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Love is a War

Love is like war ~ easy to start, hard to end, impossible to forget. They meet, they fall in love, they have to part. He promised to contact her, but never did, she promised to wait for him. A year later they have to live in the same residential community. She is hurt, broken. He wants her back. *lemons* - very OOC BannerFans.com


9. Chapter 9: Plans and Games

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I want to thank Masha. Without her, I would still be sitting in front of a white screen and you guys would have nothing to read.

Oh, and something for you to share… We were talking about the ninth chapter and well… we got side tracked…

Caroline: I don’t believe in God.

Masha: *taken aback* Well… I do also not believe in God.

Caroline: *excited* Really?

Masha: Really.

Caroline: *sceptical* Why is that?

Masha: *proud* I believe in Edward.

Caroline: WOW! O.O Me too!

You can find the link to Bella’s outfit on my profile^^

PS: Don't judge Bella by her thoughts and acting just yet. She is hurt and doesn't really know what she is about to do and where everything is leading. She is just looking for a way to escape her pain. (She isn't evil ^^)

Here comes chapter 9!


Chapter 9: Plans and Games


Broken-hearted Girl, Beyonce

You’re everything I thought you never were
And nothing like I thought you could’ve been
But still you live inside of me
So tell me how is that?

You’re the only one I wish I could forget
The only one I’d love to not forgive
And though you break my heart, you’re the only one
And though there are times when I hate you
Cause I can’t erase
The times that you hurt me
And put tears on my face
And even now while I hate you
It pains me to say
I know I’ll be there at the end of the day

I don’t wanna be without you babe
I don’t want a broken heart
Don’t wanna take a breath with out you babe
I don’t wanna play that part
I know that I love you
But let me just say
I don’t want to love you in no kind of way no no
I don’t want a broken heart
And I don’t wanna play the broken-hearted girl…No...No
No broken-hearted girl
I’m no broken-hearted girl

Something that I feel I need to say
But up to now I’ve always been afraid
That you would never come around
And still I want to put this out
You say you’ve got the most respect for me
But sometimes I feel you’re not deserving me
And still you’re in my heart
But you’re the only one and yes
There are times when I hate you
But I don’t complain
Cause I’ve been afraid that you would've walk away
Oh but now I don’t hate you
I’m happy to say
That I will be there at the end of the day

I don’t wanna be without you babe
I don’t want a broken heart
Don’t wanna take breath with out you babe
I don’t wanna play that part
I know that I love you
But let me just say
I don’t want to love you in no kind of way no no
I don’t want a broken heart
And I don’t wanna play the broken-hearted girl...No…No
No broken-hearted girl

Now I’m at a place I thought I’d never be…Oooo
I’m living in a world that’s all about you and me…yeah
Ain't gotta be afraid my broken heart is free
To spread my wings and fly away
Away With you
yeah yeah yeah, ohh ohh ohh

I don’t wanna be without my baby
I don’t wanna a broken heart
Don’t want to take a breath with out my baby
I don’t wanna play that part
I know that I love you
But let me just say
I don’t want to love you in no kind of way..No..No
I don’t want a broken heart
I don’t wanna play the broken-hearted girl..No..No..
No broken-hearted girl
Broken-hearted girl No…no…
No broken-hearted girl
No broken-hearted girl



The day that Victoria went out with Masen was one of the worst days of my life. Not that I really cared about her. She didn’t mean anything to me. But she still was my possession. She was mine and she knew that. How did she dare looking at somebody else?

The fight we had just some minutes before she left for that club where she met him wasn’t very pleasant. That, I will admit. We were screaming at each other about were the thing between us was going. She wanted to know what she meant to me and I told her the truth. I told her she was a whore. But she was mine. She had no right turning her back to me and going to that Masen shit as she had threatened.

She of course was only angrier with me after that. Not that I cared. But the thing I cared about was that the one person she run to was my enemy. The one person I wanted even her to stay away from.

I don’t know whom I was angrier with when she told me to pick her up from that bus station a mile from my house. Was it her because she really went to him? Because she offered him her body? My belonging? Or was it him, because he dared to touch her the amount he did. Or because he preferred his little slut and not mine?

The whole campus knew by now that they were together. He and his bitch. I hadn’t seen them together, yet, but somehow everybody just knew who she was. So it wasn’t hard to find her. First I wanted to let my anger out on her. For being favored over Vic. For being favored by Masen. But then I thought better of it. Was there a better way to pay Masen back than by screwing his girlfriend just like he does with everyone else? Was there a better way to make him suffer than by steeling his loved girlfriend from him?

I don’t think there was.

He would suffer the same pain every other male did. The pain he caused everyone, I would now cause him.

And I knew exactly how. There was my prey. Walking in front of me. Angry. Not even aware of me walking behind her. Not even noticing me following her for the last week. Now was the best chance I would ever get. Now that she heard what Victoria said, it was so easy to set everything up.

Just one of the pawns…

My plan's queen…

Soon Edward will be checkmate!

Let the game begin.


Fuck that mother-fucking prick!

So that was it? That was the reason for all of it? For the distance? For his behavior? The reason he kept that from me?

I wanted to laugh out loud and cry at the same time. How could I possibly be so stupid?

I let him fool me. More than once. How could I have believed him again? How could I let him fool me?

All of this. All of this was only a lie.

A lie.

A game to him.

A prank.

I knew this all along. Yet I let him.

I am so stupid.

I was on my way back home from that horrible store. My pain turned into anger.

Whom was I angry with?

Victoria? Leah? Edward?

I did not know. Probably not. Though I was sure that a big amount of it was directed towards Edward. No, I think I was angry with myself the most. For believing him so easily. For taking him back, just because I wanted him back. I should have known that that would not be any good. I knew him! He had done that before! Let me believe everything was great and that he loved me and then just drop me. It was almost the same way as one year ago. We were together for two weeks and then everything broke apart.

And yes, it was his fault.

And yes, it is his fault.

And I will not let him fool me again. I will not let him hurt me again. I will not let him have the same effect on me again. And I will surely not forgive him just like that. I do not even know if I will be ever able to forgive him.

I will show him the cold shoulder. I will show him the “me” everybody except the Cullens knows. I will show him the “me” that could keep up with everybody. The me that had a come back to whatever he was saying. The “me” that could catch and fool Mike Newton. The bitchy “me”. The “me” that allowed me to hide my feelings, I vowed to myself.

