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basically this is about Renesmee and Jacob. it has scenes with the other's couples to. Nessie and Jake are exploring each others love. its different than most stories about them! HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE. AND IF YOU DO AND WANT MORE REVEIW!!! PS. THANK YOU MY BEST FRIEND EMILY FOR HELPING ME WITH THE THIRD CHAPTER!!! ILY!


2. Chapter 2

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I was in the driveway when I saw Jake in his wolf form. I stopped the car and got out. “Jake??”…. nothing….”Jacob?” I yelled a little louder. Next thing I knew I was on the ground with a wolf on top of me licking all over my face. ..it was kinda gross.

“Jake.” I squealed. He jumped off of me and ran to the nearest bush. To change obviously. When he came back out. He was wearing shorts that has holes all over them and no shirt. God.. he is sexy.

He ran over to me and kissed me. He lingered on the moment, which suited me just fine. “Did you have fun” he asked and started kissing down my neck “Mhmmm.” was all I could choke out. I didn’t realize how much I missed him. He finally stopped.

“What did you do today.” I asked putting my arms around his waist. And he gladly did the same.

“I finished watching that movie, fell asleep. And I just woke up when Seth and Leah came over and said they need me back at the reservation.”

“So does that mean your leaving?” I asked trying to make him stay by pouting.
“I’m sorry babe, but they need me to go…. But I love you and will be back tonight. I promise.” he kissed me. Very passionately I might add. He picked me up and I rapped my legs around his waist pulling him closer to me. He groaned in the process. I pushed myself up to deepen the kiss. Finally he pulled back. “I have to leave.” he said. I put my lower lip out. He pecked me on the lips one more time. “I’m sorry.” he put me down.

“Its not your fault. But… you will be here tonight. I have a surprise.” I grinned.

“What surprise?” Mmmmm… he has no idea what’s coming to him. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. And waved bye.

“Love you.” I said, still grinning. I jumped in my car and sped off.

When I got to my house Rosalie’s car was gone. Crap. I needed to talk to her about tonight. Well, she is the one that knows a lot about, well… I mean look at her and Emmett! Instead, I just took my bags and went to my room. When I got in there I decided to put everything away. I put it all in my closet except the lingerie. I herd a knock on my door. I quickly put in under my bed.

“Yeah.” I mumbled. I really didn’t want to talk to anybody right now. And it was Alice. I wonder if she saw anything tonight. Wait. Crap, crap, crap. She cant. Damn that stupid werewolf thing. I want to know. “Hey Alice.”

“Hey, so I saw you buying lingerie.. You plan on using it?” she was squealing now.

“Alice, be quiet! Do you want my dad to hear!?!? And yes, I do plan on using it.” I gave her a look. Not the best, but I was annoyed. That dumb move could have gave it out to my dad. Then, I would be done. Well… more like Jake.

“Oh. My. God. I cant believe it. I cant believe you are going to try and have sex with Jacob. Wait, its with Jacob.. Right?” oh my goodness.

“Of course Alice. Who else would I do it with!?!? I asked. Being very sarcastic. All she did was give me a look.
“Ok miss attitude. You don’t have to be smart. So does Jake know about your plan?”

“No, we talked about it the other night. He doesn’t think that I’m ready.” when I really thought about it, it kinda made me feel sad.

“Oh.” she lingered on that word a little bit. “Well, you are the only one to know if your ready or not. But have you thought about what would happen if your dad found out?”

“Yea, I have. I’m going to make sure me or Jake doesn’t think about it in front of him.” I still wasn’t sure if that was possible. Right now whenever I am around my dad all I think about if making out with him. Well that’s really what I think about 90% of the time. “And you better not think about it either.” I warned her.

“Hey, I have other things to worry about. So… what are you going to wear?” I pulled the lingerie out from under the bed. Her eyes popped out. I laughed a little at her expression.

“Wow Nessie, that’s super sexy. He’ll like it.” she giggled, so did I! I’m happy she approved.

“Thanks Alice, but if you don’t mind, I’m going to take a shower.”

