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Love is a War

Love is like war ~ easy to start, hard to end, impossible to forget. They meet, they fall in love, they have to part. He promised to contact her, but never did, she promised to wait for him. A year later they have to live in the same residential community. She is hurt, broken. He wants her back. *lemons* - very OOC BannerFans.com


15. Chapter 15: Dreams and Fears

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Hey! Ok... now we get into things... nothing really knew again, 'cause I know you want some happy time... some planning, sexing and talking... that's it!

This chapter is already one of the new ones. As mentioned chapter 10, 11 and 12 will have to be re-written since twilighted.net won't validate them if not. The rough 'rape' scene will be cut and another sex-scene where it is evident that Bella wanted it and won't be pinned against the wall with her hands together (per request) will be added. The flashback stays the same and only some places of chapter 12 will be changed, since what happened in chapter 10 and 11 will change. You don't have to read them again, if you don't want to, though I would suggest it, if you don't want to hate Edward for what he did anymore and not consider Bella a slut.

Oh and thanks to Tuberkulosi (my sis' nickname ^^) for letting me START writing this shit on her laptop since my dad confiscated mine for overuse once again! See what things I do for you? I even beg my sister for hours to let me use hers... that has to count for something!

Now, enjoy chapter 15!


Chapter 15: Dreams And Fears


Uriah Heep, Love, Hate Fear

Dream in a lonely room
Fly on a star
Think of the forcing time
Then know where you are

Fear is the strongest force
Love, love is the key
Where is my hatred now?
Love rules over me

Something I have failed to see
The haunted of a memory
Darkness keeps my thoughts at bay
But I will find my dream one day

Hate, hate is my only thought
Blame, the blame is on you
Why, why, why, why
Why did you leave my side?
Heaven knows quite a few

Something I have failed to see
Like a haunted of a memory
Darkness keeps my thoughts at bay
But I will find my dream one day

Dream, yeah ...



“Hey Charlie,” I said into the phone as soon as he picked it up. I hadn't talked to my dad in a longer time with all this shit that was going on and I thought it was time to catch up. It was strange enough that he didn't call me for my birthday and now it was already a week later. I decided to leave him be for some time... maybe he needed it to adjust... maybe he simply didn't feel like he could talk to me. But it had been almost a month now and I had started worrying.

“Oh, hey kiddo. What's up? You remembered that your old man is still alive and decided to take pity on him and phone?” he teased me.

“Ha ha, dad. Very funny. I will remember to laugh later. No, actually I just wanted to check how you are doing. You haven't talked to me since I moved here to Chicago. And that was a month ago.”

“Oh yea, well I thought you would like our freedom and not your old man calling you all the time and checking on you. I thought that was it about college and you moving to far away... so you could have your piece?”

“You know that that isn't the reason. Chicago has a great University, actually one of the best, and they not only took me but also gave a scholarship. You know that was an offer I couldn't not take,” I reasoned with him. Sometimes he really wanted to piss me off, make me feel guilty and cave in to him.

He sighed and muttered then, “yeah, yeah I know kiddo. But I still want you hear.”

“Yeah, I know. I miss you too,” I went over to the pan and stirred the pasta with veg I was preparing.

“You cooking something?” Yeah, of course he would catch up to that. Men.

“Yeah, um, I am doing pasta.”

“With meat?”

“No, without meat. You know I don't eat meat.”

“Yeah, I know. So, how is it in college? Do you like it? Do you like your roommates?”

“College is hard, um... we have much to read and learn... nothing like high school. But yes, I like it. And dad, I don't have roommates. I have a room w-... em, on my own.” Shit, shit, shit. Holly fuck I slipped. Please don't let him catch up to it.

“What was that w, Bella? Are you hiding something?” Yeah, as if...

“Um, no Charlie, I just... saw Alice holding up my coat and wanted to ask her what she wanted to do with it... but she put it away again so I didn't need to finish.” God I hope he bought that. I really needed to practice lying.

“Oh, ok. Is she there now? Can I talk to her?” Yeah, that was my father. As I said before... he would sell me only to spend one more hour with Alice.

“Um, no... she went into the bathroom.” Please don't let her come through the door now. Please, please, please.

“Oh fine.”

“Yeah, so Charlie, what were you up to this past weeks you didn't think about calling me?”

“Kiddo you know how it is with work... I am out of the house all day long. I have time to do nothing!” As if... when Mike would come over you always had time to sit around in the living room.

Edward chose that moment to come downstairs and came into the kitchen. He wrapped his arms around my waist from behind me, brushed my hair away from my neck and started kissing his way up and down there.

Edward and I had agreed to take things slow this time. No more rushing. Sure we were kissing, touching, making out... but we didn't take it too far. He was nice and understanding and thought too that we had to work through our problems first before we attempted to do anything else.

And so far it worked. We didn't spend all the day together. We knew that it wouldn't help is in any way. We needed to concentrate on school and everything else that was going on. Not only each other. And thought it was difficult we somehow managed to do it.

The first girls night Alice and Rosalie wanted to get everything out of me... They wanted to hear all the gory details about what had happened. I didn't tell them though. I told them that first I needed to short through things with Edward before I could talk to them about it in any way.

And that is what we were doing. Edward and me. Every night we would lie in by bed, our bed, together and we would talk. Every night about one or two things that bothered us. That needed to be said so we could move on. Sure it was difficult. But we both tried. We both wanted to move on together... to be able to trust each other again. And so we were trying.

“Bella? Did you hear me?” my dad asked and snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Um, no sorry dad. I was thinking.”

“Thinking about what if I may ask?”

“No, you may not.”


“I am kidding Charlie, ok? I was thinking about Christmas and New Years... I would like to come home for vacations... See you... make sure you eat something normal.”

“Oh don't worry. I am eating quiet well.”

“You are?” My dad eating well without somebody cooking for him? That was a new one.

“Yeah, you remember Sue? She comes over and cooks for me every now and then.”


“Yeah, oh.” The conversation did get quiet uncomfortable on both ends so I had to change the subject quickly.

“Yeah about Christmas Charlie...” I said my voice trailing off. Edward noticed how uncomfortable I was and stood up from his seat where he was drinking beer by now and came to me and started rubbing my shoulders. He was so thoughtful sometimes and on other days he was simply... that cocky, arrogant jerk... but I loved him for it.

“Um, Bella here is the problem. Sue invited me to spend Christmas with her and...”

“Oh, ok, I understand.”

“Yeah... um, but how about New Years? Esme and Carlisle would be here too and I am sure Alice will want to join us as well... so... will you come for New Years?” Charlie asked me.