I knew that to do so I would have to meet him. I would have to face him. I would have to show him that I was no longer interested in whatever he said, wanted, or did. That I was no longer interested in him.

I knew that I had to face the inevitable. But was I ready for it?

Hell, no! I am not ready for it! I am not ready to face him just yet. And I do not know if I will ever be. After all that happened, how could I possibly face him again? Confront him with everything he did? Demand the truth from him? No, that isn’t me. Not in the past, not now and probably never ever. I was never the one to face the difficulties. I was never the one to confront anybody about something right away. I knew I should talk to him. I knew that we should discuss this. But do you want the truth? I don’t want to talk to anybody about this and surely not to him!

Yeah, that is what my weak part thinks. The hurt one. The one that is sure that I cannot live without him. That is what this part of me would normally think and do.


But could I afford to hide now? Could I afford to let everything be the way it was? Could I afford to let him near me again?

What was I thinking ? Of course I couldn’t. Of course I wouldn’t. I didn’t want to.

My decision was made.

I wanted to see him suffer just like I had to suffer because of him. I don’t think that anybody ever said no to him. Well, except from Alice, but she is family to him. And Rose. But she is another story. I wanted him to have to go through everything I had to. I wanted him to feel the loneliness. To ask himself if it was him. If something wasn’t right with him. If he was the one with the problem. With the fault. If he wasn’t enough. All that thoughts that I had to deal with. I wanted him to be the one having to have them. I wanted them to form in his mind and destroy him slowly. Eat him slowly from the inside. Slowly and painfully.

Not me.

Not anymore.

I could play the same game he did.

Would it affect him?

I didn’t know. He claimed he loved me but his behavior showed the exact opposite. So why should he care about what I was doing?

Because he had pride. And he won’t go down so easily without a fight.

I wanted to turn the corner when I suddenly saw Alice walking there. I panicked. I couldn’t see her now. She would know that something was wrong.

I quickly made a 180 and crashed into something hard. I squeezed my eyes shut and fell back, my back hitting the ground. Ow.

Great. Of course I would run into something in the most unfit moment.

Shit! But what did I run into? Please, don’t let it be someone I know. Or generally don’t let it be someone. Please let it be something! Please!

Haha, like I could be so lucky.

“Um, I am sorry,” a deep voice answered.

Please tell me he didn’t speak to me. Please.

“Miss?” Of course he would speak to me. That did only add to my anger. “Are you all right?” I slowly opened my eyes to see ice blue ones staring back at me. That mans face was so close to me I couldn’t even see it all. I am sure that if I moved just a bit, our lips would touch. I didn’t dare to lift my head now. I wanted to scream at him that he is way to near me but I was to distracted with all that happened that I didn’t think I could.

I blinked a few times to concentrate on where I was and what exactly happened and he lifted himself up. He stretched his hand out for me to take and I watched as a light grin appeared on his face.

What was he so happy about?

“Erm, yeah. I think I am,” I answered his previous question. First I wanted to sound friendly, the way I would answer any stranger while my blush would take over actions, but after I saw that smirk on his face I quickly changed plans and let my anger be audible in my voice. I don’t think that my blush had any chance.

“You think?” he asked as if I hadn’t said that as a statement. Was he dumb or what? He tugged on my hand lightly motioning for me to stand up. I did as I was told.

“Yes, I think I am all right,” I said as soon as I stood on my own legs again and wasn’t lying on the cold asphalt anymore. “You know, one can never be sure. You never know if the one you are talking to right now isn’t your worst enemy, that just wants to take advantage of your current situation, or somebody, who has only planned to use you and then throw away as if there was never anything between you.” I was clearly referring to Edward at that point. It felt good to let my anger out. Even if it was not at him. But I kind of felt sorry for the guy. I saw his face fall. He looked clearly shocked. I wonder what that was about.

Now that I stood in front of him I could take in his full appearance. He was tall. He had to be around 6’. His hair had a shade of pale blond, long and pulled together in a low ponytail.

He must have realized that I was staring at him because the smirk reappeared on his face.

God, how I wanted to just wipe it off.

“My name is James,” he said after a while.

Did I want to answer him? I was angry! Of course I didn’t! So I just nodded.

His smile grew wider by the way I acted.

Was something wrong with that guy?

“Well, Bella, can I take you out for coffee?” Wait. What? Did he just call me Bella? Did I tell him my name without realizing it? Ok, I was angry, but not this much, or?

“Where do you know my name from?” I asked him.

“I didn’t. I just thought that Bella would suit you. You are beautiful after all.” Ok. That was creepy.

“Bullshit. Now tell me the truth.”

“I already told you.” He got defensive.

Two could play at this game. Especially now when I decided to bitch myself up again.

“Well, James. If that is so, then I have to go. Beautiful people don’t waste their time on creeps,” I said and turned to walk away. I could hear his laughter and soon he was next to me.

“Wow, that stung. Though you are right. So where are we going to get away from that bottom-feeders?” he dared to ask me.

I stopped abruptly.

“Are you being serious? Don’t you get the hint? Can’t you just back off already?” That was it. Who did he think he was? Following me around just like that. Didn’t he get that I was totally not interested? Hello? - I pointed mentally to myself – I have a boyfriend?

Yeah, right… A boyfriend…

Mhhh, maybe I could use him after all… He seemed to be willing. And since I already decided to become my old self again, I could at least try and do it thoroughly, couldn’t I?

“No, I don’t. If I learned one thing in my life, it is not to let beautiful women turn you down and walk away. So, are you coming for a coffee?” NO! I wanted to scream. But a plan is a plan right?

“Ok,” I answered reluctantly. “But only on two conditions.”

He raised his eyebrows.

“Condition? What condition?” he asked clearly confused.

“Conditions. There are two,” I explained to him.

“Ok,” he nodded. “Go ahead.”

I grinned at him.

“First, you pay. Second, you tell me the thing about my name. I could hear you were lying.” I started walking again and I could hear him laughing behind me. I was sure Rose would have been proud of me for acting like this. Well, maybe I would tell her if she wouldn’t have been avoiding me.

We turned left at the next corner and went to a near star bucks. James ordered our coffee and we sat in one of the booths.

