dad

When the Volturi come in Breaking Dawn they didn't rule in Renesmee's favor. Edward forces Bella to take Renesmee and Jacob and run as far as she can away from Forks. She runs to Isle Esme, never hearing from any of the Cullen's. Now we fast-forward seventeen years. Renesmee grew up with Bella an Jacob on the secluded island (Bella and Jacob are not a thing he is just sort of protector). When Renesmee becomes engaged to Jacob and Alice and Jasper show up saying that Edward has been missing since the day of the battle. In the dead of night she takes off to find the Dad she has only memories of. What becomes unveiled as she searches the world to find him? Can she find him/ What role do the Volturi play in all this? Find out in Finding Dad! Please Read I worked really hard! ~Isabella IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE ON FINAL CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Preface

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"Bella they've made their decision and it's not in our favor, I want you to take Renesmee and run." Edward told me. This isn't happening. I glanced back at Renesmee sitting peacefully and happily on Jake's back.

"I'm not leaving you we have a plan and we'll stick to it and we will be fine." Even as I spoke the words, I didn't believe them.

"We already have a small chance of getting out safely and let alone together at the same time with no injuries or anything of the sort, Renesmee needs to have a parent with her. Just go." As he told me, I realized he is right; Renesmee does need at least one parent with her.

"Promise me we will be together again and you'll get out alive." I asked him to promise.

"I promise. I love you Bella."

"I love you Edward." We kissed once, not knowing how long until we will be together again.

"Now go!" Edward ordered as the Volturi decided to send people to attack us.

Quickly I ran scooping Renesmee up in my arms and running not looking back afraid of what I will see. Screams broke the otherwise silent air and I covered Renesmee's ears so she wouldn't be frightened by the screaming. "Momma what's happening?" Her sweet little soprano pitched voice asked in a worried tone.

I stopped running once we were out of earshot of everyone and everything. We are very far away and not anywhere near Forks anymore. "Sweetie, Daddy was worried about you and me so he sent you and me away because he loves us very much." I told her, I really don't want her worried so I only told her part of the truth.

"Okay, when will we see Daddy and Auntie Rose, Auntie Alice, Grandma Esme, Grandpa Carlisle, Uncle Emmett, Uncle Jasper, and Grandpa Charlie?" She asked.

"I don't know." Honestly, I'm not sure if everyone will make it out alive or not. Edward is the one I am worried the most about; Renesmee is going to need her father later on in life. Leaves in the distance suddenly stirred, glancing at Jacob once I pulled Renesmee back into my arms and took off running with her again. No one is going to take my daughter away from me.

We continued to run until we reached the boat that we can take to the safe spot, Isle Esme. We chose Isle Esme because only the Cullen's and Jake know about it and we can go outside during the day. Luckily Jacob knew how to drive the boat because I have absolutely zero idea how to and Renesmee is too little to know how to drive anything.

"Mommy where are we now?" Renesmee asked running around the boat with her lifejacket on and plopping down on my lap.

"We're going to the safe place Daddy arranged for us, he should come soon." I answered. Edward promised that he would eventually come if I were to have to take Renesmee away for safety reasons. Briefly, we talked about it around the same time that we discussed where to hide Renesmee.

Later at night, once everything we had was put away and Renesmee was asleep I called Edward's phone, no response. I called repeatedly before trying everyone's phone with no response from anyone. Carefully I fought my urge to hyperventilate at the realization of what could have happened. "He's fine Bella, they're all fine." I repeated over and over again. The chair's arm broke off in my grasp for support.

"Daddy, Daddy! AHHHHH!" Renesmee began screaming loudly in her sleep. Quickly I rushed into her room and began cradling her in my arms and comforting her.

"Ssssh. Baby girl its okay, just a dream. Everything is okay, it's just a dream, go back to sleep." She stopped screaming but continued to thrash in my arms for another minute and then her eyelids fluttered before she woke up.

"Momma, I want Daddy. Is he here yet?" Renesmee asked.

"No baby he's not here," but I wish with all my being he was.

"I knew it; I knew my dream was real and Daddy died!" She yelled and began to cry.

"No he didn't die. He will be here and Daddy will play our lullaby as you fall asleep, just like at home." I reassured her. Edward will be home eventually, he promised me that he would find us.

"You promise?" She asked sticking her little pinky finger up, wanting me to pinky promise her.

"Yes." Little did I know that he wouldn't be able to get to us.