“Yeah sure... would it be a problem if I brought some friends with me?” I asked Charlie but looked at Edward rising my eyebrows as if asking him about what he thought about it. He nodded silently letting me know that he agreed with my plans.

“No, not at all. We will see how we will fit in. Um... who'll be coming?”

“Well, if Alice comes then Emmett will too. And when Alice comes then Jasper will too, he's her fiancé, you must have heard about him... and then will his sister Rosalie... she has been dating Emmett for some time now. And then if they all come then so will probably Edward. He is Alice's and Emmett's cousin and Jasper's best friend... so... we will probably all come.”

“Oh and that Edward guy will come alone? Isn't he with anybody?” Wow, that was heading in the wrong direction. I introduced him the way I did to not have to answer this questions... but the way it seems I would have to clear everything.

I shot Edward a shocked look. Edward had asked me about telling my father about him but I never felt ready to do so. I know it was a strange fear, seeing all things that happened and how we were together now and that I never was afraid to say Charlie something like that... I mean... I practically threw it into his face that I was dating Mike when I did... but maybe that was exactly the reason... I didn't want my dad thinking of Edward the way he did of Mike. Edward was different, he was important to me and I couldn't simply go and fuck it up by introducing him the wrong way.

Edward grinned at me as if saying 'suck it up and tell him' in that arrogant way he always does.

“I don't know Charlie. You will have to ask him,” I answered him and smirked at the image in front of my eyes now. Charlie sitting in the kitchen cleaning his gun and Edward entering all perfect as always to introduce himself as my boyfriend. There is no way I would tell Charlie on my own... and no way I would miss this. Somehow I couldn't wait to see Edward stammering and stuttering in front of him not knowing what to say.

“Oh ok.”

“Yeah dad. Look I need to go. Everybody will be hear in some minutes and I have a lot of stuff to finish before they come.”

“Fine, fine, Bells.”

“Yeah, bye.”


I closed by cellphone and threw it on the counter beside me not turning around to face Edward.

I felt his hands on my hips and his stone chest pressing against my back.

“So... I see you didn't tell him?” he asked.

“Of course not. I want to see you squirm in front of him. There is no way in hell I would loose such an opportunity,” I said with a smirk and then laughed. I turned around and wrapped my hands around his neck, careful not to get him dirty, and kissed his lips.

“Still, I can't wait to meet your dad.”

“Yeah, yeah... that's what you say now... wait until you see him and you are going to change your mind faster than you can say 'fuck'. By the time you'll think 'fuck my life' he will have your balls already ripped out and will be grilling them and dancing around the fire singing old war songs and dancing to them. You don't know my father.”

“So Newton doesn't have his balls anymore? I like this idea.”

“I don't know... We never got so far as for me to notice if there was something or not.”

“Thank god you didn't. I don't want anybody else touching you,” he said and then leaned in to kiss me.

That is when Jasper came into the room.

“Hey you two lovebirds... breathe,” he said. He was still a little bit tense towards Edward. One night Edward had told me that it was because he had warned him of what would happen if he didn't tell me about everything he did but I would find out about it from somewhere else and that Edward had promised he would tell me he just needed to figure everything out for himself first and then never got to. Jasper had warned him and he still didn't listen to him. That lead to how they were acting around each other now. But it got better... slowly.

Edward didn't answer him, I think I noticed though him flipping him off. Very mature.

Jasper didn't linger around for long. He only grabbed a beer and then went to the living room calling for me to yell when the food was ready.

“I can't wait for you to meet my parents though,” Edward whispered to me after we broke apart.

“Your parents?” I asked him.

“Of course my parents. Don't you think they have a right to meet the beautiful girl I am dating? My mom can't wait until I bring somebody home with me.”

I eyed him suspiciously. I couldn't believe that his parents didn't know anything about his small 'adventures' lets say.

“No, for real now Bella, my mom would be ecstatic to meet you,” he said after noticing the doubt in my eyes.

“So what do you suggest?”

“I think we should spend Christmas with my parents and then visit your dad, since he apparently has better things to do on Christmas then spend it with his daughter.”

“Thanks for the nice way you said that. Makes me feel really loved,” I said sarcastically.

“No, it only proves how much I love you. Even though the whole world is running away from you on Christmas I am dragging you with me and make my parents have to endure you. That is a lot I sacrifice for you.”

“Wow, thanks, I really don't know what to say right now. I feel so special, it makes me speechless.”

“Just say that you will come with me?”

“Um...” I wasn't sure if it would be the best thing to do. I know that Charlie had no say in that, especially now... but somehow I still didn't feel good doing it. What if they wouldn't like me? What would I do then?

“Come on Bella, please? I don't want to spend Christmas without you. If you don't come with me for Christmas then I won't come for New Years... I am going to be with my parents for both events and we are going to be separated for whole winter break. Do you want that?” Whiny, much?

But shit, the way he said it now I really didn't have any other chance. There is no way I would spend whole winter break without Edward.

He must have realized that I was about to give in because he bend down to me again and kissed me. “Thank you,” he whispered then.

After that small decision was made we discussed our plans with our friends during dinner. They all agreed with us and said they were planning on doing the same. First they all would visit Jasper's and Rosalie's parents in LA, while Edward and me would stay with his parents there and then we all would fly to Forks.

After everybody finished eating and the guys cleaned up everybody went to take care of his own shit. What I mean by that? School work.

I was in my room with Edward for about an hour before I finally gave up and decided to work on that essay I had later. It didn't make sense to sit above it and stare at the paper when I knew that I had no idea what to write. Lost time.

Edward sat on my bed working on a assignment he had for his anatomy class. I didn't want to know what it was about. The classes name alone made me shudder, no need to find out what they talked in there about too.

While Edward worked I was simply looking at him. At his pose, his features... his face, body... how the muscles in his hand moved when he wrote, how he closed his eyes when he tried to concentrate on something difficult, how he would run his hand through his messy hair...

I started running my hand up and down his back and neck, massaging his shoulders, helping him relax a little bit. He was tense since dinner and I was seriously starting to wonder if it was the whole Charlie situation. But eventually I decided not to mention it.

Every now and then Edward would look up from his textbook and notepad, catch me staring at him, hold my gaze and give me my favorite crooked smile. Sometimes he would even take my other hand, the one that was not on his back, and kiss the inside of my palm. And I would simply smile back at him and whisper 'I love you'. It was nice to spend the time like this. Even though we had immense pressure on us. This small gestures were which made us forged.

A little time later Edward put his books aside and laid back on my bed, resting his head on my lap. I started running one hand through it, while Edward played with the promise ring on my other hand.