“So, tell me about you,” he started. What was that? A date? I am not answering questions like that.

“You wish. How did you know my name?”

“I told you already that you are beautiful and the name suits you, but you simply don’t believe me.”

“And I told you already to cut the bullshit and start explaining it to me, but you still simply don’t.” I answered. I wasn’t going to let him fool me. And I could see he was enjoying the game.

“Well, that is another story.”

“You know what, I am leaving. Thanks for the coffee,” I said and wanted to get up, but suddenly James hand pressed my shoulder down so that I couldn’t stand up. I shot him a glare. I was really shocked, maybe even afraid at that moment, but I really hoped that this didn’t show on my face.

James face turned sad. “Oh, I am so sorry, Bella. I didn’t want to hurt you, or scare you. I just don’t want you to leave yet.” Could I hear a smirk in his voice? No, I must have been imagining that. His face looked sorry after all.

“It’s ok.”

“If I tell you about the name thing will you answer one of my questions?” he asked then.


“On what?”

“If the answer will be embarrassing or not,” I told him and took a sip from my coffee. I watched him do the same and then he started speaking.

“Ok. So, I think everybody is talking about you, you know. Like the girl that is dating the big Edward Masen. The one who was not to capture. You have kind of made history.” That hurt as hell to be listening to his words and I could feel the anger practically taking over my body and actions. My face must have been red by now.

So these girls were not the only ones knowing about it? He was really one of that fuckarounds?

Really great!As if hearing that once a day was not enough. No, of course a total stranger had to remind me of it, who on top of that seemed to know me. Shit! Probably the whole school knew me as Edward Masens new pet by now.

“Who do you think you are and what gives you the right to talk about me? What gives anybody the right to talk about me and to spread rumors like that? Who said that I captured him? Who said that I was dating him? That I have anything to do with that asshole?” My voice was louder than it should have been and people started staring at us. I shot them all a warning glare, silently telling them to back off and mind their own business.

He smiled. That fucking James boldface smiled at me when I was pissed.

“WHAT?” I snapped at him.

“You are hot when you’re angry,” he answered.

That was it. “You know what? You are no better than him! You use everybody around you just to get what you want.”

“Oh, and what makes you think that?”

“Everything!” I shouted back. By now I didn’t care how many people were looking at us.

“So, that is the reason you answered the way you did first,” that was a statement, not a question, but I couldn’t help but say something to that.

“Yeah, that's probably it.”

“So, want to have him pay for that?”

Haha! You don’t know how much.

“What the fuck? Are you insane?”

“Look, I don’t like Masen much either. So we can try it together. I can see you want to destroy him right now.”

“Keep dreaming, dude. Look, I might be angry at him but I am not a psycho.” I said and stood up to leave.

I watched as his face changed from serious to angry to annoyed.

“Look, I am not playing with you. I am serious about it.”

I had to laugh at that.

“And what makes you think that I will join you in your plan?”

“I can tell you about Masen.”

“I know about him.”

“Not everything.” Well, he had a point here.

“Yes, not everything. But enough to judge him the way I want to, and that is without your influence.”

“I can tell you about him and Victoria. And Leah. And all the others.” I abruptly stopped my movements. I don’t know why but somehow hearing that from him hurt like hell. He did know more about Edward than I did. And he knew him well enough to hate him for whoever he was in relation to him. And somehow deep down I think that the thing that stung the most was once more having confirmed that everything was a lie. That there were more and that I was just one of his other games that he would soon grow tired of, if he hasn’t yet. And worse: everybody seemed to know what my future would be. And all of them seemed to be so sure of themselves.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I may have tried to be bitchy Bella. I really did. But everything has his limits. And I had already reached the level of pain a person could try and hide.

I stood up and went to leave when James suddenly called after me.

“Hey Bella!” I thought about not turning around but then did anyways.

“What do you want?”

He chuckled dark and answered, “You forgot your bag.”

I couldn’t help the blush that spread on my face. I wanted to leave him behind all angry and dumbfounded, but I failed. I grabbed my bag and he leaned into me and whispered, “If you change your mind, call me. I will be happy to help you.”

I left.

On the way home I couldn’t help but think about James’ offer. I knew it was irrational. I mean, he was crazy wasn’t he? But then again, would he want to harm somebody without a reason? Edward must have done something to him if he hates him so much that he wants to harm him. But what kind of harm did James mean? Was it physical? If it was, then he was a real lunatic. Was it emotional? That, I would understand. After all I myself decided to cause him emotional pain. I knew that I would regret it as soon as things calmed down a bit but right now I just wanted him to feel some of the pain I had to feel. And maybe James could be able to help me with that.

I entered the house and was relieved that there was nobody there yet. It would have sucked, if Alice was here after seeing me, or even Rosalie. She would immediately know if something was wrong with me. But then again… did Rose know me enough? I knew one thing for sure. If they were able to ignore me for one week then I could, too. And that was what I was going to do. I would ignore them the same way they did to me. Because it wasn’t only Edward who hurt me. Sure, he hurt me the most. But Alice aslo did. As did Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett. All of them hurt me. All of them I learned to trust and thought of them as friends. And yet all of them ignored me and my feelings for so long. But for Edward... I would have to find something to really hurt him, since he didn't want me around anyways.

I went upstairs to my room, to his room and looked around me. I had to find a way to take revenge. I knew it was not like me, but in this moment I didn’t care. I threw my bag on my bed and went to my desk. I sat there for who-knows-how-long trying to find a way to pay him back. I looked around my room for some clue but couldn’t find any. Then my eyes caught sight of a piece of paper that was coming out of my bag. I had definitely not put it there. I went over to my bag and took a closer look at the paper.

Call me if you change your mind.

Anytime to your disposition,


There was also a phone number.

I could not believe what he did. But maybe, just maybe I could use this. I sat down again and stared at the numbers for who-knows-how-long. When I looked at my clock the next time it was already 6 pm. Way too late. Good that they had told me that they had some work to do today and would be coming home late.

I quickly went to the kitchen. I may be upset at all of them, but my duties are my duties and I was not going to neglect them. I quickly cooked something and then went to the living room. I knew that Emmett was going to come home first probably. So it didn’t really matter if I was there. I knew that if I was there he would just go to the kitchen, grab what he wanted to eat and then leave for his room.

