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Love is a War

Love is like war ~ easy to start, hard to end, impossible to forget. They meet, they fall in love, they have to part. He promised to contact her, but never did, she promised to wait for him. A year later they have to live in the same residential community. She is hurt, broken. He wants her back. *lemons* - very OOC BannerFans.com


2. Chapter 2: Old Memories and First Impressions

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A/N: I hope you liked the story so far! The beginning and the ending are the hardest to write! - I think.

Big thanks to my two Betas Applefromatree (who also wrote the first review 3) and VampireGaaraCheesepuffs – I’m in your debt!

Here comes chapter 2!


Chapter 2: Old Memories and First Impressions


I was with Charlie and Alice at the airport. Our plane was going to take off in half an hour and the boarding had already begun. I was really stressed. The only thing that was constantly on my mind was the thought of me on a plane. I hated planes. God was I afraid of them. I felt like I would pee my pants any minute now. The best way to torture me was to put me on a plane.

“Bella, come on now! Get a grip! We have to go! We are going to miss our flight. We can’t just stand here!” Alice begged me again while waving with her hands in the direction of our terminal. She’d been trying to make me move an inch since the second our flight was called out, utterly unsuccessfully, if I might inform you.

“Alice… No! Why don’t we take the bus to Chicago? I mean, how long is it going to take? Please” I pleaded. After all this was supposed to be the start of my new life not the end of it.

“No. We already had this discussion today. You are going to move your ass and plant it on this plane!”

I didn’t move an inch so she continued. “Bella, even if I have to use physical force, I will get you in that plane. You can have it the easy way and do it yourself, or I will just have to call somebody for help.”

“You wouldn’t dare, Alice!” My voice now even more scared.

“Yeah? Wouldn’t I? Try me, Bella! Just try me! We will see then.” She put her hands on her hips and I knew she was serious. I knew better than to complain to Alice when she was infuriated so I decided to obligate.

Quickly I gathered my belongings; we spoke our goodbyes to Charlie and headed to the terminal our plane was going to take off from.

We sat in our places and Alice was still trying to calm me down.

“Bella, try to calm down. A plane flight and moving to Chicago isn’t the end of the world. You will see everything is going to be alright.”

“Yeah, Alice. You already said that.”

“You see!” she cheered me on clapping her hands in front of her while I groaned again. She was not really successful, but she still tried her hardest.

“Yeah, I see. But that doesn’t mean I am ok with it! Neither am I happy about moving to a residential community. I am still pretty pissed at you Alice.” I hissed at her. I still hadn’t gotten over my big shock. Yes, I had one whole week to think about it and get used to it, but it was too much of a challenge for me.

“Whatever, Bella. You know that you can’t make your own decisions ‘cause they end up causing a total mess. So I do it!”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying there. Was she accusing me of not being able to make my own decisions? Whatever. Right now, I wasn’t in the mood to argue with her. OK. I was in the mood, but the place was not really the right one to vent my spleen. So I just answered her with a simple sarcastic “Pleasure, Alice!” and turned to the window showing her it was time for her to back off.

I was watching the clouds trying to name their shapes when I felt my eyelids become more and more heavy and fell into a doze.

At one point the sun shone through the blanked of clouds and I looked down to avoid contact.

There I faced something that reminded me again of another huge problem I wasn’t yet sure how to deal with. On my left hand was still my promise ring. The ring he gave me the day we separated.

What does it matter if I think of him now, when I am going to meet him anyway and get my heart crushed again? If I am going to get inwardly destroyed anyway, then let’s at least do it thoroughly! I thought to myself and decided to think one last time about Edward. The Edward I had met last summer. The Edward who broke my heart without him even knowing it.

And so I let my thoughts wander to the day we met…


“Bella! Bella! We are here! We are here!” Alice squealed on my right side while jumping up and down.

“Yeah, Alice. I know.” I said getting a little bit annoyed with her. How could she be so full of energy after such a long journey? But who am I kidding? This was Alice we’re talking about! “I’m tired not blind. I can see where we are!” I hissed.

“Ok. Whatever.” She opened the backdoor of the cub and got off. I saw her running straight to the open hands of the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.

The first thing that caught my eye was his hair. It was a shade of reddish bronze I had never seen before. It was magnificent. It was messy and the only thing you wanted to do was run your hands trough it. He was tall and well built. Even from this distance I could tell he had to be very handsome.