“Bella?” he asked a little time later.


“Come here,” he said and opened his hands up for me.

Gently I lifted his head, got out, and placed a pillow under it. Then I crawled over to him, lay my head on his shoulder and wrapped a leg over his while he wrapped his hands around me.

We simply lie there simply enjoying each others closeness in silence, until Edward decided to break it.

“What do you think about Alice and Jasper getting married so soon?” he asked me.

“I don't know. Really. I mean, I think it is fast. That they got engaged as soon as they saw each other, without dating or even getting to know each other... but that is so... Alice. I didn't expect it to happen this way, but when I think about it, then I don't think Alice would have wanted or done it any other way.”

“Yeah. I was pretty shocked when the first thing they said to each other was which surname the bride would have. Just the day before that Jasper said that it was time for a change, that he was bored of what we were doing and thought it was wrong... and the next day? Bang, he is engaged.”

I couldn't help but chuckle at that. Alice had her ways.

“So, you are not opposed to them getting married this soon?” Edward asked me again.

“Well, I think they could have waited a little bit... but knowing Alice that was not an option... and then again, maybe they should have at least decided to have a longer engagement, but hey, that is Alice for you. I am relieved they chose to get married on the 22nd of March... imagine if they would like to do it this winter break? But... agh I don't know! I think it is typical for Alice to want to get married this early, but I personally, would have waited a little longer.”

I could feel Edward nod, and then he took my hand into his.

“What do you think about us getting married?” he asked me then.

As soon as these words left his mouth I shot up into a sitting position and looked him in the eyes.

“You are not serious are you?” I asked him.

How could he want for us to get married with all those problems we are having and need to short through? And aren't we too young? Well, he maybe not, but am I not too young? I am only nineteen for fucks shake!

“Bella, I am serious. You know that I can't imagine my future without you. I want to marry you one day, to spend my whole life with you, to legally be able to call you mine, bind you too me forever. I can't imagine all that with anybody else,” he told be then with a look of seriousness on his face, never breaking eye contact with me.

“B-but Edward, aren't we too young for marriage? Don't we have many issues we need to deal with first? And how can you be sure that everything will be alright. Sure I love you and I want to be with you, but I don't want to rush things, Edward. I am not ready for something like this. What if we fight all the time and can't stand each other anymore. What if we get mad at each other all the time because you or I will do something really stupid and we will hate each other at the end. Edward marriage isn't something simple!” I half-yelled at him. I was panicking now. Was that what he wanted? Because if yes, then I was so not ready for that.

He was visibly hurt by my words but he didn't show that with the words he chose to say to me.

“Bella, relax, love. It is not as if I am asking you to marry me right now. Believe me, I would do much more than lie in bed with you and discuss Alice's and Jasper's wedding plans if I was about to ask you. I wanted only to know what you think about it. If you want it at all.”

That made me relax a little bit, but there in his eyes, was hurt. Hurt and rejection. He felt as if I just rejected him.

“I know. I am sorry... it is just,” I could feel my eyes sting now. I didn't want him feeling hurt and rejected. Not because of me. “I just, I don't know Edward.” And I started sobbing.

“No, Bella, don't cry. It is alright. Please don't cry. If I would have known that this would make you cry and feel this uncomfortable I wouldn't have asked you at all. Come on baby, don't cry,” he pleaded with me.

“No, Edward. It is just that... I am afraid to loose you. I don't want to loose you. What if you decide to marry me and then the next day you wake up and realize that that is not what you wanted. What if we have kids one day and you come from work and they are crying and I am sick and you exhausted and you realize that this is not the life you wanted, not the life you imagined? What then Edward? I couldn't get used to the idea of you never leaving me, being there for me forever and then one day you decide it's not enough and you disappear. I couldn't live with that Edward. I don't want to have to tell our kids some day how everything ended. I don't want them to have to grow up like I did. Do you know how hard it is to have only one parent, Edward?”

“Bella, calm down. I would never leave you and you know that. Not now that I have you back.”

“Don't say that. One day you are simply going to snap. You will realize how much you miss your life before me and you are going to leave me. Or you are going to meet a beautiful, rich, Blond with big boobs and you are going to leave me for her,” I said.

Edward reached with his hand up and whipped the tears that were rolling down my face away. Then he tugged on my hand and made me fall down on his chest. He wrapped his hands around me, pressed me hard against him and started kissing my head and running one of his hands through my hair.

“Bella, I'll never leave you. I'll be there for you, no matter what happens. No blond girl has anything against you. I prefer brunettes. Now stop crying.”

I sobbed a little bit longer and he simply kept hugging and caressing me.

“So... you are planning on having kids with me?” he asked after a while.

That made me smile. “Fuck you, Edward.”

“Wow, so eager to start trying?” he teased me.

“Edward,” I growled.

“Now, seriously now. Do you want to have kids one day?”

“I don't know. I never thought about it for good.”

“But earlier you mentioned that 'when we have kids and they will be crying'...”

“Fine! Maybe I thought about it,” I said with a huff and buried my face deeper in his chest.

“You don't have to be ashamed for it Bella. I too want to have kids one day.”

“Yeah? What do you want to have?”

“You planning ahead?”

“Shut up Edward.”

“Ok, fine. I think I want a girl first and later we can have a son to carry on the name... and then another girl and another and another and ano-”

“Wou, wou, wou! Don't you get ahead now? How many kids do you want?”

“As many as possible of course. Each of them would be one more mini Bella I would get to hold in my arms and claim as mine. And the... procedure if you haven't noticed is rather enjoyable.”

“You are a pervert, Edward.”

“Yeah, maybe, but I am good at what I do, you can't deny it.”

“I don't. But that doesn't mean that I like your plans. You can get one girl and a boy, but that's it. My body won't be some kind of baby machine. I don't want to share it and get big all the time.”

“Yeah, yeah... you'll see, I'll get what I want anyway,” he teased.

“Whatever Edward. Just don't get your hopes up. I would hate to see you disappointed.” I teased back.

Edward suddenly turned serious again.

“I love you,” he said then.

“I love you, too,” I answered back.

“One day, I'll make you mine, Bella. You'll see. And when I ask you, you won't think that'll be too soon. I will win your trust back.”

I thought about what he said for a minute and then nodded. We were working through our problems after all... when he would choose to ask me... it'll be the right moment.

After that we continued with some light conversation, about what we planned to do after school, what we wanter from life, when we would have that trip to Vienna, I was still upset about. I couldn't really concentrate on that though. My mind keep flashing me pictures of a gorgeous green eyed, bronze haired little boy in his handsome fathers hands laughing and smiling like the world would depend on it, and of me pregnant with a little girl kissing them both.