I sat down on the couch and turned the TV on. Nothing was really interesting so I just lay there gawking at the screen and not doing anything in particular on the outside. Internally, I was thinking about a way to show Edward what he had done to me. And with every passing minute I more and more considered using the number I was given.

I was lost so deep in my thoughts that I didn’t even realize when everybody came home. Suddenly Alice was standing in front of me clasping her hands together and looking way overexcited. That little pixie must have planned something. Something really bad. She hadn’t acted like that for over a week. That meant that she must have something really big in mind.

First I wanted to ignore her but her constant up and down annoyed me to death.

“What do you want Alice?” I asked her when I couldn’t stand her anymore.

“We,” she motioned to her, then to everybody around her and then finally to me, “are going out tonight.”

“Alice, no,” I answered quickly, moaning.

“Why not?”

“We can’t.”

“Oh yes, we can. With this boys here,” she pointed to Jasper, Emmett and Edward, whom I didn't dare look at, “we can get in everywhere. And don’t forget about Rose.” No way was I going anywhere with him near me. I would have liked to scream at him right now but that would have destroyed the whole plan I had made up while starring at the TV screen.

“Alice, I don’t want to.”

“It doesn’t matter. Bella, Edward will be there!” Alice pointed out as if I wouldn’t know that. She had a huge grin plastered on her face and was pointing her hands at Edward. I looked at him and saw that he had a similar expression, only that his smile was even wider. Maybe I could use that to my advantage?


“Bella,” Edward cut me off, “we are going there, love. I really want to show you something.” He pleaded with me. He came over to me and sat down beside me. “Don’t you feel well? You look strange.”

Of course I look strange! You broke my heart! You used me! You played with me! And now you continue playing that stupid game with me! You think that makes me feel good? Stop lying you asshole! Show me your true self! And don’t call me love if you don’t mean it!

“No, I am all right.”

“Ok. So lets get you ready,” he said, his eyes full of concern, and leaned in and kissed me. By his touch, that stupid jolt run through me. Usually I would enjoy it, but right now I didn’t. It only reminded me of how everything was a lie. Still, I asked myself why I felt it.

He helped me up and as soon as my legs touched the ground, Alice had me already upstairs in my room and was throwing things out of my closet.

“Bella, this night is really important you know. Edward has planned something and you have to like it. No matter how much you hate surprises you got that?”

“Yeah, yeah. All right. So where are we going ?”

“Don’t ‘yeah, yeah’ me! You better like it!” she said and then threw a black top at me.

“You didn’t answer my question Alice.”

“Oh, yeah. Edward told me not to,” she answered with a shrug as if it should be obvious. I just sat there on my bed and stared at her. She turned around and saw that I was in the exact same spot she saw me just some minutes ago. “What are you still doing there? Change! Try that dress on! It will look gorgeous on you.” And with that she turned around and looked for something else to put me in and torture.

I obeyed. I knew that there was no way to say no to Alice when it was about clothes. Even the bitchy me could not keep up with her. Quickly I put the top on. It was a liquid python print fabric, with pleat details at the bust, an elastic straight-across neckline, empire waist and bottom band. It was all black and simply gorgeous. The only bad thing was that I had to wear it without a bra. Where did Alice find that one? I would never buy something like that by free will.

“Alice, the bottom please.” I said to her.

“What bottom?”

“To the top.”

She started laughing and shaking her head.

“Bella, there is no bottom. That is a dress.”

I looked at her in disbelieve.

“Funny. Now give it to me.”

She shook her head.

“There is nothing to give. I told you. That is a dress.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? Alice, that thing barely covers my butt!”

“And it looks gorgeous on you. Exactly like I said it would.”

“That is not the point here!” I said waving my hands. “Alice, I can’t leave the house half naked! Not even half naked. That thing barely covers 20 percent of my body!”

“That's exactly the point and the reason you are going to wear that and nothing else. You wear something else, I have your head. Now put these shoes on,” she said and pressed some 4’’ stilettos in my hands.

I started laughing at her. “Alice are you serious? You planned to murder me today? No way am I wearing that dress and these death traps!”

Alice looked annoyed by my answer. “Oh, yes, you do. And these are not killer traps. Ok, maybe they are. But they are not designed to kill you but every man walking by! You put these Crocodile Bandage Stilettos with crocodile patent faux leather, strappy bandage construction, ribbon lace-up back, 4" covered stiletto heel with platform, and a lightly padded insole on-” she took a deep breath, “-or I will kick your ass royally!” Wow. She managed to say all that with only one intake of breath… scary.

I did not have the guts to argue with her about that. After such an outburst, who would dare? I just did as she told me to. After I put that shoes on – that took me about ten minutes, they were so complicated - Rosalie came into my room to do my hair and make-up. She ironed my hair first and then curled the ends. My make-up consisted of smoky eyes and red lips. Ok. This much I was able to take.

“Ok. So we are going to get ready now. We need twenty minutes. Don’t you dare and blur your make up. It should be smear-proof but you never know. Edward knows that he is not allowed to touch you until we give him the ok,” Rosalie said and winked at me.

Like I would let him touch me.

“Oh and don’t go downstairs. We want to be there when he sees you. His face will be priceless,” Alice added chuckling.

Yeah, because I want to see him and will go down right now.

And then it hit me. That was the perfect opportunity. The perfect opportunity to put my plan into motion.

“Alice! Wait!” She turned around. “Which club?”

“Eclipse,” she answered hesitantly. “Why?”

Shit. Stupid, stupid me.

I couldn’t tell her that I wanted to know the name only to tell James to appear there, could I?

“Oh, just curious you know. Wanted to google it to spend the time somehow.”

She shot me a doubtful look and went to leave when Rosalie came back running into my room.

“Do NOT google it! No, no, no, NO! You can’t! You are not allowed to! It is forbidden!” she screamed at me.

Was everybody insane? What did happen to all of them?

“Shit, Rose!” I said while raising my hands up to show her I wouldn’t do anything. “Are you all right? Are you under drugs again? Jeez, I won’t google it, alright. No need to start the third world war because of that.”

She looked offended at first but then calmed down, said “Ok,” and left my room closing the door behind her.

As soon as I was sure they were no longer in ear-shot I run to my desk and took the peace of paper. I quickly dialed the number written on it. After the third ring somebody picked up.

“Yeah,” the person on the other end sounded annoyed.


