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Love is a War

Love is like war ~ easy to start, hard to end, impossible to forget. They meet, they fall in love, they have to part. He promised to contact her, but never did, she promised to wait for him. A year later they have to live in the same residential community. She is hurt, broken. He wants her back. *lemons* - very OOC BannerFans.com


16. Chapter 16: Texts (Part 1)

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Sorry for the delay, a lot is going on in RL though. And twilight archives rejected this chapter for like 5 times till now. Anyway. Read the A/N at the end… I have something interesting for you.

So... the happy time for both of them is not over yet... I just wanted something happening in this chapter... Aaaah, sex-deprivation... it can work wonders... ^^

Oh and this chapter is kinda angst-y, or so I've been told... Don't really know...

PS: This IS a long as fuck chapter! Almost 19k words! That's a new personal record! (And because TA wont allow this long chaps, I had to cut it into two – lol)



Chapter 16: Texts


Trust You

I don’t know what I’m supposed to have said
But I can imagine what’s in your head
It’s not that you don’t trust all that I do
It’s just that you would have if it were you

Trust me, tell me
Truthfully, you can
Trust me, tell me
Faithfully, you can
Trust me, trust you

I’m starting to question why I am here
Your constant suspicions don’t make it clear
Just leave it, believe me I’ll show the signs
You’ll find her, the cheat that you have in mind

I have nothing to hide
And what could I deny

Trust me, tell me
Truthfully, you can
Trust me, tell me
Faithfully, you can
Trust me, trust you




“Bella, come on you can't stay in there forever!” I pleaded with her. She had locked herself into her bathroom and refused to come out ever since.

“The hell I can't” she spat back at me, her voice muffled a little bit by the door separating us.

“Come on baby. It isn't that bad!” I tried to argue with her for the hundredth time in the last thirty minutes.

“I am not walking out of this bathroom dressed like this, or rather...not dressed!” she answered back.

“Baby, you are dressed...and you are dressed pretty hot. Now come out and let me see God's gift to humanity.”

It had been almost a month since Alice gave us permission to dress the girls up for Halloween and we were taking full advantage of it, well, right now.

I had purchased for Bella a very very sexy, well, maybe a little bit perverted vampire dress. How could she refuse to wear it? We had people coming over today to party and it wasn’t going to happen if Bella didn't come out of that room.

“Bella, come on. Open the door. If you truly don't like it, we can talk about it. But first you have to come out,” I begged once more.

It was silent for a moment and then I heard a small “fine” from the bathroom. Not five seconds later, I heard the door being unlocked and opened.

Well, fuck.

Never had I thought it would look this way on her. I was speechless. I wanted to have her right here and now. The thin, black material clung to her body like a second skin, making her curves appear so much sexier than they already were. The dress went a little bit higher than mid-thigh and the neckline went down to her navel, showing a lot of cleavage. It was held together by strings connecting the two sides, pushing her breasts up even higher, and making them appear even larger. Strands of her beautiful chocolate hair cascaded down in loose curls between her breasts, as if pointing directly at them. The dress was covered with a multitude of silver bats, and she was wearing black fishnet stockings and high heels. God, this is what real vampires should look like!

I let my eyes roam over her body, eye-fucking her a little bit longer.

“So... what exactly was the reason for your reluctance?” I asked her when I was done ogling her. Well, not really done, but I at least had some manners. Whom am I kidding here? I just bent her over three times and fucked the living hell out of her in my head.

Bella had her hands firmly planted on her hips by now and was staring me down. My eyes were still locked on her exposed thighs, or was it her breasts? Well, let’s just say they alternated between the two.

“What do I look like to you, Edward?” she hissed. This was a bad sign. “Like some cheap hooker?”

I stared at her flabbergasted, not answering her question. Bella huffed and walked over to her closet, ripped the door open, and went inside.

“What the fuck were you thinking buying this?” she asked me, her voice rising at the end. I could hear her rummaging through something, sighing in frustration every now and then.

“Bella, baby, what are you doing in there?” I asked, completely ignoring her previous question.

“What does it look like to you?” she asked me, sounding very annoyed. She then growled. “Alice!”, and stomped out of the closet towards the door, muttering under her breath the whole way.

Bella in a good mood would drive me crazy with desire under normal circumstances. Angry Bella, dressed in next to nothing, groaning, running around, and unconsciously swaying those tempting hips, was more than I could take. I went to her as she put on her robe and wrapped my arms around her. I didn’t like her hiding that beautiful, luxurious, smooth skin that had just been exposed to me.

“Step back,” she commanded as soon as I touched her.

I just tightened my grip, not letting her go.

“Edward I told you to step back. Let me go,” she said again, her voice a little bit louder this time.

I loved the physical contact we were having now, even after that venomous birthday party of hers. I wasn't afraid to touch her, nor did I hold myself back anymore. I loved to be able to hold her, caress her, and feel her, without having to worry about overstepping boundaries or hurting her in any way, because I now knew that was not a possibility. We loved each other, and we needed each other.

