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Love is a War

Love is like war ~ easy to start, hard to end, impossible to forget. They meet, they fall in love, they have to part. He promised to contact her, but never did, she promised to wait for him. A year later they have to live in the same residential community. She is hurt, broken. He wants her back. *lemons* - very OOC BannerFans.com


7. Chapter 7: Surprises and Realizations

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So this chapter is mostly BxE. What am I talking about. It is all BxE! YAY! Actually I didn’t really plan on this one. Wanted to leave the surprise out and move to Bella’s birthday party from the beginning… but there are two reasons I wrote this in the end…

Navygirl14 said in her review that the surprise Edward had for Bella would have to make up for the lost scene in the car – and then I felt that I simply HAD to write something about a really great and generous surprise, and

I didn’t have the heart to close the poll just yet. So I decited to write one more chapter before the decision will have to fall ^^

And now I hope you will enjoy reading Chapter 7!


Chapter 7: Surprises and Realizations


We were still sitting in his god damned car and Edward was humming along to the radio. Well, let him,I thought. He promised he wouldn’t take me somewhere I wouldn’t like and claimed I would love it. I on the contrary doubted it. Where the hell could he possibly take me in this outfit, that I would like? Maybe it wasn’t slutty, but it was definitely not innocent. And to top that, it wasn’t you typical everyday outfit. Too classy.

Every time I would ask him where we were headed, he would give me the same fucking answer. Like just now.

“You’ll see. It’s a surprise.” Fuck his charm!

“Edward!” I begged, but he simply wouldn’t tell me. He shook his head and pressed his lips together in an attempt not to laugh. He failed. “Don’t you dare,” I threatened him.

“Bella, you are so cute when you get all upset about nothing.” Was he serious? I was getting upset about nothing? Where did the nothing come from?

“So, this is nothing? You are kidnapping me right now, and you say it is nothing?”

He couldn’t contain his laughted anymore so he just let it out.

“Bella, I am not kidnapping you.” He stated when his laughter quieted down a bit.

“No? What are you doing then? I can’t remember you asking me out on a date? The only thing I remember is Alice and Rosalie going all nuts about my appearance today,” I teased him.

“Mhhh… I thought you agreed to seeing the surprise?” Well, that was true. But I was definitely not going to give in to him. After all, he didn’t give in to me half an hour ago.

“You know what? I changed my mind. I don’t want to. Take me home.”

“Don’t start being stubborn Bella.”

“I am not.” I could see him clench the wheel and I was laughing my ass off inwardly. Payback you smart ass! That’s for teasing me!- Mmh, how I like seeing him in this position.

“Yes, you are.” I din’t answer him this time. He was the stubborn one, not me. I was just teasing him.

Some minutes later Edward finally pulled into a parking lot and looked at me expectantly.

“You promise to behave?” What was that supposed to mean?

“Fuck you Edward. You think I can’t behave myself?” Was that too bitchy? I didn’t want him to get that impression of me. But hey, let’s enjoy it.

“No. That’s not what I meant. But considering your previous actions and your way of reacting when it comes to surprises, I want to be sure,” he answered as if it was nothing while still looking deep into my eyes. What did he want to get at? Hypnotize me so I would do what he wanted me to? His eyes may be deep green, beautiful, breath-taking, dazzling, stunni- get a fucking grip of yourself Bella! Anyway! As perfect and dazzling as they might be, they would not hypnotize me. So what was his point in trying? He must have realized that I wanted to tease him and decided to join in.

“Well, maybe you should simply tell me what this all is about and then I am going to let you know if I will behave.”

He simply smiled and shook his head ‘no’ again. So much about getting him to spill the secret.

He leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips. Then he got out of the car and before I even had a chance to open the door on my own he was already by my side, opening it for me and taking my hand to help me get out of the car. I, of course, clumsy as I am, lost my balance and landed in his arms.

I heard him chuckle.

“That’s not funny,” I told him scowling.

“No, it is not,” he answered and then leaned in and kissed me. The kiss was so sweet, innocent. I almost forgot everything that was happening around us and that probably the only thing he had in mind was teasing me further. Almost. “Come on. Let’s go in,” he said when he broke the kiss and placed his hand on my waist while leading me to the entrance of a ritzy looking restaurant.