“Yeah, who's there?”

“It's me, Bella. I think you gave me your number,” I answered frowning lightly remembering how he gave me his number.

“Bella! Oh, so you changed your mind?”

“Kind of.”

“Ok. So tell me.”

“Look, that's what we're gonna do…”


The day had come. Tomorrow was Bella's birthday and we had planned the perfect birthday party for her. We were going to that club called ‘Eclipse’ to dance until we wouldn’t be able to stand on our feet anymore and then, as soon as it turned midnight, we were going all to the airport where my private jet would be waiting for us. We’re going to celebrate above Chicago.

The present I wanted for her was delivered yesterday and I was overexcited that I would finally be able to give it to her in just some more hours. I wanted to win her trust. To show her how much she meant to me. To make up for all that time I was so distant to her. But I would wait with it until we came back home. I wanted to give it to her in her own room. In our room.

When we all walked in the living room Bella was so absorbed in the TV that she didn’t even notice when we came in. I knew that she could become engrossed in a movie, the way she did during the play, and that the emotions the characters felt she felt too. But her face showed so much anger, so much determination… that it was kind of scary.

Something was wrong with her. And that became even more clear when I kissed her. She had such a confused look on her face. Something wasn’t right and I knew that. I just had to find out what it was.

The girls went upstairs to prepare themselves when I turned to the boys.

“So, you know what you have to do?” I asked them for maybe the 100th time today. We had spend the whole week planning things to the detail.

“Yes, Master,” Emmett answered. I shot him a look that told him to back off and he turned to face Jasper.

“And you? Is everything really ready?”

“Tell me Edward, did I ever disappoint you or let you down?”

“Do you really want me to answer that? I think I could come up with-”

“God, Edward. That is not the point here, ok?”

“All right, all right.”

“Why are you so nervous, anyway?” Emmett asked.

“Well, I want everything to be perfect.”

Jasper started laughing. “Edward, how many times have you checked on everything?”

“I don’t really know,” I answered honestly. I had called and visited every place so often in the last week that I am not even sure if I had to count in the hundred or in the thousand category.

“Well, I know. And I can tell you that it was way more than necessary.”

“Maybe, but-”

“No buts, dude. Go get yourself dressed,” Emmett said and started showing me to the stairs.

“And you are sure everything is ready?” I asked at the first step turning around to face them.

“Yes man, now go!” Emmet said.

“And is the piano really delivered and at the right place?”

“It is! Now fuck off, Edward!” Jasper yelled.

“And what about the-” I was cut off by Alice, who stood at the top of the stairs.

“You. Go. NOW. And. Get. Dressed. Or. I. KICK. YOUR. ASS!” She said. Her eyes were dark and wide open. I knew when it was time to really fuck off. And that was when Alice came into action.

I left them behind and went to my room. Bella had to be in the one across from mine. I really thought about going to see her, but I knew that Alice and Rosalie had surely dressed her in a way that I would make it impossible for me not to touch her. And I had to stay away from her. For our both goods. Well, touching my Bella would probably be worth any torture Alice could come up with… but then again I didn’t want Bella to have to go through everything again. I knew how torturous Pixie’s wrath could become.


My Bella.

My love.

My angel.

My life.

My everything.

I don’t think I could be able to live again without her. Just the thought of it made me cringe inwardly. Not now. Not now that I knew the amazing feeling of waking up next to her. Not now that I knew how it was to have her around me all the time. Not now that she was mine for sure.

And of course the guilt didn’t take much to hit me.

How could I want her near me without telling her the truth? How did I expect her to trust me? How could I expect her to say that she loved me?

The answer was simple.

I couldn’t.

And I knew that. I would have to work for it. I would have to work for her. I had to tell her the truth soon. And I would tell her soon. I just wanted to enjoy that last day with her. This one day. And tomorrow. Tomorrow evening I would tell her. For sure.

With that decision fallen I had also finished dressing myself and made my way downstairs to wait for the girls to come down. The guys were already waiting there as was Alice. She had that evil grin on her face. That didn’t mean anything good. God, I wonder what they have put her in.

As soon as I had that thought crossed my mind Rosalie appeared at the top of the stairs. She quickly made her way down and into Emmett's arms. I could say that both of them were dressed pretty hot, Rosalie and Alice. But nothing, and I mean really nothing, could have prepared me for the goddess that I next laid my eyes on.


Shit! Just one thing: Sex on legs.

She was dressed in a black nothing, that barely covered her ass and she wore heels that let her legs look like… I don’t have even words for it. I could see how her light curls fell between her partially exposed breasts. And then I looked up in her face. She had such a smug smile on her face and a look of determination, even clearer than before in her eyes.

Shit that was hot.

She took the first step down and licked her lips making me hard in a matter of what? Milliseconds?

God, how was I supposed to be around her the whole night long? Fuck! If this isn’t a sight every man would be jelous of.



Every man?

No way was I letting her go out in this peace of nothing!

“Like what you see?” She asked me as soon as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Very,” I answered still not completely able to answer in whole sentences. God, that girl drives me crazy.

“Take a picture. It will last longer,” she said and chuckled walking away from me and to the door.

I shot Alice a warning glance and she just mouthed “It wasn’t me!” and pointed with her hands to Rosalie. Yeah, sure. Like I did not know that Alice was the one planning the outfit. I didn’t have time to argue though and ran after Bella, who had reached the car by now. But before I exited the door, I turned to Jasper and looked at him quickly. I think he got the massage that he had to bring Bellas presents to her room now.

I went to the car and unlocked it. Then I went to the side Bella was standing at and pressed her against me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed the top of her hair. It smelled so… Bella. She used that strawberry shampoo, but there was also something else. Something she always simply did smell after. Freesia. Freesia and something totally Bella.

“I love you,” I then said to her. I could feel her stiffen and that made me worry. Was really everything alright with her today? Or did she really not feel good? Did she feel uncomfortable in that dress Alice put her in?


She didn’t respond so I tried again, “Bella? Are you alright?”

I thought for one moment that I could feel her tremble and I panicked.

“Bella, please answer me. Bella, look at me,” I demanded. When she didn’t respond I cupped her face and turned it up. He eyes wouldn’t meet mine and that made me anxious.

