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basically this is about Renesmee and Jacob. it has scenes with the other's couples to. Nessie and Jake are exploring each others love. its different than most stories about them! HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE. AND IF YOU DO AND WANT MORE REVEIW!!! PS. THANK YOU MY BEST FRIEND EMILY FOR HELPING ME WITH THE THIRD CHAPTER!!! ILY!


1. Chapter 1

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Renesmee’s (POV)

My life has been going pretty good. I’m eighteen years old, or considered that to most human population.

My relationship with Jacob is amazing. I’m in love with him. We just had a discussion about sex. He Doesn’t think I’m ready. But I am.

It’s a really boring day today. My mom and dad disappeared for the day. don’t even want to think about where or what their doing. And I’m not sure what everyone else is doing. Jake is on my bed watching some movie.
Hm… I wonder if he will go to the mall with me.

“Jake….” climbing on the bed I straddled his lap. He wasn’t paying attention to me. “Jake, I’m bored!”

“Nessie…” he was whining. UGH I started kissing his neck. Then he started paying attention to me. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me into him. He kissed me. I leaned up to deepen the kiss. It lasted for a good minute until I pulled away.

“babe, lets go to the mall.” I was hoping for a yes. But he really never said no to me unless it was about shopping or sex. GREAT!

“Ness, I don’t wanna.” he whined. I pecked his lips.

“please Jake.” I kissed him once more.

“I’m sorry babe but no. I hate shopping..” I know. UGH “why don’t you ask Alice?” I would do that but I wouldn’t be at my pace plus she is upstairs freaking out because one of her dresses got ruined.

“Its not the same, I want to be with you.” I started rubbing my hands down his chest. “Please”… I was begging.

“Renesmee” he groaned. “Not today…please stop begging. I already feel bad for not going.”

“Okay, but next time you are coming with me.” I said in a stern voice. It only made him laugh.

“Sure sure.” I climbed of him and got dressed.

“Why are you getting dressed?” he asked in such a innocent voice.

“Well do you want me to go the mall in my shorts and sports bra!?!?”

“I thought you weren’t going to the mall?”

Well, I am. I’m taking Alice’s car. Ill see you later.” I kissed him bye on the tip of his nose.

“I love you.”
“love you too.” and I was gone.

The mall was not to crowded today. Hm… where to first. Hollister.

I walked in and went strait to the bikinis. I found one I liked that has yellow polka dots on it. I decided to buy it. Next, American Eagle. I bought a couple of shirts. A pair of jeans and a hoodie. I decided to go check out forever 21. They had really cute stuff in there. I bought a really cute dress. It was law cut. Pretty short. Slinky and black. I’m not sure what I am going to where it to. But Alice can take care of that for me.

I was about to head out when I ran by Victoria Secret’s. maybe Jake need’s a boost that I’m ready.

I walked in the lingerie department. I was in there for a good thirty minutes before I actually decided what I was going to try on. A matching bra and thong. Push up bra if I might add. It was black with hot pink stripes on it and lace all around.

I went to the dressing rooms to try it on. I was about to walk in when I found my parents coming out of one. Oh. My. God. My mom was not only holding lingerie but she was adjusting her bra and my dad his belt. DISCUSTING. They looked up.

“um…” I was stuck. I didn’t know what to say besides ew. “I;m going to try these on.” I went into one of the fitting rooms. I could hear them talking,

“Why did she have lingerie?” my dad asked. Of course he noticed.

“Edward, do you even care right now!?!? Can we just leave. Its bad enough that one of the family members caught us doing that. And it just so happens to be our daughter, so can we leave.” and then they left and I was still in shock. I still couldn’t believe it. I mean I do get it. But their my parents.

I tried them on. It looked great. The bra pushed up my boobs perfectly. Jake will die.

I went to the register to pay. I am determined that tonight Jake will cave.