I normally did not like restaurants like this one. I didn’t feel comfortable in them. I had to admit it looked beautiful, though. I already loved it. It may be situated in the middle of nowhere – because I had no fucking idea where Edward had brought me - this was definitely not Chicago anymore -, but it had it’s own charm. The building was very old. Possibly build even before the World War I. Part was dark wooden, part stone. It was surrounded by trees just like the lake in Chicago was. The light was set in exactly the right places and the whole place lit up. Some tables where placed on the outside and where surrounded by roses. The place had a very nice feeling to it. Romantic.

Edward led our way to the door where a waiter was already awaiting us.

“Masen, please,” was all Edward needed to say and the waiter’s head shot up. What a crazy reaction. This couldn’t mean anything good.

“Oh, Mr Masen. We are honored to have you here today. Please follow me. Everything is set up and ready.” Well, that was even more strange. I would have to ask him about this later.

The waiter led us to a back door that led to the backyard and opened it for us. There, separated from all the other tables where guests were already sitting, was a beautiful table next to the fountain. Everything was covered by roses and petals.

Edward made his way to the table and pulled one chair back for me to sit. I complied and sat down. Soon he was sitting opposite from me and holding my left hand, playing with my ring. The waiter gave us the menus and told us somebody would be coming in just some minutes to take our drink orders. As soon as he left Edward fixated his eyes on me.

“What?” I asked finally when I couldn’t take the tension that had built up between us anymore.

“You are beautiful.” I felt the oh-so-well-known blush rise in my cheeks and bit my lip. I was so embarrassed by his words that I couldn’t look him in the eyes so I decided to admire our surroundings.

“The place is beautiful, Edward. Where did you find it?”

“It is not as beautiful as you.” Was he trying to avoid my question? Or did he just want to tease me further? I could feel my face burn even more right now,anyway, if that was possible. He simply smiled his crooked grin.

“Edward, please. Be serious.” What else could I have possibly said?

“I am. But alright. I own this place.”

“Oh.” I didn’t get time to process his answer and react in any other way, because the waiter was already there taking our orders. After he left I looked at Edward again.

“Edward, you know I hate surprises.” I stated suddenly. His face fell instantly.

“Don’t you like it?” he said with a concerned voice. God he was like a fucking five year old boy that just realized the present he bought was total shit. Good.

“Did I do anything to let you assume I didn’t like it?” Well, now he seemed confused. But that still didn’t change the fact that I was uncomfortable in this place. “Edward, I don’t want you spending money on me.”

“Bella, let that be my concern all right? If I want to spend money on you, I will. You can’t change that. And right now I don’t spend money on you anyway.”

Well… Do you fucking hit him now, or not? I go with hit.

And I fucking would have done it if the waiter hadn’t shown up with our drinks in that moment.

“Can I take your orders?” The waiter said looking at me expectantly.

“Well, I’ll-“

“We have already ordered.” Edward cut me off.

What the fuck? When? Why didn’t I get a say in this?

“Mr. I do not think so.”

Edward chuckled.

Edward leaned over to the man, he looked at his name tag and then said, “James, I think you don’t know who I am. Does the name Masen mean anything to you?” The waiters face turned white in a matter of milliseconds. ”Well, I take that as a yes. We have already ordered. I was told your chef has everything ready. Go ask him. And please do not interrupt us anymore if not necessary.” With that said he turned his attention back to me. To a me who was completely stunned by his behaviour. Was he serious? Or was he trying to fool me? Why was he so confident? And why did that fucking grin spread over his face again? God, how I want to wipe it off there.

As soon as the waiter left I turned to him.

“You really are an asshole, you know?” I asked him.

“Why? What have I done wrong now?” He seemed confused again and his grin disappeared. YES!

“You can’t talk like that to people!”

“Bella, calm down. No need to get upset by that,” he said chuckling. What was it with his mood swings? And what was so funny about the whole situation? He must have recognized the confused look on my face because he started explaining. “After all he works for me, Bella.” He became serious then, “And I do not pay him for ogling my girlfriend.”