This did not mean that we didn't have our issues. There were times where we were annoyed with each other, where we questioned our ability trust one another, and sometimes we simply fought over nothing important, like any other couple. However, what came after the arguments and fights was what really mattered.

We would make up, forgive each other for whatever stupid thing we did and blew out of proportion because we both were so stubborn, and then we would simply be...

Sure, you think, how can you simply 'be' with someone as gorgeous and sexy as Bella is without doing anything 'inappropriate' but that was another aspect of our relationship. Sure, the sex was great and we did it often, very often... little Eddie had become kinda addicted...

But that wasn't it.

The little things were the ones that bound us together as a couple. We would lie together, wrapped in each others arms talking or simply staring, and tracing each others features. We cuddled, worked on assignments together, made breakfast in bed for one another, while everybody else would be downstairs fighting over who would get the last pancake. I would pick her up from her classes and glare at every ass that dared to even look in her direction, and she would wait for me after mine so that we could go for a walk. When we went outside for something to eat, I would feed her and she me. I would brush a strand of hair from her face and tuck it behind her ear, smile my crooked smile she loved so much at her and she would blush and give me a peck on the cheek or kiss me full force. We stole glances at each other every chance we got. She would massage my back after a straining anatomy class, and I would wrap my hands around her the moment she least expected it.

All these little things, this close contact we had, was what made our relationship so unbelievably great and unique. Contact, that now, judged by the glare she was giving me, was the worst thing I could have done if I cherished my life and didn't want a major case of blue balls. Not that she put me through that often. The longest we had gone without sex, after that great movie night, was probably fifteen hours, and those fifteen hours were torture enough.

“Let. Me. Go,” she hissed at me one more time, her face hard and serious.

I quickly pulled my hands back in surrender and held them high over my head.

“Sorry, I didn't...” I trailed off. Bella was already out of the room and running down the stairs to Alice's room, shouting for her and Rosalie, before I even got “I didn't”.

God, that was going to cost me something...

Slowly, I followed her down the stairs and to the living room, where I knew Emmett and Jasper would be playing X-box, since the girls had apparently ditched them, too.

Sure enough, they were mumbling something about needing some release or some shit like that.

“Hey bro,” Emmett greeted me as soon as his eyes caught my presence.

“Hey bud,” I told him and nodded towards Jasper.

“So, they threw you out?” I asked them.

Emmett started laughing and Jasper shook his head from right to left, then looked quickly to the ceiling bringing his hands up, too. After a moment he let them fall beside him again with a grown.

“I see,” I said then, looking at their defeated faces, “That bad, huh?”

“Man, you won't even believe it. Just thinking about what they may be planning in there causes me to break out in cold sweat and shivers to run down my spine!” Jasper said.

“But this sight was so worth it. I mean... the red devil costume.... mhh”, Emmett muttered under his breath.

“Whom do you think we will have more to fear from - your fiancée or your sister?” I asked Jasper.

We had ordered the costumes for the girls together. I picked the vampire for Bella the moment I saw it. As soon as my eyes fell on it, I simply knew that I needed to see her in it. Jasper ordered a white fallen angel costume for Alice. It came with wings and a halo and was even tinier than Bella's. It looked more like some kind of underwear than an actual Halloween costume. Emmett had picked a barely there, red devil dress for Rosalie. It would fit her perfectly: not only her body, but her personality, as well. She would be able, for once, to show her inner side... and she would be free to do it. Not that I would say that aloud to her or Emmett, as they would probably make plans together about the best way to kill me... That. after Emmett high-fived me, of course.

“Honestly? I think your girl is the one we should be afraid of.”

“Bella?” I asked in disbelief. Emmett nodded to Jasper's statement.

“Why would you think that?” I asked.

“Well,” Emmett answered for Jasper, “you know how the say the little ones are the ones you should fear the most? I think that is the case here. For Rosie and Alice this is nothing. Bella, on the other hand, looked pretty pissed off. I remember what she did to the one guy who tried to t-” Emmett shut his mouth as soon as he noticed the door to Alice's room open and saw the three girls walking out..

All of them had robes on and a smirk on their faces as they came into the room. As soon as their eyes fell upon us, though, their smug expressions turned livid. Rosalie glared at Emmett, while Alice was shooting daggers at Jaspers head. As soon as my eyes met Bella's, she looked to the door, her expression suddenly emotionless, cold. She was staring at the door and tapping her feet.

“How much longer do we have until the first guests arrive?” Bella asked in a cold voice, not really speaking to anybody directly, still glaring at the door.

Alice and Rosalie were shooting murderous glances into my direction every now and then, when they realized Bella wasn't doing what they expected her to do. That is, that she wasn't grilling me alive with her eyes.

“I don't know, maybe fifteen minutes? Twenty tops. We told them to be on time. Doors to this palace close as soon as the clock ticks nine,” Emmett tried to explain, his voice an octave higher than usual.

“Is that so?” Bella asked in a calm, even, and icy voice, making me shudder.