Was that going to be my family? The one I would have with Edward? I hoped so. I really did.


“Fuck, Bella! Will you move now? We don't have the whole day! We still need to get our nails done and then go and buy some things for the movie and girls night!” Alice screamed at me after I refused to get into the next shop.

We had been at the mall for over four hours now, going from shop to shop, buying whatever Alice told us to. The main things? Make up and beauty products. I would never be able to understand why she needs this many.

“Alice! Please! I can't anymore. You bought about five new outfits for each of us and make up not only enough for our lifetime but for the lifetime of every person in Chicago if not state of Illinois! Please!” I whined. How much can somebody shop?

“Bella, calm down. Only this one shop is left! Then we go and have our nails done and that's it. If you wouldn't whine like that we would be almost finished by now!”

Yeah... I knew her almost finished. She would only force me to another ten shops and then claim that since we had time left we had to use it someway. Evil Pixie.

I gave in and went into the shop with Alice. I was surprised to see what kind of shop it was. Halloween costumes.

“Alice? You are buying Halloween costumes? I thought the guys were going to choose them?” That was what we had made out. Because Alice run around buying new things for everyone the guys would get at least one chance to buy something for us. And because it would be a one-time thing, Alice decided to give them a one-time occasion to do so.

“Yeah, well, they are. But what if they do something wrong? If they choose something too extravagant? I am not going as a slut. And knowing the guys those are exactly the kind of costumes they'll go for. We need to have an out in case of emergency.”

“True,” I said and gave in. Sometimes she was right. We had about a month left until Halloween, but Alice was nothing if not thorough.

After buying our costumes we met with Rosalie at the spa, where we would have our nails done. I don't know why we had to have them done since we would have a girls night today. Wasn't that what we were supposed to do during it? Alice sure was confusing lately.

After about an hour we were all done and heading to the grocery store. I went straight for the popcorn while Rose and Alice decided they needed to find something for the girls night. I didn't ask, I simply let them go and do whatever they had to. No need to know more unnecessary shit, that's probably going to make me nervous.

After buying everything we needed we went straight home to find all the guys in the living room in front of the TV. So typical.

“Girls, I am going to put the groceries away, you go and give them some hell. They seem to happy for my liking,” Rosalie said and then took the bags with groceries from us.

Alice and I made our way into the living room and stood behind the guys who were laughing like some retards because of something said in the movie they were watching.

Alice lifted her index finger in front of her mouth as if telling me to keep quiet and grabbed the remote that was on the side table. She cracked me a huge smile and then made a motion for me to go out of the room.

I did what she said and she followed me.

“Wanna play a prank on them?” Alice whispered to me.

“Sure,” I answered.

Alice had that devilish smile on her face she had always when she had planned something bad ahead.

“Watch the TV. Just a tip ahead... it is not us... but we look like the three women you are about to see on the TV. I was planning it for a week now. I think now is the right time!”

I was even more confused after she said that but she motioned for me to simply watch the TV screen.

We waited two minutes before Rose joined us. She seemed to know what this all was about because she had also a devilish smile on her face.

“Ready ladies?” Alice asked us.

We both nodded and then out of nothing the clip on the TV changed. There in the middle of the screen, where three girls, a blond with long hair, a brunette with long hair and a smalled girl with short raven black hair, naked and making out and heavy gripping in the bathroom.

I think my yaw hit the floor when I saw that. Where did Alice find that? The girls looked exactly like us from the posture. And since you couldn't see their faces you couldn't really tell that we weren't them.

“What the fuck?” Emmett yelled.

“That's so hot!” Jasper added from beside him.

“That's so wrong!” Edward groaned. All eyes landed on him and Emmett and Jasper both looked at him las if he had lost his mind.

“What? There are our girls making out with each other and we are sitting around on the couch watching it! We should be there!”

Jasper and Emmett both laughed.

“You had me really worried for a moment, Eddie.”

“Stop calling me Eddie.”


“Hey,” Jasper cut in, “should we be mad at them for that stunt? Aren't they practically cheating on us right now?”

“It's not as if we don't see it. They put it on film for us,” Edward answered. Maybe I should be upset with him, for even thinking that way?

“Hey, if Rose is going to cheat on me this way... naked, making out with other girls and me watching... she can do that any time she wants!” Emmett said and then turned his attention back to the screen.

“Fuck!” Edward yelled then and shot up and went to the TV. He turned it off and then glared at the guys.

“What the fuck, Edward?” Emmett yelled at him.

“Fuck, dude! Go away! I wanted to watch it! It's not every day I see my fiancée making out with my sister and your girlfriend naked!” Jasper yelled at him, too.

Then it seemed recognition came upon them.

“Fuck,” Jasper said. “I want you to forget you ever saw that.”

“What are you two asshats talking about?” Emmett cried.

“Well, bud, I don't want you ogling my naked girl!” Edward answered. “Only I get to see her. Not Jasper, not you, not anybody else!”

“Whatever, now go away I want to watch this shit. They are all hot, you can't deny it. I am willing to share Rose when she does things like that so suck it up, grow some balls and share your girls too,” Emmett answered.

That is when Alice motioned for us to step in. Rose seemed to be pretty pissed at what Emmett said, you could clearly see that in her eyes. She went over to him and slapped him on the backside of his head.

“You sleep on the couch today since you can share me this easily and like it this much. I am sure my old friend Rabbit will be happy to know it. Since he is the one you are going to share me with for the next two weeks at least probably.”

Emmett's attitude changed right away to one of pure shock and then pouting.

“Come on babe, you can't do that to me. Please?”

“You bet I can.”

“Please baby, I don't want blue balls again. Do you know how much that sucks? Please baby?”

“No chance! Now go and make me something to eat or it's gonna be three weeks!”

Emmett stood up and went into the kitchen to make his mistress something to eat. I was still in awe of Rose. How could she do that?

Everybody else must have had the same thoughts about her since they were staring at her like she was from another world.

“God, Rose you have to tell me how you do that!” Alice shrieked then.

Rosa chuckled and answered her then, looking Jasper straight into the eyes.

“It's not so difficult, just make sure you take away whatever he wants most. And since he is a guy... it is sex. Deny it to him for some time and you will see how good it is going to be later. Not only will he listen to you all the time but the first time you do it again will be so much better.”

Jasper was shaking his head in disbelieve and muttering something along the lines of “My sister, the cock-block,” what made Rose smile only even wider. Alice on the other hand had now another devilish glint in her eyes that made me personally shudder. She took his hand and they both made their way into their room. Rosalie too excused herself and went to the bathroom.

