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Finding Dad

When the Volturi come in Breaking Dawn they didn't rule in Renesmee's favor. Edward forces Bella to take Renesmee and Jacob and run as far as she can away from Forks. She runs to Isle Esme, never hearing from any of the Cullen's. Now we fast-forward seventeen years. Renesmee grew up with Bella an Jacob on the secluded island (Bella and Jacob are not a thing he is just sort of protector). When Renesmee becomes engaged to Jacob and Alice and Jasper show up saying that Edward has been missing since the day of the battle. In the dead of night she takes off to find the Dad she has only memories of. What becomes unveiled as she searches the world to find him? Can she find him/ What role do the Volturi play in all this? Find out in Finding Dad! Please Read I worked really hard! ~Isabella IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE ON FINAL CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!


2. Sixteen and a half years later...

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Today is my seventeenth birthday. I haven't seen my Daddy in sixteen and a half years. Momma sent Jacob to go find him but he was unsuccessful. She hasn't been the same since she took me away from the fight. Do not get me wrong she is happy but it's like there is an important piece missing. I hear her dry sob sometimes when she doesn't think I'm listening or thinks I can't hear her.

I spend a good portion of my free time doing a good portion of my own detective work trying to find Daddy using internet, contacting the few people I know, and using any old information I can find to guess as to where he might be or how I find someone who knows where he is. No one is aware of my plans to find him and put my parents together as they should be.

We never left Isle Esme. I grew up here and it's pretty secluded. On this island there is me, Jake, Momma (I never stopped calling her Momma for some reason), and a few local people whom we don't exactly talk to very often.

"Renesmee could you come here for a minute?" Momma called from the living room.

"Sure, I'll be down in a minute." I called back. Quickly I put away all of the papers in my search for Daddy away and raced downstairs. "Yes Momma?"

"Could you go out into the garden and get a book for me? I think I left it on the bench." She asked with a smirk on her face. Something is up with her. Why would she want me to get it for her?

"Sure, be back in a minute." I went out into the garden and headed towards the middle where the bench is in the gazebo (Grandma Esme definitely enjoyed designing this place). Jake was sitting there in the gazebo. "Renesmee Carlie Cullen, you are the most wonderful, amazing, beautiful, smart, funny, perfect woman alive. Will you marry me?" As he spoke, he kneeled down on one knee with a black velvet box in his hand in which he opened to reveal a silver ring with a heart shaped diamond. Oh. My. Gawd. "Yes!" I squealed unable to get out any other words.

"You have just successfully made me the happiest werewolf ever. Thank you." Jake said as he slid the ring on my finger as soon as the ring was completely on my finger we kissed.

"Let's go tell Mom!" I pulled him along behind me as we ran towards the house.

When we were within earshot of the living room, I heard her talking to someone and abruptly I stopped running. "Do you know where he is?" Where who is? "No, we haven't seen him since the day of the battle, I've had visions of him hunting but it is like someone is blocking my sight of him." The other voice answered. I know that voice. It's... Aunt Alice's. I thought she didn't know where we are, I wanted her too but Momma said the less people that knew the better chance we have of keeping us safe. I pushed Jake back for a second and flashed him the one moment sign with my hand.

"Who are you talking about?" I asked walking in to find Momma, Alice, and Jasper. I know exactly what battle they mean, the battle with the Volturi. Aunt Alice walked over and embraced me in a hug immediately "You are so big now!" She exclaimed.

"We are talking about Daddy and where he might be, sweetie no one has seen or heard from him since the day of the battle." Momma carefully said. Instantly I remembered the dream I had when I was little. Even though I'm seventeen I have to play the one recording of the lullaby he wrote every night before I go to sleep or I have the dream about the battle ending badly again.

"That would mean... NO! I knew the dream was right, I knew it! You promised." As I processed everything, the realization hit that my daddy is probably... dead. I turned around and began sobbing into Jake's chest (I didn't hear him come up behind me). "Sssssh, honey it's okay." Jake tried to comfort me.

"He's not dead Renesmee, I've had visions of him hunting the only problem is I can't figure out where. I do know that he misses you and I promise your Daddy is not dead." Aunty Alice promised me and I believe her. I nodded okay and dried my eyes. He's not dead. Daddy is not dead.

"If he isn't dead, how should we look to find him?" Momma asked with a slight amount of hope that I hadn't heard in awhile in her voice.

"We have no idea, he's not in Forks or Alaska or Chicago, there isn't any clues to find him." Uncle Jasper spoke for the first time.

"I say we wait and continue to call him." Momma suggested. I want my Daddy, not a voicemail message that hasn't changed since I was a baby. If we don't look for him, we can't find him. Daddy knew exactly where I am supposed to go and if he could freely come home, he would be here right now, he promised me the night before the battle that if something happened he would come find me because I'm his baby girl.

"But, if Daddy could freely come here than, wouldn't he be here already because he promised me the night before the battle that if something were to happen he would come and find me. Daddy promised me." It's hard not to get worked up over him being gone.

"I don't know Renesmee, please calm down." Momma asked.

"Okay, you guys can discuss this more; I'm going to go get some sleep. Night everyone." I kissed Jake goodnight and hugged everyone else before heading upstairs to my room. Once I was upstairs and alone I grabbed my file on trying to find him and began to put the pieces together on where he probably is. An hour later I realized this: if no one had seen him since the battle then that means the Volturi have him, Momma always said that they wanted him for his talent and refused to kill him. From what I know that isn't good.

The Volturi have Daddy, no, No, NO! There's an emergency bag under my bed that I have in case someone or something comes after me or any one of us. I grabbed the bag, my purse, wallet, locket, and a few things out of my room. Taking one final look around me careful not to make any sound jumped out the window. I ran making sure no one was following me I continued to run until I reached the boat on the backside of the island. Putting the keys in ignition I began to drive until I got to land.

Okay, airport, where is it? If I take this road for three miles then I'll be at the airport.

Two hours later, I was on a flight heading towards Washington, where I can start the search for Daddy. When we landed, I pulled out my phone and called the cell-phone number I was given when I was little, no surprise it went to voicemail. "Daddy its Renesmee. Momma and Aunty Alice think you were captured, if by some miracle chance you weren't please, please, please call me, I'm in Forks, Washington looking for you. The phone should tell you the number to call me. I love you Daddy, bye." I hung up. Over the years, I'd secretly made phone calls to him and left messages. I have never gotten a response from him, sadly.

My phone began to ring... Momma. "Hello?" I am so grounded. "Renesmee Carlie Cullen where are you?" She practically growled into the phone.

"I'm looking for Daddy, I'm grown up now and I'm getting married, I want my Daddy to walk me down the aisle and I am going to find him." I argued back to her. Every girl dreams of the day her Daddy will walk her down the aisle on her wedding day and he'll give her away to the man of her dreams, well that's what I want.

"Okay, you are right. If you can't find him please come home." She begged.

"Yes, I have to go now, bye."

"Bye" Momma said and hung up after that. Surprisingly I'm not in trouble. I just have to remember how to get to the cottage. That would be easy if I could remember how to get there. This sure won't be easy to find home.