He what?

“Edward, what the fuck are you talking about?”

“See, that is what I meant earlier. Stop insulting me in a place like this. It isn’t the behaviour of a high-class lady.”

I will slap him. No, I WILL slap him.

I knew I was no high-class lady and no match for Edward. But was that a thing he had to constantly rub in my nose? I would not allow him to take me down today. My mood was way too good right now to have him ruin it. Well, and after all, two can play at this game. I would not allow him to change the subject so easily. I will get back at you, just wait.

“Well, I am no high-class lady. And I do not know why you brought me here in the first place, if you already knew I wouldn’t be able to behave myself.” Yep, I even made my eyes sting and my voice break.

“Bella… That is not what I meant. Fuck!” He rose from his seat and came over to my side, kneeling right beside me and placing his hand gently on my thigh. I heard him mutter ‘Can’t I do anything right?’ under his breath and had to chuckle lightly. He really did believe I was upset with him right now. “Bella, I didn’t mean it that way. You can behave yourself, and god you are more high-class than I will probably ever be. I just… I just…” Wow. Edward at a loss for words. This is a first. It is getting better and better. He took a dreep breath and then continued while rubbing my thigh gently “Bella, I will explain everything to you, but please, please don’t be mad, ok?” Well, right now I wanted to laugh. He couldn’t really have believed that I would get so easily upset about something, could he? What was I, fucking pregnant?

With that thought crossing my mind I broke out in laughter. The expression on Edward’s face at that moment was priceless. I locked my eyes with his and couldn’t do anything but wink. The concern disappeared from his features and he joined me in the laughter.

After a while, when the laughter quieted down I started our conversation again.

“So…” I started and he tensed up by me using such a demanding and serious tone. “You wanted to explain something to me?”

“Well, yes. Although I am not sure anymore, if that will be necessary. As I can see I was the one being fooled and not you being hurt. Although I have to admit that your game was kinda funny at the beginning.” I can take that, can’t I?

“At least I was not the one behaving like an ass.”

I heard him mumble ‘Here we go again’ under his breath and had to chuckle. I was not going to go easy on him.


“I told you the place belongs to me. That means he works for me. And that means that I want perfect service and not him ogling my girlfriend.”

Wait. Fucking what? Forget about part two. What was that about part one? ‘The place belongs to me’?

“The place does what?” I asked shocked.

“Bella, my family owns that place. Well, that is only one of many to say the truth.”

Only now I registered what he was saying to me earlier. When I asked him how he had found that place he simply told me it belonged to him. Wow. That was unexpected. I should have paid more attention to him and not let the waiter distract me.

“One of many?” I continued trying to get more information out of him. He hated talking about himself so I didn’t know much about him and his family. Just what I was able to find out during the summer camp and from Alice.

“Yeah. It has been family business for generations now. It all started… well… really, really long ago.” He explained to me as if it was nothing. “My mother is the person in charge of everything now. The base is in LA.”

“Oh.” I could remember him telling me last summer about his mother being the head of some firm and his father one of the top lawyers, but… wow… Do I need to say more?

I started chuckling again as I now thought about the reaction of the first waiter. I have to say that I felt kind of sorry for him. And not only for him. He at least recognized Edward’s name immediately. I am sure the second waiter has hidden himself away in some dark corner and cries for his now lost job. I would have to persuade Edward to go easy on him.

Our conversation continued smooth for the rest of our meals. I had persuaded Edward – not that it needed much – he hadn’t even thought about dismissing him – to let the poor waiter have his job and learned some pretty interesting things about Edward’s family. His mother was the head of a gigantic restaurant chain and his father was the owner of one of the worlds biggest law firms. I already knew that Edward was wealthy, but now I was really shocked.

After we finished eating we sat there a while longer, talking and taking in the beautiful scenery until Edward got up and came to my side to help me up. The waiter wished us a good night and we headed to his car again.

When we were seated in it I started talking again.

“Edward. That was beautiful. Really, the atmosphere, the food, the company,” he smirked at the word company but I didn’t let him irritate me, “just everything. It was really great Edward. Thank you for the beautiful night,” I said and leaned over to the driver’s side to kiss him.

