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Edward's Suicide Letter

When people kill themselves they write a suicide note right? Well in New Moon when Edward was going to kill himself wouldn't he write one also? Wouldn't he write it to Bella and tell her how much he loves her? Well this is what I think he wrote to her in his note. It's basically proclaiming his love for her. Please read!


1. Chapter 1

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My Dearest Bella,

I know that you shall never read this note because you are... dead. I am so sorry I was not there to catch you when you jumped. I am sorry. If maybe I had not of come to Forks, you would have been able to continue your human life.

I blame no one in my death, because it was purely my choice and my choice alone. You see, as hard as I might try I just cannot live in a world where you do not exist. It would be impossible for me to even try the slightest feeble attempt in surviving, let alone, living without you here.

The glorious part of this whole thing is that if there truly is an afterlife for my kind and it is not a hell, you will be there. I will get to see you all the time. I vow to never willingly leave your side again unless you request it of me. I love you Isabella Marie Swan. I love you more than anything.

I shall understand if you do not want to see me, or have anything whatsoever to do with me when we meet again. You need to know that even if you wish me away, I shall always be waiting in the shadows. Waiting for my opportunity to try to persuade you to love me again.

You could send me to the ocean ground for a millennia and I would still love you. You could send me into the fiery pits of hell until they burn out and I would still love you more than anything. You could send me away and I would always be more than willingly return to you. I love you Bella, more than the stars in the sky, the air you breathed when you were alive. You are the single most important thing to me no matter if we are alive or dead. I love you.

I am terribly sorry for leaving you. At the time, I thought it was the only way to protect you from what I am... a monster. Why you would chose to fall in love with a disgusting revolting monster like myself I shall never understand no matter how many times you explain. I do realize now that leaving you was a stupid, idiotic, and dumbest thing I have ever done in all my years and I shall never completely forgive myself. I am sorry. I love you.

You are the most amazing creature I have ever met. There is not a single soul out there that is better than yours. You are the kindest, least selfish, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, and loving soul there ever was. You were terribly bashful and I love that about you. I love everything about you from your beautiful soft, silky, perfect, curly, chocolate brown hair to your perfect little toes and everything in between.

No matter what is to happen, I shall always love you. I know you will think of what I am about to do as your fault but it isn't true. I am doing this on my own accord. I love you Bella. One final time I bid you adieu. I will always love you.

Love yours until the end of time and longer,

Edward Cullen.

Years later when Bella discovered the letter he had written to her on the way to Italy she became more truly in love with her husband of five-hundred years than ever before. She skipped downstairs and held on to Edward, frankly, because she loved him and he was here for her, always.