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Breaking the Rules

Edward Masen was the perfect spy. He was intelligent, fast, dashing. Oh, and being immortal helped a lot, too. Vampires run the show at the most elite spy agency in the world. What happens when someone finds out what they are and knows how to destroy them? Very AU.

I KNOW! Don't tell me, for I know what you are thinking. ANOTHER STORY?! We're still waiting for updates on that one you left on a cliffhanger MONTHS AGO! Welp, I write what I want to write, and I wanted to write a spy story :) I hope you like it.

4. Big Whoop

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Jasper's Point of View

“Jasper, Emmett, to my office please,” rang Carlisle's voice over the intercom system. I sighed and placed the tracking device on the desk in my living quarters. When you worked for the Organization, you didn't have offices. You had placed where you lived temporarily while staying on base, and the rest of the time you were out on missions. It was a handy thing, not needing sleep.

I swept out of my quarters and headed straight for Carlisle's office. I had been watching the various trackers on my down time, and as soon as one of them beeped out, I knew that Emmett and I were going to be called. Edward's tracker was down, and someone needed to find him.

I met Emmett in the elevator.

“Hey, you ready for some ass kicking?” asked Emmett excitedly.

I was more of a technology and strategics expert. I could falsify any document you asked me to if you gave me a computer and a printer. Sure, I could punch and kick if I needed to, but that was more Emmett's area. He was a killing machine, that Emmett. He and I made the perfect team. I was the brains, he was the brawn. Because of all of our missions together, we were close. Almost like brothers.

“I'm sure you are,” I replied.

“You bet. But what if he doesn't even need us at all! What if he wants to send us to... the incinerator!” he said in a spooky voice.

I laughed. “Dun, dun, dun!”

As soon as the door slid open, we made our way straight for Carlisle's office. I knocked sharply on the door.

“Come in!” he exclaimed.

Emmett pushed the door open. “So who do I get to fight now, boss?” asked Emmett.

Carlisle laughed. “Sit, sit, I'll tell you in a moment.” He gestured to the two chairs in front of his desk. “To keep a long story short, Edward was ambushed during his bodyguard job for the duke. We don't know who did it, what they want, or how well armed they are against our kind. They obviously must be something special, or they wouldn't have been able to capture him... although lately Edward has been rather good at getting himself into sticky situations.”

“Lately?” laughed Emmett. It was well known that Edward like to get himself in trouble just so he could find a way out of it in the nick of time. It was one of his ways to “keep the job exciting.”

“His pager was destroyed about a mile away from the duke's residence. And for your information, we did get the money from the duke, so there's no need to destroy Edward when you find him. Good luck,” finished Carlisle.

Carlisle always kept things short with the agents. He was known for never getting close to anyone. Ever. He knew that he couldn't get attached because if something went horribly wrong in a mission, he was the one who had to order the execution. Getting close to someone you had to kill wasn't good for a person's morale.

Emmet and I stood and left the room. “Dibs flying the jet!” exclaimed Emmett.

“You flew it last time!” I gasped. Flying the jet was excellent and Emmett always got to fly it.

On our way to the runway (which was so cleverly disguised that even I had no idea how we could launch jets and not be found out), I ran into one of the interns. She fell to the ground, scattering her armful of incendiary rounds all over the round.

“Sorry, Angela!” I exclaimed. I knew everybody's name.

“N-n-no problem,” she stuttered. She pushed her hair out of her face. I picked everything up and helped her to her feet.

“Have a nice day!” I said as I ran to catch up with Emmett. When I caught him, he was strapping himself into the pilot's seat. “Jerk,” I muttered.

“Jasper and Angela sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” he sang. He fired up the engines and prepared for take-off.

I sat in the seat behind him. “One, I just bumped into her while chasing after you. That does not a relationship make, thank you very much. Two, she's human!”

“Big whoop,” said Emmett. He took off before I could even respond. And quite frankly, I didn't feel like his reply warranted any response.

It was common knowledge that spies never got romantically attached to anyone. Oh sure, the occasional romp in the sheets was allowed, but it was very much a one night stand. And for him to suggest that I would actually consider having a relationship with a human! That was ridiculous.

After all, everyone knew:

Rule Number Five For Vampire Spies – Don't, under any circumstances, have a sexual relationship with a human.

It really was a no-brainer.

It did get me thinking, though. Being a vampire, let alone one that was a spy, was a lonely thing. Sometimes companionship sounded great, but then I remembered what kind of job I was in and the risks that came with it. I remained silent for the two hour flight, brooding about things that could happen if I were not a vampire.

When we landed, Emmett glared at me. “Thanks for making me feel awful that whole time.”

I couldn't helping. That's what happened when you could make others feel what you did. “Yeah... sorry.”

All over the world, the Organization had hidden lading strips. In France alone we had four. This particular one had a hangar with a garage underneath. We put the plane away, stashed our landing gear, and headed to the garage.

Carlisle only bought SLR McLaren Roadsters. They were his very favorite car, and the garage proved it. There were fifteen of them all lined up downstairs. Each one was black.

Emmett laughed. “Leave it to Carlisle to switch it up a bit.”

I hopped into the drivers seat of the one closest to the exit. The doors were never locked. Anyone clever enough to find where we hid things deserved to drive off with a $500,000 car or two.

Seconds later, we were going well over the speed limit down on of the twisting roads in the Loire Valley. Emmett put on his favorite radio station. The fact that he had spent enough time in France to have one wasn't surprising at all. We had all had our bodyguard days, after all.

When we approached the duke's castle I hit the breaks. There was a scent so overpowering, I knew I couldn't be wrong.

“Do you smell that?” I asked.

Emmett grinned. “I like where this is going.”

Of course he would. Things were always more exciting when other vampires were involved.