“Yeah,” Jasper nodded to her.

“That is good. Very good. Because that means that you guys have enough time to call all of them and tell them that there is no party taking place here tonight,” Bella said.

“WHAT?” Emmett yelled.

“You heard her, Bud. No party under these circumstances. Do you really think we are wearing this in front of other people?” Rosalie said.

“But, but... You can't do that to us! We never blew a party off before! It is tradition, Rose, and you know it! Everybody has been talking about it for weeks now!” Emmett whined.

“Don't be a baby. It’s just a party,” she answered him in a very annoyed voice.

“You can't expect us to simply go along with your idiotic plans!” Alice chimed in.


“Look, you idiot of a brother. When we say there is no party, then there is no party.”

Emmett huffed like a small child. Jasper looked calm and pretended that this was no big deal to him, but I knew him and I could practically feel the blood boiling under his skin.

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden?” Jasper asked.

“Because you picked these outfits for us. Now, move it! I think you have a bunch of people to call,” Rosalie answered.

I noticed Bella was still staring at the door. She sighed once and then looked at Rosalie and Alice in a resigned manner.

“Girls? Wanna go?” she asked them.

“Sure, sure,” Alice said and jumped once up in the air then run back into her room yelling “Be right back!” over her head.

“Well, then, lets get ready,” Bella muttered and turned around making her way to the stairs.

“What? Where are you going?” I asked her.

“Upstairs. To my room, to change into something decent and get ready to go out with the girls. You guys will probably have to stay here to deal with all the guests who will come here now, since you didn't tell them that there is no party. Enjoy yourselves,” she said and then started ascending the stairs.

I looked at her until she disappeared from my view, then I simply stared at the spot where I last saw her..

“Dash it!” I muttered under my breath. I turned around just as the bell rang for the first time. Rose was already out of the room and Emmett at the door opening it. I looked over to Jasper who had now 'pissed' stamped on his face.

I walked over to him, as the first people strolled into the house. Somebody suddenly turned the music on and it was playing full force. I think I could feel the floor trembling because the bass was so loud.

“What do we do now?” I shouted to Jasper over the music.

“I don't know... enjoy it? What can happen, after all?” he asked me.

“Right,” I muttered under my breath.

The house was filling up so rapidly that I didn't even know who was already here and who wasn't. There had to be at least fifty people so far, drinking, laughing and yelling all over the house. Some of the people I recognized. Others I dreaded. Like... most of the girls? They were winking and smiling at me. It only disgusted me now.

Suddenly a wave of panic hit me when I thought about what all the people were doing and where they were doing it. I ran up the stairs to the third story and checked to be sure all the doors were locked. I didn't want anybody fooling around in my room. There were doors on this floor: one to Bella's room (my old one), one to my new bedroom, which had previously been a work room, and one to my piano room, which was also connected to my bedroom.

I quickly made sure that I had the keys to for both my rooms, and then made my way to Bella's door. Even though we were at the third floor, you could still hear the music blaring up here. I didn't think Bella would be able to hear me knocking over the loud noise, so I didn't bother doing it. I threw the door open, only to find her in the process of getting dressed. She had already black leather pants on and was now putting on an equally hot corset. She still wore the black heels from before. Instantly I felt my jeans tighten at the front.

Bella started to tie the corset up but struggled a little bit, so I slowly made my way over to her. She hadn't noticed my presence so far, because of the music, but that changed as soon as my hands stilled hers. I took the cords out of her hands and started tying them up.

As soon as I was finished and released the end of the cords Bella turned around, glaring at me.

“What are you doing in here?” she asked me.

“Helping you?” I answered in a way that sounded more like a question than a statement.

“I don't think that your presence here is helping me at all. I need to get ready,” she said, turning her back to me again. She went into her bathroom and I followed after her, leaning on the door frame.

“You don't need my help?” I asked, raising one eyebrow.

She looked at me over her shoulder while brushing her hair, with a really pissed off expression on her face. “No, I don't. Actually, you are only distracting me. Rose will be here soon to do my make up. So please, if you could...” she trailed off, waving her hand in the direction of the door, clearly motioning for me to leave.

I decided not to press matters further right now. I would get to talk to her after Rose left.

With one big sigh I pushed myself off from the door frame and walked over to her bed. I sat down on it and looked at the ceiling. I did that a lot lately. I don't know why, but I somehow found it ... soothing? Simply staring at something, not doing anything?

I realized then that Bella's cell phone buzzed twice, indicating she got a new message. I was instantly curious about who was writing to her and what that person wanted from her.

I don't exactly know why, but I wanted to know everything about what she was doing; with whom she was meeting; what it was about. I knew it was wrong and that I had to trust her. And trust Bella, I did. I simply didn't trust all the other assholes at this school.

I was overprotective of her. I knew that. Once Bella even accused me of having JOBD: Jealous Overprotective Boyfriend Disorder. Of course, I denied it right away. I even laughed at her silliness. But deep down, I knew that it was true. As a medical student, I knew that such a disorder didn't really exist... but I was thinking of it as some kind of my own... lets say... plague? I would rather name it Jealous and Overprotective of Bella Disorder.