“Who told you the night is over?” he said smiling his crooked smile again.

“What-” he cut me off.

“You’ll see.” No, I WILL strangle him. Now for sure. Why am I waiting so long? “Bella, stop that.”

“Stop what?”

“It’s written all over your face that you are thinking about a way to physically harm me.” Could he fucking read my mind?

“No. Your face is just easy to read.” What the fuck?

“Edward,” I half growled as a warning at him.

“All right, all right. I’ll shut up.”

A really long car ride later we stopped in front of the Chicago Theatre. Edward helped me out of the car and led our way to the theatre.

“You, can’t be serious about that.” I breathed.

“Oh, yes I can,” he responded and kissed my cheek.

He then went to one of the men that were standing at the entrance and said something to him I couldn’t quiet understand. Just a minute later he was by my side again and was leading me to our seats. As soon as we were seated, I turned to him.

“Edward, why aren’t any other people here? What are we going to watch?”

He simply smiled again and said that ‘You’ll see’ he kept repeating all day long. Did he undergo some massive brain damage or what? Why the fuck did he stuck to repeating the same words over and over again?

And then realization hit me. “Edward,” I whined. “You did not rent the whole place, did you? Please tell me you didn’t.”

“I did.” He said grinning even more.

Oh my fucking god. No!

“Edward,” I whined again and started to protest but he had other plans.

“Bella.” Okaaay?

“Edward, you can’t do things like that. I hate when other people are spending money on me. It feels wrong. I will never be able to pay you back.”

His face fell.

“Bella, you don’t have to pay me back.”

“I do.”

“Bella, take that as an apology from me, ok? It is the very least I could and should do after all the pain I have caused you.” I could feel tears welling up in my eyes.

“Edward… Thank you.”

“Anything for you. I love you, Bella,” he said and kissed me. This kiss was slow and full of emotion. He really tried to say sorry and it was visible even in his kiss.

“I know,” I said as we broke apart.

Then the lights turned off and the show began.

I could actually not believe what I was watching. There in front of my eyes was Romeo and Juliet played only for me. How could he have possibly remembered that small detail? I had told him last year how much I loved the classics and that I wanted to watch Romeo and Juliet being played live sometime ‘cause I had never got the chance to. And what did he do? He did not only remember that I loved Romeo and Juliet and was dying to watch it, didn’t only bring me to the theatre to watch one of the plays. No. He fucking rented the whole place so that we could watch it together.

By the end of the performance I was crying, hard. Not only because of the two lovers death but also because of Edward’s generosity and love for me.

I just wanted to scream the words to him that he wanted to hear so much. I wanted him to know how I felt about him. I knew he already knew it. But I wanted to tell him. So why couldn’t I? Why wouldn’t these words come out of my mouth?

“Bella, are you all right?” Edward asked me after the lights were on again and he was already standing in front of me with his hand extended to help me up.

“Yes,” I sighed after I took his hand.

“You don’t look like it.”

I gave him a week smile. “Edward, nobody has done something like this for me ever before. You are so generous. I mean that must have cost a fortune. And then… You remembered something like this? I really do not know what to say.” I was sobbing now.

“Bella, baby, don’t cry. I did this for you. To make you happy. So what is the point of all this if it is causing you to cry? Bella, come on. Smile.” He reached his hand up and wiped my tears away. Then he leaned in and kissed me.

“Thank you, Edward,” I said and then kissed him hungrily. If I wasn’t able to show him the way I felt about him with the words he wanted to hear and I wanted to say, I would at least show him in this way.

The moment his lips met my demanding ones he was very reserved and let me lead the kiss. I quickly brought my hands up to his head and buried my fingers in his messy hair tugging on it lightly but then decided to simply intertwine my fingers there. I used the new position to press his face even harder against mine and earned a quiet moan for that. He then brought his hands to my waist and pressed my body against his. I could now feel his erection pressed against me and every inch of me was burning with desire at his touch. Eager as I was to please my need and blow out the fire that burned my insides I opened my mouth and licked his soft lips, begging for entrance. That is when he finally clicked and opened for me. I practically shoved my tongue down his throat and we both moaned in pleasure at the friction the contact presented. Our tongues where passionately dancing with each other and at the same time fighting for dominance. I could feel him taking the lead and I have to say I was pleased. He grabbed my leg with his hand and brought it up to his waist where he started rubbing my bare thigh. I loved it when his hands roamed all over my body. The feeling of my now wet core pressed against his obvious erection made me moan out in pleasure and I started grinding myself into him.

