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Finding Dad

When the Volturi come in Breaking Dawn they didn't rule in Renesmee's favor. Edward forces Bella to take Renesmee and Jacob and run as far as she can away from Forks. She runs to Isle Esme, never hearing from any of the Cullen's. Now we fast-forward seventeen years. Renesmee grew up with Bella an Jacob on the secluded island (Bella and Jacob are not a thing he is just sort of protector). When Renesmee becomes engaged to Jacob and Alice and Jasper show up saying that Edward has been missing since the day of the battle. In the dead of night she takes off to find the Dad she has only memories of. What becomes unveiled as she searches the world to find him? Can she find him/ What role do the Volturi play in all this? Find out in Finding Dad! Please Read I worked really hard! ~Isabella IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE ON FINAL CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!


5. Two-hundred eighty-three years, three-hundred sixty-four days, twelve hours, thirteen minutes, and fourteen seconds

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Edward's Point Of View:

Sixteen and a half years ago, the unenviable happened. The entire Volturi army came after my little baby girl. During the fight, I forced Bella to take Renesmee and run. They didn't rule in our favor and wanted to kill Renesmee or take her captive. As it broke out into a full-fledged battle Bella and I said goodbye quickly before she ran off clutching our daughter to her chest. Bella didn't look back and honestly, I'm thankful she didn't look back or I'm not sure I would have been strong enough to let her leave. Even just watching the back of her leave was torturous if she had looked back there would maybe be an outcome of her here with me, which isn't a good thing.

I left Renesmee a note on her dresser. Even as an infant she seemed like the type of person who would not let anything get in her way. I was sure that she would come looking if I didn't return. It was left in the few moments I had to gather my things.

Bella must be furious at me. She's strong and stubborn which has to be good for Renesmee. The only thing that worries me is when I left the first time Bella was emotionless and unresponsive, I hope that she wasn't like that on accident; I know that I was emotionless without her.

In two-hundred and eight-four years I am able to go find Bella and Renesmee. It feels like another eternity until we are reunited. I would have left years ago if Aro didn't threaten to kill Renesmee and Bella if I escaped. Aro sees Renesmee as a prize or a toy. He wants her for his guard. He sees Bella the exact same way. That's how I ended up here:


As I watched Bella run off holding our daughter in her arms, pain went through me. Not pain as Jane could cause but pain in my unbeating heart.

Aro held up a hand to stop everyone. All of the fighting ceased as people eyes went straight to the devil in vampire form. "Renesmee and Bella won't be hunted if Edward gives himself up to the Volturi for three-hundred years." He spoke and all eyes went straight to me. Esme's eyes caught mine especially, she looked torn. Three-hundred years without Bella, how could I do that when an hour without her is hard? However, Bella and Renesmee need to be safe.

"As long as you don't go after or touch Bella and Renesmee, I will go with you."Everyone gasped as I spoke. Emmett and Rosalie looked furious. They seemed to think if I stayed maybe, we could win. I couldn't risk anyone else's lives; I needed to go with them. I need to protect my family. Esme still looked torn. Carlisle looked proud that I was doing this for Bella and Renesmee but angry with Aro.

*End Flashback*

I don't know where Bella is. She kept it a secret from me on purpose just so Aro couldn't listen to my thoughts and find them if he were to change his mind. I have written letters to our cottage to her on the off chance she went back there.

Renesmee's seventeen now. I wonder what she looks like and if she is married to the dog yet. Unfortunately I have to thank the dog for going with them to keep them safe.

I wonder if Alice and Jasper or anyone else from our family has found them. Alice at the time she left to go look for answers couldn't see Renesmee or Jacob at all which could make it hard to locate them. Since Bella is around them all of the time it must make it nearly impossible to find them.

Two-hundred eighty-three years, three-hundred sixty-four days, twelve hours, thirteen minutes, and fourteen seconds until I can see Bella.