“Okay.” she was almost out of my room when she paused. “Oh yeah, I meant to ask you, what did you say when your parents went out of the dressing room?” she asked innocently.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME ALICE!?!?” I practically screamed it at her. Actually I did. Not that loud though. “Alice, why didn’t you tell me? That was horrible. I am so mad at you now. Why didn’t you tell me you saw that?” oh I am so furious at her.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t want to mess with the future!” she was laughing. Great. It was a little funny. But when I do actually want her to mess with the future she doesn’t. that’s nice. NOT. “besides, it was funny. You have to admit.” and she was right. When I thought about it, it was funny/gross! “And what did you say to them?”
“All I said was I had to try this on and then left to the dressing room. And I herd them arguing a little. But nothing they were getting mad about. They were just as embarrassed as me. Thanks to you.” I was still a little aggravated. But all well.

“Okay okay. Chill a little. You’ll forget it after tonight. Well, that is if you go all the way.” Alice teased.

“thank you Alice. Now go.” I pushed her out of my door way and slammed the door shut. Stupid annoying pixie! But I love her.

I went into my bathroom. I took my clothes off and turned the water in the shower on. I herd a car pull up so I wrapped a towel around me to see who it was. I went to my window. It was Rose and Emmett. Good I need to talk to her. I went back to the shower and let the towel drop and stepped in. the hot water felt so good on my back.

When I got done cleaning, I got out and went into my room and put the lingerie on and then a mini skit and my new A.E tee.

I walked out of my room heading for Rosalie‘s room. I was about to walk in when I herd one of them groan. UGH. I knocked once. No answer. And so I knocked again. “WHAT?” wow. That was Rose screaming for sure.

“Its Renesmee, can I come in?” god, this is taking forever.
“Yeah.” it was Emmett who answered. Shocking… really!
When I walked in they were on their bed. Rose was sitting on his lap while his arms were wrapped around her. It was cute.

Hey, umm.. Rose I need to talk to you!” I said a little nervous. Only because I knew she really didn’t care for Jake. But she tolerated him because she knew he loves me. “Yeah.” gr.. She is going to make this difficult.
“Without Em!”
“Oh ok. I see how it is.” Emmett was teasing me. He got up and walked pass me messing up my hair.

“What’s up Hun?” hm.. How to explain…

“Well, I need to talk to you about sex.” before I even got to finish she butted in.

“didn’t you parents already have that talk with you?” she asked teasing a little.

“Yes Rosalie. But that’s not the exact subject I need to talk about. I want to have sex with Jake. And he said that he thought I wasn’t ready, but I am. So I bought lingerie and he’s coming over tonight and I am hoping to have sex tonight!” I got it all out. Now I want to see if she is going to laugh, explode, or be cool with it! And she chose to laugh. YAY. I have no idea what going on in her head.

“Okay. One. I cant believe you are going to have sex with a dog. Two. You know if your dad finds out you and him are going to be DEAD. And well.. I really don’t have a three.” thank you Rosalie fro pointing out the obvious.

“Rose, One. Yes I am going to have sex with him and please don’t call Jake a Dog. Two. I have already thought about that. And I am going to make sure me or Jake don’t think about it. And you!”

“Okay, seems like you have this figured out. What do you need me for?”

“So, I was wondering if.. If its going to hurt.” and she busted in hysterics. “you know what, I wasn’t not done talking to you but never mind.” I stormed out of the room. I passed Emmett on the way out. “Are you done with my wife?”

“YES EMMETT YOU CAN HAVE HER!” I was mad. And I didn’t mean to yell at him but I couldn’t help it. I went to my room. I herd my cell ringing. It was a text. From Jake.

“Hey babe. I will be there in 20 minutes. I love you.” ..Yes. This is perfect timing! Until I herd someone knocking on my door. “Yeah.”

“Hey. Me and your dad are going out.” and officially this is perfect. My parents are gone. My aunts and probably uncles know to leave me alone so this night, Jake is getting seduced by me.