I got lost in time and was just staring at him for so long that Alice had to come over - with a very annoyed look on her face - and open the door for me.

“So Bella, do you need a special invitation to get out of this car?” She asked.

I couldn’t find my voice to speak so I simply got out of the cab. Alice just smirked.

She led me the way to the god she was hugging some seconds before – or was it now minutes? I didn’t know. I was too lost in my own thoughts.

“So,” she started whispering in my ear, “This is Edward Masen. He is my cousin. I want you to get along with him. I think you surely will, though.” She emphasized the words ‘this’ and ‘cousin’. Was she trying to pass me a message? Because if so, I was clearly missing every hint she gave me.

I looked at her with an expression of pure confusion on my face. Alice just smirked again and I lowered my head.

“Edward! This is the friend I was talking to you about on the phone! Edward - this is Bella. Bella Swan.” Even though I had my head turned to face the ground I could see her tiny hands pointing to me.

“Hi, Bella. It’s nice to meet you.” An angelic velvet voice said. If I wasn’t stunned by his former appearance, I was NOW.

I couldn’t find my voice to answer him. I was lost in the sound of his voice. I knew it was rude not to answer him right away, but I wasn’t able to do anything else in this moment. He would have to show how patient he is until I could compose myself to a half normal state again.

My state of stare ended, though, when Alice stabbed me lightly on the ribs and I knew that I had to say something.

Slowly I lifted my head, my eyes locked with a gorgeous pair of green eyes. They were so deep and pure green you could get lost in them.

“H-h-hi!” Was the only thing I was able to say at the moment. I was dead.

He chuckled lightly and I knew that I had made a fool of myself by first acting as if he wouldn’t exist and then stuttering a ‘hi’. Could I have said anything more embarrassing? I should have a sign on my forehead which reads ‘Bella Swan – perfected the task of self-embarrassment’.

“Hi,” he said again and took my hand to shake it. “My name is Edward. I suppose Alice told you already?” he asked.

Told me what? What a god-like cousin she had? That she wanted to introduce us and sped the summer together?

Yeah, sure. Like she would do anything to protect me from embarrassing myself in public.

“No. Actually, she didn’t say me anything.” I found my voice again and in the tone I used I let her know that there would be an after match to this one.

“Oh, really? I must have forgotten to mention you Edward. Sorry. Though I’m sure I told Bella about you.” She said to him, not paying attention to the furious me that was standing now right beside her.

“No, you didn’t.” I tried to remind her of my presence and that it was me she should have this discussion with and not her dazzling drop-dead mind- shattering jaw-dropping stunning, gorgeous cousin. Phuuu… I didn’t even know I knew so many words to describe simple perfection…

“Yes, I did.” She tried to persist. That was it. I couldn’t take this shit of hers anymore. I was getting really flustered by now.

“No, Alice, you didn’t. You just told me something about meeting Emmett’s soon-to-be girlfriend here. Nothing more!” I started to get angry. She had done all this to just embarrass me, which was her and her brother’s number one hobby, only second to her after shopping. “Don’t you think I would have remembered at least SOMETHING if you would have told me about this Adonis we were going to meet here? You told me some crap about Emmett and his attempt to get Rosalie laid, but NOTHING about a GREEK. GOD. STANDING. NOW. RIGHT. BESIDE. YOU. AND. LAUGHING. HIS. ASS. OFF. WHILE. THE. WHOLE. Institution… is… looking… at us… and…” I trailed off.

What had I just done? Was this a way of meeting somebody? God, if I wasn’t dead by the time of our introduction I surely was now.

I could see everybody had turned their head in our direction and were staring at me with wild eyes. Alice just raised one eyebrow.

Ladies and Gentlemen, point one of the game ‘Embarrass Bella to Death’ goes to… Alice! I thought to myself.

Then I heard somebody snickering at the right side of me and I slowly turned my head to see there a grinning Edward, trying hard not to burst out laughing. I frowned. What? Did he want to add something to all this? He should watch it or I couldn’t promise he would survive this sick joke of a summer camp in one peace.

“Bella, that was priceless,” he said between gasps. “So…” he tried to compose himself and state something but failed thoroughly “you think I am hot?” He was bragging now.

That was it. Ok. Maybe he was gorgeous, but he was still a fucking prick! How could this excuse of a man say something like that? I could see now that good looks and personality don’t always come together. That, though, had to be one of these situations where they took total different tendencies. How could somebody so incredible looking have the personality of a sick fuck?