I was close to simply picking up her phone and scrolling down to see who had sent her a message, when I heard her exiting the bathroom. She paused for a moment when she saw me lying on her bed, but other than that, she simply continued on her way to her desk.

When she saw the screen of her cell phone blinking, she went over and picked it up. She pressed some buttons and read the message. I was dying to ask who it was and what the person wanted, but seeing as she was still pissed, I let it drop.

As Bella read the message she seemed to tense. At one point I even think she looked up from the screen and looked into my direction, but then quickly looked back to her phone. That was strange, but I didn't let it bother me. Well, I didn't show how much it bothered me.

Bella put the phone back onto her desk and then walked over to me. She hovered above me, looking at my face for a little bit and then straightened herself out again and looked towards the door.

“Why are you up here Edward? Rosalie will be here any minute now,” she said.

“Why are you so pissed at me?” I asked her.

“Oh, I can tell you that, if you can't even figure it out on your own. You, mister, and your two buds just decided to turn us into some sluts for the night. That's why I am pissed at you.”

I sat up on her bed, looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

“Who sent you the message?” I asked her.

“A friend,” she answered a little bit too quickly and turned to her bathroom.

“What friend?”

“One I met some weeks ago,” she called back. Why did it seem as if she was hiding something?

“What did that friend want?”

“To ask when I was finally going to appear at the party. Rose, Alice and I talked about it and decided we would go and take a look.”

“You planned it?” I asked standing up.

“No,” she turned around and looked at me. “We came up with the idea right then and there. Is the interrogation over now?”


Bella rolled her eyes. “Make it quick. Rose will be up here any minute and I am still mad at you.”

“You are mad at me all the time,” I murmured.

“Not all the time, just when you piss me off. It's not my fault you do it often,” she answered.

“Fine,” I said. This conversation was getting to me.

“So you are going to that party? Dressed like this?” I asked her then.

Bella came over to me. “You didn't seem to have any problem with me attending this party being dressed in far less than this.”

“Yeah, but I would be here,” I said, shifting my weight form one leg to the other.

“You still didn't have a problem with somebody else ogling me,” she said glaring.

“I didn't say that.”

“Your choice of clothing did.”

“That's not what I meant by it.”

“Too late, Edward. The damage is done,” Bella said, and went back to her desk. She picked up her cell phone again and started pressing some buttons furiously.

“I don't want you to leave now. I want you to stay here.”

“Mhm,” she answered.

“Whom are you texting now?”

“Rosalie,” she said; annoyance in her voice.

“Could you tell me why you are texting her when you could simply go and find her? I am sure she is in her room.”

“Because I don't want to leave this room right now. I am way too pissed. And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll keep your distance right now.”

Not in the mood to fight with her right now, I decided to go out. I didn't know what was wrong with her today. How could such a simple thing as a dress cause this kind of reaction from her? Sure I wanted to tease her, but was it necessary to blow it so far out of proportion? I didn't ask her to pose for porn or anything like that.

I went downstairs and grabbed a drink. The house was full of people by now. Everybody came over to greet me. Somehow they all knew me... even though I didn’t know half of them.

I made my way over to the front porch and sat down. People were still coming. I could see cars pulling up, people walking the streets... everything was in motion. And everybody greeted me. Some of them came to our house, others continued to some of the neighbors.

I stared off toward the sky.

I had pissed her off with the dress. I shouldn't have done that. I knew she would never wear something like that, so why buy it for her? And it is not like I would have had allowed her to wear it outside. I had a second costume for her just in case. I would have never let anybody else see her this way.

But fuck, everything had to go wrong, as always.

Now she was mad. And she was going to some other party, dressed way too tempting, to meet some friends I wasn't even aware she had.

I should apologize to her.

“Hey Eddie,” a voice purred into my ear and I felt a hand on my shoulder.

Oh God, please not now.

I knew this voice. I had heard it cry out my name quite often.

Fuck. Not what I wanted to happen now.

“Hey,” I answered in a monotone voice and started to get up. I pried her hand off of me and looked around me to see if anybody else was here.

The guys would help me wouldn't hey? They knew we all were in deep shit right now, and that would make it only worse for all of us.

So where were they?

“Eddie,” Amber said again, this time trailing her hand down my chest.

“What do you want, Amber?” I practically spat at her, swatting her hand away.

Her brows furrowed and she scowled at me. She positioned one of her hands on her hips and glared.

“I was trying to be nice to you,” she answered, as if it was me throwing myself at her.

“You are not. Thanks,” I said and tried to make my way back inside when I suddenly was faces with another girl.

Fuck, did they all have to be here today? Who sent out those fucking invitations?

That's right... Emmett did to his buddies... of course they would bring some sluts with them.

“Edward,” she said, smiled and winked at me.

I was instantly disgusted. Did I really used to be this easy to get?