Unfortunately much too soon and when the situation started to get heated we had to break apart to breath. We both were panting, hard, but Edward’s lips never left my body. He continued kissing my neck and trailed down lower to my collarbone and then to my cleavage earning low moans from me. I started grinding myself into him even harder and he let out a hot breath that burned on my skin.

Maybe I would get what I wanted after all.

“Bellaaa,” he growled against my skin causing me to shudder.

I captured his lips with mine again but he broke the kiss.

“Bella, we need to stop before it goes too far. I don’t think I will be able to stop myself twice today.”

I pressed myself even harder against him.

“Then don’t Edward. Nothing is holding you up.”

“Sanity and reason, love.”

“Sanity and what?”

“Mind over matter,” he said again grinning this time.

Well, so much about getting what I wanted.

I couldn’t hide my hurt feelings this time. I released him and started walking to the exit of the theatre.

“Bella, don’t walk away. I thought we had this discussion today already.”

“Yeah, Edward. We had.”

“So what’s the matter? What is it with your sudden mood swings?”

My mood swings? You egoistical shitkicking fuckwit?!?

“Nothing,” I answered resigned.

“Bella, you know that I won’t just leave this one alone.”

“I know Edward.” I turned to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “But that won’t change that I will still feel hurt.” His face fell.

“Bella, there is no reason to feel this way. I told you this is all about you. This is only because you mean so much to me.”

“Yes, Edward. I understand.”


Of course not, you asshole! How could I? I mean, you go and almost sleep with that Victoria that you say you have no feelings for but you refuse to sleep with me? Your girlfriend that you claim to love so much? Nice way to express your feelings!Go fuck you, fuck the horse you rode in on and fuck the cavalry behind you! But of course I couldn’t answer him this way. After all I knew how much he loved me. He had proved it today, hadn’t he?

I forced a week smile on my face and answered “Really.”

He then grabbed my hand and led me out of the theatre and to his car from were we headed home in silence.


I had to prove to that damn woman how much I loved her. I was thinking about a way to do that all day long and then finally came to a decision. I remembered Bella telling me last summer about her wanting to watch a Shakespeare play live. Well, that should be easy to organize.

I quickly dialed the number to the theatre and arranged everything. I had to pay a little bit more for that than I expected and thought appropriate for something like this but it was last-minute and for Bella I would do it willingly. After that I called my mother’s restaurant and arranged everything else. Now I only had to wait for Alice and Rosalie to work their magic on her. Not that she wasn’t pretty enough this way. God I would take her any way she was. But I wanted her to feel comfortable at the place we were going to. And to be comfortable somewhere you should also be dressed in the right way. God, what the fuck am I talking about? I spend way too much time with Shorty and Ice Queen.

The moment I saw her in that room I have to admit I really thought about just grabbing her, drag her to my room and fuck senseless. But I had to pull myself together. It was Bella. My Bella.

Well, my Bella’s actions during the car ride didn’t really make things easier for me. If you have a goddess straddle your lap, half naked and literally begging you to simply bend her over and have your way with her can you resist? I had to. For her. And I hated every minute after I rejected her. I hated causing her that kind of pain. I didn’t want her to feel rejected. I wanted her to know that there was no other woman on the face of earth that I felt so attracted to. But I also didn’t want our relationship to be based on physical attraction. There were other aspects of Bella that attracted me, too. Good thing she let that drop.

I have to say that the meal went pretty well. With exception of the fucker who was our waiter. I swear if I would have seen him checking Bella out one more time I would have kicked that cunt a new cunt. Bella was in a teasing mood and she was quiet funny. I decided to join her in her small game. I have to admit though that she became a much better liar than she used to be. The moment I saw her eyes water and heard her voice break I was sure I had gone too far with teasing her. I was really concerned and I was ready to fall to my knees and beg her to forgive me when she started laughing. I can remember her last year, when she wasn’t even able to lie to safe her life.