“Don’t think you are smart!” I hissed back at him.

He just laughed harder.

What a turd this jerk really was… And I thought he was angelic? Yeah sure Bella. You really have to work on your valuation skills…

With this I turned my back to him and Alice and went into the dorm, leaving most of the bystanders speechless, Fuckward – as I would name him from now on – still laughing and Alice dancing up and down singing in her high voice “That went pretty good, didn’t it?” owning another burst out off laugh from Fuckward.


I was awaken from my doze from Alice who in her attempt to let down the shutters of my window, so that the sun wouldn’t blind her, braced herself on my seat without noticing that she caught my hair and pulled on it rather strong.

“Ow! Alice! That hurt!” I screamed.

Most of the passengers turned their heads in our direction trying to recognize where this cry had come from.

I turned instantly red.

“Sorry, Bella. I didn’t do that on purpose.” She apologized.

“Yeah, like you do anything not on purpose.” I muttered under my breath.

“I heard that Bella,” she whispered in my ear.

Oh, great! Now I would have to suffer under this little pixie’s wrath later.

“Whatever,” I mumbled back to her.

Alice and I had always a short tease-me-so-I-can-tease-you relationship. It got pretty funny sometimes but there were times when Alice just boiled over with anger and then the only thing you could do was try to run away and hide. Most times unsuccessfully, I might add.

I had enough years of experience though to know where the borders where and when I had to stop if I cherished my life, which I did.

Some minutes of silence followed and I decided to read a book. Right then Alice spoke up again.

“Bella?” she asked quietly first.

“Yeah, Alice?”

“I’m sorry.”

“I know.”

“You know?”

“Yes, I know.” Actually, I didn’t really know what she was sorry about, but I knew that if Alice got to the point to apologize to somebody, than she really had to be meaning it.



“Really?” What kind of a sick game was this again? I was really annoyed by now.

“Really, Alice. Now, if you don’t want to discuss anything else than debating with me about whether I know you are sorry or not, SHUT UP!” I hissed the last part.

She was silent for a minute.


“WHAT, ALICE?” Had she lost her mind?

“I’m sorry.” She said again.

“Alice. We had that some seconds ago! Are you bipolar or something? Or are you just trying to annoy the hell out of me? Because if that is your goal, then I have to inform you. YOU REACHED IT!”

“No, Bella. That’s not it.” Her voice had now a hurt tone in it.

“Alice, just say me what is bugging you.”

“I am sorry about…” she trailed off.

“You are sorry about…?” I tried to make her speak.



And then she erupted in laughter. I just sat there, anger raising in me and looked at her with an expression of total disbelieve on my face.

“Ok, Alice. You want to play this game? OK. As you wish. But you have to know that we both can play this game.” I reminded her with something that sounded like a threat.

“I’m sorry about making this decision without contacting you first and then accusing you of not being able to be responsible for your own, though I still think that I was right.” When these words came out of her mouth I knew they were true. Even if she ruined everything with the last comment she gave away I knew she had just done it because she wasn’t able to admit her faults.

We continued to get on each others nerves and probably half of the passengers’ until it was announced that the plane would land in less than a half hour.

We got off of the plane and were all tired and sleepy. Emmett was the one to pick us up.

Alice threw herself in his awaiting arms and I couldn’t see a hint of the weariness which was present only some seconds ago.

“Hey little sis!” Emmett yelped. I often wondered where in her little body she had all this strength hidden. She was even able to make Emmett, who was at least six feet tall, to lose his balance.

The huge brown haired brown eyed man came over to me and hugged me also.

“Hi, to you too.”

“Hey, Em! It’s nice to finally see you again!”

“Yeah, Bells. It was about time, don’t you think?”


And with that he took our luggage and we headed out to his truck.

We were all sitting in there and Alice and Emmett where blabbering about something I didn’t pay attention to. After Alice had woken me up on the plane, I didn’t really have a chance to think about Edward, though I had told myself I would think about everything one last time before seeing him again, and then put it in a drawer in the back of my head to be hopefully never opened again while we would be living together.

So, while I was sure that Alice was able to talk on for hours without noticing that nobody paid attention to her, I decided to think about the good times I had spent with Edward.