“Bella,” I said in a soothing tone, “what is it? You know you can tell me everything. I will understand.” I thought a moment about what to say next. “Do you want us to stay home?” Even if that was going to destroy all my plans, she was more important than them and if she didn’t feel like going out then I wasn’t going to force her. After all it was her day.

As soon as I said that, she stiffened.

“No,” she looked into my eyes and smiled a week smile, “it is all right. Let’s go.”

I kissed her quickly on her lips and opened the door for her. I helped her into the car and then run over to my side, started the car and driving towards Eclipse.

The car ride was mostly silent. That unpleasant feeling that something was wrong with Bella didn’t leave me, though. She was staring out of the window the whole time and didn’t say a word to me. I couldn’t stand that silence anymore. It was unusual for us to have that uncomfortable silences.

“Bella, what is it?” I asked my tone a little harsher than I intended it to be.

She didn’t turn around to look at me, she just answered looking still out the window. “Nothing,” she said.

“Fuck Bella. It doesn’t look like nothing.”

“Doesn’t it?” she asked and turned around to face me.

“No, it doesn’t. What is wrong with you today?”

“You ask me what is wrong with me? Are you serious?” She laughed darkly. “You know, I thought you all were the ones not talking to me. And now that?”

I had to laugh at that. So that was all that made her uncomfortable? Our sudden mood swings? Well, that I could take.

“Why are you laughing now?” she wanted to know.

“You will see… Tonight,” I said. That was the only thing said between us for the rest of the car ride. I am sure I had a very amused look on my face when I got out of the car and in the club. I couldn’t believe that that was all. I felt delighted that she behaved this way only because of the distance we used to keep for the last week and at the same time guilty for doing so. But I was sure that after tonight she would understand.

I lead Bella to the place we had reserved in the club. We got seated and quickly ordered some drinks. Only five minutes later Alice, Jasper, Rose and Emmett all walked in. They ordered their drinks too and we started talking between us. The music was so loud, though, that we could barely make out each other’s voices. Bella was silent. She didn’t say much. She kept looking around as if searching for someone, clearly in discomfort were she was now.

“Oh, I love this song!” Alice practically screamed at us. “Rose, Bella, up! NOW!” she said and took their hands dragging them to the dance floor.

I have to admit that I only reluctantly let Bella go. In this outfit I didn’t want her to make a step away from me. But since she herself wanted to dance I let her. I wasn’t going to be the overprotective boyfriend, was I?

The girls started dancing to the song and I was fully entranced in Bella. The erotic way she swayed her hips. How she pressed herself against Alice, letting the music fully overtake her and take control of her actions. Her rhythmic movements adjusted to the beat. Her dress covered nothing of her beautiful long legs. Right now I could only imagine how it must feel to caress them, to kiss and lick them all over. The whole scene screamed just one word: HOT.

Jasper and Emmett, who were watching the whole scene with me had a light sheen of sweat on their foreheads. No doubt were they thinking about what they were going to do tonight to the bodies of their girlfriends/fiancées.

As soon as that one song started coming to an end, Emmett stood up and made his way to Rosalie. He swirled her around so that she was facing him and kissed her hard on the lips.

Jasper took two steps toward the dance floor then he turned to me.

“And you what? Aren’t you going to come? There is a hot as fuck girl waiting for you there and you are not going to dance with her? Move your ass up to that floor, man!”

I don’t think I had any other option left. Not that it bothered me. I was just so obsessed with watching her right now that I was not even sure if I could walk to her side, lat alone dance.

Nevertheless I followed Jaspers order and went to her. She didn’t see me at first. She was facing the entrance as if looking for something. Again. That unpleasant feeling that something was up came rushing to me. But I wouldn’t let it distract me. I came to a stop behind her and as soon as the next song started playing pushed her against me so that her back was pressed against my chest. I kissed her exposed neck and whispered to her “I love you.”

She was instantly still. She didn’t move an inch.

I slowly turned her around so that she was facing me and looked into her eyes. I wasn’t prepared to see in them the thing I saw. Shock.

What was wrong? Did something happen to her? Or was it just too much of a surprise?

She stared into my eyes and as she took my expression in the shock faded and was replaced by a new look. A look of resolve.

What was it with her today? Did she see through our planning? Did somebody spill something? I hope not. God, please don’t let that happen.

As soon as the lyrics of the song started to play Bella started moving again swaying her hips lightly to the beat.

Let's have some fun, this beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick

Bella mouthed the lyrics and pressed herself against me even harder. Well, that was a reaction I very much licked.

Let's have some fun, this beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick

She slowly trailed the shape of my hand’s muscles with the fingers of her right hand and brought it up to rest on my shoulder. Her eyes were following her hands every move.

I wanna kiss you
But if I do then I might miss you, babe

She out a little pressure in her hand and pushed me a little bit away from her.

It's complicated and stupid
Got my ass squeezed by sexy Cupid
Guess he wants to play, wants to play
A love game, a love game

With her hand still on my shoulder she swayed her hips a little bit stronger now and she let her left hand roam over my chest. Slowly she looked up into my eyes from under he lashes and licked her lips.

Hold me and love me
Just wanna touch you for a minute
Maybe three seconds is enough for my heart to quit

Bella took a step back again. I felt the loss of her instantly. I wanted to take that one step forward and press her against me with all my might. I wanted to capture her. To never let her go again.

Her hands moved in sync to the beat. She slowly trailed them up and down her side and then down her legs.

I was instantly hard.

There was a goddess standing in front of me dancing to thissong with this moves for me.

If there was anybody unaffected by that than he had to be from another world.

Let's have some fun, this beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick
Don't think too much, just bust that kick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick

With that I couldn’t stand being away from her anymore. Even if it was only for some steps. I quickly closed the distance between us, pressed her against me and kissed her with all my strength. She was hesitant in the beginning but then soon loosened. I licked her lower lip and she allowed me entrance. I quickly shoved my tongue into her mouth and started kissing her for real. It wasn’t one of that love filled kissed we usually shared, though I tried to put my feelings in it. No, it was one of that forceful kisses where you show your desire, your longing and lust.

Let's play a love game, play a love game
Do you want love, or you want fame
Are you in the game?
Dans le love game

I quickly spun her around so that her back was pressed against my chest again. I placed my hands on her his and started dancing with her.