They thought they were lining to sleep with me and I would choose one of them... depending on what I wanted.

As I looked around the room I noticed that most of the girls here were girls I had actually, if not slept with, gotten blow jobs from. All of them were smiling and winking at me. Some would even go as far as come over and talk to me while I sat with Emmett and Jasper.

It was awful. And I was glad Bella wasn't here. I would clear stuff with her later. Now I had to survive this somehow.

“What do we do?” I asked Jasper and took another sip of my beer. We were in this shit together after all. He had gotten me into this after all. He had taught me. Now, it was his turn to make it right.

Do you think I should blame myself? Well, I probably will later... but right now... fuck I don't even know what to think, much less what to do. I need Jasper’s help with it.

“I don't know man, I don't know. I'm starting to think that this was somehow planned - kind of karma biting us in the ass. Not only for what we did before them, but also because of what we did to them today.” Jasper sighed and looked into his now almost empty beer bottle.

“Hey, hey, hey there. Don't give up. I mean, what can happen? It's not like they are here after all! They wanted to go that that party, remember?” Emmett threw in from the side.

“Yeah,” I answered just as two Japanese twins came over to Jasper and me. I remembered them... hot night, but that was it. They were stupid bimbos. Next day I heard they slept with Adams.

They both planted themselves on each of our sides and started swaying to the music.

I looked towards Emmett as if looking for help, but nothing came from him. Everybody knew he was taken, and they knew Rose even better. Nobody tried to ever lay a finger on him. It was like some law or some shit.

As the music became more aggressive, so did Kiyomi and Toshiko's dance movements. Don't ask me how I remembered their names... they sounded strange to my ears... Maybe that's why.

I became more and more uncomfortable in my own skin. I simply wanted to go back into my room and cuddle with my Bella. I sighed as I remembered that this wasn't possible at the moment.

Bella was still in her room, from what I could tell. Or at least she was out of my eyesight for now. She hadn't left yet or one of us guys would have noticed.

Yeah, maybe we were going all cavemen on them, but could you blame us?

I mean... just remembering Bella's beautiful, long, smooth legs... her clear skin, her slim torso... her tiny arms wrapped around my neck, her breasts pressing against my chest... her lips sucking on my neck...

Fuck, I wasn't helping myself at all right now.

Jasper shot me a wary look as he saw my exasperated expression. I didn't want to be here, surrounded by some strange sluts... I wanted my Bella and I wanted her now.

Just as I was about to tell those whores to go fuck themselves, I felt the tension in the room pick up.

I instantly knew something was up. Rather, I knew the girls were here.

I turned around to the stairs and there at the top stood Alice, Rosalie and my Bella, all of them dressed in black leather pants and corsets much like the one Bella wore when I left the room earlier tonight.

They looked hot...And they looked pissed.

Very pissed.

Their appearance was like out of some kind of horror movie. They all looked like vampires, with the pale make-up they had applied, dark eye shadows, purple lips and their hair out of place.

I think I could hear some sharp intakes of breath and I wasn't sure if that was only us guys or from a bunch of others in the room. If the second guess was right I would have a lot of work to do later.

The girls started descending the stairs, and it looked as if out of a movie. Slow-motion like.

But the only thing in slow motion were their movements, because I still could feel and see everybody else around me... especially the two girls dancing, now accompanied by another one or two.

While Rosalie walked straight out the door and Alice followed her, Bella made her way over to us. I saw some guy go after the girls outside and soon Jasper was out of the door too.

Bella came to a halt right in front of me. She eyed the girl to my left for a moment, who was actually trying to dance around me, and then she stared at me. Well, more like glared. She still looked pretty pissed. I started to make a movement and soon I felt the other girl pressed against me. Bella was now shooting daggers into her head.

Not good. So not good.

I looked to Emmett in full panic mode and begged him to help me with my eyes, but as soon as he saw the furious Bella, he chose to protect his own balls much rather than to help his buddy and cousin, might I remind you.

“Up for a dance?” the girl from behind me asked, as if oblivious to the whole scene happening right now. I looked over to Bella and at her now rage-filled expression. Could this get any worse?

“Um, no thanks, I have company,” I answered.

God, why was I being so nice now? Normally I would just tell them to fuck off... I'm with Bella. But I wasn't. Bella was planning to go to another party.

That's your own fucking fault, asshole! A voice from inside of my chided me. Ok, so it was my fault.

I saw Emmett mouthing “You're fucked,” from the corner of my eye and I could only nod at him. I knew that that was how I would end up, figuratively of course. Cause I knew now there was no way I would get literally fucked anytime soon after that.

Bella still didn't move, and honestly I didn't either. What could I do after all?

Ok, you could say I just had to leave them here and walk over to Bella, but judging by her former action that was exactly the opposite of what I should be doing.

Or so I thought.

God, this is so fucked up. I'll never be able to understand women, much less Bella, since she doesn't fit into any kind of stereotype. The girl acted as if she didn't notice and joined the other girl dancing to my left for the dance. Now they were both pressing against me... in an ugly and disgusting way.