I sat with him alone in my room. We were debating about whether vegetarianism was a good thing or if it just caused harm to the human body. He of course was faithful to his believes and wouldn’t even consider my opinion about the human body needing the nourishment contained in meat.

To tell the truth he had me convinced, but I liked arguing with him too much to just give in. It was the only way we were interacting with each other since the first day we met anyway.

I had learned in the meantime that he was really smart and informed about everything that was happening around us. He would attend college after this summer’s vacations and study medicine just like his uncle Carlisle.

With every minute we spent together I found him less and less repulsive and slowly Fuckward became Edward again. I was interested in everything he said and I often caught myself staring at him. I was studying his every facial expression and every move. I was totally absorbed in him.

“Swan, I am telling you for the last time! Vegetarianism doesn’t harm the human body!” he almost screamed this time. Oh, how did I like his voice when he started getting really annoyed with me.

“Yeah, Masen. Sure. Do you watch television at all?” I hissed back.

“Television? What for? I am not some kind of addict.”

“You think that people who watch television are addicted?” I asked in disbelieve.

“Of course they are. They don’t even realize how other people control their lives through the commercials,” he simply stated and sounded so sure of himself that I couldn’t come up with a way to confront him.

A minute passed and I was still not saying anything.



“You alright?”

“Yeah, why?” I said staring at his lips.

“You didn’t say anything. That was kind of weird.”

“Yeah, I didn’t know what to say…” I started biting my bottom lip.


“Yeah, Masen?”

“Will you push me away if I kiss you now?” He asked and I felt my legs give away.

I couldn’t answer this question right now. I just stood there paralyzed, completely motionless and unable to form a complete sentence.

The next thing I felt were his lips pressed against mine in an emotional kiss. I was shocked, but soon I recovered and came to my senses. First it started rough and fiercely, each of us just wanting to relieve the tension between us. But simple kissing was soon not enough and I could feel how his tongue traced my bottom lip and firmly begged for entrance. I didn’t hesitate long. I parted my lips slowly and gained him entrance. Soon our tongues where fighting for domination and stubborn as we were, none of us was going to give in.

After some minutes we were so out of breath that we had to break the kiss. His lips though never left my body. While I tried desperately to collect my thoughts again and decide where this was heading, he continued placing wet open mouth kisses down my neck and on my collarbone.

“Bella, Bella, Bella…” he said. He hadn’t used my name since the day of our introduction. It was always Swan and Masen. Never Bella and Edward.

“Edward…” I said.

He lightly sucked on my neck and a moan escaped me. I could feel his grin on my skin.

“Bella, I…” I don’t know what he wanted to say, but in this second it didn’t matter to me. All I wanted was too fell his soft lips again, pressed against mine. I silenced him, capturing his lips with mine.

This kiss was even more passionate than the other one, if that was possible at all. I wasn’t sure how long I could take this anymore. I had never felt this attracted to somebody before. Yes, I had kissed boys before but this was so totally different. It wasn’t a simple kiss. This was so much more.

In this second I knew what it was that made this kiss different from the others. It was the feeling that came with it. It felt so right. We felt right. I felt protected in Edward’s arms.

I was falling for Edward Masen. God, I had probably already fallen for him.

“Bellaaa,” he moaned in my mouth.

Suddenly I felt an even stronger urge to be as near him as I could get. I lifted my hands up to his head and crossed them behind his neck. I brought my fingers to his hair and started pulling on it.

He gripped me even tighter than he already had and lifted me up. He slowly carried me to my bed.

“Edward,” I said his name.

He silenced me this time the way I had silenced him just minutes before.

I felt his hands slide up and down my body caressing me lightly everywhere. Then suddenly I felt his hand on my breast and I gasped.

He didn’t stop though and I didn’t object, even if I didn’t exactly approve off what was happening. Hell, I loved it. I loved this fucking jerk that was torturing me right now, making me have to resist the urge to just jump him right there and then.

But this was wrong. This was so wrong. Even if in this moment there was nothing more that I wanted I knew it was way too early for something like this. I mean we have known each other for like what, three weeks now? We had kissed just once! Ok… Twice… And a trail of kisses on my neck… But anyway! That’s not what I had to think about.

When I felt his hand slip under my t-shirt, I knew I had to do this now or never.

“Edward, please,” I said.

He started kissing me even harder and I registered now how he had taken what I had said.

So I decided to try it in another way.