Let's play a love game, play a love game
Do you want love, or you want fame
Are you in the game?
Dans le love game

I let my hands roam over her body. I traced them up and down her stomach lightly touching the underside of her breasts. I kissed, licked and nibbled on her neck while she started thrusting herself back into me.

I'm on a mission and it involves some heavy touching, yeah
You've indicated your interest, I'm educated in sex, yes
And now I want it bad, want it bad
A love game, a love game

She let her head fall back and rested it on my shoulder. She looked me in my eyes and I in hers. They were filled with the same emotions, that must have also been visible in mine. Wanting, lust, desire.

Hold me and love me
Just wanna touch you for a minute
Maybe three seconds is enough for my heart to quit

I started thrusting into her back and she brought her hands up to my neck. She pushed my head down to her neck again in a silent request for me to kiss her there.

Let's have some fun, this beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick
Don't think too much, just bust that kick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick

One of my hands made its way down to her hip and I started pressing her against my now very noticeable arousal.

Let's play a love game, play a love game
Do you want love, or you want fame
Are you in the game?
Dans le love game
Let's play a love game, play a love game
Do you want love, or you want fame
Are you in the game?
Dans le love game

Bella suddenly turned around and pushed herself against my chest. The feeling of her breasts pressed this hard against my chest was sensational.

I can see you staring there from across the block
With a smile on your mouth and your hand on your (huh!)
The story of us, it always starts the same
With a boy and a girl and a (huh!) and a game
(and a game, and a game, and a game)
A love game

I was so fucked.

She took one of my hands and placed it on her barely covered ass. God, how I wanted to slap it in this very moment. But I decided to simply squeeze it and use the new position of my hand to push her even harder against me.

I could hear Bella letting out a moan and it was almost too much for me. The only thing I wanted to do right now was to take her home and play that little love game with her.

Let's play a love game, play a love game
Do you want love, or you want fame
Are you in the game?
Dans le love game
Let's play a love game, play a love game
Do you want love, or you want fame
Are you in the game?
Dans le love game

Bella looked up into my eyes again and brought her lips to mine. This kiss was demanding, longing. She parted her lips again and allowed me entrance. Out tongues were fighting for dominance as if this one kiss would be the deciding one. As if on this one kiss depended who would have the upper hand.

Let's play a love game, play a love game
Do you want love, or you want fame
Are you in the game?
Dans le love game
Let's play a love game, play a love game
Do you want love, or you want fame
Are you in the game?
Dans le love game

The song came to an end and Bella and I were still kissing each other. Soon the need to breath became too much, though and we had to part. We were both panting hard.

Her eyes were still lust filled but there was something more. An emotion that I wasn’t sure as to what to place. Anger?

Bella looked down at me and started chuckling. I followed her eyes and saw what it was she was laughing about. As soon as I looked down I knew what it was.


I looked around me and so that Rose and Emmett, Alice and Jasper were all still glued to each other. I couldn’t leave her now, could I? Even if it was only for some minutes.

The expression on my face must have been really funny because she started laughing even harder.

She shoved me towards the bathroom and said, “Edward, go!”



I turned around to go and made two steps towards the restrooms, then, I turned around to catch one last glimpse of her beautiful face. What I saw shocked me.

The expression on her face was the one of hurt. In that very moment in the middle of this crowd she looked to very lonely so vulnerable. Her eyes were so sad. Like the one of a small kid lost in the middle of the town, abandoned from everyone, that doesn’t know where it belongs to.

I quickly made my way back to her and wrapped my hands around her. I kissed her temple and told her how much I loved her. She smiled weekly at me but didn’t respond in another way. She mouthed “sorry” and shoved me again towards the restrooms.

This time I was even more reluctant to leave her and felt even worse for doing so, but I knew that this job had to be done now. I made my way to my destination and adjusted myself. When I came back though I coulnd’t find Bella anywhere. Our friends were seated at our table again and soon we would have to start with our surprise for her. So were was she?

I shot Jasper an asking look and he just shrugged. Same with everybody else.

“Dude, maybe she just went out for some fresh air. I mean… after that stunt there everybody would need a little time to calm down.” Emmet chuckled.

Yeah, he was probably right. Regardless, I decided to look for her.

I went outside to the parking lot, but she wasn’t there. I made my way around the building, but she wasn’t there.

Now I really started to panic.

Where could she have gone? What happened to her?

I entered the club again and went to where my friends were sitting. I could see that they all wore an expression of pure shock on their faces. I wanted to turn around and see what they were so shocked about but Alice noticed and stopped me.

“Hey, Edward. You found her?” she asked her voice a little bit to high even for her.

“No, I didn’t. I am really worried about her. Where is she?” I asked.

Rosalie looked angry now, same did Jasper. The only one who didn’t look angry, except from Alice, of course, who composed herself, was Emmett. He looked dumbfounded.

“I don’t know.” Alice answered a little bit too quickly.

I doubted that. After all I knew her.

I started to turn around, when Jasper grabbed my arm and said “Don’t.”

That made me only more eager to find out what made them act so strange. I quickly freed myself from him and turned around only to be met with my worst nightmare.

There on the dance floor was my Bella pressed against James. And not only was she pressed against him, but she was dancing some moves that should only be allowed in my bedroom. And I might add that the song was not one of the most innocent.

You say you want passion
I think you found it
Get ready for action
Don't be astounded
We switchin' positions
You feel surrounded
Tell me where you want
your gift, girl

He was grabbing her by her ass and her breast were pressed against his chest. He slowly lowered his head to her collarbone and started kissing her there. To say I was boiling with anger was nothing compared to the thing I was really feeling. I wanted to go over there rip her out of his arms and replace his touch with mine. I wanted to rip him into shreds.

Girl you know I-I-I
Girl you know I-I-I
I've been feenin'
Wake up in the late night...dreamin' about your lovin'
Girl you know I-I-I
Girl you know I-I-I
Don't need candles or cake
just need your body to make good

She wrapped her hands around his waist and throw her head back.

Birthday sex
Birthday sex

It's the best day of the year, girl

Birthday sex
Birthday sex

It feels like, feels like... lemme hit that...g-spot g-spot

Rage? No, that was nothing. I wanted to maim James for life for touching my Bella this way. And Bella? What was she doing there with him? Why was she allowing him to do that? Was she enjoying it? Did she do that on purpose?