“Could you pl-” I couldn't form my whole sentence I was already tugged away by Bella. Rather harshly, I might add.

“Shut up,” she said to me and then turned around and glared to the other girls. “And you stay away from him,” she told them. Both of them looked surprised.

“He? Please, he is Edward fucking Masen. He is never taken,” the girl that was to my left said.

“Well, he is now,” Bella answered back. I liked this Bella... jealous Bella.

“Who are you to say that?” the other girl asked. “It's obvious that he was dancing with us earlier. He didn't make a move to go over to you,” stupid slut from behind answered.

Bella glared at me and I simply shrugged. Then I wrapped my hands around her.

“I'm saying it,” I answered them both. Then I kissed Bella's exposed shoulder. She snorted but let me be... for now.


Not now. Not now. Not now.

Did Kiyomi or Toshiko, or whichever one it was, have to speak up now? Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Why were most of the people here women I slept with?

That's right bastard... sweet, sweet justice.

Why did it always seem justice came the moment you at least expected... well, much rather wanted it to come?

“Not now,” I growled and Bella glared first at her, then at me.

“Where did you live for the last two months, in a hole or something?” Bella asked them.

They all snorted, looking at me.

“As if, look girl, I don't know why you are clinging this way to him, but I can tell you this isn't permanent. We all had our share of him, if he decided to keep you around for his fun, it's his thing, but don't get ahead of yourself and assume things.”

That was it. Here I draw the line.

What right did she have to speak this way to Bella?

What right did she have to accuse me of things like that?

What right did she have to put Bella in the same category they were in?

That's right... NONE.

I was about to open my mouth and call them every cuss word I knew, when Bella beat me and spoke up first.

But she didn't say what I expected her to. Or much rather did what I expected her to.

I would have thought she would tear up, and be angry with them, with me and then with herself. I thought she would doubt everything again... but she didn't.

I don't know when, but Bella had switched her promise ring from her right to her left side and was now holding it proudly up and showing to the hags around us. That's my girl.

They all had shocked expressions and looked dumbfounded at us.

They glared at her, then at me and stomped off. What they did didn't bother me at all.

What Bella did bothered me even less. On the contrary, I even liked it. Even if it was just a show now, I knew this was exactly what I wanted. I saw the picture on front of me... of us.... me with our son in my arms, Bella pregnant with a little girl... That is what I wanted and it is what I would get; maybe not now, because we were way too young for children. But the first part - being together, her wearing my ring, being marked as mine... on that I could work... and I would...

I snapped out of it when I felt Bella tugging on my hand. I followed her without another word.

We went out to the front porch again where she stopped and put her hands on her hips, glaring at me. God, I was getting so tired of this glare and yet I knew that there was nothing I could do against it. It was well deserved.

“Bella,” I started to explain when she seemed to calm down a little bit, but she abruptly put her hand up and efficiently shut me up. I stared at her while she glared at me a little longer, then I noticed her taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out, calming herself.

“Bella,” I said again.

“Shut up,” she whispered. She took some more calming breaths and then smiled at me.

I was confused to say the least.

But then I noticed this small yet prominent devilish glint in her eyes. The one Alice had when she knew she had us.

Gosh, I am so fucked.

“Enjoy yourself today Edward,” she said, gave me a chaste kiss and then turned around and simply left. Stunned, I watched her get in Rose's red BMW and take off.

What was that all about? I decided I would deal with that later. There were more important things I had to deal with right now.

I turned around and entered the house again. The music was blaring loud of the speakers. People were everywhere, dancing to the music, smoking or drinking, making out, laughing. Everybody was having a good time - too good for my liking. It was a good thing I had locked the doors at our floor earlier. But had Bella locked hers?

I thought about going upstairs to check it but just then a pissed off looking Jasper came over to me and started talking about some guy having drunk too much, and puking in the toilet on the first floor, and about another one going after our girls earlier.

Great, not only did I have to spend a whole night without Bella, while she was at some other party having fun, but at the same time I had to deal with all this shit. This was going to be a great night.


Around two in the morning we threw everyone out. The girls had just come back and went straight for Rosalie's room, without as much as a “Hi” or “How was the party?” I think Alice said something to Rose about some tactic having to be discussed. Really, one of them was trouble enough. All of them together were more than any of us could take.

The whole house smelled of cigarettes and alcohol, and some areas of something else I am not going to mention now. We had some major cleaning up to do and it seemed I had to do it alone with Jasper, since Emmett had passed out drunk. We should have made him clean it up alone for that stunt, but the smell was so strong, if we left it for tomorrow and much rather for Emmett to do, we would never get it out.

After about two hours of intensive cleaning we both gave up. The place looked decent at least. Everything else Emmett would have to deal with: especially the bathroom.

Jasper patted me on my shoulder and nodded towards the stairs. He was wishing me good luck for whatever was to come. I suppose he knew something similar awaited him too.

I nodded once and then made my way up.

