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Breaking the Rules

Edward Masen was the perfect spy. He was intelligent, fast, dashing. Oh, and being immortal helped a lot, too. Vampires run the show at the most elite spy agency in the world. What happens when someone finds out what they are and knows how to destroy them? Very AU.

I KNOW! Don't tell me, for I know what you are thinking. ANOTHER STORY?! We're still waiting for updates on that one you left on a cliffhanger MONTHS AGO! Welp, I write what I want to write, and I wanted to write a spy story :) I hope you like it.

3. Friends

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Gotcha Masen.”

I had to urge myself to keep walking. Bella had her pistol loaded with incendiary rounds pointed right at my back, but I found it hard to care. She was the one who rigged that mansion to explode. She was the one who made me start my climb up the spy ladder over again. She had ruined the next ten years for me, at least.

She shoved the pistol in my back, urging me out the door that I was originally going to go through with the Duke so he could escape. Now he was lying in a fainted heap in the hallway behind me. I wasn't worried, though. When he came to and realized he was alive, and that his brother had not succeeded in attempting to kill him, he would send Carlisle the money. The money was all that mattered to a mind like Carlisle's.

The air outside was cool, crisp. I wanted to know where I was going... and something extremely alarming occurred to me at the point. I could not, no matter how hard I tried, read her mind. “You...” I muttered.

She pushed me into the wall of trees surrounding the house. We were completely invisible to the people at the party now.

She laughed. “Yes, me! I am the one who has wasted your time. Now you have to spend years working your way back up to your old status! If you even make it back there, that is. Oh, turn left up here.”

The thoughts from the guests faded the farther away from the party we got. However, there were two other people, two other vampires, whose thoughts were getting louder.

He can hear me, I bet! thought one. It was a girl with a very high voice, but it was not unpleasant.

The other one was a bit more irritating. I hope he notices how good I look. My hair looks especially wonderful today. I didn't even know that could happen! I'll knock his socks off.

I held in the laugh that threatened to escape. How vain could someone get? “You have friends?” I asked.

“Excuse me, who has the gun?” she asked.

“You do, I believe. I also have one, you know,” I informed her. “And if I wanted it enough, I could kill you now.”

“But I'd kill you, too, and you don't want that. Anyway, seeing as I'm the one pointing the gun at you, I think you should stop with the questions and keep walking.”

Roughly five minutes later, we stopped walking.

“You know, I am impressed you've been able to walk this far in those shoes,” I mentioned. Considering the lack of any sort of a trail through the trees, I was truly impressed. I never understood how women could do anything in heels... they were such a hazard.

“Hush, Masen.”

“Yes, ma'am!” I exclaimed. If it came down to it, I'd take this human down with me. My sarcasm was just something that was a tad hard to reign in sometimes... If she shot me for it, she'd get to die too.

“It seems you've been getting along well!” exclaimed the voice I had heard in my head, the high one. “Nice work, Bella!” She appeared in front of me a moment later. “We got him.” She grinned.

The vain one appeared a second later. “Finally,” she muttered. “I was beginning to think you'd never get here.” Slow human, she thought.

Bella laughed. “Missed you too, Rosalie.”

“So, Edward,” said the little one. “Do you mind if I call you Edward? I really don't like last names... They're so impersonal!”

“That's the point, Alice,” growled Rosalie.

“Edward's fine...” I said. To be honest, I had no idea what was going on. Kidnapped by a human who knew what I was... and then taken to two of her vampire pals. I was completely unprepared for this kind of situation. I figured compliance was the best way to go.

“So, Edward,” she repeated. “You are going to come with us, understand? You're going to come with us, get in our car, and wear your blindfold like a good little captive!”

I clenched my jaw. “What ever you say.”

I wanted so badly to reach into my pocket and click the little button on my pager that let the Organization know I was in trouble. I couldn't, though, because in seconds I'd be all full of incendiary rounds, and nobody in their right mind wants that.

Alice pulled out a piece of thick black cloth. As she tied it around my eyes, Rosalie frisked me. She took away my gun, both of my knives, my pager, my phone, and my wallet. I heard the sound of the pager and the phone being crushed and dropped on the ground.

“We don't want anyone listening now, do we?” she asked cheerfully as she mashed the intricate electronics into nothing but useless dust.

I cringed. “Do you know how expensive that stuff was?” I asked. That was hundreds of thousands of dollars right down the drain. Carlisle insisted on the most hi-tech gadgets of them all, and the ones I had weren't supposed to be released for another three years... it cost a pretty penny to get them, and she had crushed them like they were made of glass.

“Oh yes,” laughed Rosalie. “And now all of it is very expensive dust!” She smirked.

I resisted the urge to growl.

Alice took my hand and started pulling me behind her.

Esme is going to be so proud! she thought cheerfully.

I'm so talented, thought Rosalie. Bella's shoes are killing her... Or should I say my shoes. That's what she gets for insisting to wear them.

I chuckled.

“What are you laughing at?” asked Bella. The only other noise was the sound of our footsteps. We weren't far away from the car.

“Oh, nothing,” I said, cursing myself for laughing. I just couldn't help it.

Faster than I thought humanly possible, Bella took off her shoe and threw it at my head. It hit me in the ear. “Nothing my ass,” she grumbled.

Rule Number Four For Vampire Spies – Don't, under any circumstances, provoke your captor. They wont be afraid to throw whatever blunt object is handy at your body.

A minute later, the soft ground of the forest ended, and we hit pavement. With a quick shove, I was thrown into the back of a car. Rosalie sat on one side of me and Alice sat on the other. Bella drove.

“I'm so glad you guys don't use head bags,” I said in an effort to start a conversation. The more I knew about them, the more I would be able to use against them at some point. I needed to get them talking.

Bella laughed. “No, no, no, Edward. No talking. We know all your tricks. We're not going to tell you anymore than you absolutely need to know.”

“Which is nothing,” said Alice.

I sighed. It was going to be a long, long day.