I went over to Edward who had sat down on the love seat at the corner by now and sat down on his lap.

“Enjoyed the show?” I asked him.

“At first yes, until I realized that I am not the only one watching it but there are also Emmett and Jasper. Although I must say it was hot, that one made me instantly want to forget everything.”

I chuckled a little bit. “You know, if you hadn't reacted in that way I would be seriously mad at you right now,” I said to him.

“Thanks I did,” he mumbled and then buried his head in my neck were he started kissing up and down.

“Don't get ahead of yourself. I still am... upset with you.”

His head shot up and he looked me in the eyes. “You are? Why?”

“Do you really think that I would ever take my clothes off and get with Alice and Rose into a bathroom and make out with them? Really Edward, that is just low!” I answered him.

“Well... now that you say it... you really have a much greater body then the one on the film.”

“Stop sucking up to me, it won't help you right now. The damage is done.”

“It is?” he said and started kissing my neck again.

“Yeah, it is,” I answered as my breath started to pick up. How did he do that to me all the time?

“Really?” he asked then and placed his hand on my thigh where he started rubbing.

“Really,” I groaned.

“Mhm,” his kisses traveled lower to my collarbone where I could feel his tongue coming out and licking along it.

“Edward,” I panted as his hand traveled higher to the place that was desperately aching for some attention right now, “we are...taking it slow...remember?” I asked him.

“I am taking it slow,” he said and cupped my throbbing spot. I moaned at the contact and he started rubbing it.

“Edward, we need to stop,” I moaned, “somebody could enter...any minute. No somebody...will probably enter any minute,” I said but at the same time brought my hand to his erection that was pressing against the zipper of his jeans and started rubbing it.

“God, Bella,” Edward moaned.

I went to unbutton his jeans when Emmett shouted from the kitchen, “does everybody want popcorn or should I bring some nachos?”

That made us break apart, right in the time when Alice, Jasper and Rose came back into the room.

We were about to start the movies when I decided that I needed to get a little bit more comfortable and went to put some PJ's on. Everybody agreed that it was a good idea since we would sit there for at least five ours and we all went to change.

When I came back, Rose and Emmett had one side of the corner sofa for themselves and Jasper and Alice were snuggled together on the other side. Rose was lying in front of Emmett, resting her head on the arm of the sofa while Emmett had his hands wrapped around her. They were both under a blanked. Alice and Jasper simply sat next to each other. Alice was snuggled into Jasper side and he held her in his arms. Her head rested on his shoulder and they too were covered with a blanked.

That left Edward and me with the love seat in the corner. It was a little bit farther away than the corner sofa, so we were kind of shielded from their sigh. That was a plus. But then again that meant that we had the worst view of the TV.

Fuck the TV, privacy is better.

Since everybody was already seated I put on the first DVD we were going to watch. The boys had the right to pick them today since we picked them last week.

We were going to watch The Orphanage first and then Knocked up to lighten the mood a little bit. I didn't care that much. I would spend most of the time watching Edward anyway.

I put the DVD player on play and made my way over to Edward. He was lying on his side already, hands stretched out, waiting for me to join him. I lay down in front of him and rested my hand on his shoulder and he covered us with another blanked. Then he brought his hands under it and wrapped them around me.

The movie started playing and I was already intimidated by the sight of the house. When I found out about the poor boy being adopted and having AIDS I completely stopped watching. I knew there wouldn't be a good end... all the odds were against them.

I decided to concentrate on Edwards touch on me. The hand on thats shoulder I rested my head on was wrapped around my collarbone and resting on my shoulder. The other hand, he had placed over my waist and on my stomach, caressing it. Our legs were intertwined, his on the couch, then mine, then his coming above mine and resting in front of me and my other one above his and slightly falling to the back. It was a very comfortable position. Also could I feel his hot breath on my neck when he exhaled.

It was feeling right the way we were lying. Close to each other.

I took the hand, that was wrapped around me and resting on my shoulder, in my hand and brought it to my mouth where I kissed it. Then I intertwined our fingers and rested our hands on my chest.

I felt Edward smile behind me.

He kissed my hair a few times and I turned my head around so I could meet his lips. After a few chaste kisses he decided to deepen them. He let his tongue travel along my bottom lip and then parted my lips and slipped his tongue into my mouth. The kiss started slow and romantic but soon it became more demanding and heated.

As our tongues battled for dominance his hand, that was previously caressing my stomach, started traveling up and down stroking from the side of my breasts to my navel.

I started heating up and needed more contact. One hand I brought over my head and his and buried it in the base of his hair, while with the other one I took his hand and guided it higher, so that he was touching my breasts.

Edward pressed his mouth harder against mine and it was very difficult to contain my moans. But I couldn't let anything slip or we would get caught from the others. Something we didn't want to happen.

We broke apart for air and I was heavily panting. Edwards lips never left my body, as he started kissing my neck up and down, leaving a burning feeling behind. He was kneading my breast with one hand while the other one was rubbing my right thigh up and down. With each move his hand came higher and he started guiding it to the inside.

I could feel the moisture between my legs emerging. I was throbbing on the inside for some contact. Any. Anything that would make that throbbing go away would do.

I started rubbing my thighs together in hope to relieve some of the tension, but since Edward had his leg positioned between mine it didn't do shit.

Edward brought his hand, from in front of me, between my thighs and cupped my clit, with only result to make me want him and itch for him more.

I tried to press my thighs together to make the slight pressure I felt from him more prominent, but that was impossible.

I glanced to everyone else and noticed that Rosalie and Emmett still were completely engaged by the movie. Alice had her head resting in Jaspers lap and was facing his stomach, probably already asleep. Jasper too was completely engrossed by what was happening on the screen. I glanced at the screen and there was the scene playing where the small boy is in a cave talking to 'imaginary' friends.

Good, we had time and nobody would notice.

I brought my focus back to the task on hand.

Relieve the tension.

In order to do that I started grinding my ass against Edward's now very prominent erection. He hissed at the contact but it went unnoticed by the others.

“Bella,” he groaned quietly in my ear.

I pressed my hand harder against him and started running it up and down applying pressure at the parts I got the best response from him.

“Bella,” he said again this time a little firmer.

I wouldn't stop teasing him so he decided to return the favor. First he pressed his hand a little harder against me and then he started massaging my clit over my PJ's. He hit a spot and my legs twitched causing him only to rub this spot firmer.