I reached the door to Bella's room and slowly opened it, trying not to make any noise. I didn't want to wake her up in case she was already asleep. I hoped she would be. The room was dark and silent. I took it Bella was already asleep. Though I couldn't hear her talking, or at least turning in the bed, which was unusual.

I took my shoes, socks, shirt and pants off and went over to her window to close it. Bella always slept with an open window, which is the reason I was able to get in the night of her birthday. Since then, I told her repeatedly to close it, but she never did. I even told her that somebody could easily break in. She simply said that I would be with her so she wasn't afraid. It made me smile, but I still didn't like it, so every time she would fall asleep I would get up and close the window.

“Leave it,” I heard a voice from behind me. I froze in the middle of my movements.

I slowly turned my head and saw Bella look up at me from her pillow. Only her head was coming out of under her covers, everything else of her was covered. Her hair was a mess, and she had removed all of her make-up... Just the way I liked her... if she would be all sweaty and moaning now... that would be a thing to remember.

“Bella, you know that it is not safe to leave the window open,” I answered her. I was relieved to see it was her and not somebody breaking in.

“I said leave it,” she said, then let her head fall down on the pillow and turned around to the other side, facing the wall.

Ok, that was not like Bella.

I left the window open and went over to the bed. Bella was lying there, occupying most of it. I pressed myself between Bella and the wall. I tried to move her to the side so that I could make myself more comfortable but she wouldn't move.

“Bella, could you pl-”

“Shut up,” she cut me off.

I started at her, but she just rolled over to her other side. She left me some of the comforter, but other than that, she gave no sign that she acknowledged me. You could say she was ignoring me.

After some time of Bella being silent and not talking to me, I decided to take matters in my own hands. I knew I was at fault this time and I had to apologize. I just didn't know how to do that, much less what to say.

I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her against my chest. She didn't argue or say anything. I started humming her lullaby to her and pressed her harder against my body. I wanted to tell her that I was sorry, but I knew she wouldn't hear me out right now.

I kissed her hair a few times and soon I heard Bella's breathing slow down and become more even. When she started mumbling something under her breath, I knew she was asleep. I couldn't hold my own eyes open any longer either, and I felt sleep take me over soon after she fell asleep.

I dreamed about Bella that night. About her with our little boy again... but this time... there was something more to this dream. And it wasn't only that I had made my mind up, that I knew what I wanted. I knew I would eventually make this dream come true; quickly, if I could.

No, there was something... like another presence... a bad omen. I didn't know what it meant, but honestly? I didn't want to find out either.


I woke up alone in bed. It was Sunday, so we had lots of time. Today we had planned to be a lazy day for all of us... well, all except of Emmett, who would have a hell of a lot of cleaning up to do.

Slowly I lifted my head and looked around in the room. No sign of Bella anywhere. I pulled my sorry ass out of bed and went into my room. No Bella there either.

I quickly took a shower and then went downstairs to see who else was there.

While passing the living room I noticed that it was already 2pm. I had slept pretty long. Wonder if all of them were still asleep.

Well, all of them apart from Bella. Where was she?

I went into the kitchen and noticed that coffee was there as well as some aspirin. So I suppose Emmett was already up. Well, think of it. You couldn't hear any snoring in the house.

There was also food on the stove which meant that Bella must have been in here. Nobody else would cook except for her and me.

I quickly ate the fried Chinese noodles with soybeans, eggs and salad she made and went looking for someone... really, anyone would do.

First I went to Rose's and Emmett's room only to find it empty. As were Alice's, Jasper's old room that was now turned into an office, the library, the game room, the piano room and the study room. I even checked every bathroom, closet and the attic in case they were hiding from me. But nowhere were there any signs of them.

Resigned, I made my way back to my room. I hadn't spent much time in here since I 'moved' in here. It rather felt like I simply moved my stuff in here and now stayed with Bella in my old room. To think of it, how many nights had I slept in this room after Bella came back?

Exactly none.

I decided to work on some of the assignments I had to do. It wasn't as fun as doing it together with Bella, but they needed to be done. I thought about calling Bella, but based on her reaction yesterday, I decided I should give her some time to calm down.

I was sure by now that she had overreacted... but it is not like I acted the way I should have either.

The moment that all those girls came over to me, I should have left, and gone to find her. If not that, then I should have at least done something when Bella arrived and stared us all down, or done something when she was verbally attacked by them, and had to stand up for herself. There were so many times I should have said something, done something, and I did nothing. So many mistakes. So many reasons for her to be mad at me. So many things to apologize for. Just thinking about all this mess gave me a headache.

And as if this wasn't enough, there were also a bunch of other thoughts running through my head. After waking up from that dream today, I didn't really feel at ease. I felt as if something bad was going to happen. As if Bella and I wouldn't have enough time to reach everything I dreamed of. And yet I wanted it, and I wanted it bad.

So what do I do?

Do I simply ignore this nagging feeling in the back of my head or do I act on it? And how can one act on a nagging feeling? What should I do? Should I try to find the source of it? Find out what it was that bothered me and try to change it? But, how?