Whatever it was, it had to stop now!

How dare she do something like that? How dare she let him touch her?

I went over to them only to find him kissing her on the lips.

What the FUCK?


As I told him, James had come to the club. The moment Edward left he came over to me. Everything went the way it was planned until now.

Well, almost everything.

I hadn’t planned to get this sidetracked with Edward. To dance with him this way, to let him kiss me, or to kiss him. I didn’t expect it to feel so wrong to betray him. I didn’t expect to feel this repulsiv to James’s touch.

I knew from the beginning that it was going to be difficult. That it would hurt me as much as him. But I wanted to hurt him. And I needed some hurt for my own. I didn’t want him to be the one causing it to me. I wanted it to be me. I wanted to be the one to take my life in my hands and to cause myself pain when I wanted to feel it. Not when somebody else decided to cause me it.

The moment James lips met mine, I changed my mind. The only thing that run through my mind was for Edward to please not see that. I felt so bad in this moment. I felt so much regret. I cursed myself for ever making that decision, for ever planning something like that, for going with it.

As much as he might have hurt me, I wanted it to be Edward to touch me. I wanted it to be Edward to kiss me. I wanted it to be all him. I wanted only him to be near me, to see me in that dress, to take it off, to make me his.

Because I loved him.

And yet, because of my stubbornness that would not happen.

But I also wouldn’t allow James to touch me like that.

I wanted to pull away when suddenly a hand grabbed my arm and dragged me back. Two strong arms embraced me that I would recognize everywhere.



Alarmed I looked up into his face. He was staring James down. His eyes were filled with anger, rage, fury.

Shit. What had I done?

“Don’t touch her ever again!” He hissed and then punched James in the face. James fell backwards to the floor. His nose was bleeding, surely broken. “Ever!”

With that said Edward turned around and started walking out. He was still holding me by my hand and dragging me behind him. We left the club and came to a stop in front of his car.

He turned around to me.

“What was that?” he wanted to know.

“You are asking me what that was? I should be asking you what that was!”

He laughed dryly. “Bella, don’t fuck with me! Why were you kissing him? No, why were you dancing with him in the first place? Why did you let him touch you?”

“You are asking me why he was touching me? How about I ask you why you touched that Victoria? Or should I also bring up Leah? Oh and I am sure there was some Jessica and Mary and Brenda as well!” I was taking everything out on him. Everything. I was not even sure if he even had screwed somebody named this way, though the likelihood was pretty high if everything I heard from Victoria and Leah and even James was true.

His face was priceless in that very moment. He looked so hurt and yet so angry.

I turned around to leave.

“Where are you going?”

“Why do you care?”

“Because I do.”

“Well, you didn’t seem to care earlier. I am sure you felt just great when you fucked all of them and then came to play with me.”

“So you think that is a game?”

“Yeah, that is exactly what I think Edward!” I shouted at him.

“You have no idea,” he stated angry.

“No, I don't. And you know why? Because you didn't bother telling me. God, you haven't even mentioned it! If I wouldn't have found out on my own I would still be in the dark not knowing what exactly was up thinking that I love you!”And with that I went to the bus station leaving him behind.

I didn’t care in this moment about how I was dressed and how other people might think of me. The only thing that mattered to me right now was the beautiful, angry and at the same time desperate voice that was calling my name after me. But I, of course, was too stubborn to turn around to go to him and he had his pride.

I was lucky the bus arrived at the station at the time I got there. I didn’t have to wait and I didn’t give him a chance to say or do anything. I just wanted to go home and cry myself to sleep as I used to do so often last year.

And that was what I was going to do. During the ride I thought of him as little as I could manage. But I couldn’t help but wonder what that was they all had planned, why the day was so important to them.

I was crying by the time I got out of the bus. But I was also angry. Angry at everybody. God. The world. My mom. My dad. Mike. Alice. Rosalie. Jasper. Emmett. James. Edward. But most of all and as always I was angry at myself.

I entered the house and didn’t even look around. I didn’t even bother turning the lights on. I went straight to my room and locked the door behind me so that I wouldn’t be disturbed by anybody.

It didn’t take long for everybody to arrive home. I had left the window open and I heard the cars arrive, then their voices as they were talking, the front door opening and closing, steps on the stairs, bumping on my door.

I didn’t care.

They were talking to me through my door. Alice tried to get me to unlock the door so that she could talk to me. Rosalie wanted me to gather my shit together and come and face things as I should and not hide. I didn’t hear Emmet and neither did I Jasper. They were still with Edward, for sure. Who knows, maybe they found another victim to screw.

Half an hour later they were still in front of my door, trying to persuade me.

“Bella, open that fricking door before I have Jasper break it down,” Alice threatened me.

I didn’t answer.

“Bella,” Rosalie whined.

“She is not answering. Let her,” a third voice answered.

I didn’t even know he was there. I didn’t even know he was home.

I was an emotional wreck right now. My heart went crazy. One second I was angry, the next sad, then relieved, then furious, then insecure, then happy. The emotions in my were changing all the time.

“But, Edward!”

“No, Alice. Let her. She wants to hide? Let her. She wants to be alone? Let her. But she has to know that the decision she made now will affect everything that will happen in the future.”

With that said he left. Rose and Alice still stood in front of my door until the boys came and told them to leave me alone. I was grateful for that.

I cried for very long. I cried for everything. For the loss of my friends, of my one true love, of every chance to make it right again. Now I was really alone and with nobody to go to.

Sleep was about to take me when suddenly I heard some rather loud thud. I stood up from my bed to look what it was that fell down. I made two steps towards the door and then was suddenly pressed against the wall in my room.

Cold lips touched my collarbone and started they way up. Hands were roaming all over my body gripping and tugging. One hand squeezed my right breast and another hand was gripping my ass hard. His chest was pressed against mine so hard that it hurt.

“You want me to show you how much you mean to me? You want to be fucked in the cruel way you deserve to be?” he said and then kissed me hard on my lips parting them forcefully and sliding his tongue inside my mouth.



Best cliffy ever! Hahaha ^^ No, not really… just the best I ever wrote ^^

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Who do you think it is? James? Jacob? Edward? Or maybe is it Mike who came from Seattle only to be with her? Remember? He said something about loving her and wanting to show her how much she meant to him. He wanted to make their relationship more physical, didn't he?