The pool between my legs was now overflowing and the pressure he was applying on my clit created only more and more of that tingling sensation, causing me to moan out. Edward could capture my moan in a kiss in time.

“Are you sure, Bella? Didn't you want for us to take it slow?” he asked, his voice deep and he was almost panting since I was still caressing his own member over his shorts that was now pressing hard into my lower back.

“Taking it slow was over the moment you placed your hand over me before the movies. We waited enough,” I answered and slipped my hand into his pants. I took him in my hand and started working him, earning a hiss from Edward.

Edward brought his hand to the brim of my shorts and after looking into my eyes as if asking for permission written in them he slipped it inside. Immediately he returned to working on my clit.

After some time I was panting hard and the simple pressure on my clit wasn't enough. I gripped his member tighter with one hand and with the other I guided his hand farther down.

Edward brought his hand to my entrance and whispered to me, “Fuck Bella, you are so wet, baby, so ready,” and then slipped one finger into me.

I moaned out, but Edward captured it again in a kiss. Then he added another finger into me and started working me from the inside for good.

I kept arching my back and pressing my ass against him and my hand and bitting my lip to keep from moaning. I knew that if I opened my mouth the only thing coming out would be a blood curling scream of “Edward!”

His fingers kept slipping in and out of me, hitting a certain spot that made me shudder, but it simply wasn't enough. The pressure was building and building and I wanted to feel more. I needed him and I needed him now.

“Edward,” I said and released his member from my grip. Edward hissed at the loss but as soon as he realized that I was tugging his pants down he composed himself and slid his hand out of me. Now I was the one to hiss at the loss of him. I had come so near to finally reach my peak.

After freeing ourselves from the materials that were in our way Edward gripped me at my waist and brought me higher, so that my head was too resting on the love seats hand. He then placed our legs in a way to make enough place for him to slip inside of me again, but still stay unnoticed by the others.

Edward placed himself at my entrance and then turned my head so that I was facing him.

“Stay quiet, Bella,” he whispered, panting, and then covered my mouth with his as he slipped inside me. We both moaned into each others mouth, not loud again for the others to hear, but loud enough for both of us to notice what we were doing to each other.

Edward filled me to the tip and that alone was huge. When he started slowly moving inside of me it became even better.

With each subtle move of his hips I could feel how he slided in and out of me, causing my insides to burn for more.

He was there, right there, and filing me. Making me feel complete.

My breathing became heavier and heavier and the pressure in my started building fast. I could feel myself tighten around him, the spot he was hitting all the time heating up and burning more than the others, begging for some release.

Edward took my right leg and placed it a little bit farther back, creating a new angle that allowed him to go deeper.

“Fuck,” I panted quietly as Edward decided to make use of it. He quickened his thrusts into me and brought his right hand to my clit where he started rubbing it, causing even more friction.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! I thought. I am dying.

I brought my right hand to his balls and started gliding my fingernails over his base, causing him to hiss at the contact. I started taking them into my hand and massaging them, kneading them to the point of not causing him pain.

My hand moved in synchronization with his hips and he increased his speed and after tugging my leg a little bit farther back he started hitting my g-spot. Immediately how my walls clenched, sucking Edward deeper into me, causing my whole body to shake, all my muscles to go crazy and to be out of control. The heat in me, the burn, spread to my whole body not leaving one single cell without feeling it.

In order to not cry out loud, as soon as my orgasm hit me, I bit hard into Edward's other hand, making him hiss because of the pain. With the hand I had on his balls I squeezed them and I buried the fingernails of my other hand into his arm. There was no other way not to cry out.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my GOD. EDWARD! was I chanting on the inside all that while.

But Edward didn't stop his movements, he continued hitting that certain spot causing wave after wave after wave of pleasure to run over me. I could feel my legs give out completely, I didn't even have the strength to press them together anymore. My hands had gown limb under the covers and I was panting, trying to get some oxygen into me, to relieve some of the burning I was feeling now not only where Edward was thrusting into me but also in my lungs.

“I'm so close, Bella,” he panted and started kissing my shoulder.

I released his hand and after letting a quiet moan out I panted to Edward, “Edward, s-stop, I...I can't any...more.”

“Just...a little bit...longer. Enjoy it,” he panted back.

After some more thrusts, and an immense amount of pleasure I finally felt Edward stop his movements, groan, bite into my shoulder, but not hard enough to cause me too much pain, twitch inside of me and release. He gave me some more thrusts and then stopped his movements completely, but stayed inside of me.

We took some time to calm down and slow our breathing.

Edward had wrapped both his hands around my waist and was now caressing my sides while I had one hand in his hair. We both were eying the others in front of us and silently praying that they didn't notice.

Fuck that, it was so worth it.

“We have to have movie nights more often now,” Edward whispered into my ear.

The only thing I could do was nod.

We lay there connected for some more and when the movie was about to end Edward pulled very carefully out of me. I hissed at the loss of him, but he only gave ma a very much promising cocky smile.

I pulled my PJ's up again and Edward his shorts and as soon as the names at the end of the movie started rolling over the screen I excused myself to the bathroom. I quickly cleaned myself in my bathroom up and when I returned downstairs I noticed that Edward had left probably doing the same thing.

Alice and Rosalie were now sitting together on the floor probably discussing the movie or the following girls night. I decided not to join them in their discussion. Who knows what kind of questions they would ask me about the movie? And what would I answer? I could picture it... 'You remember, Bella, the point where she opened the closet during the party and put those huge metal rods in? I can't believe how she captured her son in there without even knowing!' - 'Oh yeah! Of course I remember! That was the part where Edward gave me that second mind blowing orgasm! How could I possibly forget!' Yeah, very persuading.

I opened some windows to air the room a little bit. If they didn't hear us, no need for them to smell us.

Emmett went to bring some more popcorn since, apparently, he had managed to eat his hole bowl, that was twice the size of everybody else I might add. Jasper decided that he needed to smoke the movie off and went to the front porch.

Was it really this scary? Yeah, maybe I thought that at the beginning... but really, the movie wasn't this scary.

Yeah as if you noticed anything... a voice in my head said to me.

I sat down on the love seat again and was simply staring at the girls. They were looking quiet serious as if discussing something of great importance but I couldn't bring myself to ask them what it was. If they hadn't told me on their own, they probably didn't want me to know... or maybe they were just planning another way to torture me tonight... and then I seriously didn't want to know what it was about.

The guys joined us a little bit later and they took their seats again. Edward had his arms wrapped already around ma and was smiling like some fool kissing my shoulder repeatedly. Well, he was a very sexy fool.