I was brought out of my inner ranting when I felt a cold hand touch my shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Bella's soft voice asked from beside me.

“Um,” I stuttered trying to find the right words. She had taken me by surprise. I didn't really expect her right now. “I am working on that assignment I need to finish sometime next week.”

“Mhm,” she stated.

“Where were you?” I asked her. I tried to keep my voice calm and disinterested as I absentmindedly started playing with the fingers of her hand.

“I was out with the guys. Hadn't been in a long time. You looked rather peaceful this morning so we didn't want to wake you. And Alice thought that if you came with us I would just cling to you, and they would get nothing out of it. So you see, I had to give in,” Bella told me. I nodded in understanding and then started working on my assignment again.

Bella was calm and silent sitting on the couch in my room, right beside my desk, reading a book - too calm and too silent for my liking. Shouldn't she be upset after what happened yesterday? Shouldn't she be mad, angry, pissed or any other emotion because she was upset over what I did? Or rather didn't do? Or both? Did she get over the thing with the costume? God, the costume!

“So... how was the party yesterday?” I asked her. Bella looked up from her book and looked at me.

“I’ve been to better ones,” she simply stated, gave me a small smile and then returned to reading her book.

Not the answer I expected.

“Will I get to meet that friend of yours?” I asked her then.

“Sure you will. But I don't know, maybe you know her already,” she said. Ouch. That was a low blow.

“Maybe” Why didn't she sound upset, though?

I sighed and started working again. I needed to concentrate and get this done. I knew that if I didn't do it now, I would never write this. It wasn’t as easy a task as I assumed, though.

After about an hour of me writing and Bella reading, she decided that it was too hot in here and she went and changed into a tiny white tank-top and some red boy-shorts. She had pulled her hair up in a messy bun and lay down on her stomach on my couch. She had her legs in the air, swinging them, her one hand holding the side of her book and the other one playing with one loose stand of hair.

She looked gorgeous. So gorgeous that there was no way I could look at my screen and not at her.

Bella turned the page of her book. I watched her make this movement much like a predator seizing its prey. I watched as the muscles in her arm clenched and unclenched, which caused her chest to move the tiniest bit.

The chest that was now the center of my attention.

God how I wanted her.

Bella sighed and then in a very seductive way, got up and sat Indian-style on the couch, giving me an even better view of her smooth legs.

I had to force myself to hold in the groan that was about to escape me.

I saved my document and put my laptop on standby mode. I stood up from my stool and went over to Bella, and sat down behind her and wrapped my arms around her. I was still a little bit afraid about what was to come. I was sure that this was only the silence before the storm, but I would take the risk. I had to, or I think my little boys would eventually die off. It's not like me to go three days in a row without getting any.

Well, maybe in the beginning with Bella... but now that they knew the joy of being buried deep, deep inside of her sweet, wet pu-

Not helping right now!

I shook my head to clear it from those thoughts, but the damage was already done. I mean, who could resist her after all?

Yet I knew I needed to compose myself.

I pressed Bella's back to my chest and then carefully lifted her and placed her on my lap. Bella closed the book with a sight, put it to the side and then rested her head on my shoulder. We didn't say anything: we just lay there together for a moment, enjoying this closeness.

“Why...” I started after a while, “why aren't you saying anything?” I asked her.

“Should I?” she asked me in a sweet voice.

“I don't know, should you?”

“I don't think I should. I should let you suffer in silence,” she answered. Ah, here we have it.

“So suffer in silence it is?”

“Pretty much.”

“I think I can take that,” I mumbled against her skin as I started kissing her shoulder.

“You wish you could take that.”

“I know I can take that,” I whispered and then went to work on her neck.

“Sure,” she mocked me.

“What's that supposed to mean?” I asked her, lifting my head.

“That is supposed to mean, that since you can take the “suffer in silence” part, and you are so sure of yourself, you can surely handle some time off, as well” she told me and this just confused the hell out of me.

“What do you mean, some time off?” I urged. I was starting to panic. Some time off? Didn't that mean something like a break up for while?

“God, chill. I simply think you got way too used to me. You take me for granted and I'll prove you that you are wrong to do that. If you want something from me, you have to work for it. And right now I promise you that as much as you may work you won't get anything.”

“Are you telling me that...”

Bella nodded her head and I watched as a devilish glint spread all over her face.

“So that is what you were planning? What you were discussing with the girls?” I asked her.

She nodded again, this time, trying hard not to laugh. I tried to hold in the groan that was now about to escape me. Great. If Alice was in on it, then I knew I would suffer...

Bella kissed me once on the lips and then got up from my lap, after thrusting her hips once against mine, making me hiss. I looked at her, pleading with my eyes, to not do that to me, but she didn't look back at me for a moment before leaving the room, swaying her hips seductively.

The greatest kind of torture, indeed. Alice would have to pay for that some day...

As for Bella... I would get her back. It's not only me that will be tested to his limits, after all...


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