That is when I realized that my Bella had changed for good. Not only did she not play innocent anymore, was more open and wild. She didn’t change only her behaviour on the outside to appear stronger to others than she really was on the inside, she really trained herself. Was that my fault? Did I cause those changes in her? How much more of her did change that I didn’t know of?

The restaurant alone had impressed Bella more than I thought possible. She was literally stunned when we left there. When we went to the theatre and she found out that I had rented the whole place just for her to watch Romeo and Juliet… well, let’s say the expression on her face was priceless and I thought that I would give the worlds all wealth to see that expression there again.

The course the evening took was getting better and better. I loved watching her watch the play. My eyes were glued on her face the whole time. I loved watching the different emotions that crossed her face. She was so beautiful when she just let herself be and became engrossed in thought.

What happened after that didn’t help my earlier made decisions and self control much. God I loved that woman. Why did she have to torture me in the most desirable way ever? I was fucking furious when we had to stop, but I didn’t let that show. On the contrary Bella did. I thought she was going to bite my head off for stopping there.

As soon as I parked the car in front of the house, Bella, who had shown me the cold shoulder after I rejected her for the second time, was jerked out of the car by a small pixie fucking jumping up and down and clapping her hands together while doing so. I shot Bella a sympathetic look but that was it. She was already in the house with Rosalie and Alice, each at one side of her, and drugged in Alice’s room. Well, that would be a long night for her. I kind of wanted to feel sorry for her, but then thought better of it.

I entered the house and closed the door behind me. Emmett was in the living room lying on our huge corner sofa watching a baseball game and sipping on his beer. I walked over to him and sat down on the other side of the sofa.

“Hey man,” he greeted me then.

“Hey. What´s up?”

“Nha… Red Sox are loosing to the Mariners. Is that possible man? I mean that’s total shit!”

“God Emmett. Grow up and give me a beer!”

“Here, dude,” he answered throwing one at me. I coughed and opened it. As soon as I drunk the first gulp Jasper came into the room and looked at me expectantly.

“Did you tell her?” he asked then.

“Tell her what?” I answered. I knew what he meant but that was none of his fucking business.

“Edward. You can’t keep pretending. You have to tell her now. She will only be more hurt later if she finds out.” Was he fucking serious? He was the one engaged to my cousin only two minutes after they fucking met!

“Look who is talking.”

“Edward, I told her. She knows everything, so don’t you dare to twist the conversation to me.”

“And what do you want from me now?”

“Just that you are careful. Don’t hurt her Edward.”

“Jazz, I wi-” of course he wouldn’t let me speak out. Jasper was a man of few words. But when he spoke it was final.

“You will not hurt her this much if you tell her now. And I promise you if you hurt her later, Alice will personally hire me to kick your ass royally. And I assure you I will obligate. Not that she couldn’t do it herself. If she gets furious you know better than me that there is no way to avoid her wrath. Not to mention that it will be my fucking pleasure to do so. And I am sure Emmett will be more than happy to join me.” Ok. Now I really was afraid. Jasper threatening somebody was… well… wow. I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark corner alone. Emmett was smiling at Jasper mentioning his name and nodded furiously.

“Jazz, I promise I will tell her. Just please don’t let me ruin the evening for her today.” He scowled at me and then reached in front of him to the coffee table, took some sheets of paper from it and handed them to me. “Do I want to know what is on them?” I asked then.

He started to chuckle. “Well, I would recommend to you answering the questions on those sheets before Alice comes out of this room. I wouldn’t want to be in your skin when her rage breaks free.” He said and grinned at me. Was he fucking serious?

I looked at the papers in my hand and couldn’t believe what was standing there. There in my hands were three sheets of paper full with questions about the date I and Bella had gone on. Has Alice really taken leave of her senses?

I looked at Jasper and Emmett, who were both laughing their asses off by now.

“She can’t be serious.” I simply stated.

“Oh yes, she can. Actually she and Rose compiled it together.” Emmett answered.

Jasper continued to laugh.