“Girls, are you ever going to stand up and get seated or do you want to watch the movie from down there?” Emmett asked Alice and Rosalie who were still sitting on the floor.

Alice was the first one to speak up for both of them.

“Well, actually not. Rose isn't feeling this good, so we decided to... um... let you watch 'Knocked up' alone, guys. Bella, you are coming with us. We are getting started on our girls night!”

Great! I thought sarcastically.

“Is something wrong Rose? Do you want me to come with you?” Emmett asked suddenly alarmed that something could be wrong with her.

Rosalie shook her head. “No, it is ok. I'll be better soon. Enjoy your movie,” she said empathizing the world movie, for god only knows for which reason.

They both got up from the floor and went to Alice's room. At the door Alice stopped and gave me a threatening look.

“Are you ever going to move your ass in here? We have serious business to attend to!”

Sighing I left the guys behind and made my way over to Alice's room. I got inside and Alice entered after me, closing and locking the door behind us.

Rosalie was sitting on Alice's bed, her head buried in her hands. Her blond hair was cascading over her shoulders and reaching her legs. Even in this position she looked gorgeous. Once again proof that god was indeed a man. She didn't even look up when I sat beside her, she simply groaned.

Alice came over after double checking if the door was surely closed for good and sat on the other side of Rosalie. She leaned her head on Rose's shoulder and looked straight ahead of herself.

They both were freaking me out! What was that about?

“Spill!” I said with a sigh. Sure I didn't like getting in other peoples business, I preferred staying out of it and having as little information about whatever was happening to others as possible, but this was freaking me out. I was used to Alice having her moments every now and then, to her needing her time to gossip and fall into a depression over her not liking the next collection coming out, but that, that was something entirely different. Rose, was now the depressed one and Alice was not fuming.

“Rose?” Alice asked.

Alice kept secrets from me? - Wait... were did that one come from. It is better when Alice keeps secrets from me. Leaves me in peace.

“Do you really want to know?” Rosalie asked me.

“If you are going to behave like this, then yes,” I said.

“I think I am pregnant,” she whispered barely audibly.

“You WHAT?” I half shrieked.

Alice clapped her hand over my mouth and Rosalie looked me in the eyes shocked that I let that one slip.

After some time of Alice pressing me the mouth shut she finally released me and pressed her hand to her lips one time, indicating me t shut up.

“Yeah, I...I am late,” Rosalie said tearing up.

“Oh my god, Rose,” I said and took her in my arms. I didn't know what else to do. How was I supposed to deal with something like that? I had no idea what to do.

“You need to take the test,” Alice whispered to her and patted her head lightly.

“I know,” Rosalie said back.

“But Rose, why are you so shocked? Isn't that something good?” I asked her. I knew that it probably wasn't, since I knew Rosalie liked her independence and same did Emmett, but I needed to let her see all sides of this.

“I don't know, I know that I want to have kids some day, but now? Isn't that too soon? And... Emmett doesn't want kids. What if he leaves me because of it? What if he decided that he doesn't want to have a fat wale girlfriend carrying his child. The one he never wanted. The one that is going to bind him to me? What if he doesn't want to stay with me?” I had never seen Rose this insecure. She always seemed like the tough girl to me, the one that could deal with everything. That it what I meant when I said that Rose may be hard on the outside but is very soft on the inside. Just like Emmett was... they were perfect for each other and I couldn't imagine why she would have such insecurities.

“Aren't that many what ifs, Rose?” I asked her.

“Yeah Rose, I know for sure that Emmett would never leave you. You know... he was crazy about you. He was trying to get you for so long. Always talking only about you and how perfect you, I couldn't imagine why he wouldn't want you no matter what. Even with child. All the men are this way. Upset about it at the beginning but when they see the belly grow and feel the first kicks and after that when they see their son or daughter they are crazy about them... the small once have them wrapped around their finger no need to get so upset about it. Emmett will be just the same,” Alice tried to sooth her.

How ironic this situation was. I was now soothing Rose, trying to make her realize that Emmett would not leave her no matter what, when just some days prior it was me with the same fears about Edward and me. Only difference, he was asking me if I wanted to get engaged to him some day in the future and Rose was dealing with a possible pregnancy. God, my fears were so irrational, now that I saw them this way.

“Rose, you aren't even sure if you are pregnant, right? You should take the test?” I asked her.

Rosalie shook her head. Sobbing now, she said, “no, I can't. I am afraid.”

I sighed and gave Alice a pleading look. She had to help me.

“Um, how late are you Rose?” Alice asked her then.

“Three days,” Rosalie whispered back.

“That isn't too much, Rose. It could be caused by different things like stress, sudden loose or gain of weigh. Don't drive yourself crazy over it. It could really be anything,” I tried to make her understand.

We sat the with Rosalie sobbing on our shoulders until she calmed down a bit. Alice gave her some tissues and she whipped the tears away.

“Will you take it with me? I am afraid to take it alone,” Rosalie pleaded with us then.

If the only thing to make her calm down and take that test was for us to take it too, then I would. It wasn't as if I had anything to loose or win from this situation. Well. Except from some time I wouldn't have to calm Rose down.

God! What had come into me being so evil!

But then again I was slightly mad at both of them for taking two hours of my time with Edward to start this stupid girls night earlier.

Concentrate Bella! The important things here!

“Sure Rose, why not?” I asked then.

Rose gave me a smile and Alice stood up and went to her bathroom. She came back with four pregnancy tests.

“I have another one if we need it Rose. You take two, just to be sure.” She handed to tests to Rosalie and one to me.

“Ok, you go first,” Rosalie said and looked at Alice.

Alice shrugged and bounced, she fucking bounced, to the bathroom! Great way to cheer somebody up... or to make him go nuts.

Two minutes later she emerged from it.

Next was mine turn and then finally Rosalie's.

We waited together and each of us took one stick.

I don't know why but all the time, I could see the picture of Edward and me with our son in his hands playing with him and our daughter in my belly in front of me. What did that mean? Did I want a child now? Did I want to have that dream with Edward come true now?

At three we turned them all and looked at our results.

We looked at Rose who looked more relieved than ever.

“You see Rose, there wasn't any reason to panic. Your test is negative, just like mine and Bella's. You are fine, just a little bit late. It happens,” Alice chimed.

“Yeah, you are right,” she said and gave her a sad smile one that was much like the one I had on my face.

Why was I sad? Did the thought of Edward and me having children posses me this much? Did it come to me this much that I was sad that I wasn't pregnant at nineteen? Holly shit, something was really wrong with me. Edward was driving me crazy.