“Edward. Stop.” It came out in such a low whisper that I wasn’t even sure if he had heard me.

But then he stopped.

“Bella, I…” he trailed off.

We just sat there for some minutes trying to catch our breath when he suddenly said “Bella, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have-“

I cut him off again. But this time I gave him just a light kiss on his lips.

“You don’t have to, Edward. It is just that this would have been too quick. You know?” He just nodded.



“That was amazing,” he stated simply. I couldn’t suppress the grin that crept his way on my face.

“I know,” I simply answered and kissed him again.


“Bella! Wake up!” Emmett said as he pulled into the parking lot in front of a big white house.


“Bella, it’s time to get off the car! We are here!” Alice said.


I got out and opened the back of the huge jip taking out my luggage and carrying it in the house. I left everything in the entrance and turned around to face Rosalie, who was now standing in the doorway.

“Hi, Bella. Long time not seen,” she said.

“Indeed,” I answered and hugged her lightly.

Rosalie was beautiful. God, beautiful was no way to describe her. She looked as if she just jumped out of a cover of a Vogue magazine or a Cosmopolitan. She was tall, with long blond hair, blue eyes and a body that could only have been made by God’s hands personally.

I stepped back and she pointed in the direction of the stairs.

“Bella, come. Take your luggage and I will show you your room,” she said.

I just nodded and did what she had told me to.

We took the stairs and got to the second floor.

“So, Bella. Here to your left will be your room. It isn’t really big but it is the only one left,” she said with an apologetically look on her face and opened the door for me to enter.

The room was really not that big but it was still ok. It was actually five meters long and three meters wide. Two walls where painted in white, the one on the left and the one that was now behind us. The wall to our right was blood-red and the other one was wooden - same with the ceiling. There were two windows in here. One was on the wooded wall and the other one on the wall to our left. On the wall behind us was a big bed, in which two people could easily squeeze in. On the right wall was a door that led to a closet. To the right and left from her where shelves. The wooden wall was also covered with shelves that I would all décor with my many books. There stood also a big hi-fi system. The place on the left wall was completely taken in by the huge desk that stood there. Did they have an interior designer redecorate that room? It was gorgeous.

“So? What do you think?”

“It is… WOW.” I couldn’t respond in another way.

“Yeah, I thought you would say that. Actually Alice wanted to decorate it, but since it was first Edwards room before he took the one on the other side of this floor, he said he would decorate it for you and wouldn’t let her do that no matter how often she threaded to physically harm him when she would move in here. He said you would like it this way and left it almost the way it was. He said, though, you wouldn’t probably be very happy about the hi-fi system he left you, but he wanted you to have it, since he bought a new one for himself,” she said and giggled lightly.

WHAT? This was Edward’s room? Why did he leave it? And why did he move to the one on the other side of this floor? Wasn’t it just a difference of, I don’t know, maybe two meters?

And wait! He left me that hi-fi system? Why?

And he decorated this room? How could he possibly know what I would have liked? I must have mentioned something about how I would like my room at home to look when we were at the so-called summer camp. How else would he know how to meet all my expectations?

Again Edward had amazed me. But this time, this wouldn’t change anything. There was nothing that Edward could do that would be able to make up for all the pain he caused me. Nothing.

“Uhu,” I responded finally.

“Ok, Bella. So I will have Emmett bring up the rest of your things. I suppose the big, heavy suitcase is the one with your books?” she asked spinning around and facing the door now.

“Yes. Oh, actually… there are more of them. Tell Emmett sorry, but I just had to bring all of my books with me. They are my babies. I just couldn’t leave them alone at home.” I answered chuckling lightly at the thought of Emmett having to carry four huge bags full of books to store up in my room.

“Ok, I will,” she said and left the room. Two seconds later she was back again.

“Oh, Bella. I forgot to tell you. My brother lives here also, but he isn’t home yet. I think Alice has told you something about him, hasn’t she? Anyway. You will meet him next week, when he’ll come back from Edward’s. They’ll come back together and we will party when they come back. But first we will have to have a girls-night. How about today?”

She had said all this with such a force that I couldn’t do anything but say a small “Oh, ok.”

Rosalie left then my room to let me decorate it.

I instantly knew that we would become great friends. Maybe the time here wouldn’t be as bad as I imagined it to be.

Yeah, who are you trying to fool, girl? Just wait until he comes back next week…



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