“Wait until you hear what they did to Bella, dude. Don’t get all upset about that, she has to suffer much more!” Emmett bellowed.

Suddenly I felt sorry for her. How could I leave her to her own resources? I stood up and stared walking to Alice’s room when suddenly Jasper spoke up again.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You will regret it, I promise.” And he was fucking right.

I slowly made my way up to my room, closed the door behind me and fell on my bed. I was cussing at Jasper inwardly. Yes, I had to tell her, but wouldn’t that just break us apart and add more to her insecurities and to her will to make our relationship physical?

I took out a pen from the top drawer of my desk and stared answering Alice’s questions.

How can somebody be so small and so fucking annoying at the same time?

Maybe I did not want to answer this questions but I knew that Tinkerbell’s wrath would be worse than answering them so I reluctantly started with it. About two fucking long hours later I was done with spilling my guts to Pixie and decided to go and check on Bella. It was already three am and we all had classes in the morning so I was sure they had released her until now.

I got up from my lying position on my bed and went to Bella’s room. The door was closed but not locked so I decided to go in and check on her. Maybe she wasn’t asleep yet.

I opened the door slowly and what I saw broke my heart yet again.

There lying on the bed, curled up itno a ball was my Bella silently crying. I quickly made my way over to her and wrapped her in my arms. She was still asleep.

“Bella, love, wake up.”

She didn’t respond.

“Bella, baby. Wake up. Everything is alright now, baby.” I slowly started kissing her neck and carressing her arm. She started to stir.

“Bella. Are you all right baby?” I asked her when I was sure she had woken up. She turned on her bed and faced me. The expression on her face was one of pure hurt and insecurity. Her eyes were puffy and red and the tears had left light trails on her cheek. I started kissing them away.

Bella then spoke, “Edward, I… I…” she started to sob again. Oh my god, what had I done to this angel to break her so much ? I was such a fuck up. I started rocking her in my arms.

“Shhh, Bella, it’s alright. Everything is ok. I love you. I am here.”

“Edward, please don’t leave me. Please.” Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! I was the cause of that! Even after everything I had done today she still didn’t trust me enough to believe that I would stay with her. How much had I possibly hurt her? There is no way I would tell her everything else today or even in near future. Not as long as she is this broken.

I deserve this, don’t I? But why does she has to suffer? I am such a prick.

“Bella, baby, I won’t ever leave you. I love you.”

She buried her face in my chest and I rubbed her back gently in an attempt to calm her.



After a while of just laying there together and me thinking about different ways to make it up to her and then royally kick my ass, Bella asked “Edward, will you please stay here with me? I don’t want to have nightmares anymore.”

“Of course my love, of course,” I answered and started humming her lullaby to her until we both fell asleep in the arms of each other.


Jo (Dadys-Hyperactive-Princes) is over and enters my room.

Jo: Oh, I see you updated the next chapter.

Caroline: Yeah, pretty much.

Jo: I didn’t think you would be able to do that after that emotional break down you had on Friday after our science exam.

Caroline: *sighs* Yeah… I know. *realization hits* Wait. WHAT?

Jo: *starts laughing* Yeah, I mean, you left the examination room with your head and shoulders down, mumbled something to me about having totally fucked up this exam and picked up your bag up. Well… picked up… actually you let your bag slide behind you while you silently cried your ass off inwardly and claimed that this was the end of the world and of the you everybody knew. That was actually pretty funny. I didn’t think you would be in the mood to write something so soon again.

Caroline: *feeling offended* Well, at least I wasn’t the one crying in the Englsih exam and then in the Greek one. And I have had reviews to make my day. *turns to readers * *mouths ‘ thanks ’* *turns to Jo* So as you can see I survived.

Jo: You will pay for that one.

Caroline: I don’t think so. *hides behind a curtain* The readers will protect me from you Balboa!

Jo: *growls* We will see.

Sooooooo. I will try and write the next chapter as soon as possible. I have school brake now, so I think I will be able to write one or two chapters in the next week. After that I will slow down again… I hate summers. I hate Greece (no internet where my granny lives - so no updates for at least 3 weeks - not from now... in August). I hate my life… I am a pessimist YAY!

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