But then I saw the mental picture of us with the little one together again and I knew, that even thought not right now, that was exactly what I wanted to have with Edward. And I knew that I would have it one day.

After the huge revelation the mood lightened again. We joked around and talked. The girls tortured me with whatever they could think of. With the exception of my newly done nails they did practically everything on me. My hair, my face, my arms and legs... if I would give them permission they would probably do to me a Brazilian. I shuddered at this thought.

Finally around 10 pm we settled down on Alice's bed and started talking about a whole other kind things.

“So... how is it going with the wedding?” Rosalie asked Alice.

“Agh! I can't wait for it to finally happen you, know. I can't wait to move out and live with Jasper in our own little house and play family! It will be so exciting!”

“Wait, you are planning on moving out?” I asked her.

How stupid of me not to realize it. They would be newlyweds. Of course they would want to start a life together and on their own, without having us around all the time.

“Yeah, that's what we thought. The house here belongs to Edward after all. His parents bought it for him to stay as long as he would stay here... he decided that he didn't want to stay in this big house along so last year Emmett, Jasper and Rose moved in with him, since they were his best friends and now we. But it still is Edward's,” Alice responded.

“Oh,” why hadn't I known that? I was so stupid sometimes.

“Yeah, well, while Bella, my bridesmaid and Edward, Jasper's best man,” she shot me a threatening look, “are planning the wedding, Jasper and I are hunting houses. We have our first appointment right after Halloween. And then I'll be able to decorate it!” Alice squealed.

“Wow, that is great,” Rosalie answered her.

I was still too shocked to say anything.

I was planning Alice's wedding? I was the bridesmaid... but I was supposed to plan Alice's wedding?


I had no idea how to plan weddings, especially Alice's! Alice needs to have everything perfect! How can I plan something like this? I am... a klutz! I am not able to plan a wedding!

“Stop panicking, my mom will help you, Bella. And you have Edward. Do you think I don't know you? Except from that, I already have everything picked out and into files you simply need to organize everything. Did you think I would let you do all that? Bella, I know you better than even you do.”

Under normal circumstances I might have been upset with her. But right now I was simply thankful.

“Now that you mentioned Bella and Edward...” Rosalie trailed off.

I groaned. I knew what was to come.

“Oh yeah, I was dying to come to that point of today!” Alice squealed.

“So... what did happen? You have to tell us! I mean... you said first that you weren't ready to tell us... that you needed some time... we left you time, now tell us!” Rosalie said.

“I don't know what you want to know. You saw how things are. What else is there to say?”

“I don't know Bella. You are like... Katie Parry's Hot 'n' Cold all the time. One moment you are cuddled together and diving a whole new level to PDA and the next you are fighting as if your life depended on it. It is strange,” Alice said.

“Well... we are in a kind of love-hate relationship. One moment we are happy and the next one somebody does something stupid and the other one goes of... and we fight. It's not as if I can control it,” I answered them honest. I had no intentions of telling them everything that happened between us. First we needed to short through our shit alone, clear everything, and even then I am nit sure if I would be willing to tell them any more then necessary to shut them up.

“How did it happen? I mean, after the party? I gave Edward quiet a speech, but truth be told I didn't expect him to really act on it.”

I laughed at that.

“Well, long story short... he was with you at the door... then after a while he came through my window... he attacked me, we fucked, we fought, we fucked again, we decided to take a break from it and now we are trying to work through our issues.”

I watched as their yaws hit the floor at my nonchalant way to explain everything.

“He attacked you?” Rosalie asked me.

“You fucked?” Alice asked after her.

“Yeah, I am not giving you any more details after that. You both new we fucked, I mean... you all teased me after that. Rose you even were pretty pissed at him. All of you were shooting him death glares. I thought you knew,” I shrugged and went over to Alice's little refrigerator she was stocking with ice-cream in her room and took one out. I took three spoons and went over to them again. I sat at the bed beside them and handed one to each of them. Then I opened the ice-cream and took a huge spoon of it.

“What? Why are you staring at me like I am a green alien invading and pointing with a rabbit in my hand as weapon on you and threatening you? Did I say anything wrong?”

“We didn't know you were fucking!” Alice said.

“Cut that crap! Of course you did!”

“No, for real now, Emmett only assumed and was teaing. We thought you were playing along!” Alice said.

“Yeah, it is so unlike Edward to do something like that to you. I would have thought he would have prepared something great and grand for you. Like take you to New York to an expensive romantic hotel, or something. That is more the Edward we know when it comes to you.”

“You are blowing it way out of proportion. Edward is Edward and I am Bella and I don't need all that shit. For me it was enough.” I was lying out of my teeth, since it didn't happen exactly that way... but for me... it still was enough... and we were working through our issues so why tell them everything?

“But... I don't know, Bella... aren't you moving too fast? You just got back together after a long time apart and with all that that was happening... I don't know Bella.”

“Could you please, drop it? We are happy together. We know we have our problems that we have to work through but other than that we couldn't be happier!” I tired to reason with them. In no way did I want to talk with them about that now.

They both dropped the theme, but soon I saw that oh too well known smile appear on Alice's face.

“So... how is the sex?” she asked then out of nothing.

I groaned and buried my head in her pillow.

“I am so not having this discussion with you right now,” I groaned into it.

“Why not? I mean, when you already sleep with each other then you could at least tell us how it was! Bella! I am your best friend! You are my bridesmaid! You have to tell me! It is like an obligation!” Alice whined.

“No way. Not in a hundred years, Alice! What happens between Edward and me stays between us. I won't betray his trust and tell you,” I answered her.

“I'll get Jasper to tell him.”

“And I Emmett,” Rose added.

“Fine, if he tells the guys, I'll tell you but until then, you are staying out of it,” I said with finality. They didn't seem to get it, though.

Way to go, Bella!

“Fine. Now...” Alice trailed of and looked over to Rose who had an equally frightening expression on her face.

“Time for some real girls talk!” Rose said and clapped her hands together,much in Alice style, while Alice quickly went to her closet and rummaged through it.

I groaned again. What would be coming on me now? I wan imagining the worst.

What with my luck of course happened. Not one minute after Alice entered her closet she came out with a dildo, she threw my way.

I groaned again and turned my back to them to hide my tomato red face from them. They couldn't be serious.

“Bella, turn around!” Alice demanded.

“Bella,” Rose said in a sing song voice.

“Bella, now,” Alice said again.

“It's time for some education,” Rose said again.

“Bella,” Alice growled.

I still wouldn't turn around. Then within one second they were both on me. Rosalie was holding me still while Alice was trying to tickle the life out of me for not listening to her in the first place.



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